Destiny Beta Begins July 17th, Calendar Revealed

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Destiny Beta Begins July 17th, Calendar Revealed


Preorder to secure access to the Destiny Beta

Happy Bungie Day, PlayStation Nation. We’re thrilled to share in our annual celebration of community among gamers with some exciting news about Destiny.

You’ve imagined yourselves in the boots of a Guardian, prowling the wild frontier in search of treasure and glory. The time for dreaming is almost over. The time to fight is at hand. The Destiny Beta is our chance to fill our brave new world with life and see how it holds up against the stampede.

Play when you can, but make sure you’re present to be counted on July 26th. Not only are we hoping to leave a high watermark for population on that day, we’ll also provide a special reward to those of you who make an appearance in the Tower… or in the frontiers beyond its walls.

You have questions. We have answers. Check out the Destiny Beta FAQ on to learn everything you need to know to create your first Guardian.

The Beta is just a sample of the experience we’re packing into Destiny.

Destiny Beta Begins July 17th, Calendar Revealed

Look like fun? It’s even more fun with you in there. If you played the Alpha, there are new revelations for you to enjoy. If the Beta will be your first taste of sweet Destiny action, we have amazing sights for you to behold: Character creation. Story missions. Cooperative Strikes. Competitive Crucible matches. Social engagements. Dance Battles.

The next step in the march toward the Destiny Beta is days away. On July 10th, gets a serious augmentation with some new features and services that will help you deal yourself in to the action that awaits us all. Stay tuned.

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  • DraconicBearClaw

    Awww yussss!

  • Some of us (like me) are holding off purchasing a digital version of Destiny on the PS Store (or Sony Entertainment Network Store) until the inevitable “Spend $60, Get $10” promotional offer. When can we expect this offer to occur?

  • @49… one, im not one of these “casuals” you speak of.
    Two, ive been playing games since the Atari. I played FFXI for 7 years, until SE f’ed it up.
    Three, your comments are so stupid im having a brainfart just trying to respond.

  • I hope there will be a lot more character customization than what we had in the alpha.

  • It’s only 10 days long? Not going to be the summer time waster i was hoping for…oh well looking forward to it after Alpha.

  • Please just stop with the shooters. It pains real gamers to see the video game industry suffer with crappy casual games.

  • @25 Your Remote Play comment is sort of the problem. I took issue with saying a PS3/PS4 release could be labelled as a blanket “PlayStation owners” description. It implies that there are only two PlayStation platforms currently being sold. There’s three. If you own a Vita but not one of the other two apparently you are not a PlayStation owner. You must have bought a Sega platform by mistake.

    This falls into Remote Play. That has the assumption that every Vita owner is a PS4 owner. As Vita came out well before PS4 and was marketed as an individual platform – not a $200+ accessory – that’s not the case. I own a Vita and because of the way Sony’s treated it and its’ owners, I’m not really interested in buying a PS4. I’d rather buy a Wii U or something since at least Nintendo doesn’t treat their owners like dirt.

  • So excited! I’m not going to jump into the beta though. I want to experience it at it’s best upon release!

  • I’m ready of rmore!

  • I pre ordered Destiny from GameStop for the PS4, but my PS4 needs to be stent out for repairs and I still own a PS3, can I still use the PS4 BETA code for my PS3 instead? I’ve been waiting for awhile to try this out before launch. Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you

  • @neuropunk what the heck is your problem? First of all this isn’t even a first party game so you can’t blame it on playstation. Second of all, where the heck have you been? Its not like shooters is all there is for playstation. Given their support of indie developers, they have one of the widest varieties out of any other company. There’s been a ton of excellent JRPGs out that you so quickly bashed, and plenty of third party ones as well, now and in the future, like Persona 5 and Kingdom Hearts 3.

  • @SlackerNY13669 yes you should be able to. As long as you haven’t already redeemed the code for ps4, you’re able to pick the system you want the code for. You may not get your beta perks on the PS4 tho. Don’t know how that works.

  • HappyHunterGames

    Destiny Alpha was a blast, can’t wait for more fun with the Beta!!

  • Count me in as die hard Destiny fan after that Alpha rocked my world. Looking forward to options for upgrading to special digital edition, since I preordered right after the alpha.

    Bungie – seriously, outstanding job on developing this game. It is optimized for fun in a way I haven’t seen before. The fact that loot you missed is mailed to your drop box is amazing. With a push of a button, I summon a ghost. This game just rocks.

  • I wasn’t a believer but the alpha rocked my world. And it was an alpha !. Easily the game i’m most excited to play this year.

  • CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT TIME!!! ANY LAWYER SHOULD RALLY THESE GAMERS & TAKE LEGAL ACTION. Bungie.Net Says BETA ACCESS CODES are Limited, that Registration is Required & that the ‘Codes’ will be distributed through Your Retailer (with the Sony Ps Store being a verified retailer). I Contacted Sony’s Customer Live Chat after Digitally Pre-Ordering, asking where my Access Code was, & was told Sony would be sending Them out 2 weeks before the BETA & that ‘They were waiting on Bungie for the Codes’ I still have not Recieved any E-Mail or Ps4 Notification like with the ALPHA. SONY HAS LIED TO ME & THIER CUSTOMERS BY NOT DELIVERING WHAT WE PAID FOR. I WILL BE CONTACTING SONY DEMANDING FOR MY CODE & A DIGITAL GUARDIAN’S UPGRADE FOR THIER INCOMPETENCE. I ENCOURAGE ALL WHO PRE ORDERED TO DO THE SAME IF YOU HAVEN’T RECIEVED YOUR BETA ACCESS CODE.

  • Dude…chill, it’s a beta and the code will come, be patient.

  • Scroll down & Click ‘Knowledge Center’ under Support, Then Scroll down & Click ‘Contact Us’ under Corporate. Live Chat or Call 800 345 SONY(it said half hour wait last I checked, BE WARNED, STRONG & VIGILANT)

  • Sid, I spoke with customer service about the beta code. They said that we would get the beta code in an email around the time the beta drops so that we could pre load it. Also, you have to link your PSN account to your account before you can register a code, if you have one.

  • Next Time You Pay for Something & It’s Not Delivered, You Chill. You’re a Sheep, Sony’s a Wolf & I’m the Sheppard. Wake Up or Stay Ignorant. They Bluffed, I Called, now I’m gonna Get What’s Mine.

  • I linked my Bungie account to my PSN, I got my S%#@ on Lock, Sony’s F[.:#%(* It Up

  • @71
    Dude you’re gonna miss it.
    I heard that in the beta they actually explain how the wizard came from the moon. (its not magic)

  • Damn star killer, and I thought I was excited for the beta. Looks like it’s the most important thing that ever happened to you.

  • @ Starkiller….. we get the actual Beta code a few days or so before the Beta starts you moron……….. if you preorder digital I assume you’re already registered for the beta? Those of us that pre-ordered at Gamestop get a code on the receipt, but that’s just a code to go to and register. We still have to wait for the email with the actual beta code, which they’ll send out close to the 17th. So watch your email and stop calling for lawsuits like a dumbshiet 12 year old.

  • Thank you PlayStation Network for pushing back at Microsoft and getting us special extras to DESTINY. It’s very appreciated and feels good to be the ones with some special access for once.

  • is there gonna be a special edition, i been holding off on pre-ordering cause i want the special edition

  • Oh I’m excited and worried at the same time. i got the beta code and put it into bungie but i pre-ordered it from gamestop. Now i have a slight fear i won’t be able to play it. I hope i can. I missed out on the Alpha beta so i got to play this one.

  • When will the “Destiny Digital Guardian Edition” be available in the PSN Store? I’ve been waiting for something like this to be available. And now that it has been announced, I’d gladly put down my preorder but there isn’t any store page yet. Will it be available in time to get into the beta so close to live date next week?

  • Bio, as long as your gamestop code actually worked to register you’re fine, you’ll get an email near the time for Beta with your beta code. Also, I don’t know if it matters but I signed into Bungie’s site with my PS account and not some other account.

    The register code on my gamestop receipt didn’t work…. Bungie’s redemption page kept saying invalid. I had to go to Gamestop and get another code lol…

  • Oh Yeah!! My PS4 and body are ready for this amazing game!! I missed the Alpha so really looking forward to Destiny’s Beta. Not long now! Thanks Bungie and Sony!

  • @38 stop complain 2 much , My Body is ready 4 Destiny

  • You misspelled tomorrow.


    Knowledge Center Article # 5334:

    “If you pre-order Destiny via the PlayStation Store: You will receive a direct link to the Beta on 7/17/14 via email, XMB message (PS3) or a PS4 system notification. No beta code is required as your PlayStation Store pre-order will provide you access to download the beta when it’s available.”

    Please check what you are referring to before you refer to it. In other words, shut your mouth and read up on what you’re screaming about before you make an a** out of yourself, which is too late in this case.

  • @ generic123 the Vita was never meant as a stand alone system but a part of the broader PlayStation family. With the release of the 4 it has fully realized it’s potential as part of that family. I have both and the ability to bring my Playstation4 anywhere there is wifi is an awesome feature. To purchase a hand held device and be mad the entire library of games ever released for consoles is not available to you is ridiculous, as is being upset that your device was not mentioned in a post about a game that was never intended to be released on it. Did you ever think that was the reason the Vita is not mentioned here? The fact that the Vita has NOTHING to do with Destiny is reason enough to not mention it.

  • Does alpha tester get anything special ? or it will be just the same for everyone?

  • Bungie already stated alpha testers will receive something for participating and the beta testers will also.

  • @neuropunk So shooters pain REAL gamers? What’s a REAL gamer? Everyone who plays games is a gamer. Who are you to speak for everyone? Also, shooters don’t make the industry suffer, it only makes neckbeards like you, who think they’re superior, suffer. Get off your high-horse and take that fedora off.

  • Sorry if this has already been answered, but do you know if those that pre-ordered physical copies on the game are also included in this beta? I input my code a while back and haven’t seen any information since.

  • my body is ready.gif

    Can’t wait 10th to get access code and 17th to play it goddammit!

  • @vagrant123 I dont’ know what the argument is over the Vita, but you’re wrong. The Vita was most definitely advertised as it’s own console when it first came out. Christ it’s a portable PS3…… it was advertised as portable gaming, not an accessory. Not to mention they heavily touted it’s Remote Play with the PS3 (and to date as far as I know at least from the 75 or so games I have…… ONLY God of War 1 & 2 work with remote play with the PS3…..).

    Now with the PS4….. they’re marketing it as a fracking accessory to the PS4 and once again touting it’s remote play. Only this time around they’ve made remote play mandatory on every game. I’ve used remote play to play about 1/4 of Killzone shadowfall laying on my bed. lol….

    Still… to say the Vita isn’t it’s own console is moronic.

  • Can anybody help me? I got a digital code for the season pass of assassins creed black flag for PS4, and it was reedemed on my Ps4, but it can only be downloaded on the PS3, and I dont know why. On the store, and the console the season pass shows me the price, and I not buying it again beacuse I buyed for the PS4 not for the PS3. So what can I do?

  • @valkyriepc…. try reading previous comments. I actually covered that in one of mine.

  • @Fabeje80 Season pass should be listed under services (which is Settings > PSN > Account Information) on your PS4. It shouldn’t be in your download list being an automatic service. have you tried downloading any of the DLC? Except for the time savers, they should say free once you buy the season pass. I got my season pass the beginning of last month had no problems….

  • And that extra content PS owners get with Black Flag is actually the Aveline DLC for free btw.

  • 1.There isn’t an argument over the Vita itself, generic123 was mad that the Vita was not mentioned, just the PS3 and 4. I was commenting on the fact he was mad about it not being mentioned in relation to a game never intended for it.

    2. The Vita was meant to work with the 3 like it does with 4(but it never did), basically making it a high priced accessory that can play its own games.

    3. It is a hand held system therefore it is not a console, just like a gameboy is not a console.

    4. You said it yourself, it was marketed as portable gaming and now has been given the role of counter part to the PS4.

  • um….. you missed my whole point. Your first line was ” the Vita was never meant as a stand alone system but a part of the broader PlayStation family”. and you’re wrong. They never marketed it as “an accessory” until the PS4 was released. It was and is it’s own system. Just so happens that now you can do what you should’ve been able to do with it and the PS3… with the PS4.

    It was and is a freakign portable console. Basically a handheld PS3…. hell even handheld PS4. It has it’s own games, graphics on par with the PS3 (hell maybe PS4). Trying to compare the Vita to a stupid old ass Gameboy is ridiculous. The Gameboy and DS… that’s a handheld….. The Vita is a PS3, on a 5 inch screen.

  • All i want is upgrade my psn pre order for digital guardian edition.

    PSN BAZERK5150

  • what about plus users,do we going to win the beta acess as you say?

  • i preordered in target :(

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