Destiny Beta Begins July 17th, Calendar Revealed

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Destiny Beta Begins July 17th, Calendar Revealed


Preorder to secure access to the Destiny Beta

Happy Bungie Day, PlayStation Nation. We’re thrilled to share in our annual celebration of community among gamers with some exciting news about Destiny.

You’ve imagined yourselves in the boots of a Guardian, prowling the wild frontier in search of treasure and glory. The time for dreaming is almost over. The time to fight is at hand. The Destiny Beta is our chance to fill our brave new world with life and see how it holds up against the stampede.

Play when you can, but make sure you’re present to be counted on July 26th. Not only are we hoping to leave a high watermark for population on that day, we’ll also provide a special reward to those of you who make an appearance in the Tower… or in the frontiers beyond its walls.

You have questions. We have answers. Check out the Destiny Beta FAQ on to learn everything you need to know to create your first Guardian.

The Beta is just a sample of the experience we’re packing into Destiny.

Destiny Beta Begins July 17th, Calendar Revealed

Look like fun? It’s even more fun with you in there. If you played the Alpha, there are new revelations for you to enjoy. If the Beta will be your first taste of sweet Destiny action, we have amazing sights for you to behold: Character creation. Story missions. Cooperative Strikes. Competitive Crucible matches. Social engagements. Dance Battles.

The next step in the march toward the Destiny Beta is days away. On July 10th, gets a serious augmentation with some new features and services that will help you deal yourself in to the action that awaits us all. Stay tuned.

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  • Not that anyone would think otherwise, but it wouldn’t kill you guys to mention that “PlayStation owners” means PS3/PS4 owners. There’s another platform in that family that’s unfortunately being treated like dirt.

  • How long is the beta?

  • Do we need ps+ to play the beta? I didn’t plan on getting it until the game releases

  • July 17th is a Thursday, not Monday. You might want to update the headline.

  • Is there going to be a open beta for all PS Plus members?

  • If i not pre-order the game, and i did subscribed to PS PLUS. Can i have redeem code for this BETA Phase?

    Cause i missed close-beta last time, so sad :(

  • I preorded through ps store and never got a beta code?

    • Did you preorder digitally through PlayStation Store? If so, you will and it’ll come via the email address assigned to your PS Store account.

  • Can’t wait!!!! My pre-order is ready.

  • @ generic dude, don’t rain on the parade. It’s a great game to a PlayStation console. Bungee could have hoarded it for Xbox only. Enjoy the good. Hope for better. Expect the worse. Life will be as it shall… woot! Can’t wait for the beta. Been a while since I’ve been this excited for a new release.

  • bloody fantastic, loved the alpha. The beta will predownload to people who preordered ?

  • @2 The Beta ends on the 27th.

  • Since the Alpha ended I’m just craving more Destiny… I cannot wait for the beta!!! Is there going to be some kind of upgrade option for those who preordered Destiny on the PSN Store? I would like to upgrade my preorder to the digital collectors edition announced today…

  • I pre-ordered last night through Amazon and got an email along with my order which included the Beta code :)


    Shoot, so they announced a digital collectors edition for around $89 or something. Don’t suppose that my $59 PSN preorder can be upgraded to that can it?

  • I can’t wait, the Destiny Alpha withdrawals have been killing me lol

  • @generic123 can you not read, it says platforms, as in BOTH the 4 and the 3. Don’t get mad at others if you are too cheap to buy the 4.

  • I no longer need the destiny alpha on ps4 I should delete it since the new beta will be a separate download?

    Enjoyed the online mode for the alpha but the story mode was soooo confusing.

  • DeeJ we are so excited to be bringing Destiny to Urgent Fury… keep up the great work over there at Bungie!!!

  • GalacticUnicorn

    I preordered via PSN and have not received a beta download code. Is that going to happen? I would love to be able to pre-load the beta so I can start playing on release day. I have been told twice via customer service that I will have to wait until the 17th, the day is releases.

    Playstation is behind all other retailers on a game that is releasing on their own system first…

  • Can we make an upgrade for the Digital Guardian Edition if we already pre-ordered the standard version on the PS Store?

  • @vagrant123 I think he means vita…

  • As #20 said, will there be a way to upgrade to the Digital Guardian Edition if we have already preordered via PSN? Info here:

  • @jchill001 no you shouldn’t need plus to play the beta, but you won’t be able to do everything. Group raids and the Crucible do require you to have a Plus membership. You may as well get one now, they pay for themselves in the free games you get very quickly. I didn’t like the idea of Plus when it came out but the free games and extras are worth the $50 a year, it’s not a rip off like a Live membership.

  • Will the Digital Guardian Edition be coming to PSN and will I be able to change my pre-order to that if it comes out?

  • Why would you be mad this isn’t on the Vita? That makes it worse in a way. Besides you want it on the Vita just remote play it from your 4.

  • Since the Alpha i have been waiting for Beta. When does the beta end any dates on that?

  • @22 It’s worth it if you even like the games they give away, or haven’t already bought them. Not to mention ten years from now if you’re not still paying for Plus (if it’s even still around), you won’t be able to play those games if you feel like it………… since you were basically renting. Won’t need Plus for this on PS3.

  • @25, it ends on the 26th

  • Only til the 27th? I could have SWORN Bungie said aty e3 it would be a month long event? It’s quite possible that I’m hearing things though.

    That sucks.

  • Can’t wait! Much love to Bungie and Sony for this. :)

  • I can’t stand playing this game with the DS4 need asynchronous stick layout from 3rd party please

  • @27 It ends at Midnight Pacific time on the 26th which is actually the 27th for us on the East Coast.

  • Please arrange it so PSN Digital preorders can upgrade to the collector’s edition. I want to give you more money and want the stuff. Win-win.

  • Will progress from the beta carry into the full game? Or will all stats/characters reset? thanks! :)

  • Very disappointed that it’s, yet again, another last gen game being ported to the current gen consoles because publishers are too scared to go with something that isn’t 100% to sell at the cost of a worse product.

  • Thank you for the update!

    Please answer: Would the Digital Guardian Edition be available before Beta is released? I was just about to make the preorder but I rather get all the bonuses.


  • It’s been in development for like a decade dummy



    Guess it’s time for me to go PC and abandon the Playstation brand since they have abandoned me since they no longer make turn based / ATB JRPGs for Playstation that aren’t some weird loli super hyper anime thing.

    Nowadays everything has gotta be Dudebro of Duty. We don’t want your stinky shooters. Take your FPS and shove them up your asses you casual fools. I want to play real video games again, not your trash.

  • If I pre-ordered on PS4, can I participate in the beta on PS3 as well?

  • I’ll be out of town till the 23rd….. I wont be able to downlod the beta till late that night, so probably won’t even be trying this until the 24th.
    To the people saying the beta ends on the 26th, says who??? All I see is “beta rally” on the 26th, whatever that means…

  • @35 Destiny has been in development for a long time so of course it was going to come to 360 and PS3. We aren’t even 1 year into the new console cycle so stop complaining. Next gen only games are about 1 to 2 years away still.

  • “Is there an upgrade option in the PSN Store?”

  • LOLOLOL wow 38…….. this isn’t COD you dimwit. It’s a MMO, with guns instead of swords.

  • @40 From the Bugie beta FAQ

    Q. Great! When is this glorious Destiny Beta of which you speak?

    On PS4 and PS3, the Destiny Beta will begin on July 17th at 10AM PDT.

    On Xbox One and Xbox 360, the Destiny Beta will begin on July 23rd at 10AM PDT.

    The Destiny Beta will be OFFLINE for maintenance on all systems from July 21st and July 22nd PDT.

    The Destiny Beta will close at end of the day on July 26th PDT.

  • @44 Yes Like I said it ends at midnight Pacific time on the 26th which is 3 AM on the 27th for us on the east coast. What are you arguing about?

  • I am looking forward to this game big time! I wish the Beta was longer?

  • @45, @40 was asking where the info for the end date was from

  • @45…. he was talking to me genius. Great. ….. so ill have two whopping days to try it out……

  • “DragonIrons on July 7th, 2014 at 9:48 am said:
    LOLOLOL wow 38…….. this isn’t COD you dimwit. It’s a MMO, with guns instead of swords.”

    LOL an MMO, is that supposed to make me feel any better, that you new gamer casuals are ruining the video game industry and every game these days has to be a shooter? This may as well be a Call of Dudebro MMO.

    Dudebros don’t even like video games, all they play are shooters and sports games, which aren’t real video games. I wish another golden age of video gaming would occur, but not with you casuals and your piece of **** games ruining the video game industry.

  • Errr three days actually…

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