This Week in PlayStation: Freedom Souls

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This Week in PlayStation: Freedom Souls

Yay, independence! Also, independents… because indie games. You know, like, because they’re spelled the same.

Okay, that worked better in my head. The point is, I want more info on Titan Souls and I want it now. Gimme.

More highlights from this week! Freedom Wars is looking like it’ll earn a coveted first-page spot on my Vita’s home screen, Watch_Dogs got some goodies on PS4 and PS3, Escape Dead Island is coming to PS3, GTA Online players can snag some patriotic paraphernalia (for a limited time), and Soul Sacrifice Delta is still pumping out more content.

The “what I’m playing” part of this post hasn’t changed in a while, so I’m going to try something new: I’m going to talk briefly about what exactly it is I’m doing in Final Fantasy XIV, since I just can’t seem to tear myself away from it. It’ll be nice to share my Eorzean adventures with my friends on PlayStation.Blog!

This week, I’m hittin’ the FATEs for my Atma weapon, working on my Marauder (soon-to-be Warrior), and I’m running Crystal Tower and The Binding Coil of Bahamut in search of ever-better gear for my Black Mage. I just nabbed the Evenstar coat, which has a cute little tutu, so that’s cool. I also glamoured my mask to look like a pince-nez I found lying around somewhere, so I kinda look like a cat-girl version of Morpheus. Oh, and I fought Odin! We failed, but it was one of the craziest things I’ve seen in the game, so it was totally worth it.

Are any of you out there playing A Realm Reborn? Which class / job are you? Any goals you’re working toward right now? And for the rest of you: what are you playing this weekend?

  • I’m playing: FF14: Primal EX battles, Atma farming
  • I’m watching: Bob’s Burgers, Sailor Moon Crystal
  • I’m listening to: RX Bandits

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  • Remmy8199 – Don’t worry about it – it’s one of them opinion things, remember?

  • is it downloadable as well?

  • from psn?

  • @aensm1
    It will be also in digital form but due to the fact that this game is still in process of localization premiere date is still unknown… so they can’t start pre-orders for digitals yet

  • Just bought my PS4, and I am really enjoying it! Those game downloads can get huge though!! I have my PS Plus games and KZ Shadowfall. Too good!

  • PS4 gets all the crap and trash. No games worth time. So far the new gen games are not what they should be… WTF is going on???? where are all the games for all the PS4 users…

  • I’m playing: FF14: Main Story missions, Steambot Chronicles, Muramasa Rebirth
    I’m watching: House M.D., Dr. Who, Power Rangers (1993)
    I’m listening to: Daft Punk – Tron Legacy OST

  • Went and watched that Sailor Moon Crystal debut, seeing it mentioned again here. Somethin’ special to Crunchyroll, what with 1080P and no mid-program ads. Unfortunately, a Steam groups popup switched me from fullscreen, and backing it up just a few seconds led to buffering during the transformation scene. Le sigh. Least I know better for Mercury’s turn.

    As for playing, finally beat KH3D this weekend (as I’ve come to appreciate, Balloon/ra/ga = win buttons). So many months ’till 2.5 though… Still gotta clear up Bravely Default, too!

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