This Week in PlayStation: Freedom Souls

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This Week in PlayStation: Freedom Souls

Yay, independence! Also, independents… because indie games. You know, like, because they’re spelled the same.

Okay, that worked better in my head. The point is, I want more info on Titan Souls and I want it now. Gimme.

More highlights from this week! Freedom Wars is looking like it’ll earn a coveted first-page spot on my Vita’s home screen, Watch_Dogs got some goodies on PS4 and PS3, Escape Dead Island is coming to PS3, GTA Online players can snag some patriotic paraphernalia (for a limited time), and Soul Sacrifice Delta is still pumping out more content.

The “what I’m playing” part of this post hasn’t changed in a while, so I’m going to try something new: I’m going to talk briefly about what exactly it is I’m doing in Final Fantasy XIV, since I just can’t seem to tear myself away from it. It’ll be nice to share my Eorzean adventures with my friends on PlayStation.Blog!

This week, I’m hittin’ the FATEs for my Atma weapon, working on my Marauder (soon-to-be Warrior), and I’m running Crystal Tower and The Binding Coil of Bahamut in search of ever-better gear for my Black Mage. I just nabbed the Evenstar coat, which has a cute little tutu, so that’s cool. I also glamoured my mask to look like a pince-nez I found lying around somewhere, so I kinda look like a cat-girl version of Morpheus. Oh, and I fought Odin! We failed, but it was one of the craziest things I’ve seen in the game, so it was totally worth it.

Are any of you out there playing A Realm Reborn? Which class / job are you? Any goals you’re working toward right now? And for the rest of you: what are you playing this weekend?

  • I’m playing: FF14: Primal EX battles, Atma farming
  • I’m watching: Bob’s Burgers, Sailor Moon Crystal
  • I’m listening to: RX Bandits

This Week’s Top 10 Posts

This Month’s Free PS Plus Games

Doki Doki UniverseMuramasa RebirthVesselDead Space 3StriderTowerFall Ascension

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  • Sooo, no 4th july sales? shame on you scea…

  • my main in FF14:ARR is a pally but i usually get on my bard for some support or just solo most things with my Summoner. Currently finishing my Novus relic weapon for my Paladin…8 more to go. Cant wait for patch 2.4

  • Can we get another 99 cent indie flash sale anytime soon?

  • no 4th of July sales??????????

  • really anxious for the release date for freedom wars!

  • If No Mans Sky can achieve the leap from mind to game, it will be legendary.

  • Playing: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle
    Watching: s-CRY-ed
    Listening: Vaporware

  • Any idea when PS4 Spelunky is coming? Haven’t heard anything since it was announced as coming soon end of April.

  • Sailor Moon ? What ?

  • ^ It got a reboot

  • SoldierHellsArmy

    I don’t no what bothers me more no psn sale or the fact that you watch sailor moon

  • I’d told my friends if Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate ever went on sale so I can get a majority of the content for cheap, I’d bite. It’s having a fourth of July sale. I’m very happy. The one game I was hold out to go on sale went on sale in a timely manner. I’m very much happy with these store updates. Keep them coming sony!

  • This week in playstation, getting screwed by Sony again.

  • Atma Farming……… I hate Atma Farming………. Really wish Square would make that a guarantied drop instead of wasting my time with boring repetition. I feel your pain.


    “So sorry, still no July 4th flash sale! Feel free to head over to Steam for all your holiday sales needs! Enjoy!”

  • GalatasarayEken


    I was really expecting a 4th of July Sale SCEA… well we get screwed as usual, games like Borderlands (1) Bioshock are like 4.99 at stores yet 19.99 on the store, I already have those games but you get my point. Flash sales would’ve been perfect

  • A flash sale would be awesome this weekend… Especially like that 99 cent flash sale a while back. It makes people buy games they would never buy otherwise. Seems a lot of people have been waiting for a repeat of that sale for a while now, judging by the comments. Either way, just glad we had all games available for ps plus at once this month. Still thankful over here!

  • GalatasarayEken

    I would’ve bought some games but I only have 19.72 on my account, most great games are 19.99, you can kinda imagine why I keep posting, sorry bout that but I still want that sale :/

  • Wheres the cover picture from that you used?

  • This week in playstation: The lack of 4th of July sales brings disappointment.

  • Dear SCEA if you can please help us encourage SCEE to release the most anticipated game, system seller, killer title Freedom Wars.

    SCEE betrayed us deciding that they make only digital release. We don’t get even half as many retail games as you do… and decision to take from us even Freedom Wars is like spitting in the face. They are betraying us gamers, and their own product.

    If noone will stop SCEE, the Vita in EU (30% bigger market for Vita than NA) will slowly die out. Please help us.

    We already started petition… but the lack of communication from SCEE doesn’t help at all.

  • they will make only digital release*

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give freedom wars a dub!!!!! I will not buy any game that doesn’t have a dub!!!

  • I came here for a PSN 4th of July sale and leaving disappointed.

  • I was really hoping that there was going to be an 4th of July Flash Sale. Thanks for Vessel I am looking forward to trying it out….

  • Any word on when the T-bone DLC for Watchdogs is supposed to come out? They advertized that a while ago, but i haven’t heard anything about it.

  • I’m working on The Second Coil of Bahamut: Turn 1 AKA Turn 6.
    Got to phase 2 on Raflesia with FC pretty often.
    What server are you on? I could help down EX Primals, they’re all very easy if you’re on my server.(Balmung) Legacy 1.0 Character.
    I main PLD(i95) But all classes are i86 or above. So I can be whatever you need.

  • RedMoonSharingan

    The PS+ for this month isn’t too bad, Vessel looks interesting as does Strider since I played the old-school ones. But the lack of a 4th of July flash sale does greatly disappoint me.

  • Heck Yea RX Bandits!

  • How bout some Voodoo Glow Skulls??!

  • Any info on a Freedom Wars release date? It’s easily my most anticipated game of 2014! I wanna mark my calendar.

  • This week in playstation: The lack of 4th of July sales brings disappointment.

  • This Week in Playstation: One of the worst sales ever. Nobody wants Thief, not even the developers. Nobody wants COD Ghosts when the new one comes out in like 3 months, nobody wants those indie games that still cost too much. Next week better be good :/

  • @ Archacus I understand your disappointment when it comes to only being offered a digital version where you live. In NA we never were offered Moto Gp 13, Mudd, WRC 3 & 4, MXGP, Child of Light, Ratchet and Clank Collection(still waiting), Dokturo, and I know there’s more that I can’t think of right now. I keep all of my games and never resale them so buying digital is not something I care for. I will agree though, a game as big as Freedom Wars should be available for retail in EU. Importing is our only option unless sometimes. Cheers!

  • I have Freedom Wars preordered. Mostly because Yuu Asakawa is in it, but also because it looks like fun.

    “Are any of you out there playing A Realm Reborn?”
    I am. In fact, we’re in the same free company, and i’m currently stepdancing on top of a wall across from you in the game. XD

    “Which class / job are you?”

    “Any goals you’re working toward right now?”
    Yep, just need to complete a dungeon to rank up in the Grand Company so i can buy my private chambers when the patch hits.

  • This week sony showed us how to give a half hearted attempt at localisation with freedom wars….thanks sony.

  • Playing Soul Sacrifice (trying to platinum it)
    Listening to PS Nation Podcast, Podcast Beyond( BEYOND! ) NVC Podcast
    Watching Game of Thrones season 3

  • hi this is my first blog here hope its not a bad question but what is freedom wars exactly?
    Id like to get my moneys worth with it and ive been over-hyped before like borderlands 2 call of duty on vita they didn’t have a good score on ign and metacritic and i heard about a lot of technical issues as well
    i don’t mean any disrespect i just want to know if its worth 30 or 40 dollars really and not laid down with technical issues like borderlands and COD on vita.

    sorry for being to wordy im just curious about the technical issues like frame rate and controls

  • Also please tell me if i put this post in the wrong place

  • Playing this week:
    1. Rainbow Moon Vita (finish the game finally, thanks for the dlc sale)
    2. Guacamele Vita (also finish the game, search the alternate ending someday)
    3. Transformer PS4, a whole mess that is transformer, what the meaning of CG events with ps3 quality there!??? This is one time I ever seen CG movie that is WORSE than in-game graphic (finish that already, don’t like it)
    4. Soul Sacrifice Delta Vita (finish it, REALLLLY great story, far better than most RPG I have played this far)
    5. XBlaze Vita (dull… well finish it too)
    6. Doki Doki Universe PS4, great game even with this artwork really like it, shame on Vita it has lag so much
    7. Strider, wow this game truly rocks
    Finally get rid of 5 games and get another 4 games from PSPLus (I have no ps3) guess my backlog will keep afloat…

    Watching this week: Transformer 4 movie and most of new anime season episode one, Argevollen and SAO II seems good series to watch this season, or maybe that Sailor Moon Crystal

    Reading this week: still Assasin Creed novels

  • Also, while Europe has a reason to worry for Freedom Wars (only digital), well you could always import, that is why Vita is better than the other portable that is region lock right.

    And see, even when American get the dreamy physical version, some don’t buy because it has no dub…

  • You guys make me sad. You do nothing but complain. Smh.

  • Watching this week: Transformer 4 movie it’s awesome

  • @37 Hiya! Freedom Wars is only going to be 30 dollars, and it’s worth every penny.
    It’s a 4 player co-op game with 8 player competitive as well. You do missions and take on big monsters and bosses!
    You get to make your own character with really detailed creation, and customize your weapons.
    There’s so much more to say about Freedom Wars, but trust me it won’t be like a CHEAP Borderlands 2 port or that absolutely horrid Cod. It’s a full game built for the Vita that has been worked hard on, not just some cash in.
    It’ll be worth it!

  • @TeamGreen615
    Thank you for your comments, sadly Freedom Wars is online game.

    Japanese one have Online Pass so if NA version will also have it importing will be impossible. And there is another problem huge number of DLCs (free and paid one)…

    Anyway thank you for your kind words :)

  • i almost forgot will it be retail and download or one or the other?

  • @aensm1
    If you don’t mind I will answer you, mkay?

    1.Freedom Wars will have reatil edition in both Americas.
    2. That’s the most anticipated game for Vita and the only AAA title
    3. For what it is exacty you should watch trailer and gameplay… I encourage you to do so… it is 100% worth it

  • thank you archacus i already saw the trailers and everything and it looked great.
    hope framerates works well though if it works well and plays well im buying
    hope its not to price though might be 50 bucks if its that good

  • ps sorry for all the negativity everyone ive been ripped off before so i was skeptical that’s all also its my first time writeing on a blog so i hope i dont sound stupid

  • @aensm1
    You can preorder the game for 30$ :)

    I hope you will like it :D

    Now… if only I could buy it in Europe :/ huh…

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