This Week in PlayStation: The E3 ’14 Recap

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This Week in PlayStation: The E3 ’14 Recap

And E3 2014 comes to a close. It’s hard to pick specific highlights after the massive amount of news that came out of this year’s show, but I was blown away by the atmosphere of Bloodborne, the mystery of Uncharted 4, the grandeur of No Man’s Sky, the intensity of Driveclub, the gruesomeness of Mortal Kombat X, the momentum of N++, the Batman-ness of Batman: Arkham Knight… I could go on.

Bloodborne on PS4

In case you didn’t catch our live coverage during the show, we’ve got interviews with dozens of devs, straight from the main stage at the PlayStation booth. We had a star-studded lineup of hosts this year, including the illustrious Anthony Carboni, the lovely Meredith Molinari, the beloved Ryan Clements, PlayStation Social kingpin Sid Shuman, and myself (still wondering why they let me wander onto the stage when we’ve got all that other immense talent available). We put months of work into making this all happen, and we hope you enjoy it!

PlayStation E3 Interviews: Day 1
PlayStation E3 Interviews: Day 2
PlayStation E3 Interviews: Day 3

Did you get into the Destiny alpha? I’ve already dropped somewhere around a dozen hours into it… and the game isn’t even in beta yet! This is shaping up to be one of my personal GOTY contenders — can’t wait to see the final product later this year.

What are you playing?

  • I’m playing: Destiny First Look Alpha, FF14, Spelunky
  • I’m watching: Segments and trailers I missed on the PS YouTube channel
  • I’m listening to: RX Bandits (new album next month!)

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  • Honestly, the only reason I own a vita is because XSEED exists. I guess I also have hope that the new Digimon will come over.

  • : I paid 200(BL-2 edition) plus dollars for my vita and another $60+ for my 32GB memory card. That being said what Sony announced at e3 2014 for the ps vita was tantamount to a big F*** YOU……..2D sidescrollers, arcade games, and soooooo of many indies. F*** Indie titles!!!!!!! if I want to play 2 bit poorly rendered games I would still play “snake” on my great grandmother’s Nokia 3310 :( but all joke aside indies should be on 3ds exclusively because my ps vita has way more output and capacity than “hoteline miami”(seriously wtf is that even, did u guys buy all the games Nintendo rejected for the 3ds and release them as indies). And soooooo many F***ING RPG’S so much so that there not even dubbed by English voice actors any more….I now have to suffer through all these games because I can’t just WATCH and ENJOY an action scene, or a plot twist for the game that is supposed to be important later in the story….I now have to read Every little tide bit of information and suffer through jokes publishers don’t even bother to switch around (not even a little) for Western gamers.

  • and don’t get me started on these half baked HD collections because every one who bought a vita should know about the PSP and her Greatest hits!!!!!!!!!! and for Sony to put out a MGS collection and a GoW collection and not include the psp games which were offered on the ps3 version of these so called collections (not to mention the fact that there prequels and sequels to these “collections) is also another representation of Sony ‘ s massive F*** YOU to any and every Ps Vita Owner who saw this console (I’m sorry I mean to say this 2D indie-platformer) as a successor to the PSP in anyway. my final rant is that MGS: GZ is less than 2GB…..couldn’t sony have at least gotten us that….My copy of Killzone Mercenaries is bigger than that and in the past day I’ve play MGS:GZ more than half my vita games.

  • madmanwithabox12

    Also, next time you have your press conference and decide to talk stats… how about you bring up the percentage of dissatisfied Vita owners you’ve accumulated? Or would you rather ignore them and say “Vita owners love the system!”. Yes, they do. But they are also very disappointed by the lack of new exclusive content coming to the platform. You have plenty of exclusives coming to PS4, pony a handful coming to Vita – and that handful are the same ones we’ve known about for months and months.

  • Ps Vita exclusive AAA, Ps vita exclusive AAA, Ps vita exclusive AAA!!! This should have been a big part of the E3 presentation. Very disappointed. I did not by a vita for indies, phone quality games, ps now, or bad ports of old games; I bought it for good qulity console games on the go. If companies like naughty dog, rockstar, criterion, sony santa monica, and many of the other companies don’t want to develop for it, you pull out the check book, and write them a big check. Gamers just need one big, good, exclusive game, just ONE. It could be a gta made by rockstar, gran turismo made by polyphony, another uncharted made by naughty dog, burnout made by criterion, or some other good quality game from one of the many companies that their are to choose from. Just ONE good game, and more money would be made rather than just making it a companion for the ps4. Ps now, remote play, and indie games are not bad things, but the main focus should be on console quality games on the go.
    Just from last years E3, based off of the ps4, it was ABOUT THE GAMES; Most of the games that were announced were quality AAA excusives for the ps4. The exact same concept should have been applied to the vita.

  • P.S. I have owned a ps 1, 2, and 3, and have spent lots and lots of my money on games (any extra money i get is spent on games) but will not be getting a ps4 (even for uncharted, as amazing as it looks) if their continues to be little to no support for the vita. Even nintendo proved they want to bring their dead console (wii u) back to life with their tree house conferance.
    I guaruntee the 90 something percent satisfaction rating that the vita did have around launch would go way down if a survey was taken.

  • I love reading these “disgruntled Vita owner” comments. You say you want an “exclusive” game for the Vita “or else!”
    For every self-proclaimed Vita owner that threatens to switch to Nintendo (lol) or “not buy a PS4” there’s a million future PS4 owners to replace you over the next 6 months. The idiotic ranting is embarrassing, really.

    The simple fact is the PS4 leads the console space and everyone else follows – Vita included. Only industry novices (and some Western Vita owners apparently) can bash the entire Vita indie genre and expect to be taken seriously. Do you people even know how AAA game development works or the creative process that goes into making one? And why do you care if it’s exclusive? – I thought all you wanted was just games. I have more games than I can play on my Vita right now. And with Sony’s self-publishing, Indie Devs like FuturLab are praising the Vita. But no, “screw indies. I want some AAA publisher to milk me like they do on consoles.”

  • I guess everyone else gets to be hype at E3 except you, so, bad Sony for not announcing every single games at once so you can complain that “there is nothing new for the Vita” 6 months from now, right? Grow up.

  • @54 I did not say “screw indies”, in 52 I said “Ps now, remote play, and indie games are not bad things”. I love me some indies, weather it be flower, journey, limbo, rymdkapsel, Adventure Bar labyrinth, rain, unfinished swan… but the vita needs a AAA. “For every self-proclaimed Vita owner that threatens to switch to Nintendo (lol) or “not buy a PS4″ there’s a million future PS4 owners to replace you over the next 6 months”, this might be true, but of the three console makers Sony is not in a position financially to be losing some of their customers.
    Sony’s E3 conference was not a bad one, I enjoyed seeing No Man’s Sky, and Uncharted 4.

  • Awesome week, sooooooo many games now on preorder. Bloodborne was the highlight for me though, words can not express how excited I am to get my hands on that game (as someone who continuously plays through Demons/Dark/Dark 2 over and over again). Rumor is it could be hear as early as Feb 2015!

    Also, got into the Destiny alpha, not sure how. OMG I thought I would like that game but from the brief playtime I’ve had with it over the weekend I’m totally in love! I mean it’s seriously an awesome game. Sure I was excited before but now I can’t wait until the fall. Knowing they have like a 10 year plan for it didn’t mean much to me before, now however it is meaningful and exciting news.

  • Oh and The Order, while some hands-on previews have put some doubt into play regarding the combat, from everything I saw it looked too awesome not to preorder. Visually stunning, the gameplay looked exciting to me, and the story/atmosphere/environments are exactly my thing. So many games, how on earth will I find the time to play them!

  • /\ /\ \ / —————
    / \ / \ \ / I
    I / \ \ / I
    \_ / \ \ / I———
    \ /——— \ \ / I
    \ I / \ \ / I
    \_ _/ / \ \/ I_________ THE

    \ / I —————— /\
    \ / I I / \
    \ / I I / \
    \ / I I /——\
    \ / I I / \
    \/ I I / \

    We Want AAA Exclusives!!!

  • Well that was a fail. LOL

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