This Week in PlayStation: The E3 ’14 Recap

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This Week in PlayStation: The E3 ’14 Recap

And E3 2014 comes to a close. It’s hard to pick specific highlights after the massive amount of news that came out of this year’s show, but I was blown away by the atmosphere of Bloodborne, the mystery of Uncharted 4, the grandeur of No Man’s Sky, the intensity of Driveclub, the gruesomeness of Mortal Kombat X, the momentum of N++, the Batman-ness of Batman: Arkham Knight… I could go on.

Bloodborne on PS4

In case you didn’t catch our live coverage during the show, we’ve got interviews with dozens of devs, straight from the main stage at the PlayStation booth. We had a star-studded lineup of hosts this year, including the illustrious Anthony Carboni, the lovely Meredith Molinari, the beloved Ryan Clements, PlayStation Social kingpin Sid Shuman, and myself (still wondering why they let me wander onto the stage when we’ve got all that other immense talent available). We put months of work into making this all happen, and we hope you enjoy it!

PlayStation E3 Interviews: Day 1
PlayStation E3 Interviews: Day 2
PlayStation E3 Interviews: Day 3

Did you get into the Destiny alpha? I’ve already dropped somewhere around a dozen hours into it… and the game isn’t even in beta yet! This is shaping up to be one of my personal GOTY contenders — can’t wait to see the final product later this year.

What are you playing?

  • I’m playing: Destiny First Look Alpha, FF14, Spelunky
  • I’m watching: Segments and trailers I missed on the PS YouTube channel
  • I’m listening to: RX Bandits (new album next month!)

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