Round-up: PlayStation E3 2014 Press Conference

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Round-up: PlayStation E3 2014 Press Conference

Hello PlayStation Nation!

I just got off the stage from my first-ever appearance during a PlayStation E3 press conference and my adrenaline is still pumping. What a rush! Thank you for such a warm welcome — both at the venue and online. Your enthusiasm is truly infectious.

The team at PlayStation wanted to make one thing very clear during tonight’s event: that PlayStation is, and will always be, the best place to play. We’re accomplishing this by listening closely to what you want most from next gen gaming and fostering a vibrant community that shares your same passions. All of the announcements we made tonight were centered on delivering the richest, most innovative gaming experiences that simply can’t be found on any other platform.

This was punctuated tonight by some amazing “only on” PlayStation 4 titles, such as Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, The Order: 1886, Bloodbourne, LittleBigPlanet 3, and Entwined… a fascinating new game that’s available tonight for PS4 in the PlayStation Store.


We also showed that the biggest games coming from the best developers in the industry will be played first and better on PlayStation. For example, PS4 customers will have exclusive access to a special Destiny First Look Alpha starting this Thursday and PlayStation owners will be the first to play the full Destiny Beta when it launches on July 17. In addition to a ton of exclusive content, we also unveiled a special Destiny bundle that features the first-ever white PS4 (it looks incredible!), the game and 30 days free of PlayStation Plus.

Our play it better theme continued during the press conference when Batman: Arkham Knight displayed some amazing gameplay footage and a special bonus: “Scarecrow Nightmare Missions” that will only be available on PlayStation. Our friends at Ubisoft unveiled the co-op mode for Far Cry 4 and announced that when you buy the game on either PS3 or PS4 you can invite your PSN friends to join you even if they don’t own the game. Rockstar Games also joined us onstage to announce that Grand Theft Auto V, one of the best games of 2013, is coming to PS4. Plus, the current community of PS3 players, and Xbox 360 players will have the ability to transfer their GTA Online progress and online characters to the PS4.

Round-up: PlayStation E3 2014 Press Conference

While content is king at PlayStation, access is also very important and we’re making it easier than ever to access our famous game libraries. The PlayStation Now open beta on PS4 will officially begin on July 31, giving PS4 owners access to over a hundred PS3 titles…and access to PS Now will be extended to PS3, PS Vita and select Sony TVs very soon. We also introduced PlayStation TV for the North American market. Beginning this holiday season, you’ll be able to use PlayStation TV to play PS4 games via Remote Play, play PS3 games available in PS Now and, of course, play select PS Vita titles, PSP titles and PS One classics.

One of my favorite moments of the night was seeing Brian Michael Bendis onstage providing an update for the upcoming Powers series that will be available exclusively on our network. Staying true to our vision, we selected Powers because of its strong appeal among gamers, and with the help from the incredible talent at Sony Pictures, it will be available this December. The first episode is free for all PSN users in the United States and PS Plus members in the US will get the entire season for free.

PlayStation TVGlacier White PlayStation 4

Thank you again for your passion and commitment to PlayStation. You’re our inspiration for every new innovation we bring across our hardware platforms, game development and network services. And while E3 is certainly an exciting week for all of us, I look forward to sharing more news in the near future.

It’s going to be an incredible journey.


All the news from PlayStation’s E3 2014 Press Conference

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  • Disappointed at the lack of Vita content.
    ESPECIALLY disappointed by the lack of announcements pertaining to the memory cards. Specifically price drops, and a western release for the 64 GB memory cards.
    We now have the Slim and the Vita TV is coming; where’s the 64 GB?

  • I’m glad I didn’t download the PS4 App for the conference: it was a terrible disappointment.

    The lack of support for the Vita could hardly be any worse.

  • SCEA, this is ridiculous. You guys had an absolutely apalling Vita show tonight, and won’t even get “feedback” from your fans as you boasted so in your conference. As madmanwithabox12 said: “so much for listening to us”.

  • The lack of vita content astounds me.
    I bought it at least expecting some support from Sony. Showing it to everyone and promoting it, but if even Sony doesn’t believe in it, why should I. At least Nintendo is trying with the Wii U.

  • oooo playstation now…. oh wait i am in Canada, and although i use the US server i am once again as is wont to happen very often excluded, but sure lets promote it every chance we get right? disappointing conference this year

  • I wont go away.

    This planet need me.

    As the PSVITA need some american support.

    PS: Im inmortal

  • RaspberryVelvet

    Fantastic job! I am proud to have a PS4 right now! The games shown tonight convinced me that I made a good decision! Now, I just have to wait until 2015 for everything to come out :) In the mean time, I’m hoping to get my hands on these betas and alphas so I can stay motivated until then. But overall, I think Sony has emerged as the clear leader in this industry. I can’t wait to get my hands on that Playstation TV – even though I’m not really sure what it does. I also really want a white PS4. But, I’m not going to buy a PS4 all over again. Maybe someone sells a white skin that I can put over my PS4 now. Or, maybe I can decorate 1/2 of it in white and have a white and black PS4! Nice :) But for anyone who can’t appreciate what just happened, I feel sorry for you. If you were not impressed by this press conference, nothing will impress you!

  • To many indies, no real gameplay of anything i was looking forward too. Kingdom under fire 2 was the only highlight for me, I’m a little sad….

  • RaspberryVelvet

    Oh yeah, I can’t believe people are crying about Vita. What do you expect? It is a handheld console!!! At best, it is an afterthought. I recently traded in my PS Vita Slim with Borderlands 2 because it feels uncomfortable in my hands. On top of that, Borderlands 2 looked like crap on it. But, it is a handheld console! I didn’t expect anything more from it. Tearaway is awesome though.

  • I was hoping those who were there at the conference should had “BOOOOOO–d” on the very lame Sony’s indie vita presentation.

  • @RaspberryVelvet watch nintendo tomorrow morning and you’ll see the support they have for their handheld device

  • I think I’ll regret asking this, but realistically speaking, what are the odds we might still get some Vita news on the remaining E3 days?

  • @hazelcabug I do glad that there’s at least the indie support, but Sony certainly deserved to be “BOOO-ed” by the time they began wrapping up.

  • As a sad and depressed Vita owner, I echo the comments of everyone here. My beautiful Vita sits lonely on the shelf…..there’s just precious little to play on it. The poor thing has been nearly abandoned by Sony.

    When the Vita was first released, there was all this talk of exclusive “console-like” games that would dominate the portable market. They said these games would be like carrying a PS3 in your pocket.

    Flash forward to today and what do we really have for the Vita?

    *the ability to play PSP games on it (whoopie)
    *the occasional Indie side-scrolling game that looks like something from the Sega Genesis
    *the occasional great title (Walking Dead, I’m looking at you)

    I somehow hope that the upcoming Playstation Now service will kickstart the Vita experience.

    For now, Sony is pouring all their efforts into their new profitable baby (PS4).

    And Sony, if you’re wondering why the Vita just has not sold well, look no further than yourselves….you haven’t given people good reasons to buy one. You say you want feedback?

    There you go.

  • ‘@ 64 I have no issue against 3rd party indie dev they are the only one keeping vita alive. I’m only addressing my concern directly to sony entertainment america for no support for vita. As I’ve said I SCEA can’t manage to create AAA game for vita, they should at least instead help ATLUS in localizing tons of non-english vita games from Japan.

  • PSJPNAEUFever14

    This year’s E3 was the worst for Vita, and it disappointed a lot of Vita owners.

    Vita had like a couple of minutes out of about 100 minutes at the press conference, while not showing a single AAA exclusive-so much for “listening” to Vita owners. I want the Vita to succeed, but it doesn’t seem like you guys want it to succeed. You guys gave it a little push at launch, but abandoned it at the first sign of trouble. There are bunch of others ways you could improve the Vita too.

    -Releasing 64GB memory cards to the West, and lowering the price of all of the memory cards
    -Release more Vita colors to appeal to wider audience
    -More PSP game compatibility
    -ADVERTISE IT (assuming we get another EXCLUSIVE AAA game to bundle with the Vita, and why no bundles for 1st party games?)

    I love the Vita, but I want it to be more than an PS4 accessory. Don’t make the Vita Playstation’s first console failure.

  • Most of us non japanese vita owners cannot understand and play ps vita japanese games and also we cannot appreciate Playstation Now because there are tons of vita owners like me who doesn’t live in America to enjoy the PS now service.

  • WoundedUnderwear

    Next time someone come to my house and say, WOW you have a Playstation 4? I’m going no, that’s a Playstation Indie. :D
    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the indies games as much as the next guy but seriously Sony what’s with the onslaught of indies games lately on both PSV and PS4.

  • Sorry to say sony, but i am really disappointed in the conference. PS4 is all great and all… but you gave a massive finger to all of us, Vita players.

    Remote play and PSnow are NOT….i repeat … NOT, what we bought the console for. Those OPTIONS are great, but not compatible with the purpose of the console: Play on the road. I dont have internet on the bus or the metro…and i dont have a PS4… WHAT DO YOU PROPOSE ME TO PLAY IN 2015 ???

    I play my Vita everyday, and still have tons of games to finish, so i am not in instant need of new games. But seriously, the message SCEA sent today is “whatever the vita”… Why did you do the console in the first place ??

    Are you seriously telling that in all the bunch of first party studios, non of them can be spared for creating original games or contents for the Vita ??? Is it so shamefull to work on a portable system ???

  • @hazelcabug- EXACTLY.

    What the Vita needs is a really top-flight, well-made, AAA Vita-ONLY title that makes it a must buy. Halo did that for the XBOX. God of War did that for the PS2.

    Sony has just been plain lazy with the Vita.

    If Vita came out with an incredible exclusive title you couldn’t play anywhere else….I promise you, people would buy it.

    Put the Vita side by side with the PSP. You tell me….what amazing advantage does the Vita have over the PSP? And don’t say Remote Play, please…..

  • Could you not do the ratchet remake on vita ?? The PS4 doesnt need it, and it will flop in the middle of big guns. Dont you also think that Abzu could have been on Vita as well ?

    And sony, when are you going to seriously promote the vita in the west??? Selling 2k per week in the states is really satisfying ? And you really assume that not promoting a system, not feeding it with first party games, and not convincing third party to put great know franchises will sell the console ?

    I am more than disappointed, i am mad. And i just wanted to say thank you to Telltales for their port on Vita, it is a joy to play. Thank you also Tim schaffer for thinking of the vita as well for Grimm Fandango, one of my whole time favorite.

    To finish this long text, i hope you will have the decensy to answer my message, as we, the vita gamers, deserve your respect, your attention, and your consideration.

  • oversevethousand

    “We’re accomplishing this by listening closely to what you want”
    All I wanted was Vita support. That is all I wanted. The only reason I would buy a PS4 is to give myself more games to play on my Vita. Do you not see how backwards that is? Tonight, you gave us next to nothing. You gave us F2Ps, listed some games we knew about, and left it at that. Now isn’t even getting a beta for the Vita it sounds like, and you still can’t manage a release window for the thing.

    You can’t even get full PS1/PSP access on the darn thing for crying out loud. Could you at least do something there if you can’t make new games for the thing? Seriously.

  • “The team at PlayStation wanted to make one thing very clear during tonight’s event: that PlayStation is, and will always be, the best place to play.”

    Yeah, no. You guys had an awful showing for the Vita this year. You bloew it up, SCEA

    Not adding that “you know what” here, but I’ll be spreading it as much as I can.

  • What a pathetic conference for the Vita. You should be ashamed of yourself because you failed all of us Vita owners and we will not forget this.

  • oversevethousand

    A second stick, better online, a great and growing library of games (no thanks to Sony of America or anyone else in the West – besides indies, you guys are cool), and a bunch of other stuff. If you’re picking, get a Vita.

    If you were asking I mean.

  • i want more gameplay from bloodborne, please

    and when will the whole press upload?

  • As a PS3 and Vita owner I won’t talk about the PS4 part of the presentation. OK maybe one thing – there wasn’t anything that made my heart skip a beat like the last years conference.

    Now let’s talk business – you have shown us/told us during the conference about 14 games out of the 100+ in the making:
    – Big Fest
    – Broforce
    – Disney Infinity
    – Entwined
    – Fat Princess: Piece of Cake
    – Grim Fandango
    – Guns Up!
    – Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
    – My Singing Monsters
    – Not a Hero
    – Reaper
    – Titan Souls
    – Tales of Borderlands
    – Tales of Hearts R
    Out of those titles only Tales of Borderlands moderately interests me.

    PlayStation TV – i like it how you guys excluded the Vita part from the name – it won’t create chaos when it will hit the shelves.

    After seeing the PlayStation Now and the games I can just imagine the vision for the Vita in the near and distant future – a peripheral for PS4 to play the games from PS4 (using Remote Play) games from PS3 (using PlayStation Now) where ever you want….and not a serious stand-alone handheld console. There were no interesting vita games shown. Only the Japanese are creating something worthwhile for the vita. The west have crossed it.

  • I feel mad, and sad… SCEA you really left us, Vita gamers, behind on a muddy road.

    You did no effort… we should all stop buying games on it, to show you what it feels to loose this “non existent” part of your gaming echosystem.

  • It’s funny

    even the pic of news is PS4 only

    We will NOT forget this forever!!!!!!

  • @82

    We will not forget, Sony.

  • No Gravity Rush2, No PS ALL STAR 2, NOTHING of SQUARE ENIX, NO LAST GUARDIAN, NO PERSONA 5, no Syphon Filter, No guerrilla Game, No santa monica no new megaton like Crash Bandicoot being bought back….. NOTHING!!!!!

    the conference had some good things like LBP3, Bloodborne ( I would have preferred DEMONS SOULS2), and Uncharted… the rest was forgettable.

    and the worst is that u took game time tot talk abut a freaking movie and series…. JESUS HELP ME HERE!!!

    U did ok…. but in no way u did awesome… nothing blew my head… LBP3 was the biggest surprise for me and i was expecting by this time for LBP to evolve into LBP3D platformer…. sigh…

    anyways… here hoping next year you do a less americanized show and bring the JRPGs Back….

  • Lestatdelioncort

    People on here are such hypocrites, the majority of you were asking for more PS4 games and now you flip flopping for more vita games. Seriously

  • @81

    Have you ever tried remote play on 3G hotspot… Horrid… I can now imagine the worst for PSNow on the go.

    If the PSV becomes a PS4 accessory to play Console games on the sofa while someone else uses the TV, i will sell mine…

    No love for Vita gamers, No more love for Sony.

  • What About IGC? when will we know what games will be getting in july.

  • @86

    Most of comments come from Vita gamers that dont or wont own a PS4. We are nomad gamers, we expected ven a little trailer, or a new port ALLA Borderlands 2, but nothing AAA, nor AA, or even A.

    If you cannot see why people comment this way, it means you dont own a vita. So i can understand your vision. But the fact is we, vita gamers, bought the console to play LBP, Wipeout, Uncharted, Killzone, Ratchet… on the go. And what sony offers us, is online functionality that doesnt apply to nomad gaming.

    We are really disappointed, and most certainly angry at sony.

  • Oh and… to be part of the trending post:

    “Thank you Sony, we won’t forget”

  • Guys, go watch the 2012’s sizzle reel for the Vita. How times how changed (only two years, and it’s already dead in SCEA’s eyes)

  • I am very dissapointed in lack of ps vita support. No original titles and only being used as a remote play feature instead of continuing the gains from the psp. Please Sony do not make another handheld if you do not support it. Like IGN said E3 you raised the white flag and gave up on your own handheld and I will not buy the next one if you do make another one.

  • sasuke-takatsuki

    For those who think Vita didn’t get any love, you are just some random haters, because she did get some love! Damn people, they are working right now on many many games for psVita! Plus, they already show us 2 games (If I remember correctly) on Vita! And don’t forget playstation now and TV!!!

    But yeah you’re all right! That’s nothing! Better have 2 exclusivity game and that’s all (Microsoft)


  • what are you guys doing? I swear u guy’s get the lead and it’s like, u can’t help but shoot yourselves in the foot. NEW exclusive AAA IP’S. the tv route didn’t work for M$ last year, why would u guy’s think it would work for you? did you forget games is what is the bread & butter for playstation? and I’m not talk’n about the million indie titles that made me go wow back in 1985 on NES. you guy’s better thank your lucky stars for the third party games coming out. other then uncharted.

  • We should really flood all topics with “we won’t forget”

    Sony might finally take vita player into consideration

  • Lestatdelioncort

    @89 Sony was addressing the “no games in next gen consoles” issue which Microsoft also had to address. The focus was never going to be vita to begin with. YOU and everyone else should’ve known that.

  • What a bunch of B.S. Nothing for the vita. Nothing. On wait, that super awesome Tetris game. Can’t wait for that. So awesome. I just don’t get it. Why does Sony decide to dump on the vita always? Nits like they birthed this thing and now wish they could give it up for adoption. Have they not seen what the DS is doing for Nintendo? It’s what keeping them afloat basically. So much potential for the vita, and they’ve decided to view it as an add on for the ps4 if anything. For the first time I almost regret buying this machine because it looks like it will fizzle out rather quickly.

    If they really wanted to put some life into the vita quickly, they should open up the entire ps1 library on psn to this device. I’d be broke pretty dang fast. Or at least put up some ps1 games people actually want to play, which they haven’t done in quite a while now. There’s so much they could do ith the vita, and they just don’t.

  • @Benzitor/@90…..amen. You hit it out of the park.

    I did not buy my Vita as a chihuahua-like cute handbag accessory for the PS4. I bought it for its OWN ability to play AAA titles, or titles that would make me want to take it everywhere and play.

    When I made my earlier comment about comparing the PSP and the VITA, I mean….what can you really play on the Vita that you CAN’T play on the PSP? Not much. Not much at all. Almost all portable Sony titles can be played on both consoles. Not too much exclusive Vita content….or should I say, not too much exclusive Vita content really worth getting all geeked up over.

    PSN didn’t publish my post where I tried leaving a link about an article where Sony admits that creating AAA titles for the Vita isn’t economically viable. Try looking for it. It’s on technobuffalo dot-com.

  • Oh, I definetly won’t forget this night, Sony. Count me out of any future Playstation products you’ll ever have.

  • @96

    We did that, but they just deleted our posts….

  • The comment about sony listening to the consumer? Yeah, about as well as square listens to the consumer and what they want. As a CONSUMER I guess I’ll make an easy request, and ask that you open up and expand the library for ps1 and psp games that can be played on the vita. If Sony were to do that, and make more games available that way, heck, I could live with how sporadic any quality releases for the vita have been. I’d probably be content for years to be honest. Just give me all of that classic goodness.

  • “we won’t forget sony”

  • I loved tonight’s PlayStation presentation from Sony. I always wanted to attend Sony’s event at E3 many years ago when I was attending game events. But it never happened– I covered the other Japanese console maker’s events. Tonight, enjoying the show in the theater with a crowd of fans was almost as good as being there. Actually, being ten years older, it may have been better. Loved it! My wife also loved it, and that’s saying something. She left the event wanting a PS4 and a Vita. Thanks, Sony!

  • oversevethousand

    Two of those we already knew about, so cross them off your list.

    I’m kind of baffled as to how they can list any Japanese game like Takes of Hearts as “in development for Vita.” Hearts has been out in Japan for, what, a year? It’s already developed. Done.

    And it’s kind of telling how none of the announcements on the blog are big Vita announcements.

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