Round-up: PlayStation E3 2014 Press Conference

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Round-up: PlayStation E3 2014 Press Conference

Hello PlayStation Nation!

I just got off the stage from my first-ever appearance during a PlayStation E3 press conference and my adrenaline is still pumping. What a rush! Thank you for such a warm welcome — both at the venue and online. Your enthusiasm is truly infectious.

The team at PlayStation wanted to make one thing very clear during tonight’s event: that PlayStation is, and will always be, the best place to play. We’re accomplishing this by listening closely to what you want most from next gen gaming and fostering a vibrant community that shares your same passions. All of the announcements we made tonight were centered on delivering the richest, most innovative gaming experiences that simply can’t be found on any other platform.

This was punctuated tonight by some amazing “only on” PlayStation 4 titles, such as Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, The Order: 1886, Bloodbourne, LittleBigPlanet 3, and Entwined… a fascinating new game that’s available tonight for PS4 in the PlayStation Store.


We also showed that the biggest games coming from the best developers in the industry will be played first and better on PlayStation. For example, PS4 customers will have exclusive access to a special Destiny First Look Alpha starting this Thursday and PlayStation owners will be the first to play the full Destiny Beta when it launches on July 17. In addition to a ton of exclusive content, we also unveiled a special Destiny bundle that features the first-ever white PS4 (it looks incredible!), the game and 30 days free of PlayStation Plus.

Our play it better theme continued during the press conference when Batman: Arkham Knight displayed some amazing gameplay footage and a special bonus: “Scarecrow Nightmare Missions” that will only be available on PlayStation. Our friends at Ubisoft unveiled the co-op mode for Far Cry 4 and announced that when you buy the game on either PS3 or PS4 you can invite your PSN friends to join you even if they don’t own the game. Rockstar Games also joined us onstage to announce that Grand Theft Auto V, one of the best games of 2013, is coming to PS4. Plus, the current community of PS3 players, and Xbox 360 players will have the ability to transfer their GTA Online progress and online characters to the PS4.

Round-up: PlayStation E3 2014 Press Conference

While content is king at PlayStation, access is also very important and we’re making it easier than ever to access our famous game libraries. The PlayStation Now open beta on PS4 will officially begin on July 31, giving PS4 owners access to over a hundred PS3 titles…and access to PS Now will be extended to PS3, PS Vita and select Sony TVs very soon. We also introduced PlayStation TV for the North American market. Beginning this holiday season, you’ll be able to use PlayStation TV to play PS4 games via Remote Play, play PS3 games available in PS Now and, of course, play select PS Vita titles, PSP titles and PS One classics.

One of my favorite moments of the night was seeing Brian Michael Bendis onstage providing an update for the upcoming Powers series that will be available exclusively on our network. Staying true to our vision, we selected Powers because of its strong appeal among gamers, and with the help from the incredible talent at Sony Pictures, it will be available this December. The first episode is free for all PSN users in the United States and PS Plus members in the US will get the entire season for free.

PlayStation TVGlacier White PlayStation 4

Thank you again for your passion and commitment to PlayStation. You’re our inspiration for every new innovation we bring across our hardware platforms, game development and network services. And while E3 is certainly an exciting week for all of us, I look forward to sharing more news in the near future.

It’s going to be an incredible journey.


All the news from PlayStation’s E3 2014 Press Conference

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  • I want that controller color scheme…

  • very disappointing conference this year… started out strong, ended meh… but the whole middle was boring!!!!!!

  • I like the surprise of lbp3 . Im guessing ps now still has some bugs and that’s it’s still not out if the beta. Hopefully by the fall things will be worked out. Can’t wait till uncharted 4.

  • was expecting plus igc collention news, guess whats out its out now.

  • where is the last guardian?????

  • I was hoping for some Vita love.

  • Zz-Supremacy-zZ

    GTAV on PS4… I got what I came for!

    When will it be available for digital pre-order?

  • I’m excited for the future of playstation, I can’t wait to play the games headed to PS4.. Especially the remastered games, a la GTA V especially.. Now, where is my White Dual Shock 4 controller!!!

  • SuperIanGamerHd

    Thanks for the best e3 sony

  • While it’s good and all (better than some previous E3 conferences), I’m kind of upset that it looks like Sony don’t really care about the Vita anymore. I was hoping it will be different this year, guess I was wrong.

  • That Uncharted cutscene was nice, but why finish with it? It is like Sony tried to make all the mistakes MS made last year.

    Glad to see the Project Beast thing, though the “leaks” got me more amped than the trailer.

  • SPriNT4Geyes_601

    Meh, you guys didn’t wow us with sequels. You guys did too much for Indy games. This just wasn’t much to get happy about. It’s like you guys said oh last year we did very well so this year we don’t have to wow the crowd. I’m selling my vita thanks to the no support. I want get a ps4 till 2015 likely now. You guys need to focus on some of the AAA games that we all loved, RPGs was kinda a miss too this time around

  • Please don’t kill Uncharted

  • No Last Guardian :(
    But Bloodbourne :)


  • No vita games </3

  • BorisTheButcher0

    What is with all this hate? This was a great conference. I found it way better than the Microsoft one. The crowd was better, it showed more exclusives, more new games. Bloodborne, No Man’s Sky and GTA V on the PS4 look badass.

  • What happen to MP3 FOR PS4?

  • That white dual shock four. Sonly let me get that.

  • it was really a shame that the ps4 e3 app didnt work. i reeeeeeeeally hope that doesnt hurt some of the unlocks like watch live X for x amount of mins. sigh.
    vita tv, day one buy btw.

  • PLEASE Don’t Kill Drake in UnCharted 4

  • Please Don’t Kill DRAKE in UnCharted 4 ):

  • Way to start of summer with those titles.
    Well played, and all titles more family oriented, or titles I wouldn’t mind my kids playng.

    Niconico didn’t work as mentioned, although not many probably cared.

    Really do want backwards compatibility, since when I upgrade computers my old games still work.
    MP3 can still be used too.

    And would it kill you to refresh movie downloads? We did buy it.

    Sometimes loss of hardware happens, and Customer Service has alot to be desired.
    I thought I purchased digital to support Sony, instead of receiving physical which can be copied and/or sold.

    Please treat digital owners better, and keep our collections playable and we will contnue buying your hardware.

  • That white dual shock four. Sony let me get that.

  • Very good conference! The only thing that was missing was The Last Guardian.

  • I don’t mind the black buttons not the white DualShock that much, but you should definitely paint the touchpad white. It would look much better.

  • A+ conference! Loved it all! Cant wait to get my hands on these games!

  • It was nice.
    Not “WOW” but nice.
    Missed some Vita love, as pointed.

    Biggest disappointment was the PS4 app. Crashed a lot and used the browser for rendering content… Why to have an app that loads the browser? Worst idea ever… And a mismanagement of resources of the console…. :(

    Hope Playstation Now comes with more content than what was showed.

  • I tried posting this on all the threads about this subject but none were recent enough to actually post it on or allowed me to post.

    Will any of the HD Kingdom Hearts games be released on PSN for download on the PS4??? I’d love to be able to download them onto it so I can continue enjoying them after I upgrade to one… IF someone can answer this for me, that would be great, I didn’t know where else to post it since I can’t find any other open E3 topic about it.

  • Sony used to be home to RPG’s and yet there were none at this conference but TONS of shooters. That was my biggest disappointment followed by the after thought support for Vita.

    Still, you have some great games coming out. Not hating, but if you really are reading your letters and comments…you need to show some RPG love.

  • I hate this. The season of Powers will be free for US Plus members. This is not the first time you make US exclusive. Canada is just upstair. I tought this was SCEA, not SCEUS.
    PS. With the video, this was the last adventure of Sal, not Nathan.

  • I really would have liked to see more vita stuff as well, but I was also quite impressed with what I did see. Especially looking forward to seeing more Bloodborne and Dead Island. And more vita and Dualshock 4 colors please!

  • oversevethousand

    Vita got a load of nothing. “We are developing games like Tales of Hearts R”? That game’s been out in Japan for over a year. That’s not being developed.

    And you, Sony if America/Europe, aren’t developing squat for it. We get F2Ps? That’s it?

    You couldn’t even mention first party titles Oreshika and Freedom Wars?

    Step it up, Sony. Two E3s in a row you have bombed for Vita owners, and you don’t even care.

  • ChaoticAssault31

    Uncharted 4 is looking amazing and July 29 can’t come soon enough for The Last of Us Remastered. What plans do you have for GTA V PS3 digital owners who want it on PS4? If not cross buy can we at least upgrade like in Final Fantasy XIV? The PS3 digital version runs horribly so we definitely should get it at a huge discount, if not for free.

  • Listening closely though?

    Not from what I have seen untill you finish favoring the new favorite (highest priced).

    Not discouraged yet, there is still hope.
    I did not even know what E3 was untill this year, and thats alot of years gaming without it.

    Of course I am the type that replaces the 24 pin connector and buys old games on Ebay for Nintendo so I can play DuckTales and MasterBlaster while my kids had little interest and instaead complain that it is not a PS3.

    I can say that even though Plus is not mandatory to play online, that I hope it continues to allow those without much money to stretch a $.

    Similar to Netflix.

    Greatness awaits….possibly, but after all the costs is it worth it?
    Nothing ungreat about your past endeavors though either, regardless of who was running the company then.

  • I have to agree with the Vita owners. This is why I didn’t buy a Vita. Support a system fully, or don’t make one. Same problem Nintendo has with their consoles…first party support is not enough. You need exclusive 3rd party games and UNIQUE games for the system. Many of them, not just a few. White ps4 is nice, but it should have been at launch and not just for people who get a ps4 with destiny. I already have a ps4. I would have bought a vita if SONY showed some good support for it at e3, and even faster if they released some different vita colors in the usa. Support your systems, worldwide.

    Games for PS4 were great though, but you should have shown a bit more. Uncharted 4 needed some gameplay..or if it wasn’t ready yet you should have shown more of Driveclub or TheOrder, or The Last of Us PS4. Still, great games. No Man’s Sky stole the show for me, for sure. Surprised how little the MGS V trailer showed..but I still know that will be the #1 game for me when it finally comes out.

  • Need playstation platinum headset

  • What a real bore fest. First both the E3 App as well as the blog feed went dark super quick nothing like going to a third party site to watch *Sony’s show WTF? The middle of the show should of been edited out as it was just fluff to fill an otherwise short showing. I’m glad Sony listens to the feedback from gamers by giving us what *you want us to have, *when you want us to have it! I’m soo glad I ditched my Vita back when it was worth something trade wise. Out of the few things shown, one thing was missing… (Jack) Sony @ E3 will NEVER be the same…!!!

  • PSJPNAEUFever14

    Overall, E3 was good for PS4; not so much for Vita though.

    Come on Sony, there next to nothing about anything about Vita. I believe this is the 3rd year in a row that Vita gets no love at E3. You guys treat it as an unwanted child. There was not one AAA game announced, and there’s also no AAA game coming this year. It seems like you guys have given up on Vita-you just left it stranded to die. I was hoping 3rd times the charm, for a great E3 with Vita love that change it’s fortunes. As far as we know, only about 2 first party studios are working on a Vita title and it shows how much care you’ve put into it. I understand that want the PS4 to be successful and victorious, but why don’t you show the same devotion and ambition for Vita?

    You’ve really disappointed most, if not all Vita owners.

  • We were excited to see E3 for ps vita and this is ALL WE GOT???? Oh no not again Sony! Most of your ps vita customer are not living in America, so we don’t give a dime about “Playstation Now”as it’s not available in our region. On the other hand the Asian region only keeps on releasing NON-english language games, as it’s like they are making Playstation vita JAPAN EXCLUSIVE! What the f is going on! Get it together or all your non-japanese loyal vita customers are going to stop supporting the vita anymore!

  • Just brought a PS Vita Slim couple of days ago which is great so far but am disappointed by this year’s conference from the lack of PS VIta games/content..
    The conference ended on a bittersweet note for me I guess.

  • No Vita? Go to the ****

  • I should had sold my vita long ago while it’s still cost alot like about 300$. Here in asia most of 2nd hand vita console now only worth 110$ because nobody wants to buy a console with no AAA first party support!

  • Wow, so nothing to look forward on the Vita? maybe it was a mistake to buy it, man I even preordered it, can’t believe it, after great LBP, Uncharted and Killzone games you are now living it as a “Remote Play” machine?

    Why don’t you release a new handheld inFamous, God Of War, another Uncharted, etc? this sucks Sony, if you aren’t going to support it at least make a buy-back program or something. I’m glad I haven’t got the PS4.

  • Overall I’m satisfied with the press conference for what was presented. However the only three things that made me a bit sad were:
    – No mention of the 64GB Vita Memory card coming to North America
    – No mention of the other PS Vita Slim colors coming to North America
    – No potential drop in PS4 Price (this though was more of wishful thinking)

    What I was impressed/surprised about:
    – PlayStation TV coming to North America
    – White PS4 Destiny Bundle
    – Powers
    – Ratchet and Clank Movie
    – Order 1886 gameplay footage and the number of Indie games coming out in the coming months.

    What was everyone else impressed or surprised about the press conference

  • so for GTAV it says along the lines of “PS3 players and XBOX 360 players will be able to transfer their online saves and stuff to the PS4”
    now i am just trying to understand that your save on the 360 can be transferred over to the PS4 or is it saying that the older generation console can only transfer to the new generation? (ex. 360 to One, PS3 to PS4)

  • @mthodmn101: They’ve been doing for every comment offering their condolences for it. It seems they don’t want to just erase the Vita from their memory, but ours too.

  • sucks that i could not watch your guys E3 on the app you guys made for it on the ps4 ;( But was surprised by Little Big Planet 3!!! was happy to see Batman and Uncharted too but had problems with the other streams as well! hope you guys put it up for download on psn like you have previous years so I can try to watch it again with out it crapping out on me!

  • IF SCEA cannot give us AAA title, they should rather help ATLUS in localizing all the non-english japanese games! There are tons of AAA vita in japan with no english sub!

  • madmanwithabox12

    So why was my comment deleted? I expressed my dissatisfaction as a consumer. Am I not allowed to do that? So much for listening to us.

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