E3 2014 App Live on PS4, Download Now

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E3 2014 App Live on PS4, Download Now

It’s almost time for E3, arguably the gaming industry’s biggest annual event. E3 is one of my favorite conferences of the year, but unfortunately it’s not a show most of our fans can attend. This year we thought we’d make it a little easier to get a taste of the experience with our new E3 2014 app on PS4.

Through this app you’ll be able to watch our E3 press conference live from the comfort of your couch (or hammock, if you’re really cool). Once we’ve announced everything at the press conference and the show floor opens on June 10th at 12pm PDT, you’ll be able to check out some screenshots and trailers of the games at our booth. You’ll also see some other things we’ll be unveiling, and an overview of our current and future services, like PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now.

PlayStation E3 App

PlayStation E3 AppPlayStation E3 App

This app isn’t just for browsing though — you can also unlock some perks by using the app. To start, there are gold and silver challenges you can complete in the app that will grant you up to 250 Sony Rewards points – these points will be available to unlock until June 24th. You can get other goodies through the app too, including an Amazon Prime 30-day trial and a Music Unlimited 30-day trial. For the early birds out there, during the show we’ll have 6,000 invites per day for the PlayStation Now Private Beta on PS4, starting June 10th at 12pm PDT. Make sure to log in early to secure your invite!

The E3 2014 app for PS4 is available now, so go download it to be ready to go for our press conference on June 9th at 5:45pm PDT. If you’d like to know more specifics, you can check out this FAQ thread on our PlayStation Forums.

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  • Mmm, not interested in the trials or points. kind of a downer :(

  • OMG I hate when this happen.Why most things is available to US?

  • Well that sucks. Not available in Canada. I get that the promotions aren’t available, but you could at least let us stream the presser + marketing videos. Disappointed.

  • what about the ps3 that dont get no love?

  • I don’t understand. Log in early? Does that mean start the app early in the morning every day starting June 10th? Also, I just got the app. I can’t zoom in on anything. Is this stuff already suppose to be available?

  • PS3 app plz



  • *For the early birds out there, during the show we’ll have 6,000 invites per day for the PlayStation Now Private Beta on PS4, starting June 10th at 12pm PDT. Make sure to log in early to secure your invite!*

    How early do we log in on Wednesday and Thursday for this? Midnight or noon Pacific?

  • So US gets an E3 app and the UK gets BBC Sport!? Sorry For Saying It, But, Tossers!

  • Sony dont like Canada. All they do is for US only. Even our prices of games are higher than theirs. Good job Sony.

  • Everytime they do something nice, they get a flock of the usual complainers! The ones who can’t figure out the easy workarounds after somebody actually posts it!!

  • canada don’t get it but is there any other way to watch it on playstation 4??

  • I think I’ll sell my ps4 and get an xbox because sony treats canada like other world. Perhaps microsoft will treat me better

  • Wow US only… I guess that Sony has no interest in getting people outside the US to buy their games.

    Either that or they now want everyone who has a PS4 to make and use a US account. Anyone know US street addresses all of us in Canada can use for creating US accounts?

    Sony is making it very very clear of late, there’s no reason to have anything but a US account. Heck we can buy games cheaper in/from Canada using a US account…

    So I guess that’s what Sony wants, it’s certainly what they’ll be getting.

  • @lisatsunami Shut up fanboy

  • Canadians are being made to pay more for the exact same content as the US (games, consoles, accessories, etc..).

    Actually we get less content and we pay more. (not just the exchange rate, well above it actually).

    So why exactly should anyone in Canada ever support Sony again?

    We pay more, we get less….

    Sounds like a great business model to me…

  • aqwplayermadara

    Guys I want some people to add me. :) And I will get GTA V soon now I only have 3 games I am new and I play AS4BF

  • Looks like I’ll be making a US account for this.

    If it’s that easy to download something for “US only” on my PS4, you should just make it available to all zones.

  • Is there a reason its US only? Or does Playstation just not value their other customers

  • CommandingTiger

    Is there a PS Home E3 this year?

  • CommandingTiger

    Sony, this app should be on the Canadian PS Store and everywhere else too, get it ready and done for next year.
    But hey, there’s a ton of ways to watch E3 regardless. No need to be all dramatic.
    Remember how Canadian Theaters will be getting some seats for E3?
    Tough so.

    Where’s from one businessman to you guys. These sort of apps have regulations (in Canada, it’s the CRTC, in the US it’s the FCC).
    In Canada, every single app needs to go trough the CRTC’s approval in order to get released. It’s not the case in the US and the FCC, just about anyone can open up any site and stream stuff as they please.
    That’s why it takes months if not years for us Canadians to get apps and often times they stay on the US side of the border.

    So yeah, maybe next year it’ll get approved by then.

  • @65, twinspectre, I’ll shut up when all you whiners stop complaining! Until then, I have just as much right to comment as the multitude of complainers.

    @66 Boomstickbhg: Just google the address of any company or store here you can think of. Like, “Gamestop in El Segundo, CA”
    The CA here stands for California, of course.

  • CommandingTiger

    In case nobody notice.
    Candian $ to US$ are 9:10

    Yes, it sucks that games cost more. But hell, how many other stuff are we paying significantly more?
    Bought milk lately? It’s twice the price of it’s US counterpart. Food is also lower in some areas (others aren’t).

    Sometimes clothes stores open with 150% the price of the USD, and that’s when the dollar was 1:1.

  • @71/73, CommandingTiger: stop trying to be reasonable and rational. That doesn’t work here!!!

    I didn’t know things cost so much in Canada since I haven’t visited there in a few years. But I guess it costs a lot to have such a clean, beautiful country where people get healthcare and don’t worry about being shot by strangers at any moment.

  • @lisatsunami are you from the north america ?

  • So….How do I get in on the perks without having to go out and buy a PS4? (IE what about Vita/PS3 owners?)

  • This is real BULL. US only??? Why? Just because of the points system? Really?

    This is such a slap in the face for anyone outside of the US. You better damn make sure that I can still watch E3 through the ustream list on PS4. This US only decision better damn not mean that the conference or other E3 events can’t be seen from my PS4 on my TV. ( and I don’t mean through the browser either)

  • i will bet even Gamescom a EUROPEAN Gaming Events will be the same story , US will be treated with Respect and the Rest are just piece of s*** right ?

  • loving the ps3 version so far… oh wait… (still waiting for a ps3 twitch app too)

  • Mind if I attend the event myself instead of sitting at home watching it on TV? Cuz, I’m thinking that’ll be more fun.

  • Any chance of some E3 demos making to the PS3/4 store the day of E3, Just something ive kinda always hoped to see where some awesome game is shown off, and then someone walks out and goes “Yeah that look great, well you can download this very demo and play it at home”

  • web browser needs an up to date flash player

  • Nice! Although I will miss my annual visit to PlayStation Home!

  • Pretty cool stuff, will definitely download the app.

    But in the future, can we play the demos that are on the show floor at E3 (or any other show) via Playstation Now?

    Now *that* would be amazing.

    Since it is over Playstation Now, I don’t see any issues with content getting into the wrong hands, etc. etc. It can be pretty tightly controlled, and only for the duration of the expo.

  • No love for my PS3 or my PS Vita, whats up with that SONY?

  • What would be really cool is if they had it so the games they have available for the people attending E3 to demo, they streamed them over PlayStation Now and gave us access to the new game demos as well. Now that would be a cool E3 experience from home using the PS4 E3 app!

  • Why would you release an app for one country only, knowing full well that other people from other countries with PS4’s will want to access the app to watch E3 as well? Do you even know other countries exist other than the U.S? Do you even care?

  • Very nice! Thanks Sony! Keep up the great work.

  • so will i be able to watch the conference any time after its done? Since i may have to work during the conference…

  • This is very cool :)

  • I just wanna say that I saw @Steimer post a reply in here… and I had to say HI, even though she won’t see this at all.

  • It’s actually very annoying how these kinds of thing along with their promotions are NEVER available in Canada. It’s always US only. I feel like anyone outside of the US is second rate. Don’t get me wrong I’m a huge supporter of Sony and Playstation and I always will be, but let’s get a little love for your Northern neighbours eh?

  • Nice Thinking Sony, always doing the nice and right things!! :D

  • God, why is this US only?

    Fail. Rewards US only? Okay, but the APP?


  • I’m deaf I want you to putting the caption closed in E3 2014 APP Live on PS4, because these deaf who couldn’t hear anything…

    These deaf who want to reading on caption closed on video, make them can understand…. Please… Please…. Please….

  • No Mexico and LatinAmerica??? :/

  • And there’s no VITA version? as usual you are dead to VITA’s fans.

  • @85 pickupdoctor

    Sony is dying soon.

  • I didn’t really expect the app to be available in Canada anyways. As long as Sony appeals to the Americans, who gives a hoot about us Canadians.

    Good job, Sony. Good job. Good thing my gaming rig is hooked up to my big screen so I can at least watch E3, but I’ll likely be watching it elsewhere.

  • @Canadians -> Create an american account and dl the app, you can use it on any account then

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