E3 2014 App Live on PS4, Download Now

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E3 2014 App Live on PS4, Download Now

It’s almost time for E3, arguably the gaming industry’s biggest annual event. E3 is one of my favorite conferences of the year, but unfortunately it’s not a show most of our fans can attend. This year we thought we’d make it a little easier to get a taste of the experience with our new E3 2014 app on PS4.

Through this app you’ll be able to watch our E3 press conference live from the comfort of your couch (or hammock, if you’re really cool). Once we’ve announced everything at the press conference and the show floor opens on June 10th at 12pm PDT, you’ll be able to check out some screenshots and trailers of the games at our booth. You’ll also see some other things we’ll be unveiling, and an overview of our current and future services, like PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now.

PlayStation E3 App

PlayStation E3 AppPlayStation E3 App

This app isn’t just for browsing though — you can also unlock some perks by using the app. To start, there are gold and silver challenges you can complete in the app that will grant you up to 250 Sony Rewards points – these points will be available to unlock until June 24th. You can get other goodies through the app too, including an Amazon Prime 30-day trial and a Music Unlimited 30-day trial. For the early birds out there, during the show we’ll have 6,000 invites per day for the PlayStation Now Private Beta on PS4, starting June 10th at 12pm PDT. Make sure to log in early to secure your invite!

The E3 2014 app for PS4 is available now, so go download it to be ready to go for our press conference on June 9th at 5:45pm PDT. If you’d like to know more specifics, you can check out this FAQ thread on our PlayStation Forums.

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  • The link to the store says the page doesn’t exist.

  • Available in Canada ?

  • PlayStation Now Private Beta! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooo, maybe i can finally get in.

  • I’m going to watch the conference at the movie theaters. I won’t be able to login early to win a PS now private beta code :(

  • This is a great idea!

    Does it have Trophies? ^_^

  • Wow….thats hot
    ( 6,000 invites per day for the PlayStation Now Private Beta)
    ….thats really hot

  • I was just about to message Shu to see if E3 would be available on the Live Events Viewer…

    But I like this idea better :-)

    (provided that it’s available in Canada)

  • Is this not available in the UK/EU store? I can’t find it.

  • Oh BOY! I can’t wait for all the pointless, overhyped disappointment of E3 to be delivered DIRECTLY to my PS4!

    Seriously, if Sony was actually announcing anything of value this year at E3, this might be really cool. But as things stand, it’s hard to get excited knowing that every actually interesting game is skipping the entire show.

  • Sharingan_itachi

    Vita don’t exist.

  • BRING IT ON! I want to see Playstation Now :P

  • If only we could stream demos of some of the games on the show floor via the app similar to PS Now. That would be awesome.

  • I Want to see these future services for Playstation Plus O:

  • Kristine, can you please confirm whether or not the E3 press conference videos will be downloadable from the PS Store, as it has been in previous years? I won’t have time to watch it live, and I also have a fairly slow DSL connection, so I won’t be able to stream it in HD, so I loved being able to download the videos from the PS Store and watch them (more than once!) at my own convenience.

    • Kristine Steimer

      I can’t really confirm or deny because I don’t know. You should definitely be able to find it archived on the web once it’s over, just not sure about it on the PS Store.

  • Doesn’t look like it’s available in Canada.
    When I log out I can see it just fine.

  • I-xX_maZZel_Xx-I

    So, I guess it’s only available in the US..


  • Yes! Keep it coming guys, my money is here just waiting for you guys to take it. :D <3

  • Hope, MP3/MP4 playback coming to PS4 in July PSN Update

  • Hope CD/MP3 Playback is announce for PS4 at E3 ^_^

  • I was like, YEAH, then it hit me… I’m Canadian…

  • So does this mean there isn’t going to be a virtual E3 booth on PS Home? I was hoping to get a new E3 outfit, I only use Home for E3.

    • Correct. This app incorporates the best of the best from past virtual E3 booths on PlayStation Home. So, there will not be an E3 scene in Home this year.

  • It’s not going to be available for us UK gamers is it? -_-

  • Will the press conference will be available on demand shortly after the live broadcast? Would like to watch it without spoiling all the surprises etc. :-)

  • Swear we’re treated like second rate garbage these days in Canada… Got me feeling like Drake with these Feels. I need to get a new hobby soon, why am I supporting gaming when we’re just an afterthought smh.

  • Thank you Kristien and the rest of the team at PlayStation ;-)

  • This looks like a really useful App.

    I’m not sure why, Maybe because I’m in Canada, but streaming from the blog and other sites PlayStation uses has never worked for me.

    Even though youtube, ign, and every one else who ever streams works, Blog/sony streams never do. Definitely not my connection so maybe it’s a being in Canada thing.

    Can’t wait for this to show up on the store, I’ll finally be able to watch an E3!

  • Kristine will the ps4 get an e3 sale? I really want to buy some new games on the store but $59.99 is kind of steep so i’m holding off from buying until then.

  • When are we getting HBO go for the PS4?

  • Very cool.

  • Not in Canada? What a bunch of incompetents. It would requires no extra work to put it on PSN there as well.

    Well, just created a US account, downloaded it and switched back to my main account and it works.

  • That’s cool about the Sony Rewards Points. I swear, ever since I signed up for that credit card, I haven’t had to spend any actual money on the PS Store because of all the points I get through this program!

    Will we be able to watch E3 through the Live Events Viewer on PS3 too? I still prefer to watch streaming stuff on my PS3 these days because it works with my Harmony Remote.

    So I guess that’s another suggestion….can we get some Harmony Remote compatibility on PS4? It should work with Bluetooth the same as the PS3.

  • Awesome idea. I was just wondering if I’d have to use the browser to watch the conference on my PS4.

  • Boo to not in Canada.
    Time to start thinking BEYOND! the US

  • Can I watch this on my PS3 an get the PS Now invite for PS4?

  • “This app incorporates the best of the best from past virtual E3 booths on PlayStation Home. So, there will not be an E3 scene in Home this year.”

    Those who aren’t in the US benefit from this how?

    In an age of international business where things can be done in an instant, this US only viewpoint isn’t very good. E3 might be based in LA but it’s a global event, therefore should be made available to all.

  • So now this is neat. What we need to follow up is an official Playstation Blogcast app so we can have a link to the live (or archived) blogcasts, the guys’ Twitch streams, and maybe a cool place to meet other blogcast fans. (without ads – unless those ads are for upcoming games)


  • If there is a “reward” or unlock by watching it live will people like me who are seeing it at the theatre be penalized for not watching it at home?

  • Oh great UK & Europe shafted yet again. I would of like this app.

  • why are you asking about the EU on the US website????

  • Well, its time for Sony to look BEYOND the US border and give some love to Canadian gamers…

  • @35

    I agree

  • simply amazing, thank you, now i can cross chat with my friends and watch all on the PS4.

  • Oh man, us Canadians are always getting left out… Was so excited when I saw the title, and now read that is only available for US residents…I get why we could not have the whole gaming reward system in the app, as it is not run in Canada but we could have at least been given access to coverage for the app. Was hoping to watch E3 on my 55′ inch TV, not on my small computer screen. Sort sad everyone apart from US does not have the ability to watch it on PS4. :(

    At least for the sake of things, update the title of the blog post to say ‘US Residents Only’ in brackets to not throw fans off.

  • @39

    Because it’s not on the EU website.

  • Are we allowed to stream this PS4 E3 app to Twitch? i would love to do that. it would be fun to browse around on E3 with some friends and viewers watching. I’m asking just to make sure.

  • So the first 6,000 a day that log on to app get a beta code when does a “day” start?

  • McCutcheon-CHRIS

    When would the E3 app be available in Canada

  • Is it going to be available in Canada? If not, what bout the theaters in Canada?

  • Downloaded it and it looks great. Can’t wait to use it.

  • why will you make it US only?! i want to see e3 but noooo i live out of the US then i cant watch it and then how would i know about any games ha?!!!!!!!!

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