NBA 2K15 Commercial Spot Revealed

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NBA 2K15 Commercial Spot Revealed

Hello NBA 2K fans. We’re excited for what we have in store for NBA 2K15, coming October 7th. While the team is cranking away on development, we’re gearing up for some exciting things.

A few weeks back, we were ecstatic to announce league MVP Kevin Durant as our cover athlete for NBA 2K15. Kevin Durant has been my favorite player since coming into the league in 2007. I have so many stories of how big of a fan he is of our game from over the years. I remember when he came by our NBA 2K12 launch party and proceeded to play our game for two hours straight as if nothing else was going on.

When he announced he was cover star for NBA 2K15 the same day as his extraordinary MVP speech, he admitted to reporters that he begged 2K to be on the cover. Legitimately, it was one of his three dreams (along with winning MVP and winning an NBA championship) and you’ll find that no NBA player is a bigger fan of NBA 2K than NBA 2K15 cover athlete Kevin Durant.

As a basketball fanatic, one of the most memorable moments of the spring was Kevin Durant’s MVP speech. His words swept the nation as it was one of the most heart-felt speeches and most amazing 26 minutes of integrity and emotion we’ve ever seen. The concept of our new spot was inspired by Durant’s speech, where we infused some passionate gamers into the mix.

For us, the gamers mean everything to 2K and it was great to work with some of our most loyal fans. You may know them from their countless NBA 2K videos on YouTube — iPodKingCarter, NickTheBullsFan, QJB, and SubTheGamer. We’ve worked with these guys for years and know them to be among the most passionate and informative members of our community. And now they will star alongside Kevin Durant in a spot that will run on TV during one of the most watched events of the year — Game 1 of the NBA Finals. You gamers are the reason why we continue to push to exceed what we think is possible and deliver the best NBA gameplay experience every single year.

Today, we’re excited to share that very commercial spot (note: game footage is NBA 2K14, footage for NBA 2K15 coming soon) with you!

With NBA 2K15 approaching. Know one thing… your time has come.

NBA 2K15

Alongside our new spot, we’ve revealed the contents of the KD MVP Bonus Pack which you can get by pre-ordering NBA 2K15! There’s some really great stuff in here including things you won’t be able to get otherwise, so make sure to lock it in so you’ll be ready on October 7th when the game is released.

The KD MVP Bonus Pack includes:

  • 5,000 Virtual Currency
  • Kevin Durant Throwback MyTEAM Card
  • Two MyTEAM Card Packs
  • MyPLAYER Leg Sleeves, Inspired By Kevin Durant

Stay tuned for more information regarding NBA 2K15 in the future. We can’t wait to share what new, exciting things we have in store for our amazing fans.

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57 Author Replies

  • Will the PC version be a last-gen port again or will we get the current-gen version?

  • Will we be able to make three team trades in GM/Franchise/Dynasty/whatever mode?

    That feature was around for the PS3 games but last year as good as it was, PS4 NBA was missing this very very important feature. 3 team trades is essential in both the Real NBA and video game versions.

    Please say it’s back this year.

    • I know people wanted more from OA’s in Next-Gen and we’re listening to all ideas there. Imagine you’ll see changes there.

  • Let us trade MyTEAM cards with our friends!!! even 3 or 4 player deals…SICK!

  • Will you fix the sound break bug?

  • Compression pants are huge in the the basketball community especially in the NBA. The MVP wears them every game. I would love to see some of the popular gear like compression pants in #2K15

  • I love playing 2k, but hate how “watered down” the game has felt over the past couple years as features were slowly removed (offline Association in particular). Definitely buying, but for now, I don’t see enough to make me pay full price or preorder it.

  • Are you guys going to fix some of the NBA players faces for 2K15?

    • We head scanned 85% of the league for NBA 2K14 and have added others over the course of the year.

  • Ronnie will there be a digimon game coming to playstation or psone classic like rumble arena

  • Since this is my first time playing a basketball game since nba live 08 or 09 I must say this game is quite fun compared to nba live 14. But that said the servers is a problem somewhat that needs to a lot better going forward because if your servers are not that good its a waste of my time.

    • Hear the feedback on online and addressed it in an earlier comment. But absolutely something we need to be on top of as we continue on in next-gen gaming.

  • I was playing NBA 2k14 at my friends house and he was going against LD2k in RTP! It was epic seeing LD2ks Diamond Lineup! Do you have your own epic myTeam Ronnie? If so, I would love to go against you! Would be some challenge though going against me xD jk lol.

  • I’ve asked 2 questions already but I have another one… Are you guys going to be looking back at the players jump shots and fixing some?

    • Always trying to be the best sim game on the planet so we’re constantly striving for that in every facet of the game.

  • I wish you guys would get rid of virtual currency. MyPlayer feels like a f2p game and not in a good way. It sucked all the fun out of the mode for me.

    • I think it’s just about balance. We learned a lot from the past few years and we have to walk that line.

  • Ronnie will the MyTeam packs be similar to 2k13 or 2k14 last gen? You probably can’t say, but I’m just wondering. I loved 2k13’s packs and that you never knew what you were going to get.

  • Hey Ronnie! Are you able to let us know about rosters being saved to hard drive or some inproved facial renders for players? I love CP3 but his face is never quite right ya know?

    • Answered above but we got 85% of the league for 2K14 and we’ve been getting more over the months. We want as close to 100% as possible.

  • Ronnie2K if @NBA2K hit 1m by 2k15 will the codes be for 2k15?

  • Wassup Ronnie huge fan is their a chance we will see something at E3 like last year ?

  • Any chance of 2kshare kind of stuff in next-gen or is that out of the equation?

  • I have idea why not let real nba player play versus one another on twitch tv. Say for example james harden vs kobe Bryant.. A lot of nba player play 2k basketball. So why not make it happen.. Twitch tv is perfect place for this type of thing. It help games sales as well as grow community activity. maybe a fan versus a nba player 2 random games a month should suffice.

    vp -psn legionairee group

    • We did that at NBA All-Star. Back then there was no archived video on Twitch on PS4 but that’s since been updated so imagine you’ll see it again.

  • The RTs were just about to hit 5K and now Twitter is down :-(

  • Will create-a-player and create-a-team be in NBA 2K15? Because this is part of the reason why i have not bought PS4 2K14… and i play this with my bro a lot (Offline Association).

  • I will be getting a PS4 shortly. I know that PS4 games can be played remotely through the Vita, but it can be hard to do on the road. PS Vita need a NBA 2k15 stand alone game for it. Are you guys considering releasing a Vita version? I would love to see it on the Vita with a cross save option. It does not even have to be a crossbuy. Vita owners would buy it. Pretty please???

  • I would like to request a “game face” type feature for My Player where you can scan yourself in. Not to bring up the competition, but EA Sports has done it with boxing and golf, I would think for the next gen consoles this would be easy to do.

    It would also add a TON of realism to your my player and the re-playability would increase. I could live with the same voice for everyone if I could scan myself in.

    As far as the voice comments you could simply add a say 6 preset tones, sop although the voice work is still done by the same actor you could simply make his voice deeper or higher.

  • I was speaking on a regular monthly basis(2 games per month) not just during all star break lol. but thank you for the reply

  • Thanks for the reply.

    If OA means Online Association that’s not what I’m talking about.

    I only play sports games (like many people) offline, often with my friends over.

    The only Team Building mode I do is now called My GM I believe.

    GM mode always had 3 way trading, why did you take it out and why is it not 100% guaranteed to be back? Real NBA teams can barely make moves without 3 way trades, a video game trying to be realistic, should definitely have this feature.

    Please focus more on your Offline game modes, making the game so Online focused is killing a lot of peoples enjoyment (tons of online save issues, etc…).


  • I sincerely hope that the career mode is more like the last-gen version where you actually have control over progression, free agency, and all that unlike the current-gen version that came out at launch where the story was more important than letting you do what you wanted.

  • “A Major focus?” which part the offline saves or fixing servers that have been “fixed” every year since 2010. We shouldn’t be at the mercy of a companies failed equipment when playing offline game modes. Any thought otherwise is fool hardy. I shouldn’t have to pray during my game that it will save when i finish.

  • How harder to foul, reason I’m not playing 2k14 anymore

  • Plese make nba2k15 for ps vita :(

  • You Ronnie, PS Vita standalone version is a must for people not having ps3 or ps4 like me. But dont make it a psp version again.

  • please nba2k15 in ps vita!!!

  • Hey, odd lil tweak I wouldnt mind seeing in future 2k games is maybe the addition to the WNBA and maybe even a few of the EU teams. Give some love to the people overseas seeing as a good majority of our players come from the east.

  • Hey Ronnie,

    Is the online going to be better on 2k15..? I like to be competitive when it comes to sports games.

    Greetings from the Netherlands

  • Apparently this is 2k14 gameplay footage, clearly says it at the bottom

  • Please, MORE classic teams! Only one of the 60s Celtics? Should be a couple more. What about the 75 Warriors, 77 Blazers and 79 Sonics? 80 Lakers? 81 or 84 Celtics? Keep up the great work!

  • TheRealPoloKing

    If you pre-order Nba2k15 for ps3 will you get the same KD mvp bonus pack stuff for the ps4

  • TheRealPoloKing

    if you pre-order nba2k15 for ps3 will u get the same KD mvp bonus things as you would if you have a ps4

  • Can my player from mycareer transfer over to nba2k15

  • Why don’t you release it for vita?

  • Similar to what many are saying, I believe these two things should be focused on.

    1. Offline Association. MANY people like playing offline with their friends having the ability for both players to have control of two or more teams and multi-seasons. Please keep MYGM mode for people that enjoy it, but fix Season/Association mode like how it was on the PS3 version of 2k14 where there was the ability to control many teams and have the ability to have two or more users able to play at a time with many continuing seasons. I don’t understand why this was removed when there was nothing wrong with it. Not giving 2K flack because 2K14 is hella fun to play, but still.

    2. Better updates to players accessories and maybe better facial scans. It’d be cool that when Lebron changes facial hair or adds facial hair, it could update in game or so. Better facial scans for players like CP3. Also, Mario Chalmers has been wearing a padded sleeve for most of the season and yet in 2K this hasnt been updated. Many users update these in 2Kshare, hire them and they will make sure to keep these rosters and accessories up to date.


  • PrimeroIncognito

    What’s with all the scripted comments? Is that really necessary?

  • are u going to make 2k15 for the ps vita

  • wassup RONNiE! wat was the deal with injured players, understtnd they were hurt but kobe is my favorite player their has to be a way you can play with ALL players regardless if they are hurt in reality or not, Right??

  • So Ronnie, What’s new in NBA 2K15 compared to NBA 2K14?

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