NBA 2K15 Commercial Spot Revealed

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NBA 2K15 Commercial Spot Revealed

Hello NBA 2K fans. We’re excited for what we have in store for NBA 2K15, coming October 7th. While the team is cranking away on development, we’re gearing up for some exciting things.

A few weeks back, we were ecstatic to announce league MVP Kevin Durant as our cover athlete for NBA 2K15. Kevin Durant has been my favorite player since coming into the league in 2007. I have so many stories of how big of a fan he is of our game from over the years. I remember when he came by our NBA 2K12 launch party and proceeded to play our game for two hours straight as if nothing else was going on.

When he announced he was cover star for NBA 2K15 the same day as his extraordinary MVP speech, he admitted to reporters that he begged 2K to be on the cover. Legitimately, it was one of his three dreams (along with winning MVP and winning an NBA championship) and you’ll find that no NBA player is a bigger fan of NBA 2K than NBA 2K15 cover athlete Kevin Durant.

As a basketball fanatic, one of the most memorable moments of the spring was Kevin Durant’s MVP speech. His words swept the nation as it was one of the most heart-felt speeches and most amazing 26 minutes of integrity and emotion we’ve ever seen. The concept of our new spot was inspired by Durant’s speech, where we infused some passionate gamers into the mix.

For us, the gamers mean everything to 2K and it was great to work with some of our most loyal fans. You may know them from their countless NBA 2K videos on YouTube — iPodKingCarter, NickTheBullsFan, QJB, and SubTheGamer. We’ve worked with these guys for years and know them to be among the most passionate and informative members of our community. And now they will star alongside Kevin Durant in a spot that will run on TV during one of the most watched events of the year — Game 1 of the NBA Finals. You gamers are the reason why we continue to push to exceed what we think is possible and deliver the best NBA gameplay experience every single year.

Today, we’re excited to share that very commercial spot (note: game footage is NBA 2K14, footage for NBA 2K15 coming soon) with you!

With NBA 2K15 approaching. Know one thing… your time has come.

NBA 2K15

Alongside our new spot, we’ve revealed the contents of the KD MVP Bonus Pack which you can get by pre-ordering NBA 2K15! There’s some really great stuff in here including things you won’t be able to get otherwise, so make sure to lock it in so you’ll be ready on October 7th when the game is released.

The KD MVP Bonus Pack includes:

  • 5,000 Virtual Currency
  • Kevin Durant Throwback MyTEAM Card
  • Two MyTEAM Card Packs
  • MyPLAYER Leg Sleeves, Inspired By Kevin Durant

Stay tuned for more information regarding NBA 2K15 in the future. We can’t wait to share what new, exciting things we have in store for our amazing fans.

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  • Hi guys, what’s going on? Finally, #YourTimeHasCome!

  • Welcome back to the PlayStation blog Ronnie! I will be at E3 and will come to the 2K booth for sure. #TheThirstIsReal #TigerPants #Ronnie2KForPresident #MaybeICanGetADiamondKobe ;)

    P.S. Will Pre-Order this game this week.

  • Looking forward to it.

    • It’s going to be another huge advancement. Next-gen has really allowed us to tap into a whole new well!

  • mmm those jaggies need some Anti-Aliasing help

  • Yo Ronnie, how about an option to use our own face in MyCareer by using the PS4 Eye Camera? Or at least have us customize our face to our liking with more features etc. I can’t wait to hear more news on 2K15.

    • Good feedback, one we hear a lot. Not really getting into features at this point because it’s way early for us but keep sending the ideas, love hearing them!

  • Thanks for the response bro. Have a great week at E3. Cheers.

  • Hopefully NBA2K15 isn’t a full priced retail game with shady Free-To-Play mechanics like 2K14 was.

  • Can we have either: 1 working servers so our games will load properly instead of getting constant server error, or 2 get rid of the server based save so We can get through a season in any mode?

  • NBA 2K15 YEA ! :P

  • Hi Ronnie! , Will NBA 2K15 have Custom Soundtracks on PS3 :)

  • Will this one have local MP? I’m getting tired of hearing my friend complain about how much the PS4 sucks cuz he can’t prevent it from downloading a patch for NBA2K14 that takes away local co-op. Kind of a bad move… I know it’s a new age but a lot of us still like couch co-op.

    • Get this one a lot too and I have definitely talked to dev about it. It’s also important for eSports. I will hassle them until it gets in there whenever that may be!

  • Hi Ronnie! , Most importantly Will NBA 2K15 have Custom Soundtracks on PS4:)

  • Hey ronnie do u know when is the last day we can pre order? And when do u think youll be releasing the locker codes today???

    • Look for a tweet momentarily on @NBA2K.

      It’s different for different retailers. I know I am biased but you should lock in ASAP. This is one of our coolest pre-orders of all time.

  • Hey Ronnie when them codes comin out?

  • What time are the LockerCodes coming out today?

  • Yo Ronnie! Can we have the ability to change our MyPlayer’s voice in 2K15? Lol. I want to sound like a white guy. :P

  • Soooo excitet for nba 2k15!!!! I hope it will be good :)

  • Can our collections in MyTeam please carry over into 2k15?

    • It depends on how drastic a shift any mode is. That’s why we haven’t had careers connect year from year because the mode is constantly revolutionized. But it’s definitely possible

  • Yo Ronnie, i keep seeing KD pop up everywhere, i want the locker codes so bad, when are they coming out?

  • Where’s the diamond Durant locker code at ?

  • Hey Ronnie, try your best to get some of the old players into the game again, such as Yao and Kareem :)? even T-mac!

    • I agree that we need 00 legends and more. It’s crazy how many we have in there now, unlike any other sports game there is!

  • Any plans on expanding the classic teams? It would be great if you could get the 2000’s with the Vince Carter Raptors, Steve Nash Suns, KG Timberwolves, etc…

    • I agree that we need 00 legends and more. It’s crazy how many we have in there now, unlike any other sports game there is!

  • Hi Ronnie, can you give any sort of info or hints as to the “Throwback” card? Is it specific to Kevin Durant or will other players have throwbacks like Vince Carter in his prime, Time Duncan, etc.?

    • Very good question. That’s the surprise with this pack. What could it mean? More news to come…

  • How you gonna have a trailer for 2k15 and show 2k14 gameplay smh !!!

    • It’s too early to show 15. We have this with our NBA Finals spot every year. Trust me you’ll be surprised soon.

  • Ronnie. I’m so excited for E3 this year. Especially the future of our next game! But when can I not preorder the game? Basically. When is the last day you could preorder

  • What’s up RONNIE

  • Hey guys I’m wondering can I get this bonus in stores and how long will this be going I for?

  • Hey Ronnie I just want to let you know I’m a big fan of accessories and all of that junk and I would really appreciate if you guys could add a lot of details on accessories in #2K15

    • Everyone wants to look fly in The Park and we have that in mind when it comes to clothes and accessories. Focus for us for sure.

  • Ronnie Will There Be A Nba 2k15 trailer shown at E3??

    • No it’s too early for us. But there’s a cool stunt going on so if you’re in town, I’ll see you there. Come say hi in person!

  • Hey Ronnie, will we be able to fully customize heads for MyPlayers like we used to on PS3/XBox360? And will there be voices to choose from for your MyPlayer in MyCareer?

    • I’d say one of our biggest points of feedback last year was the limitations on amount of heads in MyPlayer. We listen to the fans and you can expect some cool things here.

  • Hey Ronnie, will we be able to fully customize heads for MyPlayers like we used to on PS3/XBox360? And will there be voices to choose from for your MyPlayer in MyCareer?

    • I’d say one of our biggest points of feedback last year was the limitations on amount of heads in MyPlayer. We listen to the fans and you can expect some cool things here.

  • Will there be a trailer at E3 Ronnie?

  • Are we going to be able to use our ps4 camera to scan our face onto our myplayer?

  • I have an idea for maybe this year or nba2k16. Interconnected careers what happens is you connect with another player and once you both get drafted to different teams you can eventually play the team he/she is on while playing mycareer it’d be sorta like the Jackson Ellis storyline you both are trying to fight to the nba finals,get the MVP award, and even the small little bets you do on the court. Now you don’t have to do it but some flaws would be: 1. If you get eliminated from the playoffs and your friend dosen’t you have to wait to start a new season. That’s about it and if your facing the other persons team and that person is not online he should get an alert on his phone asking if he wants to simulate it. Now this is just an idea but I think it really has some potential

  • Is the throwback kevin durant my team card going to be like a rookie version of kd?

  • Why are my teammates always so unhappy (heated), won’t resign, etc when I sim games in Association mode?
    Please have this part of the game changed. I really don’t want to see my team ‘upset’.

  • Hey Ronnie i know you cant say much but can get any info on what to expect from 2k15 at e3? Gameplay, trailers,info?

    • I will be there handing out cool Diamond Durant coins and meeting fans. But in terms of video, it’s just too early for us. But fear not, we’re going to be bringing the heat in no time.

  • what’s the throwback durant my myteam card

  • how are you going to make mycareer more amazing NBA 2k for life!

    • I wonder that every year but a full year on next gen full of cut scenes… Your mind will be blown.

  • ronnie is this pre order pack available at uk stores aswell

  • Also loved that mvp trailer

  • Ronnie, have you ever played Durant in 2k??

  • Hi Ronnie. Cool video.

  • Hey Ronnie!

    I pre-ordered 2K15 at gamestop and I didn’t get the codes. Any help?

    Also any 2k14 locker codes coming out?

    • You will get codes when you pick it up! Thanks for locking in already.

      Check out @NBA2K.for #NBA2K14 Locker Codes, including one going on right now.

  • Wish you’d support Vita…

  • Does it matter where we pre-order to get the KD pack?

  • Please add Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to the game, will make it so damn EPIC! Can’t wait though.

  • Could you add the 2000-2001 Toronto Raptors?
    And PLEASE add Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Dr. J!

  • you call this a chat?

  • Ronnie what happened with the diamond kds nba2k deleted the tweet

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