Homefront: The Revolution Coming to PS4

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Homefront: The Revolution Coming to PS4
Homefront: The Revolution Coming to PS4
Homefront: The Revolution on PS4

On behalf of Crytek Nottingham, I’m incredibly proud to announce our latest title: Homefront: The Revolution!

Some of you may have already heard that Crytek was developing the next Homefront game – we’ve been working on it for almost three years now – but I don’t think anyone suspected just how radically we have overhauled the first person shooter formula this time around.

Homefront: The Revolution is a game about Guerrilla Warfare. We’ve built upon the core pillars of Crytek’s FPS design philosophy – emergent gameplay and player freedom in a sandbox world – to create our most ambitious title to date. Set in Occupied Philadelphia in a nightmarish near-future dystopia, Homefront: The Revolution casts the player as a civilian-turned-freedom-fighter who must rise up and lead the Resistance against a superior military force and ignite the Second American Revolution.

This is no linear shooter – within the open world structure, you will have to master the art of guerrilla warfare and use use sabotage, assassination, deception, infiltration and hit-and-run to erode your enemy’s iron grip on the city.

Homefront: The Revolution on PS4

Homefront: The Revolution on PS4Homefront: The Revolution on PS4

Homefront: The Revolution will also feature four-player co-op, allowing you and your friends to form a Resistance Cell and work together to overthrow the KPA regime. We’ve just released our first trailer, created in-engine using our bleeding-edge CRYENGINE technology, and we’ll be revealing our world premiere gameplay demo next week at E3.

We’re really excited to be working on this fascinating premise of guerrilla war on your own Homefront, and we can’t wait to show you more.

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  • Wow this looks amazing! I loved Homefront and to see these graphics with it is phenomenal. I’ve been waiting for Homefront 2 for years and I’m gonna get it over any other game that will be released this year. Great job Crytek!

  • I also want to know about the gameplay. Did y’all keep the same gameplay because that to me is what made Homefront my favorite game of all time? I’ve been looking up any leaks for this game every day for the past to months, and the early footage of Homefront the Revolution looks like the gameplay will still be the same.

    I’ve also thought that it would be a good idea to put the original Homefront up for free on Steam, Xbox Live, and Playstation Online to get everyone excited about Homefront the Revolution. Just saying because I recently moved to PC, and I was depressed to find out it wasn’t on Steam anymore. I would still be willing to pay full price for Homefront, that’s just how much I enjoyed it. Great job, and I’m glad to see the long awaited arrival of second Homefront finally be announced.

  • …as for Homefront as a series, there is so little that is redeemable about the first game, ESPECIALLY COMPARED TO TIMESPLITTERS. But BECAUSE AND ONLY BECAUSE CRYTEK NOTTINGHAM is working on it, I WILL SUPPORT THEIR EFFORT AND FAR MORE SUPERIOR VISION.

  • Loved the first game. Better than call of duty? You bet cha

  • Will they make it for ps3 or just ps4?

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