The Order: 1886 Heads to E3

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The Order: 1886 Heads to E3

1886 is a time of strife in our alternate version of Victorian Era London. Life for the commoners may seem monotonous with people, both rich and poor, going about their daily business. All the while, a threat to their very existence continues to lurk in the dark, a threat that the Knights of the Order have kept at bay for centuries.

In the days of King Arthur, mankind is on the losing side of a war for dominion and supremacy against the Half-Breeds. The King assembles a group of noble men to stand in defense of their brethren and thus, the Knights of the Round Table are born.

The Knights, now known only as The Order, endure through the centuries bringing the war to a status quo. With the Industrial Revolution, technology gives them the upper hand and a time of uncomfortable peace settles in the Kingdom and the Commonwealth, our version of Pax Britannia. But this peace brings on a new opponent. The very people The Order had sworn to protect take up arms, as the Rebellion is formed in the streets of London. This new battle ravages the street of 1886 London, as both rebels and Knights fight each other to the death.

The Order: 1886 on PS4

Our latest gameplay footage shows the Knights taking on their opponents in the downtrodden district of Whitechapel. Armed with a Thermite rifle, Galahad is able to attack enemies hidden behind cover, while Isabeau’s Arc Gun proves itself an equally deadly weapon.

The Order: 1886 on PS4

Beyond technology, the Knights have relied on one element they have used for centuries: the Blackwater. While in combat, they are able to use it to heal from otherwise deadly wounds. With centuries of use, the Blackwater has imbued the Knights with an inhuman longevity as well as mental and physical abilities they can use in combat, a state they call Blacksight. Using Blacksight, Galahad enters into a heightened state allowing him to focus his skills and execute precise attacks.

As we look to bring this experience to the players, we have decided to spend some extra time to deliver on the promise we made when we first introduced the game. As such, you can expect The Order: 1886 to come exclusively to the PlayStation 4 in early 2015.

With E3 approaching, we are releasing a behind-the-scenes video showing some of the inspiration behind the creation of The Order: 1886. I hope you enjoy it and look forward to showing you more in the weeks to come. See you at E3!

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  • I’ll offer my own, Greatness Waits

    hah at least till june 9th

  • This news is rather disappointing for me. I meant whats wrong with Sony these days? First Drive Club and now this? if they continue doing this type of business. hype ppl up then delay. Then soon enough, it will drive many gamers away, including me. I know they delayed the game to polish it and put out a high qualiy product, but its still leaves a bad taste in people.

  • IMO, this game should have been 1080p and 60fps, what’s the point of the PS4 if it will only look like a PS3…

  • @53 Naruto

    Does The Order : 1886 look like a PS3 game to you? are blind, stoned or just full of crap?

  • Very excited for this! It’s so refreshing to see a high quality shooter that has such a unique setting and premise, not just another military or sci-fi game. Take all the time you need to make it as awesome as possible :D

  • Do it once, do it right! One of the most amazing games I’ve ever seen.

  • @45: MarinoBrea

    You list those games as if the PS4 has nothing comparable currently available. Who cares whether the games are first-party, third-party or indie — games are games. If you can’t find anything enjoyable in what’s been released so far, you’re either lying to yourself or have a very unrealistic sense of entitlement.

    We’re barely six months into the PS4 launch & nearly every game you listed has an equal (if not better) counterpart available right now. We still have another six months to go in the launch year, and E3 is just around the corner. Do you really think the PS4’s catalogue of games will be the same six months from now?

    If you want the best experience possible, it makes absolutely zero sense to rush a new IP (or any game for that matter).

    @49: Can’t Be Bothered to Remember your Name

    If that’s you’re approach to life, be prepared for a lifetime of disappointment.

  • *your

  • dont care about e3, unless they going to release. at least a demo of it so we can play at home for those who cant go to the far away land of e3… ;)

  • I kinda thought it wasn’t going to be released this year. That’s fine with me. I haven’t started Final Fantasy xiv yet, Destiny around the corner plus a few other titles and Vita games. Would much rather have a polished The Order experience later than a not so polished experience now.

  • With a ridiculous backlog of games since I’m a ps plus member I am not disappointed at all that this game is not coming out this year. I would rather for the studio to take there time than to listen to gamers cry about why this isn’t coming out. It’s really simply that’s why there game developers and your a person that just plays games. People that complain can’t even begin to fathom how the game industry really works.

  • Greatness awaits and waits…and waits

  • @Dinosaurus-Jaundice

    “@49: Can’t Be Bothered to Remember your Name

    If that’s you’re approach to life, be prepared for a lifetime of disappointment.”

    Why did you choose to capitalize some of the words there? You went to a lot of effort there when you could have just put @49. But it is nice because it is a disrespectful way to start a comment so thanks for that.

    You dismissed @45 when he listed exclusives by saying games are games etc…

    Meanwhile you were ignorant before saying people don’t remember console launches etc, and you were ignorant now with how you addressed me.

  • You might think to hold companies to task when they make grand claims. Their advertisments are not holding true up until now. Look at the launch adds which included 3 games, 2 of which are still unavailable. The only first party games not delayed in some manner or another that have been announced thus far are KZ and Knack. Infamous was pushed back, MLB the Show 14 was pushed back, Drive Club pushed back, now The Order, what does that say for the rest, and whatever they announce at E3? There have been other delays with other companies etc, but we want a fufillment of their promise.

    I will wait till E3 to see what they show, but if it’s all morpheus and ps now, and TLoU Remaster I will be disapointed. I want new games for their 2 current platforms.

  • Support your Vita and your PS4, you said you would, I am just asking for the priviledge to give you more money. If you call that entitlement you’re out to lunch. They want my money, Earn it, I will not be dazzled with #4thePlayers, and Greatness Awaits marketing junk forever there needs to be some substance to these claims. With MS’s changes they will quickly gain ground if Sony slips on a Banana skin this year.

    Just show us what is coming and make the schedule work. The fact is there is problems with Uncharted, and they straight up cancelled a Santa Monica game, so we have a right to ask what is going on.

    For those not excited by PS Now (streaming old games) and Morpheus, what are we going to get this Holiday and next. That is what we want. Dionysus-Jones.

    I did my part I bought there stuff, now I am waiting for them to make good on their promises. You should to.

  • @Skeetlejuice

    Sometimes the hand held out is what ends the war…

    It’s a great time to be alive, isn’t it?

  • Hello Ladies and Gents,

    Did you not take the time to read my previous post (37 and 38).

    We have a great games coming soon, this year.

    Also I want you all to think, THINK!!!! Why is Sony announcing this delay, DriveClub release date, SingStar coming this year, system performance boost, and other stuff before E3????? Because they don’t want to waste our time on this stuff when they have a lot of surprises for us.

    It’s a great plan by Sony get these and perhaps a few more announced soon so that E3 will be even more amazing. Everyone is worried about The Order being delayed and DriveClub being delayed but you don’t see the BIG PICTURE!!! How many of you wish EA had delayed Battlefield 4 a few months so that DICE could make the game much better, and not a broken mess!!!

    You all need to FOCUS! and put a way the pitch forks and torches and wait calmly for 2 WEEKS!!! until E3. Sony is going to put the smack down on MS once and for all. MS is desperate and Sony knows this so they will bring the GREATNESS at E3, Gamescom, and TGS this year.


    Rob aka Graf

  • Actually my post were 36 and 37. Sorry!!

  • Bummer it was delayed, but I don’t mind.

    @50: Wat, they added more voice commands last firmware update. Sure, gamewise we don’t get any exclusives or anything, but… I never expected that when I bought the PS Camera anyway.

  • I think taking the extra time is needed. This game has so much much potential to be rushed!

  • This game looks amazing graphically, best next gen looking game I’ve seen to date. I’m getting tired of these triple A next gen games getting watered down in the graphics department because their games are still being made for last gen. Can’t wait for The Order!

  • Bummer on the wait! Here’s to hoping for a solid game to be excited about for next year!

  • CommandingTiger

    I don’t care if the game isn’t 1080p and 1920×800 ration (like this video) so long as the game looks amazing.
    The lastest trailer showed a downgrade in visuals on the clothes they were wearing, so please don’t downgrade visual fidelity.
    If you can make it both 1080p AND awesome Visuals, that’s even better.

  • Count me as intrigued

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