The Order: 1886 Heads to E3

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The Order: 1886 Heads to E3

1886 is a time of strife in our alternate version of Victorian Era London. Life for the commoners may seem monotonous with people, both rich and poor, going about their daily business. All the while, a threat to their very existence continues to lurk in the dark, a threat that the Knights of the Order have kept at bay for centuries.

In the days of King Arthur, mankind is on the losing side of a war for dominion and supremacy against the Half-Breeds. The King assembles a group of noble men to stand in defense of their brethren and thus, the Knights of the Round Table are born.

The Knights, now known only as The Order, endure through the centuries bringing the war to a status quo. With the Industrial Revolution, technology gives them the upper hand and a time of uncomfortable peace settles in the Kingdom and the Commonwealth, our version of Pax Britannia. But this peace brings on a new opponent. The very people The Order had sworn to protect take up arms, as the Rebellion is formed in the streets of London. This new battle ravages the street of 1886 London, as both rebels and Knights fight each other to the death.

The Order: 1886 on PS4

Our latest gameplay footage shows the Knights taking on their opponents in the downtrodden district of Whitechapel. Armed with a Thermite rifle, Galahad is able to attack enemies hidden behind cover, while Isabeau’s Arc Gun proves itself an equally deadly weapon.

The Order: 1886 on PS4

Beyond technology, the Knights have relied on one element they have used for centuries: the Blackwater. While in combat, they are able to use it to heal from otherwise deadly wounds. With centuries of use, the Blackwater has imbued the Knights with an inhuman longevity as well as mental and physical abilities they can use in combat, a state they call Blacksight. Using Blacksight, Galahad enters into a heightened state allowing him to focus his skills and execute precise attacks.

As we look to bring this experience to the players, we have decided to spend some extra time to deliver on the promise we made when we first introduced the game. As such, you can expect The Order: 1886 to come exclusively to the PlayStation 4 in early 2015.

With E3 approaching, we are releasing a behind-the-scenes video showing some of the inspiration behind the creation of The Order: 1886. I hope you enjoy it and look forward to showing you more in the weeks to come. See you at E3!

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  • FIRST!!!

  • I ma very disappointed by this news of the delay, but I’m sure it will be for the best. I am wondering though, what new PS4 exclusives are coming this year besides Driveclub (I’m not into racing games so this one’s not even on my radar)?

  • Man Sony you guys are letting your 7 million PS4 owners down big time. By Delaying The Order until 2015 what do you have to compete against Microsoft’s First Party Lineup this year? Driveclub is not going to sell that many copies i’ll tell you right now. Microsoft is going to have Sunset Overdrive, Forza, and a Halo collection this holiday while you have nothing. I’m very dissapointed in this news.

  • #3

    SO is the only one semi-confirmed for 2014. Right now it’s Driveclub vs SO. PS4 has the advantage of indies and better multiplats.

  • @cubbielovr: Well, there are some smaller games and also remasters like The Last of Us. My guess is that they will announce more remasters at E3 to fill the gap. Uncharted 4 will likely be 2015 too.

    BUT, keep in mind that PS4 will be getting all the big 3rd party games as well so this is really not that much of an issue. Late 2014 is packed with games.

  • It’s disappointing to hear this game has officially been delayed until early 2015, but I’m positive that this game will be worth the extra wait time. Plus this lets my wallet breath a little. I’ll have Destiny, Batman and Diablo to play until the game drops.
    Though the other day, when they did the special Twitch live stream, my jaw dropped. The game already looks phenomenal.
    Can’t wait to see more at E3.
    Keep up the great work guys.

    Cubbielovr, As of right now, I don’t know of any exclusives coming out this year unless Sony drops an announcement on us at E3. Let’s hope they do!

  • this game looks boring,id rather mag 2 or a new gateaway outside of killzone and outlast the ps4 doesnt have any good games even genisis has been cancelled,also the dualshock 4 needs to get replaced its too big and alot of people cant play for to long with it,i read somewhere 20 percent are having trouble with it let us use our dualshock 3

  • E3 is HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Oh I wanted to be first :(

  • Will this game be Free Roam?

  • lolMAG2, lol @ DS4 complaint. Im not worried about the delay, lots of games coming during the fall anyway, M$ only has sunset overdrive so far confirmed this year for fall, Halo Collection hasnt been officially confirmed yet and if it is its a remaster just like TLoU not a brand new game, yes itll be damn good if they have mp but still its an old game. Planetside 2 news also coming at E3 for PS4

  • @#4

    Yes Sunset Overdrive is the only confirmed title for Microsoft but just how this delay was leaked by an insider I have no doubt about the rumors of a Forza Horizon 2 and Halo 2 HD or Halo Collection are real. Trust me if that Halo collection turns outs true then Microsoft will win the holidays because a lot of people will go buy and Xbox one to play all 4 halos again before Halo 5 comes out. I really hope Sony has something else for the holidays but it’s doubtful. How many AAA games do you see get announced and then come out within 5 months.

  • Better with the delay if you ask me. so they make the game better, lesser bugs ect.

  • it sucks this game is being pushed back especially when it was supposed to be a launch window game–but hopefully the wait will be worth it–hopefully its not like a lot of other games that keep getting pushed back to make the game better then when released it wasn’t worth the wait

  • Soony gonna Soony. Hopefully you guys have something up your sleeves for e3 as confidence in PS4 went from sky high to rock bottom in the space of a few months which is some stunning mishandling of things.

  • early 2015? Really?

    Im so glad I bought the PS4 at launch! [satire]

    Seriously guys, how rushed did you set the PS4 release schedule? There are no games worth playing on it that your competitor doesnt also have. Im sorry, but Knack and KZ:SF are not console-selling exclusives. Im glad I own both consoles now since the PS4 has so radically failed to live up to the hype and promises set at E3 last year

  • I just shed a tear when I read about the delay. This game is looking really cool I am expecting this game to be top botch and the next best exclusive to join the ps4 collection.

  • Microsoft has Titanfall, PvZ GW, Ryse, Dead Rising, Forza, Halo, Sunset Oversdrive, and probably another Forza coming this year. You have what? Knack and KZ? Driveclub if it stops being delayed as well. I had high hopes for PS this gen since the PS3 had so many exclusives last year. But you let games PS3 exclusive games stay only on PS3 and ignore PS4 after launch, like KH 2.5 or Persona 5. That was a mistake. Here’s to hoping you guys step it up at E3 and surprise us all

  • 2015. You gotta be kidding me. Hope u plan on dropping the price of PS4 by a hundred bucks because here in America Microsoft always runs crazy holiday sales on its hardware and now they are going to be the only ones with exclusive games to boot.

  • With all these delays becoming the norm for PlayStation.It’s a sad time for playstation owners like myself because I bought my PS4 for some great AAA titles that Sony is known to deliver but as of late all we are getting our Indes and I didn’t waste $400 to play games that I could play on my iOS or my PC E3 is coming so the balls on Your Court, Sony

  • talk about burying the lead…”The Order heads to E3 (oh btw its been delayed)”

  • I came for the hilarious & melodramatic overreactions to the delay…

    I wasn’t disappointed.

  • Has everyone forgotten who had the better exclusives last generation? How many studios does Sony have and how does M$ have to buy? Lets be patient and see what E3 has to show us before we get bent out of shape. Starting to wonder why I even read the comments anymore because all people do is complain.

  • Please, tell me that this unpleasant camera angle is a choice and that I can choose a REAL third person camera angle to play.
    Why not leave to the player the choice of camera angle?
    I’ll never play a first person game and I’ll never play a game with this “half-body” camera angle. Kill the pleasure for me.

  • Another delay? One question is The Last Of Us Remastered also going to be delayed because retailers had it for a June 20 release and all of a sudden it was changed to 12/31/2014.I have a feeling that the PS4 was rushed to release and none of these first party games were close to being finished.

  • Sony’s line-up for 2014 is absolutely pathetic.DelayStation.

  • delayed :(

  • The overdramatic delay ‘reactions’ are really quite sad. I guess everyone has the right to be dense in the comments. Or maybe some people are seriously ignorant about the whole game development process. You really have nothing to complain about.

    But hey, keep pretending you’ll be playing Year-1 PS4 titles forever.

    And as for people citing the Xbox lineup or the cliché “I didn’t spend $400 for indie games”…just please stop.

  • Can’t wait for E3! I understand why people would be disappointed about delays, but I always view them as a good thing. It means they care about the quality of the product!

  • I love how the word “delayed” is buried in the article. Sony has had enough bad publicity, right? The PS4 is the laughing stock of the internet right now. So the only exclusives AAA games we are going to get this year is Infamous and Driveclub? Pathetic

  • CrusaderForever

    I am sad that I won’t be able to play this later this year. However, nothing bad has ever come from a delay. You’re the experts and know what’s best for The Order. I like what I have seen thus far and hope the added time makes this promising game even better. Thanks for the update.

  • Also, I’m surprised to see so many people complaining about the lack of AAA exclusives. The system isn’t even a year old yet, not to mention that Playstation doesn’t abandon their last gen system like the competition does. Last year was huge for the PS3! Every single Sony owned studio (and there’s a lot of ’em) are working on big PS4 exclusives, but these things take time. People really shouldn’t buy a console at launch if they’re impatient.

  • First time I feel like I am getting interested in what the Order is about. I still don’t know exactly what the gameplay / villain and goal of the game is other than a general sense of cover shooting. The sad thing is now it’s delayed, fair enough if you need time to execute your vision I am fine with that.

    If you delay into the next E3 you’re wasting any media buzz or gamer interest that you garner however. I also have to warn you that if you launch this around The Witcher3 (delayed till late feb) I for one will be choosing the Witcher 3 and delaying on The Order, even if you manage to really excite me at E3.

  • Sony needs to pull a Nintendo and show games at E3 that are coming for Holiday, I am skeptical but I hope they show some things I am going to be interested in. As such there are 3rd parties, but it is becoming a bit of a merry go round with delayed titles. We are getting the “launch” Driveclub, that very few were excited about for this holiday and that is supposed to drive(pun intended) sales. Hardly. The scaled back ps+ offering will be fine for me.

    You need more than Driveclub. Let’s see it. LoU Remaster is fine for those that didn’t buy on ps3 at launch. (i did) So what else do you have? June 9th better not be Delays Await.

    I’m fine with indies when they are extras not the whole supply train. Where are the proper games?

  • 2015?! Really now Sony, I mean come on. Every single AAA title for the PS4 has been delayed. This was the one title that I was looking forward to the most this year, and now it’s not coming out till next year. Now all I’ll have in fall is Destiny. Extremely disappointed

  • Hey Guys and Gals,

    LISTEN UP!!!!!

    The PS4 has several exclusives on the way this year that make the MS exclusives not look that great!

    1st, Last of US Remastered will be very popular I myself will be picking this one up. It will sell several million copies and give Xbox players who came over to the PS4 a chance to experience Naughty Dog greatness.

    2nd, Planetside 2 will dominate online FPS battles like it does on the PC. This will come out this summer and off F2P experience like no other on consoles. MS is very afraid of this game because some have likened to a HALO killer or at the very least a serious knockdown punch by SOE.

    3rd, H1Z1 will offer a incredible survival zombie experience later this year (maybe spring 2015).

    4th, DriveClub will do very well as a driving game. I appreciate the fact that Sony allows their developers to take their time to perfect a game as much as possible before releasing it.


  • 5th, Everquest Next will be very popular on PS4 and PC
    6th, SingStar is coming later this year. It has already sold over 26 million copies and has made tens of millions for Sony.

    7th, Little Big Planet Hub is going to be cool. I enjoyed the trailer shown last year.

    8th, Sony Studios are working on several mystery games that will come out this year and next year. MS can’t compete with Sony in regards to first party development.

    9th, Indies support will continue to get bigger and bigger. Sony has done everything possible to bring as many great indie games as possible to the PS4.

    Finally I just want to say isn’t better that Sony doesn’t force their developers to rush titles like EA and MS does. Sony allows their developers to take their time and make the best possible games they can.


    Viva Sony and Sony Gamers!!!

    Rob aka Graf

    P.S. I forgot to mention War Thunder the F2P game enjoyed by PS4 owners in Europe is coming soon to NA.

  • E3 better show exclusive titles for this year, hopefully a RPG or 2 from a team like Level-5 or w.e

  • For those saying that we shouldn’t expect so much, sure I expected that I would have the usual new console options until the holiday following. If they don’t have 3 big games for the holiday after a console launches, What is the point of launching a new console?

    It’s not an expense of 399.99 and that is all. People spent 399.99 + controller/s +ps camera+ PS+ +launch games like KZ which normally wouldn’t sell anywhere near as much.

    That is a big outlay for … KZ / Knack / Infamous SS/ DriveClub(delayed launch game)/ MLB the show 2014 / resogun etc.

    Where’s the rest? You talk about greatness awaiting, I just want to see it. Let’s see what E3 delivers as such it’s a let down.


    Joke aside…try to evolve as much in the gameplay aspects as much as you’re on the visuals. I’ve caught some really immersion-breaking things in the few seconds of gameplay you’ve shown, like not very bright AI, enemies not reacting to bullet impact (only when they die). That doesn’t look good, and I know there’s still a lot of work to be done and there’s only like 9 months to go (yay for long waits!).

    Remember, the better your game looks, the more glaring the faults will be. You can’t have a game looking next-gen and characters behaving and reacting like old-gen No, that won’t work. Hey, no pressure, do your best, I can wait!

  • I know that everybody is doing their best effort to bring us the best game, but also I think that all PS4 community is starting to be worried about the lack of exclusives during 2014. I don’t have any doubt about the great that PS4 is for all of us, but let’s go SONY!
    Now, I only expect that SONY Shines in E3 with something that didn’t know now and will be delivered in 2014…

  • So if everything has been pushed back until 2015 what will Sony talk about at E3? “Thanks for buying the PS4, everyone give yourself a round of applause! See you all next year…”

  • The Order 1886 is very interesting game! One of the biggest reasons why I bought PlayStation 4! Can’t wait! 2015 coming soon.

  • “People do the strangest things when they think they’re entitled…”

    I’m guessing that a lot of you have never lived through a console launch before.

    Relatively speaking, the PS4 has had a great first year lineup with new games on the store nearly every week.

    New IP’s take time. Uncharted & Infamous didn’t arrive on the PS3 in the first year.


  • @44 Dionysus-Jones

    Wrong. On its first year (that is, before the PS3 was 1 year old/2nd Christmas) it got:

    Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.
    Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
    Heavenly Sword
    Ninja Gaiden Sigma
    SuperStardust HD
    Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
    Everyday Shooter
    MLB 07: The Show
    The Eye of Judgment
    Calling All Cars!

    Compare all those exclusives the PS4’s first year. I’d say PS3 is ahead by a fair margin all things considered.


  • This sucks man… Respect for Ready At Dawn for taking the time to polish the game but as a consumer I was really waiting for this game on 2014… My PS4 feels cheated…

  • Ok…. Driveclub was initially delayed to early 2014 but it ended up October 2014.

    I see a pattern here. Im pretty sure The Order is coming fall 2015.

  • @44 “People do the strangest things when they think they’re entitled…”

    Yeah like support a company that’s in the red and expect them to deliver on their “greatness awaits” promises.

    Do you recall the launch commercials for the PS4? It showed a depiction of LARPing DriveClub, ElderScrolls Online, and KZ. Only one of those games have been delivered.

    Did the gamers choose Sony’s marketing materials or campaign? No we didn’t 1/3 on your launch commercials with the following E3 about to be shown is a bit crass IMO.

    I have been around for all of Sony’s launches, the big difference on this one is that they are priced more competitively so are not feeling the pain like on PS3. In canada that thing was $700 at launch and there was a bit less with the third parties.

    This time the 3rd party and Indies are carrying it.

  • I have spent a lot of money on Sony’s products, I expect them to back up their promises. I am not worried about it being worth it in the long term, but as such the Camera is hideously supported (if your not streamcasting etc) and frankly I expect them to show their hand at this E3.

    When are they going to recycle the Vita Ps+ games among other things we need to see what our Loyalty and faith in the company has bought us. I want to see games for vita not indie ports and poorly done ports of ps2 / ps3 games.

    @45 Just shows the people that ironically call people out for not living through console lanuches have not themselves, or have very short term memories.

    The Lack of AAA and delays just give creedance to the #delaystation / #indistation barbs.

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