The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 5/27/2014

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 5/27/2014
The Drop

Prepare to weaponize the entire city of Chicago in Watch_Dogs, the hotly-anticipated open world experience on PS4 and PS3.

Vigilante Aiden Pearce saw things he wasn’t supposed to see, and because of it his family suffered a grave loss. Now the brilliant hacker is out for revenge, turning the connected city of Chicago into a technological battleground. Watch_Dogs enables players to use Aiden’s skills in every element of play, from hacking into personal data banks to driving through alleyways at breakneck speeds.

For those interested in a more old-school experience, The Sly Cooper Collection is coming to PS Vita this week. This platforming powerhouse packs three classic PlayStation games into one portable experience. Relive the critically-acclaimed blend of stealth, combat, strategy, and Sly goodness anywhere, anytime.

For a complete list of games coming to PlayStation this week, read on — and enjoy The Drop!

Ace Combat Infinity
Lemmings Touch
Mind Zero
Monster Monpiece
The Sly Cooper Collection for PS Vita

New PlayStation Releases This Week

Ace Combat Infinity
PS3 — Digital
Free-to-play aerial shooting action. Put yourself into the pilot seat of real aircraft and tear across the skies. Freely roam battlefields and engage vicious enemy pilots. Includes a single-player story mode and online multiplayer.
Lemmings Touch
PS Vita — Digital
Harness all new ways to play as you guide a bunch of the carefree, unsuspecting rodents through detailed levels filled with devious pitfalls and hazards. They’re not that smart, but the Lemmings are certainly not lazy: give them jobs and they’ll happily work away to clear a trail to each level’s exit.
Mind Zero
PS Vita — Digital, Retail
Mind Zero is an action-packed, dungeon-crawler RPG. Play as Kei, a high school student whose life turns upside down when he forms a contract with a “MIND,” a weapon/being with deadly powers. With the government and other forces trailing him and his friends, Kei will need to discover the secret behind “MIND.”
Monster Monpiece
PS Vita — Digital
Likeable characters and a story rife with adventure. With a wide range of unique and quirky personalities, the entire cast of Monster Monpiece adds a little spice to the story from beginning to end. While the battle system seems simple, you’ll need a strategic mind to best utilize your Monster Girls’ Skills and Potentials in battle.
The Sly Cooper Collection for PS Vita
PS Vita — Digital, Retail
Experience the classic PlayStation platformers again with a portable collection of three Sly Cooper games, all packaged together. Sneak, slink, and strike your way through colorful worlds as the legendary Thievius Raccoonus.
PS4, PS3 — Digital, Retail
Become Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker whose criminal past lead to a violent family tragedy. While on the hunt for those responsible, you’ll tap into the city’s omnipresent security cameras, download personal information, control systems such as traffic lights and the electrical grid to stop a chase, and more. Get it this week for 60 minutes of additional gameplay only on PS4 and PS3.

Demos and Betas

Thief — PS4 Demo (The Lockdown)

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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11 Author Replies

  • Monster Monpiece finally!!!
    MInd Zero is a definite as well!!!
    Long live the Vita!!!

  • any idea when the PS plus June update well be revealed

  • Dear Sony and Ubisoft thanks for all the goodies from Watch Dogs:

    Thank you for the Preload
    Thank you for the 1080p and 60fps
    Thank you for the “downgrade” gameplay

    I can’t believe that i’m still gonna buy this game (o_x)

  • @ 42 and all the loner-gamers, just cause games have online features (ie: watchdogs) does not mean they have to be turned on or that you have to use them!! Dont say that because these features are available that its the reason u dont buy them. thats just sad and shows how little you really understand the games being released and how they are each designed. do your research! Geeze.

  • Is the Sly Collection still a 720p/60fps remaster, or did they redo it to native Vita res (and still 60fps)?

  • @42, I can tell you with 100% certainty that the online invasions can be completely turned off in the main menu on the PC version, so I’m sure the same goes for all versions. If that’s your only reason not to get the game, there’s no reason to worry.

  • @Teflon02

    Actually is is nothing of what was asked.

    I buy through Sony, not to go through alernate sources to find out what may or not be.

    Should I have not already bought Minecraft, and just happened to look it up a few days later( after already looking it up when I bought it ), I would neverhave known.
    Even more so, should I not of bought it yet, since I was waiting on official word.

    So because you think all casual gamers have enough time, or even want to to spend hours/days/whatever on finding it, it exlains my question?

    Once again another incoherent satatement made since they think I asked them the question, and they now work for sony to speak on its behalf.
    But join the ranks……Congrats.

  • Nuff said. Peace.


  • Sly Cooper (Vita) and Watch_Dogs (PS4) for me this week.
    One of my friends is already playing W_D because a store near him started selling their copies yesterday. And he had multiple friends that were playing it over a week early. Really wish these little, upstart, mom-and-pop shops would keep their pants on and stop breaking street dates.

  • rabidninjamonky

    @Rezolution77 Why get mad at someone for being nice and answering your questions? It’s not Teflon’s fault that you don’t know how to use google.

  • getting watch dogs with the season pass ($15+ in savings on individual purchases) for ps4. i did get to experience the new crash report system on ps4 with transistor and it is really nice cause you can add a video of what happened when the game crashed.

  • @59

    So says the genius, who can’t spell monkey.

  • Lemmings Touch… sold! Lemmings anything = SOLD!

    Sony please keep digging through your old Psygnosis IP and re-release everything you can like you’re doing with Shadow of the Beast.

    Playstation needs to become the official spiritual successor to the Amiga. Putty Squad was a nice step, too! How about Blood Money?

  • @1
    The Vigilant-Cats do.

  • Why be mad at someone simply stating the obvious?

    He is smarter than you of course, but seriously as misguided as you are. You must be friends, go fig.

    I buy digitally , and usually through Sony( as this device I use, is a Sony system ).
    So to simplify it enough you can understand,

    Sony should have been havng information posted about this.
    And now maybe they might.
    And if not, then they should have.

    Didn’t really need both your comments to explain the obvious.
    Nothing is being talked about, but Transistor and Watchdogs though I am sure both equal of attention.

  • was curious on what was happening with suikoden II on psn, it was added to the ersb site a while back and taken down which raised a lot of peoples hopes. if it was a mistake it would be better if people knew to avoid even more disappointment down the line.

  • Double_Clutch_89

    I am BEYOND excited for Watch Dogs!

  • how much is Monster Monpiece going for?

  • @7
    No, you can’t pre-load on the PS4 version. I pre-ordered Watch Dogs on PSN and Sony sent a message that I’m not able to pre-load it. The first pre-loadable game is Destiny.

  • Is there a sale this week? :)

  • I’ll check this Ace Combat. Loved the old ones on PS1 and PS2.

    Had the Watch Dogs Collectors Edition preordered but i cancelled. Will NOT reward Ubisoft when they treat us like idiots when the final game/product doesn’t match what was initially revealed. STOP USING BULLSHOTS for your reveals Ubisoft.

    Remember this post fellow gamers, when The Division gets Downgraded too. Not every PlayStation gamer has the memory and attention span of a goldfish.

    My 02

  • Another game to add on my platinum **** list

  • really late for a thief demo, but i will check it out since the game hasn’t hit my purchase price yet. by the way, hurry up and buy trine 2 before the store updates. it goes on sale pretty often, but it’s only been cheaper than this once before.

  • Please, please have sales this week!

    Two weeks ago was a horrible Free To Play sale.
    Last week there was no sale.

    Id love to see a sale on Resident Evil games. That would be nice.

    Also, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease don’t put indies in June’s IGC. How about some real games?

  • @ ccrogers

    There will always be Indies in the IGC, so you might as well get use to it. You really can’t expect them to give nothing but AAA titles. This is the way it’s always been, and I don’t see that ever changing, no matter how much people complain about it.

  • Also, Resident Evil games has been on sale numerous times already.

  • With Ace Combat Infinite I’m gonna lose part of this weeks afternoons. I’m so glad to see this game come out already. BEYOND

  • Mind zero “Q”

  • Pretty sure I’m the only person that’s not at all interested in Watch Dogs… Oh well, to each their own.

  • @74 You do know that there are games that are neither AAA nor indie, right? Like Soul Sacrifice, Sonic games, or even Japanese games. I just wish people would stop looking at the industry as one that has nothing but AAAs and indies.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ Teflon02

    Didn’t you hear? The entire internet is inaccessible in Rez’s house, except for, curiously, the PlayStation Blog.

    @ Rez

    Totally, bro. Because rabidninjamonky misspelled (potentially on purpose) a single word, it magically invalidated the solid point he just made. Of course.

    You must really like the feeling of sand in your ears. Seems like you never want to pull your head out of there no matter how many times the folks on the outside show you how much better it is here in the sunshine. I’m tellin’ ya… fresh air, birds chirpin’… it’s a beautiful thing, man. Feel free to join us whenever you’re ready.

  • @80, You seem to like to pick on people with different opinion from yours and you will bite on the little things they say (like they pointed out someone’s misspelling) as if it magically invalidate every solid point he made, then you unleash your meaningless insults on them.

    Seriously is there something wrong with someone wanting to play a game totally offline, without being annoyed by random interference? I know I hate it when playing NFS Rivals and people on their mobile app go steal my nitros and such, even after I set my game to private.

    Sure, you can Google and find that you can turn invasion off (is there something wrong if someone doesn’t know that?), but you can also Google and find that Ubisoft said “By disabling Online Invasions you will not be available for other players to invade, but you will also not be able to participate in Online Hacking and Tailing. Your Notoriety will be reset to zero and any Notoriety Skills you have unlocked will be lost. Do you want to disable Online Invasions?”. They are punishing players who just want to play it offline.

  • Glad THIEF got a demo because i have been interested in it for some time now. Also, Watch_Dogs preordered and ready to DL!

  • Someday Suikoden II will come to the store.
    Hopefully soon.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ GummyCore


    Problem is, he didn’t make a point (unsurprisingly). He was doing what most dolts with invalid arguments do – ramble on about speculative, flawed, theoretical scenarios instead of actually LEARNING how the ESTABLISHED PROCESS works, and THEN, FROM THERE, make a point about something in the process that could use some refinement.

    He expects Sony to answer any and all questions he may have about the finer points of a game just because he’s buying it from them…

    I’m laughing.

    Sony is only the merchant in most cases, providing a marketplace (arena) for vendors to gather and sell their wares to an interested public. They have nothing to do with the development of most games. If you want to know more about a certain game, the best place to go would be, OBVIOUSLY, to the SOURCE. Because who better to ask about a game than the creators themselves? How do people not understand this? Laziness? Ignorance?

  • PrimeroIncognito

    GummyCore on May 25th, 2014 at 6:36 pm said: “Sure, you can Google and find that you can turn invasion off (is there something wrong if someone doesn’t know that?)”

    Yes, indeed there is. If anyone in this day and age who uses a computer, plays video games, and is generally familiar with technology does not understand that using a search engine is the single most useful method for accessing desired information, then, yes, something would be wrong with that person.

    GummyCore on May 25th, 2014 at 6:36 pm said: “(Stuff about NFS Rivals) … They are punishing players who just want to play it offline.”

    No, they are not “punishing” anyone. They made the game. It’s theirs. They designed it as they see fit. The player (consumer) decides whether or not they’re interested, familiar, comfortable (or whatever) with the rules of the game and makes a choice to participate or not. Oh… I guess you didn’t do that before jumping in? Now it’s their fault that it doesn’t cater to your specific tastes?

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Don’t pick up the ball if you don’t want to play.

  • rabidninjamonky

    @Rezolution77 I misspelled monkey because I originally used rabidninjamonky for my Xbox over 10 years ago, and they had a 15 character limit for gamertags. I wasn’t trying to start a fight, just don’t understand how a person who was being helpful and answered all your questions nicely is offensive to you. So you’re saying if you have a question, only Sony reps are allowed to answer you? Good luck with that

  • And once again PrimeroIncognito, you lack leadership as always.

    You comment on others peoples comments.
    Instead of forming your own opinion, you rely on your delusions of what you think of someone else’s.

    The fact you think Sony is Not listening shows your ignorance to the whole idea of suppy and demand.
    If they were interested in business, they want customers.

    Last time I checked, I buy digitally, hence customer.

    It has nothing to do with making one customer happy, it has to do with all of them.

  • @ Not even commenting to the speak and spell m*o*n*k*e*y.
    Try google.

  • So I know this has nothing to do with watch dogs but question, how does a person become a journalist etc doing game reviews etc as what you do?

  • @85, Isn’t that exactly the point – the dev made a game that some players don’t like the ‘rules of the game’.

    duke301, @42, originally said: “it seems to me that the multiplayer aspects are going to completely ruin the game. When are they going to get it through their skulls that not everyone likes multiplayer?”

    What’s wrong with his opinion? Indeed I agree with him. If I am playing my game, I don’t want others to be invading and interfering with my game. Do you like someone pulling your hair, bumping into you, or switching the TV channel on you while you are playing? Some may think that this is just one aspect of the game that needs to be tolerated, some just don’t like it and feel it ruins the game. Is that an invalid opinion?

    While he may or may not know that he can turn it off, informing him of this fact can be done differently – look at @54, that’s positive; then look at @52, that’s very negative.

    You don’t like it, don’t play it; you don’t like someone’s comment, shut up and don’t comment – that doesn’t cut it, does it?

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ Rez

    You should read what rabidninjamonky said if you skipped over it. He explained it to you, and I was right about his purposeful misspelling of “monkey”.

    Now… Leadership? Where did that come from? Is that even an issue here? Radical diversion techniques are your thing, too, huh? Like most dolts…

    The delusion is on your end. I never made anything up, I went by your own words. Stop kicking, scratching, and clawing… just give up already. You know you’re in the wrong so just accept it already. Being wrong is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it’s a good thing. It’s how we learn. Jeez. Use a search engine from now on. Simple.

    Maintaining customers is exactly why they CAN’T cater to the whims of a few. They monitor ALL statistics and continue to respond accordingly… to the most lucrative streams of current and potential income. Business decisions can’t, and luckily aren’t, influenced by the cries of a few confused, ignorant, empty-headed, selfish consumers.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ Rez

    AND it’s funny that you told him to “try Google”, when that was exactly your problem in the first place! Ha! Damn, the putting one’s own foot in one’s mouth… you sure do that a lot, Rez. Pay attention to yourself.

  • @84, Why do you think that everyone expressing their opinion here on the blog is expecting Sony to answer or do something? The blog is here, the comment section is here, what’s wrong with people expressing themselves (to Sony, to other developers, to other players, like-minded or not) on anything related to Playstation gaming here?

    Perhaps these people are wasting their time cos Sony is not listening (do you have any proof that it is a fact?), but so what? It’s their time that they are wasting. You don’t feel it’s your legal duty to waste yours as well correcting them every time (cos you think they are doing a stupid thing and you are smarter than them), do you?

    Even if Sony (or whoever) is not listening, so what? There are others of the same opinion that are listening (and commenting, or not). What’s wrong with that? Who made you the Sony PS blog comment police to dictate whether other people are allowed to waste their time expressing their opinions?

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ GummyCore

    There’s nothing wrong with him or you feeling that the multiplayer ruins the game… FOR HIM AND YOU. That’s fine. The solution is simple – you just don’t participate. How about playing the game offline, entirely? You know, like, don’t even turn your modem on! Did you think of that?

    Either find a way around it or avoid it completely… but don’t cry like a spoiled brat trying to get the rules changed in your favor when it might potentially upset others who are already comfortable with the rules exactly as they are. And then to claim something silly like, “it’s punishment!”… ugh.

    Plus, you don’t get to tell an artist (game designer) how to make their own art (game). You either take it or leave it. That’s how it works. Period.

    Put yourself in the artist’s shoes…

  • @92, “Business decisions can’t, and luckily aren’t, influenced by the cries of a few confused, ignorant, empty-headed, selfish consumers.”

    Yet when the majority of customers here expressed their negative feelings towards the flood of indies, you think those majority are wrong – businesses should be “influenced by the cries of a few confused, ignorant, empty-deaded, selfish consumers” who love cheapo indies and 8-bit pixel art. (Seems like anyone who have different opinion from you is always “confused, ignorant, empty-headed, selfish consumers”, hmmm…)

    If business decisions are made based on the majority opinion, there wont be any console games now, we will all be playing mobile gamelets with low-end graphics and no multi-player.

  • @95, Who “cry like a spoiled brat trying to get the rules changed in your favor”??? Again, is it wrong to express one’s opinion about the game? Yes, we don’t have to play it online, we don’t even have to play it. That’s fine. But what’s wrong with us saying that we don’t like the mp in this game??? Why are you crying like a spoiled brat trying to get other people’s opinion changed in your favor?

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ GummyCore (#94)

    The problem with all these pointless comments, speculative paranoid scenarios, and petty complaints is that they drown out the legitimate complaints which could actually contribute to enhancing the product. They drown out the supportive comments which the developers could use as motivation to create even greater artwork. They make the entire community look like a bunch of spoiled, pathetic twerps. This could never be a good thing.

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