The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 5/27/2014

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 5/27/2014
The Drop

Prepare to weaponize the entire city of Chicago in Watch_Dogs, the hotly-anticipated open world experience on PS4 and PS3.

Vigilante Aiden Pearce saw things he wasn’t supposed to see, and because of it his family suffered a grave loss. Now the brilliant hacker is out for revenge, turning the connected city of Chicago into a technological battleground. Watch_Dogs enables players to use Aiden’s skills in every element of play, from hacking into personal data banks to driving through alleyways at breakneck speeds.

For those interested in a more old-school experience, The Sly Cooper Collection is coming to PS Vita this week. This platforming powerhouse packs three classic PlayStation games into one portable experience. Relive the critically-acclaimed blend of stealth, combat, strategy, and Sly goodness anywhere, anytime.

For a complete list of games coming to PlayStation this week, read on — and enjoy The Drop!

Ace Combat Infinity
Lemmings Touch
Mind Zero
Monster Monpiece
The Sly Cooper Collection for PS Vita

New PlayStation Releases This Week

Ace Combat Infinity
PS3 — Digital
Free-to-play aerial shooting action. Put yourself into the pilot seat of real aircraft and tear across the skies. Freely roam battlefields and engage vicious enemy pilots. Includes a single-player story mode and online multiplayer.
Lemmings Touch
PS Vita — Digital
Harness all new ways to play as you guide a bunch of the carefree, unsuspecting rodents through detailed levels filled with devious pitfalls and hazards. They’re not that smart, but the Lemmings are certainly not lazy: give them jobs and they’ll happily work away to clear a trail to each level’s exit.
Mind Zero
PS Vita — Digital, Retail
Mind Zero is an action-packed, dungeon-crawler RPG. Play as Kei, a high school student whose life turns upside down when he forms a contract with a “MIND,” a weapon/being with deadly powers. With the government and other forces trailing him and his friends, Kei will need to discover the secret behind “MIND.”
Monster Monpiece
PS Vita — Digital
Likeable characters and a story rife with adventure. With a wide range of unique and quirky personalities, the entire cast of Monster Monpiece adds a little spice to the story from beginning to end. While the battle system seems simple, you’ll need a strategic mind to best utilize your Monster Girls’ Skills and Potentials in battle.
The Sly Cooper Collection for PS Vita
PS Vita — Digital, Retail
Experience the classic PlayStation platformers again with a portable collection of three Sly Cooper games, all packaged together. Sneak, slink, and strike your way through colorful worlds as the legendary Thievius Raccoonus.
PS4, PS3 — Digital, Retail
Become Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker whose criminal past lead to a violent family tragedy. While on the hunt for those responsible, you’ll tap into the city’s omnipresent security cameras, download personal information, control systems such as traffic lights and the electrical grid to stop a chase, and more. Get it this week for 60 minutes of additional gameplay only on PS4 and PS3.

Demos and Betas

Thief — PS4 Demo (The Lockdown)

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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11 Author Replies

  • Who Watches the Watch_Dogs?

  • oooohh VITA LOVING….gd job this week

  • Watch_Dogs!!!! Finally!

  • so much games think ima cry

  • Picking up Watch Dogs and Sly Cooper Collection on Vita.

  • Can’t wait to dig into Watchdogs! Beyond! Ryan!

  • Watch Dogs is able to pre-load for PS4, but not PS3, right?

    • I’m actually not sure, great question. Might want to ask the publisher, @Ubisoft?


  • BurritoAssassin9

    Will the Sly games be offered separately?

  • Monster Monpiece for me. I’ve been waiting a while for it to get localized.

  • Glad to see the Sly Cooper Collection is getting released.

    Not really a great month.

    There has been no announcement about Majong making Minecraft CrossBuy, and about future games like Hyperdemension Neptunia or Sword Art Online (combo).
    What about Child of Light coming to Vita.

    As for me I will go back to Borderlands 2, although it could be vastly improved with some of its gameplay is not as bad as reviews and youtube videos made me think.

    Would definately like to see the improvements on another project.

  • @10

    Gamestop and Amazon has Neptunia Re;birth (assuming thats the one you mean) as a July 29th release date on Vita.

    Nothing about the other games though.

  • Uh Oh, did Vita finally get a battle system based card game?
    Have to look into this.

  • minecraft is definite cross buy if you own the ps3 version you get the vita version and vice versa.
    ◾It will include all the features from the most recent Playstation 3 version, including online play on Vita.
    ◾This means everyone who has bought Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition from PSN will get it on Vita for free. Those fluent in Sony-speak might refer to the deal as “Cross-buy.”
    upgrade cost $5 and got one year to do so before you have to pay full price of $20
    drops in august 2014 on vita and next gen

  • kinda cool to see a demo of Thief.

    would like to see more demos in the future though.

  • Beyond!

    One question is the Sly Collection Cross-Buy with PS3?

  • Oh, nice… didn’t know Mind Zero was coming out so soon. Time to buy a new PSN points card so I can reap the benefits.

  • Where is transistor 2? The wait has been long enough.

  • FlashDrivePrime

    Is the Sly Collection cross buy?

  • I’ve been waiting…. for a game like you… to come into, my liiiiife.

  • @10, every question you have has been answered pretty much.
    – Minecraft on PS3 and Vita are crossbuy with eachother. So if you have the PS3 version now, when they upgrade it on the Vita release you’ll have both. PS4 is a separate version but you can import saves from PS3/Vita.
    – Child of Light Vita’s release date is July 1st no word on cross buy
    – Hyperdimension Neptunia PP releases June 3rd and Re;Birth 1 is July 29th by retailer listing everywhere.
    – Sword Art Online, they explained the other game, I can’t remember the details

  • Hmm perhaps every screenshot for Watch Dogs has someone with binoculars in the background watching Aiden Pierce and we just haven’t noticed!

  • There are still censored cards on monster monpiece?

  • @19 EU has cross-buy feature read there blog post from back in march link below

  • Nothing for me with week, I was excited for watch dogs last year but after seeing some previews and the huge daily they had lost all interest in the game.

  • erm nvm didn’t read game title saw sly and assumed thieves in time sorry

  • Will the Watchdogs Season Pass be available on the Playstation Store this week?

  • Watch_Dogs
    Mind Zero
    Monster Monpiece
    SAO: Hollow Fragment (Asia)

    Sorry Wallet. It can’t be helped.

  • Can’t wait for watchdogs Iv been tracking my copy just might have it monday.

  • @20

    That information was not found here.

    So no not exactly.

  • I thought Watchdogs was mentioned to be the first to get the pre install. But now Sony is saying that it will be destiny. It was one of the only reasons why I purchased the game early on the psn. I have been waiting a long time for the game. sony need to start getting their act together as for as the psn goes. And until they do I will not be buying anything online from them.”speak with your wallet”

  • Come on!!!! where’s helldivers, hohokum, or N++? Bout time for one of those to release. They should have been out last year!

  • Great weeks for PS4 and PS Vita. Watch Dogs for PS4 looks awesome, and we get Lemmings Touch and Sly Collection for Vita. Are you guys waiting for E3 to announce games for the Vita? That would be awesome, maybe Infamous Vita, GTA (from Rockstar), Ratchet and Clank Collection and many others? Not a fan of JRPGs, that seems to be the majority of games on the horizon. So far, I am very happy with my Vita, just wish there were more Western type games like Uncharted GA.

  • Lemmings Touch and Sly Collection . . . Love it! A great game is a great game, old or new, exclusive or not!

  • whoohoo, can’t wait to play Watch Dogs on ps4 this Tuesday but i download it tomorrow night 11:01pm CST time

  • I will give Bandai Namco another chance with Ace Combat Infinity (after all i didnt have troubles with the beta) even after the huge problems i had with Soul Calibur Lost Swords, Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers, etc.
    Dang, more Vita games i like and i still dont have the handheld.

  • Pre-ordered Sly collection for Vita using the $10 off coupon i got for pre-ordering Wolfenstein for PS4 which is also great. Can’t wait to platinum the 3 Sly games again.

    Question: I have heard Sly Collection’s retail version contains Sly 1 and 2 on the Vita card but Sly 3 is digital, can you answer if possible?

  • If you’re going to get Watch_Dogs, don’t forget to get your Season_Pass….. I’m getting mine the same day for exclusive stuff.

  • Well…I am a 49 year old gamer. Can’t play as much as I used to because of commitments and such but I love my PS4 and Vita. I will be picking up the Lemmings game. It’s an old favorite of mine and with my hand/eye coordination down a bit…I’ll do ok with that one. I also love fighting games. I played arcade games like Street Fighter II and Killer Instinct. Nowadays you have to hit buttons in rapid succession to pull off moves which I really cannot do anymore. I wish they came with a ‘senior’ mode where when I hit a button its like a mash-up and releases fury upon thy opponent. I loved the old games where I could just smash all the buttons at the same time and hoped I would pull off a move somehow. Ah, the good old days. Anyway, Lemmings looks like my cup of tea this week!

  • @28
    They PlayStation Blog is not the only place to get official info. If you think so, you’re missing out on alot of info and need to look it up. I don’t know where you think it’s not answered questions when the devs and publishers are the ones giving this info. It’s been answered by the respective parties, they are 3rd parties not Sony, they have obligations, Sony has some. If you want this info it isn’t hard to find. I found all that info accidentally. Hyperdimension was announced and the release date’s are in sync. Minecraft was completely explained and all over the net by the devs, SAO was explained by Bandai Namco’s reps. These are the same people who actually would have been writing the post answering these questions. It’s exactly what’s being asked.

  • Looking forward to playing Ace Combat : Infinity on PS3, and Watch_dogs on PS4

  • Ace Combat free to play? I haven’t heard a word about this but I’m glad to know it’s coming. Great Drop this week!

  • For those asking about the preload for Watch Dogs – it isn’t happening. I got an email and a message on my PS4 saying Watch Dogs does not support pre-download. The message didn’t come til 2 days before release which is kinda lame.

    I will say this though – all my preorders are late by at least an hour after the announced download time – sometimes 3 or 4 hours. That’s unacceptable and I hope that you guys have your act together this time. The game has been delayed enough. Be on time tomorrow night so I can set it to download before I go to bed so it’s ready for the next day

  • I was going to pick up Watch Dogs, but it seems to me that the multiplayer aspects are going to completely ruin the game. When are they going to get it through their skulls that not everyone likes multiplayer? Pisses me off that it is essentially being forced upon us. At any rate, I know a few people who are picking it up (who also do not care for multiplayer), so depending on what they have to say about it, I may still pick it up when the price goes down. It looks like all there is for me this week is Lemmings Touch! One can never go wrong with a tried and true old school classic like Lemmings!

  • I think I want to try Monster Monpiece and MIND Zero, plus it can’t hurt to try out that Ace Combat either, and aaarrgh!! content overload you guys are trying your damnedest to keep me poor, and in front of my TV (Vita isn’t as bad at least that can travel), I kid I kid, keep up the good work.

  • Is Sly cross buy like GoW was last week? I hope so, as I’d like to own them on PS3 as well

  • When was the PS Vita Sly collection announced, or is this just something that’s extremely random. Beyond!

  • Why The Sly Cooper Collection for PS Vita is Cross-buy for EU and not for NA?

  • WATCH_DOGS! Yessssss!!!

  • When is “XBlaze Code: Embryo” coming? Played the demo a couple of weeks ago and really want to continue with the story. I have the Japanese version for free with Asia PS+ but only understood 10%. The English demo clarified a lot of the story, now I can’t wait. Seriously, don’t drop a demo when the game is not out and has no release date.

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