Metro Redux: Two Games, 1080p on PS4

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Metro Redux: Two Games, 1080p on PS4
Metro Redux: Two Games, 1080p on PS4
Metro Redux on PS4

I could say how excited we are to be showing you this trailer, but I have an idea of what you really want to know… so let’s just cut to the chase. Metro Redux runs at 1080p, 60FPS on PlayStation 4. We had to sneak the PS4 development kits into Kiev to make it happen, but we wholeheartedly think it was worth it… Metro Redux includes Metro 2033 (for the first time ever on a PlayStation platfrom) and Metro: Last Light, remastered for PlayStation 4, with all the gameplay, AI, gunplay, and graphical improvements we added in Last Light now applied to both games.

You’ll be able to download each game – Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux – from PSN for just $24.99 each – or if you prefer, pick up the boxed Metro Redux double pack for only $50. Expect to hear a lot more news from us between now and release later this summer! In the meantime, please enjoy our trailer for the game!

Metro Redux on PS4

Metro Redux on PS4Metro Redux on PS4

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  • Absolute day 1 purchase. Great games at an incredible price. Everyone should buy this.

  • Doctor_Hank_Pym

    I’ve heard great things about this series — glad to finally be able to try ’em on PS4!

    Will definitely be grabbing the compilation disc once it’s out — thanks for doing this, and for the great price-point! I hope other developers of re-releasable franchises follow your lead like this.

  • I got 2033 from that promo THQ had before they went under but have never got a chance to play it (PC can barley play it), But I did buy Last Light on day one, and it is one of my personal favorites, and ill gladly buy this bundle of two great games

  • after the watchdogs post, I believe 1080p 60fps when i see it

  • Awesome news! I loved Last Light on PS3 and never played 2033. I’ll definelety get this for 2033!

    Do you know if Last Light will share the trophies list with PS3 version of if it will have its own?

  • For that price how can i say no? These two games are still in my backlog because i got them for free or cheap with PS+ and humble bundles, but my PC just wasn’t up to the task of 2033, so this will be a good chance to fix that. And i have heard some very good things from a lot of people about these games.

  • iamtylerdurden1

    Unbelievable! Two PS4 games and all the DLC for 50$ ru kidding me? These games are GREAT too, finaly PlayStation ppl will get a chance to play Metro 2033 a shamefully underrated & under appretiated game. Honestly i loved 2033 & i’m glad u guys r getting it into the hands of real gamers who will appretiate it (xbots are too thick to understand it’s beauty). Metro is the most atmospheric & immersive fps i have ever played – i realize it was a fantastic series of Russian novels but it really needs to be made into a major feature film adapted to screen just as the great book later adapted into a great movie “The Road” was. With a similar setting (dystopian/apocalyptic post nuclear type future) and a masterfully done translation from book to film you could have John Hillcoat (director of The Road) direct it – i’ll write John and see if he’s interested.

    • We’re really quite proud of the amount of value that we’ve manage to stuff into this offering. Glad you’ve recognized it too!

  • $50 for two remastered EXCELLENT games. That is how you provide value. Awesome work, really excited. I will be there day 1. Can you say what PC settings the PS4’s graphics would be comparable to? I.E. Medium, High, Ultra etc.

  • iamtylerdurden1

    Will there be a preorder bonus? If not who cares u are already giving us a library of content with ALL the Last Light dlc, that’s alot of dlc. Obviously each game will have a platinum trophy but how will the trophies work for the loads of dlc content ur now including with the game? Will the included dlc content have extra trophies like they did for the PS3 version (hope so) or will Last Light Redux have a platinum & no extra trophies essentially punishing ppl for getting the dlc content for free? Ranger hardcore here i come, FEAR THE FUTURE…

  • looks cool ! Never played the old one but will look forward to playing it soon . I like the PS4, seems to be easy to port over games . I was on the xbox360 wagon for a while, sony really won me over this time I traded my xbox one in to get the ps4 and traded my very loved xbox360 for a vita . The vita and the ps4 run together so fantastically , And that little console rocks the house . i’m really digging this hole sony vibe and I think most gamers will .

  • Awe yeah the great games just keep on rolling out, glad I didn’t play these yet!!!!!!!

  • How different will Metro 2033 be compared to the 360 version besides upgraded graphics. 2033 was one of my favorite games on the 360 right up there with Fallout 3. I hope it still feels like that game and isn’t changed so much that it feels more like LL. A bit apprehensive on that end but at $25 I’ll def be picking 2033 and LL.

  • I realize there was a ton of stuff added into Metro 2033 but what kind of improvements (apart from graphical) are there for Metro Last Light? I already have Last Light on PC so I’d like to know if there’s difference between original Last Light and Last Light Redux? I might still get it since I like playing on PS4 more but would definitively know if it’s worth the extra money.

  • Awesome.

  • I bought Metro Last light and it’s season pass and i’ll buy this pack Again to support your humble studio! Unlike other studios, 4A makes the honest effort to take advantage of the PS4 hardware and make the best game they possibly can.

    Take Notice studios/publishers who take the lazily coward way out by aiming for parity/purposely gimp the PS4 versions of multi-platform titles.

    My .02

  • Great value for good games. DS is doing good on pricing right for customers.

  • I was hoping for couple of last gen games ive enjoyed to come out on ps4..metro was one of them ill get the boxed edition for both games at day 1

  • wow excellent work !!!

  • Here we go again with this buzzword that Sony loves to throw around. 1080p, it’s terrible, it makes the PC master racists laugh at the console only players.

  • OH MY GOD, THANKS! Really, a lot of thanks for making this happens and taking risks for this, you’re really awesome! I bought Metro 2033 on steam even when I couldn’t run it (and just had a PS3) just to support you guys, and some time ago, one of the reasons I got the other console was to play Metro 2033 (I’m a big fan from the books) and then play Last Light on my PS3.

    While it got some minor changes from the book’s story (I missed some great characters and enemies, like the worm cult) you made a really great adaptation from the story, and even more, the atmosphere from the books, it’s just unbelieable.

    The first thing I’m gonna do after getting my PS4 will be buyng Metro Redux!

    Thanks again guys! Keep the good work!

  • This is great news. Def buying them

  • This game for PS4 looks just gorgeous. I like everything! It reminds the Stalker somewhat. Post apocalypse metro… I like it!)))

  • Nice…

  • I am not going to lie I have never heard of this series before. It looks absolutely amazing, I immediately had to google what the games were like and about, I am shocked how good they look and play. I have never had a great pc to run these games and missed out on metro 2033 because I did not have a 360, I downloaded last light on PS Plus for free but never got around to playing it do to the back log of games I had. After seeing the Redux trailer colour me impressed, please please please keep up the hard work and pass that on to your other team members, you have a new customer, buying Redux retail version day one. You guys/girls make the fps genre way more entertaining than ever. Keep up the hard work I can not wait to see what you have coming out next, just please god let it be on ps4 haha. I appreciate the passion you have creating these games.

  • These remastered bulls**t needs to end like yesterday…Jesus what’s wrong with the gaming industry nowadays?…is this what is the so called “next-gen”?..remastered over remastered games that dont even need to be remastered?….

    As much as I would like to play Metro 2033….I ain’t paying for this rehashed stupidity…supported you guys with Metro Last Light and would support again if you guys bring Metro 2033 for PS3 or PS4 alone on PSN…but remastered crap…ha only for free.

  • I’ve got all the previous releases of these games, twice over (gifts), and I’m going to grab the physical version of this on day 1. In fact, I’m going to go pre order this right now.

    Thanks for the PS4 release, and thanks for the Redux work :)

  • And by “gifts” above, I mean I gave the extras as gifts ;D

  • Although I have never played a Metro game before, I’m looking forward to seeing this double pack for PS4! Bring it on!


    I bought the Metro 2033 book last year but never got around to reading past a few pages. I honestly can’t fully understand everything on my first read. It’s a problem I have. I’ll try finding the audio book version if available. As for the game, I got it free on PC during the period it was free for everyone that LIKED their Facebook page BUT my PC sucks :( And I got Metro: LL from the IGC on PS+. I still would love the play the “definitive” versions on PS4. Can’t wait!

  • I have never played these games but with this deal… I’m going to check them out for sure! Keep up the great work DS.

  • Looks awesome, I’ve never played these games before. So I’m excited.

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