Metro Redux: Two Games, 1080p on PS4

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Metro Redux: Two Games, 1080p on PS4
Metro Redux: Two Games, 1080p on PS4
Metro Redux on PS4

I could say how excited we are to be showing you this trailer, but I have an idea of what you really want to know… so let’s just cut to the chase. Metro Redux runs at 1080p, 60FPS on PlayStation 4. We had to sneak the PS4 development kits into Kiev to make it happen, but we wholeheartedly think it was worth it… Metro Redux includes Metro 2033 (for the first time ever on a PlayStation platfrom) and Metro: Last Light, remastered for PlayStation 4, with all the gameplay, AI, gunplay, and graphical improvements we added in Last Light now applied to both games.

You’ll be able to download each game – Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux – from PSN for just $24.99 each – or if you prefer, pick up the boxed Metro Redux double pack for only $50. Expect to hear a lot more news from us between now and release later this summer! In the meantime, please enjoy our trailer for the game!

Metro Redux on PS4

Metro Redux on PS4Metro Redux on PS4

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  • You had to sneak development kits into Kiev?! That’s the story I want to hear! Did it take stealth takedowns? :P

  • Nice! I haven’t played either game but they look good.

  • Give us pre load on this one, done deal.

  • Nice. I havent played this. Ill be picking this up. Release date?

  • PS3 version??

  • Will be getting day one! :D

  • Looking forward to this. Double pack in the flesh for me please.

  • Excellent pricing for digital content. Now if we can see new games at that price I will consider digital downloads a viable option.

    I already played these on PC, I wonder what improvements could be made since the PC versions were so incredible.

    • Huge improvements have been made, especially on Metro 2033. The game is essentially completely redone. Really hope you enjoy it!

  • XxSweetRevengexX

    Does it include all the DLC?

  • Original_Slumdog

    =D Sweet cant wait to play it thanks Sony and Deep Silver ^.^

  • What trailer? Link?

  • I’ve never played these games… Might grab these over the summer with the money I got from Target. :)

    Can’t wait to remote play them!

  • Dudley-Do-Wrong1

    GOTY 2014 calling it now! Watch dogs comes in second, destiny in third.

  • played both these games on the ps3…. dont really see a need to play them again.

  • @14 I thought Metro 2033 wasn’t on PS3?

    We’re missing the trailer link, though! Really pumped to pick up the two-pack here. Loving the critically acclaimed re-launches on PS4 since I missed a lot of amazing content in the second half of PS3’s main run.

  • Will this combo pack also include all of the previous DLC? I’m seeing quite a bit of varying “packs” on the Metro Wikia

  • Ah nvm… didn’t see #9… that’s awesome! A definite pick up for sure.

  • bababimmagaming

    cant wait for this game! personally played last light and LOVED it.

  • CrusaderForever

    Fantastic news! That is a nice looking box! I never played any of these so this will most definitely be a D1 for me. I have to rectify my mistake from last gen. Thanks for your hard work!

  • Never played it before, I shall be getting both upon release.

    • Really hope you enjoy the games. I know we have a slight bias, but we personally think they’re fantastic :)

  • Will the $50 pack be on PSN?

  • I definitely will pick up the boxed Redux. I enjoyed Last Light on the PS3 quite a bit, but I’m curios to see how much better it looks and plays on the PS4. Never got around to playing 2033 on the 360, so it’ll be nice to playthrough that game as well.

    • It’s important to point out that it not only LOOKS better, but since we revamped the gunplay and gameplay features it also PLAYS significantly better. Hope you enjoy!

  • AssaultMonkey150

    Awesome! I have Metro LL from PS+ on PS3, so I’m glad I can just buy Metro 2033 separately. I hear it’s a much tougher, resource hogging game.

    • The great thing about Redux is that you’re able to play 2033 in the same play style as Metro: Last Light, and vise versa! This way you’re able to play either game in the way that suits your own personal preference.

  • looking great graphics and more great price ! thank you for such amazing game & price diffidently going to get it

  • I read Metro 2033 a long while back (good book), and was so excited when they announced a game. I had a 360 for a short time(got traded for more tattoo work) just to play 2033, and I got Last Light day one. I love both these games, I can’t wait to see them on my PS4! Thank you for bringing the first game to Playstation.

  • One of the greatest FPS series ever IMO. I seriously loved Last Light.
    Everyone should pick this up on release as this is an amazing deal.
    What a great studio. I look forward to the next in the series.

  • I hear the DLC are riddled with glitches. Will those be fixed?

  • day 1 for me :) hope the stealth mission went ok. wont be impressed unless you got big boss rating though ;)

  • I knew if I waited long enough the time would come when I would get to play these two games. That time has finally arrived.

  • I love you guys. Played Metro 2033 back in the day and loved every minute of it. Brought my PC to its knees. I really enjoyed Metro: Last Light as well, and the DLC for that game was incredible. I especially love you guys for doing 1080p/60fps. AMAZING!

    Three Questions:
    1. Will you throw in some Developer Commentary for 2033 like you did with the DLC for Last Light. Loved that.
    2. For Ranger Hardcore mode, will you set it so that button prompts for QTEs and menus still show? I love not knowing my ammo count on the HUD and instead relying on your excellent work with the models, but not knowing what button to press in a QTE makes certain sequences needlessly obtuse.
    3. Will you use the touch pad in any way? Like using it to look closer at your gun’s magazine in Ranger mode to determine how many bullets you have left, or doing a quick look in your backpack to check on your filters and other reserves?

    Thanks for being awesome! Love your games, and will happily buy this and the next thing you guys put out.

  • I have some friends that don’t have PS4’s yet, is this an exclusive?
    Either way excited that I waited on these, now I can play them all pretty.

  • Good luck Deep Silver!
    Metro is a great series, and one of the best FPS of the last generation!

  • Wow, great news. Not only am I glad I held out on Last Light, but I’ve never even played a Metro before. I’m HIGHLY looking forward to the boxed set. Thanks!

  • It sucks hearing that the current political situation in the area is having some kind of impact on you guys. Your the second developer from the Russia/Ukraine area, that I have heard of that had some kind of issues. It makes me want to support you guys even more. I haven’t played picked up the games but looked forward to catching them this summer when they hit the PS4

  • Great news. Thanks for sharing. :)

    Normally I don’t play FPS’s on consoles because the narrow FOV gives me simulation sickness. But $50 for two games seems like too good a deal to pass up, even if I end up yakking all over my furniture.

    Just curious, how narrow or wide is the FOV in the PS4 versions of these games? I assume they’re not adjustable.

  • Great deal indeed, but why PS4 is lack of new and exclusive titles for the PS4 console?? and it’s needed to build and remastering old games??

  • Never played either of these before, but that trailer has me very interested. Thanks for bringing them over to PS4! I think I’ll pick up that boxed double-pack.

  • Great! I will sell my two Xbox 360 games and buy this consolidated enhanced edition! I barely got to play the games on 360. Yay for backlogs?

  • Played metro 2033 on PC, Perhaps PS4 would be great. PS3 version of LL was great. not sure I want to buy that one again. Thanks for bringing them to PS4 though.

  • YES!!! Can’t wait. I loved Metro Last Light on PS3 and always wanted to play Metro 2033. This is a day one buy for me. Any chance Metro Last Light Redux will include any of the DLC?

  • Metro on the PS3 was a lot better than I expected out of a random shooter in the Plus IGC.

    At 50$ I can’t see any reason I wouldn’t want to buy this double pack.

  • I’m going to pick these up because I’m a fan of the series, but even if I wasn’t I’d probably still grab ’em, if only to show support to a group of people who, considering the conditions, have to be pretty close to having the highest concentration of big brass ones in Eastern Europe.

    Seriously, smuggling dev kits? You guys are awesome.

  • I bought Metro: Last Light on a whim when it came out last year and it instantly became one of my favorite games ever. Probably one of the best stories in a FPS game in a long time. I can’t wait to pick both of these titles up for my PS4.

  • I was a huge fan of Metro on Xbox 360, and when I got my PC up and running I got it on that as well. When Last Light came out I was so excited to play through that as well. This is one of my favorite series of all time, and I look forward to purchasing the boxed copy and seeing the improvements on the PS4.

    One question though. Will Last Light come with all the DLC and the Ranger mode?

  • This is exciting… the Metro games always looked intriguing to me but I never did play them. What an awesome way to be introduced to the series… 2 games overhauled for next gen for just $25 each? Yes please!

  • Here’s 50 bucks, thank you for the games!

  • Count me in. I keep hearing these games are great. I don’t play PC games(except for the The Sims of course) but I played a little bit of Metro 2033. Didn’t really grab my attention.

    Still haven’t played Last Light (IGC backlog is huge), but I will still buy this on PS4 when it comes out.

  • EverythingOnFire

    Thank you SO much for doing this. I once owned 2033 for the 360, but never got around to playing it and then my 360 died. After Limbo, Deadly Premonition, and Mass Effect 1 made their way to PS3, I just couldn’t bring myself to purchase another 360 for a handful of games. I’m so freaking happy and excited right now. I’ve been holding off on getting a PS4, but news of this game just solidified my purchase. Can’t wait!

    PS- So sorry for all the trouble going on in your part of the world. I’m hoping for the best for all of you.

  • Thanks for the news. Now, a couple of things.
    1) I hope to find an incentive for Ps+ members and/or people (like me) who bought the season pass.
    2)For Ranger mode, I really REALLY hope you do something about Knock/reload button, considering that there’s no HUD at all (no problem with that) when i’m approaching my enemy in stealth mode there were many times that i got rid of my ammo (as you know THE WHOLE MAGAZINE) trying to knock them, please do something about it.

  • $25 for a remaster? Now THAT’S what I’m talking about! Great job.

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