Transistor Out Today, Listen to a Track from the OST

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Transistor Out Today, Listen to a Track from the OST

On behalf of all of us at Supergiant, it’s my pleasure to announce that Transistor is now available on PS4! Get it right here.

Want to know what you’re getting yourself into? Our new launch trailer will give you an idea:

Sometimes we’re asked “who does your trailers,” and the answer is: We do! Our trailers are important to us. Cutting a trailer means packing the atmosphere and feel of our game as tight as possible, to give you a strong impression of what we’re going for.

We think it’s important that our trailers complement our game with original content. This means creating a scene with original art and voiceover that could be taken from some of the gaps in the story. This way, whether you’ve never heard of Transistor or whether you’ve been eyeing its development like a hawk, the trailer will deepen your understanding of the world and its characters.

Speaking of trailers — a question we’ve been getting for over a year now is, when are we going to release the full-length version of the song from Transistor’s reveal trailer? The answer is… right here, right now!

The music in Transistor is a key part of the game, and an integral part of the identity of Red, the game’s main character. “We All Become” is just one of Red’s songs that you’ll hear in the game. Darren Korb and Ashley Barrett, the real-life musicians behind this track, have plenty more where that came from. I recommend playing the full game before listening to the soundtrack on its own since the music is so closely tied to the game, and I hope it’s just one of many factors in Transistor that you find interesting and well worth your while. All of us at Supergiant hope you enjoy the game!

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  • Do me a favor, folks. Make a collector’s bundle on your website for Transistor like you have for Bastion.
    Still in love with my poster signed by Jen Zee but wanna get my hands on some more goodies. If you’re up for suggestions on merchandise, a bunch of mini posters of the ones displayed in-game would be to die for!

    And thank you for the amazing game.

  • Transistor is available now on PSN!! Downloading now!

  • Bastion was an awesome game, glad to see that this one is showing promise as well.

  • Had no idea you were doing a physical CD for the soundtrack.


  • Woohoo! Take my money, Supergiant!. I have a feeling I will like Transistor even more than Bastion.

    Is it safe to listen to the track you shared, or should we wait until we have heard it in the game first?

  • I love Bastion and I loved the soundtrack to the game. I’m excited for Transistor. I must say that the quality of music for both products is beyond what many AAA game companies match. Bastions soundtrack had an earthy flavor to it while transistor’s seems to have an ethereal quality. I can’t wait to experience both the game and the music.

    I have a suggestion for Supergiant Games: Get a bunch of good musicians together and put out an album of music inspired by both Bastion and Transistor. I’d love to see what people come up with. For me the music of both products is as much a part of the experience as the game itself. I can’t say that with every game that comes out.

  • That track was great! Going to get a PSN card today and buy this game. I like how the sword reminds me of the Moonlight Greatsword, btw.

  • This looks like a great game Greg. I liked your editorial work at Gamespot back in the day. It’s good to see SuperGiant is putting out strong titles.

    Perhaps this is an old question, but is Bastion ever coming over PS-side anytime soon?

    • Thanks!!
      No plans for anything now other than supporting the launch of this game. We’ll see how it all shakes out and go from there!

  • I would gladly pay for this on the PS3, since I don’t have a PS4, but, since the choice was made for next gen only, I will have to buy it on Steam.

  • Any consideration into bringing this to Vita? Seems like the isometric and quasi-turn-based nature of the game would suit the Vita well.

    If not, a Bastion sequel/spin-off on Vita would be awesome because there’s a dearth of isometric action RPGs on the Vita!

  • Anyone know when this game is available on the U.K. PSN as it’s now the 21st of May here and there’s still no sign of the game?! :( Can’t wait to get it though!!!!

  • Well I had pre-loaded the game and I see that that option of playing it at 12:01 only applies to certain AAA games and that’s disappointing because it should be for every game I thought with this new firmware update.

  • I’ll be getting this game and I have a feeling I’ll be getting the soundtrack as well.

    Speaking of that it says the ONLY way to get the physical version is to preorder, Juts to be clear does that mean you’ll NEVER offer the physical version again? Just curious. The song “We All Become” may push me to get it anyway.

  • Simply amazing. Love the game. Don’t even WANT to play Wolf right now because of this. Beauty of a game. Combat system is insane. And that soundtrack, oh boy! Love it.

  • This game has to be a game of the year candidate. Instant classic!

  • Child of Light was easily Game of the Month for April. Transistor wasn’t even on my radar for May, but it certainly got my attention with all the positive reviews. I don’t think it will be better for me in May than Watch_Dogs or Mario Kart 8, but I am still glad I got it. Something unique and interesting to play until Watch_Dogs comes out.

  • No physical format, no sale.

    Tired of seeing consumer rights eroded just so companies can try and kill the used games market.

  • Another game dull child, and it seems that cellular garbage!

  • So much want.

  • This game got great reviews so i bought it. Maybe im being left behind in this video game world. Been playing since atari days, own every system you can imagine. Bought two ps3s long ago and bought two ps4s when they hit. Got the ps4 cause from what ive read game developers have an easier time making games, so on, so on…but whats going on? Anyone out there starting ti feel like the ps4 found a way to make app type games and sell them to us for $20? Transistor is alright. I expected a better game withh the reviews. Something bigger maybe for $20. Question. Why freeze battle to set up moves. Feels lame. Almost like they couldnt get the main char and weapon to fit the monster fights so they found a cheap and boring way out. Was this the plan? Or did you actually want to stop all action and force us to run around and do nada? Demo, then skip.

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