Transistor Out Today, Listen to a Track from the OST

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Transistor Out Today, Listen to a Track from the OST

On behalf of all of us at Supergiant, it’s my pleasure to announce that Transistor is now available on PS4! Get it right here.

Want to know what you’re getting yourself into? Our new launch trailer will give you an idea:

Sometimes we’re asked “who does your trailers,” and the answer is: We do! Our trailers are important to us. Cutting a trailer means packing the atmosphere and feel of our game as tight as possible, to give you a strong impression of what we’re going for.

We think it’s important that our trailers complement our game with original content. This means creating a scene with original art and voiceover that could be taken from some of the gaps in the story. This way, whether you’ve never heard of Transistor or whether you’ve been eyeing its development like a hawk, the trailer will deepen your understanding of the world and its characters.

Speaking of trailers — a question we’ve been getting for over a year now is, when are we going to release the full-length version of the song from Transistor’s reveal trailer? The answer is… right here, right now!

The music in Transistor is a key part of the game, and an integral part of the identity of Red, the game’s main character. “We All Become” is just one of Red’s songs that you’ll hear in the game. Darren Korb and Ashley Barrett, the real-life musicians behind this track, have plenty more where that came from. I recommend playing the full game before listening to the soundtrack on its own since the music is so closely tied to the game, and I hope it’s just one of many factors in Transistor that you find interesting and well worth your while. All of us at Supergiant hope you enjoy the game!

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  • i know it has nothing to do, but i’m really interested about PRE LOADING games, watch dogs comes out a week from now, how about a pre load ?

  • I absolutely love this song. The melody and the lyrics are really great. Music is so important in games. I’m glad to see a lot of love has gone into the Transistor soundtrack. Also the launch trailer is one of the bet I’ve ever seen. So glad I pre-ordered this game. Great job Supergiant! Can’t wait for the store to update later today.

  • No PS Plus discount for the first week?

  • How long until the store updates? I wanna play this now… ;)

  • Congratulations to you and your team, Mr. Kasavin. I’m a little bummed that Transistor wasn’t available to download at 12.01 for preorders, such as Child of Light was a couple of weeks ago, but a few hours doesn’t hurt, I guess!

  • Let me know when this game is at 10 bucks. 20 bucks is too high for a game like this.

  • How would the creative director of this game know about preloading watch dogs? ….my god, gotta love ppl who dont think before they type.

    This game wasn’t really on my radar like it seems to be on others, but this trailer looks slick!! Love the style of this game, Great music/vocals too..and again the trailer was very slick, this game’s strong style / attitude reminds me of Kill Bill / Run Lola Run in some ways..but definitely unique/new. Interested in playing it.

  • Is there a preorder bonus? :)

  • @ #6 wow, u can tell how much a game is worth before you’ve even played it or seen any reviews for it…..wish I was a psychic like you! ;)

  • Are you the same Greg Kasavin that used to do IGN’s video reviews? I remember watching a bunch of them back in the early 2000s done by a person with that name.

    • I worked at GameSpot rather than IGN but you are probably thinking of the right guy! Wanted to make games since I was a little kid and finally got a shot at it almost eight years ago. Still kicking!


    Thank you for bringing this to PlayStation!

  • Soon as I get home from work, I know what I’m doing. :)

  • I am dying to play this! How long until we get to play it?

  • It really stinks that Wolfenstein went live at midnight but this didn’t. Why did they pick and choose? By the time this goes on the store I will be at work and won’t be home until after midnight and will miss a full 24 hours with this beautiful game.

  • CrusaderForever

    Thank you Supergiant Games for Transistor! I am going to keep checking the Store not the PSBlog to see when Transistor is available. I cannot wait to get lost in this game. VRP FTW!! :)

  • @14 Agreed, this should have been released at midnight! I wanna play it so bad, lol..

  • So, I’m confused. No pre-order bonuses nor a pre-load. So why was it a good idea to pre-order this?

    I’m still going to get it and probably love the hell out of it, but I’m confused is all…

  • ……(cough) Vita , PS3………(cough) CrossBuy
    PS4 though……..ppffffttt.

    Eventually maybe, see you IGC.

  • Cant wait to get my hands on this and touch it, touch ALL OF IT!!! =)
    Being a European ps user and all I just had to preorder from the US store for 2 simple reasons…

    1) there was no pre order available in the EU store.
    2) I just couldnt wait not even one more day for this

    …but I expected it to have been available for download at 00:00 your time, about 06:00 my time! Imagine my disillusion when I woke up this morning and it wasnt there, just got back from work, its 16:39 here and still nothing, zero, ziltch …NADA!!
    Turns out I might as well have waited the extra day?! =/

  • @19 I did the same as you, I’m also from Europe. I think the US PSN store updates around 2pm EST or something. So just a few more hours to wait, hopefully.

  • @15 Well if it helps, Steam says it unlocks at 12 noon. So I would check then. Otherwise it will probably come with today’s store update at around 2-3PM CST.

  • @14 Unfortunately it isn’t up to Sony. I’m sure SuperGiantGames had a reason for releasing it this way.

  • If I didn’t play Bastion I might of been weary of paying 20$ for this on PS4. However, after how much enjoyment I got from Bastion I absolutely can’t wait to try this. Transistor has quite a high bar to jump over :-)

  • Justin Massongill

    Yay! Happy Transistor day!

  • After listening to the full “We All Become” track, it is taking all of my willpower to not immediately go listen to the full OST, but I know that doing so may take something away from the game. The music in Bastion was amazing, and I experienced it through the game.

    Can’t wait, guys.

    PS: Loved you on the Bombcast last week, Greg.

  • I pre-ordered Transistor last night. This game looks sick! *Wishes for Bastion on PlayStation*

  • This game looks interesting but i really wish it had a ps plus discount. Not sure i can justify $20 on this without a demo.

  • While I don’t have a PS4 yet, this will be one of the first games I buy when I do. Loving the soundtrack on Spotify.

  • Looking to read a few reviews before I click that purchase button. I picked up a $20 PSN card specifically for this game

  • I loved Bastion but this game doesn’t look appealing to me at all. Will wait for this one to come free with PS+

  • I need this on VITAAAAAAA!!!

  • @9

    I Can think whatever I want to me I would not pay more than 10 bucks for this game and I don’t mind waiting on a price drop. If you don’t like my comment I can care less.

  • Every time I see that sword i can’t help but think Thundercats! Wish I had a PS4.

  • I’m hearing from various reviews that this game is incredibly short (around 5 to 6 hours). That makes me very hesitant to spend $20. Really wish you guys offered a ps plus discount on this game. :(

  • Yes, I love that song so much. When they put up that trailer on PS4, I listened/watched it like 50 times again.

    Already got the game preordered. With FFXIV though, I don’t know if I’ll be able to play it right away. D: The MMO is stealing my life.

  • Reviews are live. 9’s and high 8’s. Definitely picking this up tonight.

  • The more I see and hear this game the more I want to play it. :)

    Any chance of a Vita version?

  • Congratulations on your second game launch. I hope you all enjoy the fruits of your labor and take a nice long vacation!

  • Too late. I bought this on Steam. Thanks Supergiant for making such a great game! If Sony wants me to buy games on PSN they can let us preload all of our preorders or update the store at midnight.

  • @32 lol whatever you want kiddo but you still can’t say the game is not worth $20 without looking like a joke because you have NO valid points to back your silly claims up about the games true worth yet. Don’t expect to come in here and claim what the game is worth and not expect at least one of us to laugh at you for thinking you know what the full game is. Reviews from people who have PLAYED the full game to the end can tell us about “worth”, not some random guy guessing at the worth of something without ever getting to see it past the surface.

  • Hey Greg!! I miss see you on a weekly/daily basis on Gamespot, hope your new job kicks even more ass!! I will be getting this tonight, and if Bastion ever made its way to the PS consoles I’d throw money instantly at that too (sorry no PC or Box here, and I’d rather not play it on my iPad).

  • ****Seeing you

  • Game out on steam., but not PSN…. :(

  • @36 ..and it looks like the reviews are in ;) Definitely getting this game, I’m a sucker for a game with style and love great music mixed into a game’s character / story as well. Never played Bastion but I keep hearing great things, so it’s time to play a game from this company! Great job guys.

  • Like the recent announcement of Child of Light Vita, I would love to see this game ported to the Vita. See if you can make it happen, SuperGiant. Vita owners are known for supporting indie developers!

  • @40

    3 and a half star review


  • Its ready to download!!!!!!!!

  • It’s live you guys! Get it via Greg’s link in the post and queue it for download, already chugging along on my PS4!

  • I preordered the Cd soundtrack yesterday:) I got the mp3 soundtrack for preordering the Cd. Cant stop listening to this track! Wish it was longer! Cant wait to play the game!!

  • @46
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