MLB 14 The Show Hits PS4 Today

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MLB 14 The Show Hits PS4 Today

Update: The PlayStation Store download issue regarding MLB 14 The Show on PS4 has been resolved. We apologize for any frustration this caused, and thank the community for its patience and understanding.

It’s been a little over a month since we launched MLB 14 The Show on PS3 and PS Vita. We’re gratified by the positive feedback we’ve received for new features like Quick Counts and Player Lock, and we’re blown away by the creativity on display in the new Community Challenges mode.

We recognize there’s a great deal of anticipation to see the next generation of The Show finally debut, and we’re proud to announce that MLB 14 The Show is available today for PS4. Already picked up the PS3 and PS Vita versions? You can carry over all of your saved progress; we know of some folks who’ve already pored dozens of hours into their Road to the Show character, and we want to make sure that none of that progress gets lost.

As you may know, one of our other big save-related innovations this year involves the ability for your progress this year to carry over into next year and beyond. We know it’s not something you can test now, but we’re confident you’ll love it when 2015 rolls around.

We weren’t content to simply port over this year’s game to PS4; our talented team has invested a great deal of work into this next-gen debut. This includes completely rebuilding all 30 MLB stadiums from scratch; textures are four times as large and environment polygon counts have jumped from 150,000 to more than 1 million. We’ve made advancements in countless areas: players are more detailed, down to the hairs on their face; fully rendered grass adds vibrancy to our grand cathedrals; a revamped lighting engine simply stuns, especially during night games; fully redone HD crowd audio leverages the vast resources of PS4; and much, much more.

Our goal every year is to capture as closely as possible, the excitement that takes place on the real world field and to show why baseball is the best sport in the world. So, as we gear up for MLB 14 the Show on PS4, take a look at our “Anthem” for MLB 14 The Show, starring Danny McBride as he explains why Baseball is Better.

Thanks for supporting us this year. We hope you enjoy MLB 14 The Show for PS4.

Welcome to The Show!

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  • You don’t save on hdd space like you did on ps3

  • Sorry to hear about all your troubles guys. I sometimes truly wonder what the purpose of these blogs are for. It never seems like anyone is actually moderating them. And it’s poor business practice to just ignore customers who are dissatisfied with a product or service.

    Seems like Sony really dropped the ball on this one. I hope you guys get some form of reimbursement, even if it ends up only being a $5-$10 credit.

  • yeah will be available at 3pm PST and 6pm EST a full 18hrs late…so unacceptable

  • Seriously? It’s bad enough the game selection for what is supposed to be the best system to date has been weak at best but to not have the show DL out when you say is just absolutely dishonest! I preordered for convenience so I didn’t have to buy the disc but this solidifies why buying the disc is the only sure thing. By the way why should the digital copy be priced the same as the disc copy. Sony should do a better job taking care of its customer base and at least communicate with us.
    Disappointed gamer

  • Never will preorder digital from Sony again. The lack of communication should be embarrassing.

  • to 45 yes you get a refund they say it takes 7-14 business days to process

  • Nicky-FISTS-Kell

    This is crap. Follow through with your end of the deal. We paid our 70 bucks to get the game at Midnight. 10.5 hours later, no game. #MLB14thenoshow

  • I find most gamers are very forgiving, we understand things don’t go as planned and issues pop up. A few words can go a long way, total silence just makes people uneasy and frustrated.

  • Dangisuckatgamin

    Pretty bad that this isn’t up yet.
    They had all night (even all of yesterday to prepare this)
    Xbox would have had this up (like all their store updates by 12AM EVERY NIGHT CT)
    (PS. just stating facts, owned a 360 for about 6 months and that was the only thing I did like about it as I buy mostly digital now)

    It really irks me though that they have all the time in the world to post other articles and not give us any answers.

  • Jesus Christ, people, calm the F down.

    They had technical issues and couldn’t meet the target. They weren’t happy either.
    Sh#t happens! Now it has been delayed for 24 hours.
    You’re gonna survive it and get it tomorrow.

    If you don’t want it anymore (digital), call Sony and maybe you will get a refund (PS Store credit).

    And a big LOL at the guy with the “Sony has to give each a 50$ credit” for free.
    Come back into reality.

  • Been up all night. Still, nothing. I still love you Sony.

  • Cripshay, people are pissed that sony throws up this blog post and is more or less keeping us in the dark as to when it’s going to be available. The only reason we have an idea it might be six on is due to people having to waste their own time on hold with customer service.

  • Just got off the phone with Customer Service.. He states that the game will be up before 7 EST. Whether or not this will be true remains to be seen.. Notifications will be delivered if Sony decides to give us any compensation on this unbelievable inconvenience. It is a shame that they have not released any statements on this flop, but if you are as frustrated as I am, and want to hear something from the “the man” give their support a call. Otherwise, this is my first and last “Day One Digital Download” completely unreliable. I’ll stick to Best Buy from now on..

  • Lol@ MLB:14: The “No” Show.

  • MLB:14: The “No” Show.

  • The funny thing is Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends launch went smoother and it didn’t even have day 1 digital. I could have been to best buy and back by now. Cripshay you can act like a troll but when Sony promises a 12:01 AM release and 10 and a half hours later its still not there, most consumers expect them to keep their word.

  • like most I am pissed off. someone has really dropped the ball on this one. thanks. i really enjoy waiting for a game i’ve waited way too long for!

  • Wow. I am home sick today and just logged on to the ps store and saw it was not available to download yet gamestop has it on the shelves. I’m reading several posts here, why don’t you guys collectively call sony demand a refund and go to the gamestop store and pick it up? For those saying “I wanted it 12:01am” your right, I get it. Make a stand and get your refund, go to gamestop.

    And to Sony, the lack of response is inexcusable.


  • Im with all of you that are disappointed. Yesterday I had 60 dollars in my pocket fully intending on buying the show. I completely planned on getting the hard copy until the whole preload feature entered my mind. I bought psn cash instead and bought the game on psn. Shortly after i realized preloading wasnt going to happen. I learned this will first be available with watch dogs. I then proceeded to stay up and wait for it in hopes of getting a glimpse before having to go to work this morning. As of 9:00 am central still nothing. It really is not right to get peoples hopes up and not deliver or comment. Sony knows gamers are passionate and are waiting for this yet they still dont communicate what is going on. Its extremely disappointing in my eyes, especially when i invest alot of time and money in their product. Get the basics down right before advertising all this next gen crap that i really could care less about such as share factory. Release the game when you said you would. Nuff said.

  • 7-14 business days for a refund and only PSN store credit

  • And sony will not refund your money, i have tried. They tell you to read the terms and conditions. Unfortunately this has happened to me before.

  • Chris, people have tried but were hit with the 7-14 day refund garbage. This is just bad business. Sony is better than this. I am extremely frustrated because I do not like people taking my money and then lying to me about when my product will be ready or not giving me any information as to where said product is.

    In life that is called scamming and stealing.

  • BloodshotMoon83

    @54… that’s weird…. it didn’t take them 7-14 days to take my money for a product that doesn’t exist…..

  • Very disappointed. This game was supposed to be available to me at midnight. It wasn’t, but that’s no big deal. Then I try again at 10:30 am and it’s still not available. Never downloading digital again.

  • yup that’s business now-a-days I got your money so I don’t care if the product is crap or if it even exists

  • All the negativity on the comments and some representing sony still won’t respond.

  • I honestly don’t care about a delay though. The lack of information is what irks me. I thought something was wrong until I came online.

  • why would they they have our money they don’t care if we are happy or not we paid them and the next big game we will pay them again they don’t care about negativity

  • I went out on a limb by preordering this from PSN, instead of my normal route of GameStop. This is how are we repaid? If I stuck with GS I would have received the in game currency and could be playing the game right now. PS should compensate all the folks that downloaded it digitally……

  • Seriously it is 10:55 est time and the game is not up yet I own a xbox one and I like ps4 over it but this will make me go back to xbox1 more often you guys let me down

  • Dangisuckatgamin

    You are wrong on so many levels.
    First and foremost posting rumors (That’ll be up in 24 hours) is ignorant.
    (I also checked twitter to prove you wrong, doesn’t say anything about “Delayed until tomorrow”, also states TODAY)
    So quit trolling.

  • At this point I almost hope it does not come out until tomorrow so I can hold it over Sonys head and fuel my hate towards pre-ordering and digital copies. This is good for gamers, it shows us that they are far to incompetent to go all digital. Same price, you get the game much later and you have nothing tangible. All the right reason to go all digital….

  • No Beasthunt Digital is the way of the future, and services like Steam have zero problem with any of it. Like I said I preorderd Dynasty Warriors on PS4 digitally and it was there when I woke up. Sony just really dropped the ball with this and its inexcusable that they have not said a word and are acting like nothing is wrong and the game is out.

  • I am very upset with Sony. They said it that MLB the show, would be available Wednesday morning at 12:01 AM. It is now 10 o’clock Central time and I still do not have a game to play. Sony really dropped the ball on this one. I should’ve just went to GameStop and what the mfing game. And the worst thing is that I don’t know when I will get my game. To pay $60 and be promised a game that never comes. I just want to play baseball, Sony, on my PS4, now! That’s what I paid for.

  • If they’re having an issue with MLB 14, I can only imagine what’s going to happen May 27th with the WatchDogs Digital Download.

  • I just got off the phone with Sony customor service they are having problems with there servers …. They said that they are working on it and trying to get the game out as soon as possible …. I’m disappointed but **** happens servers go down …. All I can do is wait and play something else until it’s fix….

  • “If we don’t respond to anything maybe they will all just go away”

  • Rob if you said “They said it that MLB the show, would be available Wednesday morning at 12:01 AM(today is Tuesday)” why are you still upset just wait an be patient…. must had a technical issue……did you call them and that’s what they said?

  • This is the last digital download that i will be getting. From now on, i will just go to Wal-Mart or Gamestop and buy the disc. This is ridiculous. I would have never purchased it in Playstation Store if i knew this was gonna happen. I think we all deserve a free $60.00 game for waiting, haha. But seriously, this is lame. Should be playing the game right now.

  • Anybody get the digital code from amazon will that work?

  • I seriously don’t understand what the deal is, I’m doing a live chat with them now. Just in queue, this is my 3rd digital pre-order and the only one I’ve had trouble with.

  • Hey all I had the same issue when I tried to download it for the PS3 last month. I got the PS4 disc this time. The game has to install even with the disc. I’ve been waiting for the PS4 version since I got the Playstation 4 back in November. I hope it’s worth the wait.

  • PlayStation give me 10% back I paid you didn’t Deliver

  • This bums me out. I ordered digitally in order to get some hours in before I have to go to work all week. By now I could have went and gotten the game from Gamestop this morning and began playing it. No big releases are gonna be digital in the future for me Sony.

  • I have always just gone to Game Stop or Best Buy to get a game or two. I decided, WRONGLY, to not get the disk game, but rather let PS just upload it for me. To that end I prepaid for MLB 14 The Show over a month ago and here I sit on release day at 10:30 in the morning and the Download button is more a decoration tormentor than an actual working anomaly. Dear PlayStation/Sony…You have screwed the pooch with this customer and I WILL NEVER use the PlayStation Store to pre-purchase a game ever again. I don’t care what you offer with it. I’m sure my paltry 200 training points or whatever the hell it was for pre-purchasing isn’t going to make me feel any better for having to wait, I’m sure, at least until the 7th of May to actually see the frikin game on my console. Disks only for me from now on. By now I would be well into my Double A career but instead I’m left with my “bat” in my hand…waiting…waiting…forever waiting……

  • Sony come on Brony!

  • BloodshotMoon83

    I’ve waited 20+ minutes on the live chat queue three times now. When I get close to the top of the queue I get:

    “Status: Canceled
    There are no agents available to chat with you right now. Please try again later.”

    No statement, no information, no accountability.

  • Got off the phone with sony at 1115. I was told it will be avail sometime between 1-4pst. Said that was unacceptable and asked for a credit to my psn wallet and was given a request number. Told it would take 3-5 business days.

    I then got in my car, drove two minutes down the road and bought the game. Even if sony doesn’t give a refund, I’ll just sell my physical copy on eBay or craigslist.

  • I Have been hung up on twice now with customer service. Tell me to please hold while they get a supervisor and then Click. Call ended.

  • Nice show…no show

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