MLB 14 The Show Hits PS4 Today

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MLB 14 The Show Hits PS4 Today

Update: The PlayStation Store download issue regarding MLB 14 The Show on PS4 has been resolved. We apologize for any frustration this caused, and thank the community for its patience and understanding.

It’s been a little over a month since we launched MLB 14 The Show on PS3 and PS Vita. We’re gratified by the positive feedback we’ve received for new features like Quick Counts and Player Lock, and we’re blown away by the creativity on display in the new Community Challenges mode.

We recognize there’s a great deal of anticipation to see the next generation of The Show finally debut, and we’re proud to announce that MLB 14 The Show is available today for PS4. Already picked up the PS3 and PS Vita versions? You can carry over all of your saved progress; we know of some folks who’ve already pored dozens of hours into their Road to the Show character, and we want to make sure that none of that progress gets lost.

As you may know, one of our other big save-related innovations this year involves the ability for your progress this year to carry over into next year and beyond. We know it’s not something you can test now, but we’re confident you’ll love it when 2015 rolls around.

We weren’t content to simply port over this year’s game to PS4; our talented team has invested a great deal of work into this next-gen debut. This includes completely rebuilding all 30 MLB stadiums from scratch; textures are four times as large and environment polygon counts have jumped from 150,000 to more than 1 million. We’ve made advancements in countless areas: players are more detailed, down to the hairs on their face; fully rendered grass adds vibrancy to our grand cathedrals; a revamped lighting engine simply stuns, especially during night games; fully redone HD crowd audio leverages the vast resources of PS4; and much, much more.

Our goal every year is to capture as closely as possible, the excitement that takes place on the real world field and to show why baseball is the best sport in the world. So, as we gear up for MLB 14 the Show on PS4, take a look at our “Anthem” for MLB 14 The Show, starring Danny McBride as he explains why Baseball is Better.

Thanks for supporting us this year. We hope you enjoy MLB 14 The Show for PS4.

Welcome to The Show!

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  • Super Excited! but the Day 1 Digital isn’t working yet.

  • Where was my preorder at 8:30 am eastern time this morning. I have to go to bed soon and work tonight for another 13 hrs I wanted to play a game this morning. Now I won’t be able to play till Wednesday. It said it would be available at 12.01. I’m very upset and I want you to know that. I could have gone to the store 5 min from me on the way home and played a few games by now. I won’t be pre ordering again. I’ll have to be there ready in the store from now on before I buy. Love the ps4 by the way just not this.

  • Yeah when? Those of is who preordered digitally still have nothing to show for it. This is the last time I go digital on your store. I’ve bought seven games digitally since I bought the system six weeks ago. The show was to be my eighth. But this situation with you all not being able to deliver is very poor.

    I stick with sony for two games. The show and metal gear. This is not good guys.

  • Ok, cool. We don’t have the digital pre-order available for us on the time that we were promised.

    And the worst thing is that you don’t even tell us or explain anything and that sucks.

    If there was more communication between you and the consumer bad things would be more understandable.

  • I’m very disappointed the game still isnt available at 9:15am. What’s the point in getting the digital copy? Its the same price as the hard copy and you cant trade it in if you hate the game. I’m never buying digital again. Maybe if its $40 or something but not paying $60 for something that i cant really do anything with.

  • Seriously? We’re all waiting for some sort of update as to why we cannot download the game, and you post this? All we want is an update. It’s been radio silence just about all morning. What’s going on?

  • We paid money for this and you all are not delivering the product by the time you specified. That almost sounds like thievery.

  • Why cant I download this game when i purchased the pre-order it said i could download any time after 12:01am wtf!

  • Sony needs all the money it can get at this point after seeing their latest financials. Everybody buy retail so Sony gets a smaller cut of the sale.

  • Boooooo

  • Wow! They had the nerve to post this knowing the digital Day1 version isn’t up yet? Sony you could have waited at least the digital version was ready :(

  • I stayed up until 1am last night to start downloading this because of the huge download file. The store advertised 12:01est on 5/6/2014. Not only did you blatantly false advertise now it will take forever to download the file with all of the traffic WHEN and IF it does show up. Day One Digital is obviously a joke. Thank you for the lesson.

    I NEVER pre-order or go digital. Thank you for reassuring why. This is laughable, at best.

  • Well miss my chance to pal this on launch day now. Have to got to bed get up at 5 pm and go to work till 7:15 tomorrow then come home wondering if the game will be ready for download by then. Thanks for the great release sony. (Sad and mad customer)

  • I’m very disappointed in Sony’s lack of response to this. I pre-ordered digitally so I could play the game before leaving for a work trip in the morning. I will never entrust Sony with pre-order again.

  • The big game I buy the system for and I get denied. I took the day off of work to be able to play it all day before the heat game. Looks like that isn’t happening.

    Thanks sony!

  • Disappointing that the game wasn’t available at the advertised time.

  • Hey where is the digital version and past 9 hours later and I can’t download it ?

  • Whine, Whine, Whine , that’s all what gamers do these days Ugh

  • One positive note on this release – dev Livingston’s almost-all-day livestream and Ramone’s live stream (until 6 AM Eastern!) Were very welcome and helpful in understanding the new features, and how the development team views The Show on a year-to-year basis. Thanks guys!

  • Boy anime, we gave our money to sony, some of us many weeks in advance. They told us a time. We are almost ten hours beyond that time with no communication. We have every right to complain.

  • This should read “MLB the Show 14 hits PS4, someday, when we say so, so get over it” I bought the game from Wal-Mart thank goodness. My friend from the other side of the country is waiting for the download to come out so we can play. Funny thing is he took a screen shot and sent it to me that said “download at 12:01 Est.” Glad I missed out on this crud.. I feel bad for you all that had faith in PSN store just to find yourself up at night for no reason.. Good luck on the diamonds all.

  • Yeah saying it’s up at a certain time and not to deliver without an update as to why is not cool. The least they could do is say why and apologize.

  • Here a idea for gamers, how about you go outside once in a while and get some fresh air..

  • Boyanime, video game or rotten food, a product is a product. Stop belittling customers who feel dissatisfied, it is their right. Last I checked you arn’t outside.. If you are, you’re still on a blog..

  • + MickeyPhree, Doesn’t give you the right to trash the game with bad ratings, that might scare off customers

  • Boyanime, where did I trash the game? I never said one thing about the games quality. I said it’s crap the way sony has stated when it was going to be available and it’s garbage Sony has not provided an update as to what the hell is going on.

  • My mistake was thinking Sony could handle digital preorders like Steam. You know…preloaded software with a timely release. Boy was I wrong! Almost 9am central and no download available. Shame on you Sony and the developers for false advertising. Even worse there’s little to no explanation why this is happening. Have a little transparency guys, you might settle some frayed nerves going on with your fan base (aka the PAYING CUSTOMER!) You have my money, where is my product???

  • I’m from Europe and a big fan of the series. I haven’t pre-ordered the game but still want to play it as soon as possible. Does anyone know any details about the EU release in the PS-store?

  • It’s not the developers fault. Ramone, the producer, has said it’s all Sonys problem. They deliver the final game and it’s up to sony to get it out to us customers.

    Sony have failed. You guys are pushing digital distribution. You are not doing a good job. When Nintendo says gives a time on their digital games, they at least deliver.

  • Sony specifically stated the game will be available at 12:01am est on May 6th on the digital order screen. From the sounds of it, the game wont be available until a bit later today. This game is almost Day 2 digital. I can see a lot of people being mad when they stay up late waiting for the ADVERTISED time for release. I was not one of them, but I use to be one of those midnight gamers. I would be ticked like many on this blog and dozens of the forum.

    Sony is trying to promote digital purchases,but this is not the way to do it on one of the bigger AAA releases (post launch). I just find it disappointing they have not come out and made and comments or hell even an apologized for this screw up.. Let’s see if the preload worked when sony see’s fit to release the game.

  • Great post eki.

  • Anybody from Sony have the stones to comment on any of this?

  • Yep looks like I’ll just be with the normal update tonight to bad I’ll already be at work by then and will have to wait till tomorrow to even start the download

  • this is what business in America has come to its now 9 hours after this hard time they promised I called they said youll get it when we fix our end might be tonight but prolly tomorrow and we will not credit you anything. I then asked for a refund they said that will take 7-14 business days. then he told me if I didn’t like it I could just get a laywer for false advertisement. great American business practice. we as a country used to have respect for people.

  • PreLoad seems to Have not worked. Canceled my Physical copy to go digital this will take forever to download in my area. Seems anyone who went preorder digital should get a $10 credit back as this isnt right. SO quite in here can hear a pin drop. Someone from Sony needs to make a statement for those of us whom went Digital just because of the PreLoad. Was suppose to be ready to play at 12:01am this morning.

  • Does anyone know if this game supports stereoscopic 3d or simulview? I like to play against my friends that way, but if the ps4 version doesn’t have it I need to keep my PS3 copy

  • it would cost them nothing to give like a free month for PLUS to everyone that preordered

  • Hearing that it will be six pm est from people who have called in to customer service.

    Completely unacceptable.

  • I herd the first pre load game is watchdogs

  • What amaze me the most is that we havent heard **** from sony… Not that they couldnt have given some update in the last 10hours or so…

    Thanks for the fail, this is sadly my last digital day one game… since i prolly wont be able to play it today due to D/L time.

  • @ #34 wow, if that lawyer statement actually happend, that is terrible and that person needs to be fired because that’s not good pr for Sony at all. I reserved a physical copy at GameStop because I want to conserve hard drive space, but I feel bad for everyone who preordered and are still waiting.

  • One reason i purchased the one day digital delivery was the fact that it would become available at 12:01am est on May 6th. I have slow DSL speed , and i liked the idea of starting the download at 12:01 am EST / 11:00 am CST, so that I would be able to play the game during the evening of the following day. Yes, I know I could go to a box store and purchase it, but certain games that I feel I will play a lot I like to have via digitally due to not having to put the disk in. I am going to go so far to say I will not purchase day one digitals anymore, but SONY, if you state that a game is going to be available at a certain time then make it happen. Don’t put times in and promote it if you cannot deliver! If you have a issue that makes it unattainable at the time you state, then post on your social accounts, blogs, etc that there is a delay so people can know. People that purchased should not have to take the time to call in, open tickets, etc in this day with all the media outlets you have available.

  • Why is this happening? $60.00 spent for this highly anticipated release, and nothing. Can the people at least be given a true statement as to what is happening? SMH with disbelief.

  • InfernoNine13 it said 12:01 on the preorder page when I purchased it.

  • Exactly Mickey! Absolutely unacceptable. If you advertise a product and people pay for said product, you deliver as advertised. Clear case of blatant false advertisement. Unlike others, I do not want any credit or discount. I just want the game I paid for and I will continue with my original plan to never pre-order or buy digital.

    Shame on me for breaking my code. Once again Sony, thank you for the lesson!

  • BloodshotMoon83

    Weak. Sony better be giving everyone at least a $50 credit for this joke. I’ve heard you can get a refund by calling…. I recommend it. With ZERO information from sony on their mess-up it could be a lot longer than a few more hours before it can be downloaded….. Go give Gamestop a boost — They at least have the game available when they say it will be.

  • Honestly, I should have went to gamestop or some other physical store. Yet, My first time pre-ordering something through the psn and it will be my last for sometime. Hopefully it will be automatically downloaded to my PS4 but i have a good feeling that’s not gonna happen. I learnt my lesson, maybe Sony will do something for those who order through the psn network.

  • BloodshotMoon83

    Reminds me of when Sony let their system get hacked and the PSN was shutdown…… no information from Sony and it cost them big time.

  • it Clearly stated that i would be able to D/L it at 12:01am EST. Thats 10 hours ago… still nothing and not a word from Sony

  • I know I’m waiting too just so you know all games do the full install weather you have the disk of digital it the same file size. Only difference is where it gets it’s data from the disk of the download.

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