God of War Collection Out Today on PS Vita

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God of War Collection Out Today on PS Vita

God of War defined the word “epic” like no other when it debuted on PS2 in 2005, introducing an iconic character to PlayStation fans worldwide — Kratos. Once the servant of Ares (who saved the Spartan General and his army from annihilation in battle), Kratos was tricked into murdering his family, forcing his metamorphosis into the “Ghost of Sparta.” Now, chained by the Blades of Chaos, Kratos unlocks the memories of his past, seeking redemption for his sins and vengeance against Ares, the God of War.

This is where the story of Kratos begins, a saga in which players will encounter a skyscraper-sized Leviathan, explore a twisted temple on the back of a massive Titan, decimate enemies with 100 hit combos with the mighty Blades of Chaos, and discover gaming moments that will stay with them forever.

God of War Collection Out Today on PS Vita

I’ll personally never forget “I am what the Gods have made me!” I’d like to think that line alone inspired a generation of gamers.

Now, it’s time to bring the legacy of God of War and God of War II to PS Vita, so that no matter where you are, you all can experience the two epic adventures that blasted the action gaming genre on PlayStation straight to Olympus.

God of War Collection for PS Vita brings the same level of full control to Vita. We’ve also added touchscreen control enhancements to environmental weapon interactions like catapults and opening doors, which happens to work great for opening chests as well. As you would hope, the same genre-defining graphics, gameplay, and narrative are a powerful experience on PS Vita, for those new to the franchise or those turning back the clock to play it again. Kitchen, bathroom, train, bus, a grassy field, the beach, at work, family dinner, backyard… wherever you are, Kratos will follow.

As an added bonus, if you purchase God of War Collection for PS Vita system via PlayStation Store, you’ll get the PS3 version for free via cross buy (and vice-versa).

God of War Collection VitaGod of War Collection Vita

Legions of fans worldwide have embraced Kratos and the God of War franchise and literally put our Santa Monica Studio on the map. We bow down to you and implore fans and newcomers alike to experience the God of War franchise on PS Vita — it’s one of many reasons to get one!

For all things God of War, visit our official God of War Facebook page or website, and follow us @SonySantaMonica on Twitter.

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  • I’m so grateful that my purchase on the PS3 allows me to get the Vita version for free. The Vita being my preferred platform. If crossbuy didn’t exist, I would have waited

    The graphics are not upscaled much from the PS2 game, but still look wonderful on the Vita screen. Don’t let the fullscreen screenshots put you off.

    Anyway, SMS has had nothing but love for the Vita. I’m looking forwards to hohokum.

  • Already a retail owner of all the God of War games but will have purchased this none the less. Hard to beat having these 2 games to play on the go and I like the sounds of the control scheme changes. Hope this means it’s the same across both as that’s one thing that bothers me when going back and playing the first game in particular.

  • So let me get this straight, I bought the PS2 originals, I bought the God of War Saga Collection, I bought GoW3 and PSP games already before then, and I have a Vita, and I still can’t get these games cross-buy on my Vita? Way to thank your hardcore fans.

  • Hey, uhm I live in Mexico, and The God of War Collection for PSVita, does not appear on the store AT ALL… Do you have any info on this?

  • Sad to hear about the lack of cross-buy for retail buyers since that means I would have to buy them again, but I might end up getting this on a sale. I never bothered to buy the PSP games again when they came to PS3 because I had already played them, but this ones intrigue me.

  • Kratos is a Greek mythology fanfic Mary Sue and his popularity is a sad commentary on the intellectual void America’s public school systems are creating of the nation’s youth.

  • I feel like I also have to the long list of complaints for not receiving the vita copy, I feel a bit cheated here. Even though I bought the ps3 version of sly, I have only played it on my Vita, it really made me appreciate the cross buy feature, I even looked at other cross buy titles for the vita and the selection is sorely lacking. I don’t believe you guys are directly responsible, but moreso Sony’s neither here nor there approach to a feature they once touted as a selling point. I hope you guys will be able to accommodate retail consumers or at the very least be a bit more clear with your marketing, seeing as I still own both games on my ps2, I could’ve easily held off a year or whatever the difference was.

  • rabidninjamonky

    @56 Thanks for the edumacation!

  • I own all the god of war games on ps3, ps2, psp. plus the origins and the saga collection. This is the first time i will not buy a god of war. i generally don’t comment and i am not really burnt by no cross-play. its whatever. those games are good, but old. why worry so much.
    totally gonna get the NEW god of war game still.

  • muhammad_raheel6

    Could we able to download GOW Collection from Play Station Store ?

  • I got God of War Collection 4 years ago, and for $16 never opened. I don’t expect cross buy 4 years later. I’ll get it on Vita when I get it, not gonna whine about it.

  • Nice :) unfortunately I’ve only Retail copies of all God Of War games :) but I will buy this one later

    Hoping for New, Unique God Of War game for PS Vita :) :)

  • Does anyone know how much space this requires on the Vita?

  • shibbydibbybibby

    @ morzul:

    3183 mb. the ps3 store will force DL of all 3 titles. vita GOW psn page IS stating it at 15gb+. i think thats to cover the ps3, not the vita vers. since the vitas is only 3.2gb (roughly)

    DL on vita a moment ago and trying to figure out the cross save feature, if any? it IS a separate trophy lists if anyone is concerned.

    i know i was.

    cheers! *clink*

  • shibbydibbybibby

    completely agree with anyone purchasing the GOW vita retail vers. not having crossbuy feature feeling burned.

    one of the very few(see: nonexistent) where the digital vers. gets crossbuy, while its retail vers. counterpart doesnt…..?

    and for a SONY title thats a bit strange.

    i was going to quadruple dip on this game regardless but lucked out with it being crossbuy. who knew?

    i got the 5 game saga for $15 a lil bit ago, even though gf bought the GOW hd 1&2 w/ controller bundle for me years ago. then there was the PSN sale (where for the right price i bit) for the digital vers.

    heres my thoughts…

    if you bought the recent vita retail vers. you deserve crossbuy. if you own any of the retail vers from well over 2-3 years ago, then no.

    the crossbuy feature was just made available due to the vita release. the retail vita GOW vers. definitely deserves it.

  • shibbydibbybibby

    its a slippery slope when deciding who gets what, im sure. but this one has definitely made me do a double take.

    hell, im still steamed we never got the UMD passport program that other regions got.

    still waiting for an official vita GOW entry. the remasters hold me over soo far….and pleeeease no ascension. leave multiplayer out of the GOW canon. forever.

    i thought CoO or GoS wouldve been the ones to get the vita treatment.

    reminds me how peacewalker never got it since “well, its still available to purchase as a psp title, so theres will be no vita vers.”


  • Though I still wish the price of the two PSP titles drops, I guess it’s a good thing they weren’t included in this because then I wouldn’t have gotten it free for already owning the digital versions of GoW1 & 2 HD. So cheers for that, Santa Monica!

    As for those whining about the retail version being cross-buy, it seriously baffles me. Having retail cross-buy years after the fact would be a logistical nightmare. They’d have to figure out a way to determine those who legitimately bought it versus those renting it. Then you’d have those who buy used getting it for half the price. Come on people, let’s think reasonably here.

    The digital version being cross-buy is a BONUS! When you bought the PS3 version, whether digital or physical, you didn’t do so hoping that the Vita version would be included for free – hell, most of you likely bought it before the Vita version was even announced. The lack of logic here astounds me.

  • PS. I would just like to throw my vote to those hoping for a native Vita GoW.

    When you use this as a indicator as to the desire for GoW on Vita, I hope you take into account “downloads” and not purchases so you don’t exclude those that got it for “free” via cross-buy. Aside from the attach rate of the Vita being super high compared to all other platforms, if there was a native Vita-exclusive GoW spin-off, I guarantee sales of the game would be through the roof, if not the highest selling Vita game of all-time. Especially considering how well-received the two PSP titles were.

  • Purchased!!! Pls throw in a GOW flash sale this weekend… I want to run thru Ghost of Sparta and Chains of Olympus before jumping on this bad boy!!! XD

  • Release this for PS4 PLEAAAAAASE PLEASE PLEASE! I would buy it the second it was released.

  • So I bought the original GoW and GoW2 on PS2 when it came out many years ago. In 2009 I bought the retail version of GoW Collection on PS3.

    And now everyone who bought it on PSN (probably most on a sale even) gets it for free on the Vita and I have to buy it again???

    Seems like the biggest fans get the worst deal out of this. :(

  • @DarthDavy79, did you buy the retail version of the PS3 GoW Collection thinking you’d get the Vita version for free? NO. So think of it as an added bonus to those that bought digitally and not you getting screwed. You got what you paid for.

  • israelpacheco89

    This is the third time I buy these games. Yes I am a sucker for God of War :)

  • who cares. these games have been re-released 98times. if you havnt played these games by now, you obviously dont care.


  • This is neat and awesome, I actually bought the God of War Collection digitally last year as I had the retail version years ago and wanted to own them digitally them retail.

  • @ 71 DarthDavy79 – Well said.

  • Yet again those who buy the games the day they come out (hard copy) at full price to support the studio get screwed. While you made others day you ruined mine

  • Seriously! This S*** really pisses me off sometimes. I have Gow I and II on PS2, all the PSP copies, GoW III, Assentions and both HD collections for PS3 and now Im expected to buy games I own and have already bought multiple times again so I can play on my Vita. BS!!!

    So just to recap:
    GoW 1 PS2
    GoW 2 PS2 CE
    GoW 3 PS3 CE
    GoW Ass CE PS3
    GoW Origins HD PS3
    GoW Collection HD PS3
    Chains of Olympus PSP
    Ghost of Sparta PSP
    All day one purchases
    Hell I even have a set of the blades of choas replicas, and the Kratos Mask. – not sure if I should be proud of this one???

    There needs to be a way to fix this….

  • Why are some of you acting so hurt?… I don’t get it… People act like they are forced to buy a game for the second or third time. If you don’t want to pay for the game, don’t buy it.

    The self-righteous sense of entitlement people have, and this dates right back to the very first HD Remasters on PS2 (funnily enough God of War 1 and 2)… that because they bought a game years ago on PS2 they should get automatic upgrade…. and even more so because they bought a game several years later as a PS3 HD Remaster.

    These Vita ports as a free ‘gift’ is a bonus to those who bought the PS3 versions digitally because it is the only reliable way of verifying that you already own the game. Unless developers can go down the route of (was it) Playstation All Stars where a disc can be used once to link a digital Vita version.

    How do you think the people at Sanzaru Games and Bluepoint Games earn their wages?… By working for free so you don’t have to pay for several different versions of the same game on different consoles?

  • On a happier note, I have bought it again because I think PS2 remasters are the best thing the Vita has going at the moment, and it looks like will be for some time… I’d rather relive old memories on a handheld while watching TV then play them on the TV instead of PS4 anyway..

    Unfortunately (for me) I have the PS3 version on disc, because as a general rule I only buy disc version on PS3 and PS4… I did however download Sly for PS3 because the trilogy was really cheap on special one week, so I did get that one for free on Vita… You win some, you lose some… I’m just happy that at least some of these games are cross-buy..

  • @kiwiatlarge:

    Because I want the game on my Vita, and because of arbitrary rules, people who care the most about the games are getting a worse deal than some people who bought one collection.

    Just to reiterate, this is an issue of unfair policy that gives some buyers of GoW on PS3 the crossbuy feature, but not everyone.

    Also, this doesn’t concern digital vs. disc, because you get the crossbuy feature if you have the original HD collection disc, just not the Saga collection.

    Finally, these developers make their money because they are being paid upfront for their work. They aren’t paid solely (or at all) from royalties. It’s in the best interest of whoevers in charge to not alienate consumers, by giving some people arbitrarily worse deals when they could be the most dedicated fans.

  • Why is the quality so bad. If Sony doesnt want to do a decent job.. then they should not bring ports to Vita at all. COD, Resistance, Jak, God of war all are sub-par. The port is terrible. menus, cut scenes etc all look worse than PS1. No point bringing so many bad ports, it would be better just to have one or two quality titles.

  • i understand that you did a great job, but some people are saying that in the god of war collection on the ps vita the graphics are not as improved as they supposed to be and in some areas they are worst than the ps2, is it true?

  • i understand that you did a great job, but some people are saying that in the god of war collection on the ps vita the graphics are not as improved as they supposed to be and in some areas they are worst than the ps2, is it true? I want to be informed before i buy it :P

  • Why is there no cross-save feature? Can that be added soon?

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