God of War Collection Out Today on PS Vita

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God of War Collection Out Today on PS Vita

God of War defined the word “epic” like no other when it debuted on PS2 in 2005, introducing an iconic character to PlayStation fans worldwide — Kratos. Once the servant of Ares (who saved the Spartan General and his army from annihilation in battle), Kratos was tricked into murdering his family, forcing his metamorphosis into the “Ghost of Sparta.” Now, chained by the Blades of Chaos, Kratos unlocks the memories of his past, seeking redemption for his sins and vengeance against Ares, the God of War.

This is where the story of Kratos begins, a saga in which players will encounter a skyscraper-sized Leviathan, explore a twisted temple on the back of a massive Titan, decimate enemies with 100 hit combos with the mighty Blades of Chaos, and discover gaming moments that will stay with them forever.

God of War Collection Out Today on PS Vita

I’ll personally never forget “I am what the Gods have made me!” I’d like to think that line alone inspired a generation of gamers.

Now, it’s time to bring the legacy of God of War and God of War II to PS Vita, so that no matter where you are, you all can experience the two epic adventures that blasted the action gaming genre on PlayStation straight to Olympus.

God of War Collection for PS Vita brings the same level of full control to Vita. We’ve also added touchscreen control enhancements to environmental weapon interactions like catapults and opening doors, which happens to work great for opening chests as well. As you would hope, the same genre-defining graphics, gameplay, and narrative are a powerful experience on PS Vita, for those new to the franchise or those turning back the clock to play it again. Kitchen, bathroom, train, bus, a grassy field, the beach, at work, family dinner, backyard… wherever you are, Kratos will follow.

As an added bonus, if you purchase God of War Collection for PS Vita system via PlayStation Store, you’ll get the PS3 version for free via cross buy (and vice-versa).

God of War Collection VitaGod of War Collection Vita

Legions of fans worldwide have embraced Kratos and the God of War franchise and literally put our Santa Monica Studio on the map. We bow down to you and implore fans and newcomers alike to experience the God of War franchise on PS Vita — it’s one of many reasons to get one!

For all things God of War, visit our official God of War Facebook page or website, and follow us @SonySantaMonica on Twitter.

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  • I’ll be playing it as soon as the delivery truck arrives with it today! It’s a birthday present to myself. XD

    • The reminds me of the scene from Bowfinger when he is waiting for the FedEx truck to arrive

  • Think you could make GoW Chains of Olympus/Ghost of Sparta cross buy as well? Whether it be the PSP version or HD version it would be nice. Especially for those who get GoW Saga with the two as a voucher.

  • Nice, something new to add to my Vita. If only Apotheon was a Vita exclusive as well :-)

  • So if you own God of War 1 and/or 2 digitally on PS3, you get access to the Vita versions for free via crossbuy? Awesome!

  • I have the PS3 retail version, no cross-buy for me? ;_;

  • So I bought the God of War Saga collection on PS3.. Does this make me eligible for cross buy?

  • @Aaron Kaufman

    Hello. One of the things I didn’t like about the PS3 collection was that the save system was like that of the PS2 games: 4 slots confined in a single save file, with no way of deleting any particular slot. I wish you guys would have done a better job at that. Will this Vita version retain the same old PS2 save system? Thanks.

  • I really hope this works properly, the frame rate for the last two ports were so bad.

  • I have to check into this quickly I just may have this for my PS Vita as well.

  • Wait, wait, wait… If you have the PS3 versions via PSN you got this ones too, right? But if you have the retail versions so you get nothing? omg… What is the message here? I have all my GoW games in retail versions because I want to conserve it in my collection and you just kick sand on my face because I supported you all this years and made the mistake of buying it retail? It is so unfair, I always supported you guys but I felt betrayed… Shame on you.

    • We hear you, unfortunately this only applies to the Digital version for Cross-Buy. We’ll take the feedback but cannot promise this will be possible.

  • God of War Collection for PS3 costs more than God of War Origins Collection and God of War Ascension on the Digital Playstation Store!!! Please adjust the prices.It even costs more than God of War III at Retailers! C’mon Sony, do something about older titles, their prices are ridiculous. Thx.

  • thanks, coool game

  • Origin Collection should be cross buy or at the very least have remote play. The got collection for the PS3 AT LEAST HAS THAT

  • CrusaderForever

    @1 Happy Birthday! A very nice gift. I just beat GoW I – II – III and they are some of the best gaming I have had on the PS3! I am hoping for a GoW IV announcement at E3. I still own GoWA that I haven’ t played yet. I will pick these up at a later time since I just went through them.

  • Just bought the retail version. I will always prefer physical copies because I keep all my games just like my baseball cards and comic books. That’s a cool deal for the people who bought the digital version on the PS3. If you guys ever make a Vita version of the Origins Collection with trophies I will buy it also.

  • Cross Save? Sucks that I have to buy the Vita versions since I own them on Disc. If memory serves the option for day one digital was not available for this collection. Way to screw early adopters.

  • I’m torn. I really want this, but I’m baffled the two PSP titles aren’t included via voucher codes. Even if it was a pre-order/week-one bonus, I’d snatch it up, but it’s ridiculous that they’re still full price so many years later. PSP games should be $5 tops.

    • That is debatable, but the feedback is respected. We announced this product at E3 last year as well.

  • I love cross-buy and God of War…would have been nice if owners of the disc versions could get in on some of that sweet cross-buy action.

  • Hope you guys give Sanzaru props for putting the games on Vita. They did a great job.

  • Yeah finally I bet PS4 owners are dying to see this on their console.waiting for my retail order as we speak :)

  • I see GoW 1 still has the stretched HUD. Am I to assume the pre-rendered cutscenes are still zoomed in and horrible looking? Seriously, the GoW 1 HD version is terrible, Bluepoint has done much better work since then. I find it lazy of Sony not to fix this in a patch. The GoW 2 port is good though, most likely thanks to the original game featuring widescreen support.

  • Man, I am SO PSYCHED to hear that GOW Collection is cross-buy between Vita and PS3. I bought both games digitally for PS3 over a year ago during a sale that Sony was having, but have not had the chance to actually play either of them. I will DEFINITELY get to them now that I can play them on the go on my Vita! I certainly can understand the frustration of those that bought the Collection on a disc. I just don’t know how Sony could rectify that situation. I’m sure the disks don’t contain a mechanism for unlocking the Vita collection on the PS Store if you insert the disk into the PS3 (couldn’t have considered that back when the PS3 Collection was made). Sorry to those that only own the disk version…but I’m still pretty stoked!

  • Seriously was upset that I missed the Ascension Sale.

    God of War has of have been one of my favorite titles for PSP (Vita).

  • Should you have given it to those that bought l and ll for PS3, would make you the greatest asset Sony has for must have game developers.

    I may not ever get to play it bigscreen with kids, so seriously……..nice job.

    • If you bought the PS3 Collection digitally, you can get the Vita cross-buy FREE.

      God of War: Ascension has been out over a year, where ya been champ? I am sure we’ll have a sale for it again in the future.

  • Btw guys you can download the game now.

  • Could i just say again O my GOD, you seriously brightened my day.

  • AssaultMonkey150

    Any PS+ discount on this one? I find it hard to buy first party games, especially vita ,since they tend to go free or heavily iscounted at some point….

  • What if I got God of War 1 and 2 HD separately? Does CrossBuy still work?

  • Heading to the store after work to get it

  • Saw Wario64 tweet out that it was free. I never purchased the collection before, so it was a nice little find to be able to download it on Vita.

    I tried doing the same with my girlfriend’s account on another memory card since she was at school, but it was fixed by the time I had it set up. Which is fine, considering it wasn’t meant to be free in the first place, heh.

  • God of War IV for the PS4 PLEASE!!!

  • THANK YOU for doing Cross Buy. Was not expecting this. As someone who purchases everything digitally I am very happy!

  • there needs to be some advertisement for this.

  • Do the trophies transfer over like sound shapes? I’m guessing not..

  • GOW4 for PS4!!!

  • Why not god of war 3? =(

  • If I bought each separately for PS3 is there are way to get this for free too??? Can you put on the store each game for the VITA separately too please? :)

  • rabidninjamonky

    Thanks for making this crossbuy. I played GOW collection for PS3 about 2 years ago and was blown away. Kratos is one of the best video game characters ever! I can’t wait to play this again on vita, I just have to decide what to delete from my memory card this time. I hope Sony addresses vita’s horrible memory card prices at E3. A 128 mb memory card for about $100 would be better news to me than (almost)any game announcement. Just do it Sony!

  • Oh wait its cross-buy?…does that include owners of the retail version?…….please say yes,I wanna see these masterpieces on the god-like OLED screen….btw that cover art ain’t right….why put the cover art of GoW 1?…should’ve been the same of GoW collection on PS3.

    PS:Do not make a GoW for PS4 ever…as much as I would like to see the insane technical marvel that a GoW on PS4 would be….please dont do it…instead..a GoW for Vita is very welcome.

  • Thank you for bringing this to Vita. And it is a cross buy for digital copy owners. Yayy. I am confused as to why people are asking if retail versions are cross buys. The discs were not embedded with a code (like Sly Cooper for example). The PS3 retail copies also cost next to nothing (especially the used copies). I could see a lot of abuse if retail discs were a part of this program. I don’t have the digital copy by the way, I was one of the people with the retail copy. I like how people still look for reasons to complain. I am happy to see this on the Vita and will be purchasing it. Thank you again.

    • Thanks for clarifying for everyone else. It’s certainly not intentional on our part, we did understand there would be some backlash with retail players. Tough to appease everyone, but it’s a nice perk for a digital purchase.

  • Are rumors about Ratchet and Clank PS Vita Collection true? Please say yes. Also, I would love to see and Ico/Shadow of the Colossus Collection. Technically, you can play it via PS3 remote, but it is not the same. Keep up the good work.

  • These games actually play quite alright in my system. Been enjoying them while waiting for MLB14 The Show to 100% install.
    Not bad at all for a collection, and its got them trophies!

  • Is this a shared trophy list with the PS3 versions of the games? If not, I’ll buy it right now (because more trophy lists can never be bad for single player games).

  • When I check this game out in the store it tells me I can’t DL or buy it because I already own GoW 1 and 2 HD on the PSN…

  • oversevethousand

    I’m genuinely shocked there aren’t plans to do the PSP Collection that the PS3 got as well – I can only hope the reason is because an original Vita title is in the works instead.

    Anyway, no cross-buy for retail owners? Ah well.

  • I’m having the same issue as @Boomstickbhg #44. I guess I’ll send a message to support.

  • I download and the following message appeared.
    ”You are not purchase this product the following reason: You already own”
    And I can not download

  • Just wanted to know if he GOW Collection cross saves as well like most of the resent vita games?
    Or is it one same for the Vita and one save for the Play 3?

  • Trying to download GOW collection on Vita, i already own the PS3 version & i can’t do that… any advice?

  • I own the Saga (and the original discs for ps2) :””””(
    no cross buy of me :”””””(

    so sad

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