PlayStation Plus: Stick it to the Man and PES 2014 Free for Members

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PlayStation Plus: Stick it to the Man and PES 2014 Free for Members

Tomorrow, PlayStation Plus members get two very different types of games – Stick it to the Man on PS4, an adventure game with platforming elements mixed in, and PES 2014 PS3, the latest entry in Konami’s venerable soccer series.

Stick it to the Man boasts a bright, animation-inspired aesthetic and witty dialogue. You’ll navigate puzzles as Ray, a normal guy with a completely average pink arm sticking out of his head. The extra appendage allows him to see other people’s thoughts and grab stickers from their brains.

On the other hand (get it?), Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 on PS3 features Konami’s revamped FOX Engine, placing more of an emphasis on ball movement via a new physics system and improved player AI. “GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLL…kick.” I had a soccer coach who used to do that all the time. It was annoying.

You can download Stick it to the Man and Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 after PlayStation Store updates tomorrow, May 6th.

Plus - Stick it to the Man

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Stick it to the Man (PS4)

Free for PS Plus members

Stick it to the Man
On an ordinary day, hard hat tester Ray has a bizarre accident and wakes up with a giant pink spaghetti arm sticking out of his brain, giving him extraordinary mind-reading powers. Ray can suddenly change the world with stickers, transforming his paper universe by tearing it, folding it and using the crazy stickers he finds (along with his awesome new powers) to solve mind-boggling puzzles! Sadly, Ray doesn’t have much time to get to grips with his new-fangled psychic abilities. Instead, he’s on the run from ‘The Man’ for a crime he didn’t commit. Can you help Ray out of this sticky situation?
Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (PS3)

Free for PS Plus members

PES 2014
Experience a whole new ball game with KONAMI’s PES 2014. The stunning new FOX Engine has been combined with a revolutionary soccer system that puts the ball at the heart of the action for the first time. Every element has been rebuilt and now features all-new physics systems, custom team and player AI and a huge leap forward in animations and atmosphere.

PlayStation Plus: Discounts

Activision Sale

Title Plus Price Reg. Sale Price
Cabela’s African Adventures $17.99 $19.99
Cabela’s Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts $17.99 $19.99
Fast & Furious: Showdown $17.99 $19.99
Prototype $13.49 $14.99
Prototype 2 $17.99 $19.99
Prototype 2 Colossal Mayhem Pack $2.69 $2.99
Prototype 2 Excessive Force Pack $2.69 $2.99
Prototype 2 Radnet Access Pack $6.29 $6.99
Prototype 2 Ultimate Bundle $22.49 $24.99
The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct $17.99 $19.99
Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron $26.99 $29.99
Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron – Dinobot Destructor Pack $6.29 $6.99
Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron – Massive Fury Pack $6.29 $6.99
Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron – Multiplayer Havoc Pack $6.29 $6.99
Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron Ultimate Edition $40.49 $44.99
Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen Maps And Characters Dlc $8.09 $8.99
Transformers: War For Cybertron Map And Character Pack #1 $2.69 $2.99
Transformers: War For Cybertron Map And Character Pack #2 $2.69 $2.99

Other Plus Discounts

Title Plus Price Reg. Sale Price
Bit.Trip Presents… Runner2: Future Legend Of Rhythm Alien $7.99 $9.99
Hakuoki: Stories Of The Shinsengumi $27.19 $39.99
Titan Attacks! (PS4) $10.79 $11.99
Titan Attacks! (PS3) $10.79 $11.99
Titan Attacks! (Vita) $10.79 $11.99

PlayStation Plus: Last Chance

Last Chance (Leaving on 5/13)

Instant Game Collection
Bioshock Infinite (PS3)

Hakuoki: Stories Of The Shinsengumi
Cabela’s African Adventures
Cabela’s Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts
The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
Fast & Furious: Showdown
Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron
Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron Ultimate Edition
Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron – Dinobot Destructor Pack
Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron – Multiplayer Havoc Pack
Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron – Massive Fury Pack
Transformers: War For Cybertron Map And Character Pack #1
Transformers: War For Cybertron Map And Character Pack #2
Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen Maps And Characters Dlc

If you’ve got feedback on today’s Plus update, make sure to vote in the poll and leave a comment below. To discuss all things PlayStation, including this update, you can also head over to the PlayStation Community Forums where you’ll find topics you can contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself.

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7 Author Replies

  • @99

    BUS 101 tells you price can create or spur on demand. How many people will buy those overpriced games not many which equals little profit. Lower the price to $5 and we’ll all buy them never really get around to playing them and increase our backlog but they would get the sale and my $$$$$.

  • I see that a lot of people are confused by the term “regular price”, again. I don’t know why the blog team continues to use such a misleading term, even after we keep telling them it is confusing. To the whole English-speaking world, “regular price” means the usual price before any discount. To Sony, “regular price” means the sale price, after discount; “Plus price” means the sale price for PS+ members. The actual price before discount is not shown in the tables at all.

    Sony, please change “REGULAR PRICE” to “SALE PRICE” to avoid confusion.

    Having said that, the sale prices still suck, insulting even.

  • Wooooo a whole 2 dollars off love seeing my PS Plus giving me my moneys worth here. Nothing for me this week.

  • Oh people only know how to complain ! I wish my comment could be read by all the people complaining about PES 2014 ! Its a great gaming and its a perfect timing now that the World Cup is coming ! If you dont like it just dont download it.

    On the other hand ! Thanks Sony for keep coming the great games im really glad with PES so dont let the comments of a few discourage the intention of exploring new games !

    ( Not native english speaker so sorry if theres any mistake ! )

    BEYOND !

  • Will there be another Final Fantasy sale anytime soon? I missed the last one.

  • In response, i have 2 ps3 systems. Both can be set under my account as master so my wife can benifit from just i having a ps plus account. But i also own two ps4 systems. Ps4 does not allow 2 master accounts for the same psn user. So we are forced to get another plus subscription just to play online together. Our tvs and systems are 5 ft. From each other, but eqch need a plus. So yes, for every week the store dishes out this junk (which i have played all and platinum the stupid merc kings and zombie apoc on the ps3 long ago) i get let down times 2. Swear they dont have digital diablo 3 cause they want to make full money off the bigger edition coming soon. I swear it. God i love sony and playstation everything. Look me up. I play it all.

  • I’m actually glad you guys went with Stick it To The Man for the Free Game this month and not Daylight… We already got Outlast… So yeah, that and MLB the Show tomorrow… Trying to finish Child of Light until then… Great month! And then Bound by Flame!!!

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ GummyCore

    Yes, the sales are a lot greater than people are realizing.

    I don’t know whose job it is to manage those lists, but all he/she has to do is either:

    1. Change the prices in the “Regular Price” column to the actual regular price.

    2. Change the title “Regular Price” to “Sale Price”.


    3. Add a third column and have all 3 prices listed – Regular Price, Sale Price, and Plus Price.

    Any one of these will do. It would cut down much of the unnecessary complaints.

  • Titan attacks, is that new and cross buy? PS3,Vita, PS4 owner here,

  • It seems as if Sony are determined to make sure that I stop buying physical games. At least half of my PS3/Vita library that I own physical copies of has wound up being insanely discounted on the PSN. This week, it’s Prototype 1 and 2.

    This usually winds up the same way; I buy the game and enjoy it, then within a few months, it gets dropped down to around 75% off what I originally paid for the disc/card, and I wind up trading in the physical copies at GameStop so I can buy the digital versions instead.

    I’d rather have a mostly digital library, anyway. But, damn. I should really just not buy any games from a brick-and-mortar store anymore. I should also upgrade my HDD to at least 1TB.

    One of the best years ever for the PSN, hands down. Even with the glut of indie titles. The value of the AAA titles you offer discounts on SMOKE the “value” of the parade of Android ports you constantly add to the IGC. Moar discounts. Less indie shovelware.

  • Dumb

  • Oh yeah people saying “Wow so tired of that FPS games so good to have a football to fresh the industry”
    Then buy a annual sport game..


  • PES 2014, awww yeah.

  • @KiLLjoY-42481

    While not a perfect solution if you both use both PS4s, it should work if your wife only/mainly uses one of the two.

    You have PS+, She does not
    You set your account as the main on her PS4
    You sign in when you use your PS4

    This should allow both you and her to access your PS+/purchased games on her system, and only you to access them on your system.

    Like I said, not perfect, but maybe it’s an option for you in the future.

  • I knew we were gonna have a slow week the moment they announced the golden week sale and flash sale.

    Atleast try to have some consistency eh? Oh well I’m still enjoying Persona 4 Golden from last weeks sale. If anyone is on the fence about this game, buy it. It will change your life.

  • I guess it’s cool to see some sport enter igc but soccer isn’t for me. Super excited about playstation now wondering if plus will factor into that also if I own a game that will be on now do I have access to that. Hard drive space is a currency that weighs heavily into my purchase decisions. For example I’ve only never played Catherine because of its ten gig price on my hdd. Games I can afford with money often times get neglected due to no having enough gigs. Now is beyond appealing to me.

  • Here in Mexico we are just in plain suffering because they take us out PES14 and over there in the US you guys don’t want it, crazy.

  • When Limbo comes to the Instant Game Collection this month can you please make it available for the PlayStation 3 as well? I’ve been wanting to experience this game for quite some time. Pretty pretty please :)

  • Just. Release. Skullgirls.
    Soccer sucks, Stick it to the Man looks okay from what I’ve seen on PC, but come on. Why hold all the good stuff until the end? Make it an awful game (because we all know that they will NEVER give out two good games in a week) and a good game at the same time.

  • @bajor27 thanks for the help. But the ps4 clearly has a bit to go. I ran my account as master on her ps4. Then ran my system as a sub. But everytime sony has a network issue, im locked out of my games. I kept it set up that way so when i buy games on my account, we both play. It was fine through mgs ground zs, infamous 2nd son and even for spidey. But when we go online to pkay together we need different accounts, since you have to pay to play online, we have to get ps plus twice over. Sony has told me that in the future the os4 will allow multiple master accounts under one psn id. But im thinking dont hold breath, ps3 does it cause online is free, who cares who owns what? Sony doesnt lose money. But if on the ps4 i tan two master accounts, then my wife wouldnt need to get the plus and sony losses money. Love sony, but sony will never make ps4 accounts have multi master. Thanks for support.

  • Fast and Furious:Showdown and The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct were both such cruddy games. $17.99 REALLY???? Even so they both are better than a free soccer game.

  • This weeks sucks.
    I hate soccer games.
    The Activision sale is ludicrous.
    But i don’t care, i’m totally into Persona 4 Golden edition.

  • I’m excited for PES. Dont worry about the ingrate children complaining on here. More like that please.

  • sorry but what an awful update a boring soccer game and a pile of crap from activision,

  • Yearly sports games suck even more than Activision sales. Keep that in mind for the future, Sony.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    They changed “Regular Price” to “Reg. Sale Price”.

    That’s better. :)

  • CommandingTiger

    Here’s a few things to can do to improve the Share Factory.

    -Allow content for an hour long.
    Although I’d never make an hour long video, it would allow us to edit more video and allow us to trim them easier.

    -Allow unlimited commentary.
    Of course, we’ll be able to edit them. If we could trim out and delete some portion of commentaries and then combine some, all the better.

    -Killzone Shadow Fall Theme, Driveclub Theme, Uncharted Theme, The Last of Us Theme.

    -No restriction on Themes (allow us to use just any transition, fx and clips).

    Thanks, it’s great!

  • I don’t get why people are complaining. It’s nice to have variety in the IGC, and although great open world games like Infamous 2 and Arkham City are always appreciated, I personally have felt some of the best and interesting titles from plus have been games in different genres. Whether it’s racing games like Grid 2, arcade games like Galaga Legions DX, or now a sports game like PES, I know i’m going to play and enjoy my time with these games that I previously would’ve never even touched.

  • For those complaining about a soccer game… just let me remind you that Plus is for ALL america, so the rest of the continent will be glad to receive a Soccer game for free… Almost every country in America loves FUTBOL!!!! just for one month stop crying… !!

  • Forget my commentary…. I just realize that the rest of America… isn’t getting PES 2014… SONY you really suck this time… WHY!!! A lot of peopple wanted the SOCCER GAME!!! C’mon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m angry….

  • Weak discounts this week and I won’t even download PES. On the bright side, I’m really looking forward to Stick it to the Man.

  • OH wow…soccer….yaa….who thought this was a good game for NA? Did you get us confused with Europe? You made 10 Plus members happy. How about no sports games ever? Yeah, let’s just do that.

  • this is an opportunity for gringos to learn about football.

  • Nothing this week….this the worst ps4 free game i seen…mercenary kings was awesome…sorry not gonna play this crap…back to monster hunter unite on vita tats the best game i got from psn plus so far and god eater…

  • Happy with PES 2014, it’s time for a sport game!

  • DSouza_Vasco-91

    PES 2014!! Finally soccer game

  • TheRealBushkill

    You guys are pretty much phoning it in on this Game of the Month, huh?
    6 days deep in to the month…
    next one will be on the 15th…
    then game every 2 months..
    I’m on to you SONY!

    Anyone remember when Platinum sales games dropped to $20?

    -not a PS3 owner-

  • CaptainArcher182

    Know anything about the next warframe update?

  • CaptainArcher182

    Have any idea when the warframe update will hit?

  • :) grandioso !, la pes 2014 para jugarlo con mis amigos y mi primo :3 gracias :D

  • Thanks a lot for PES 2014. I was really hoping we’ll get it too, after Europe got it. World Cup is coming!

  • Count me as a positive vote for PES 2014 and I hope we see more sports games!

    Maybe not everyone likes it, but no one will like everything.

  • Too lazy to read the posts past the second page… Hope I’m not repeating people. My theory on the month of May is that this month needs to appear a little week in comparison to next months offerings when they update the core PS+ games at E3. It will make June look amazing to those on the fence about joining (even though it is painfully obvious to me that you should sign up for all of the “freebies” and discounts throughout the year). Good marketing strategy imo. Also, soccer is awesome, so give the game a shot. World Cup 2014!!!!

  • Afar from “stick it to the man” all the games we get this for PS3 month is not good. Both puppeteer and Skull girls are on the PS NOW beta so a lot of people already played it and PES 2014 is so bad compared to other football games. So disappointed *smh*

  • for those complaining about a free soccer game, you’re not always going to get a game that is tailored for your specific tastes. I’m willing to give PES a shot even though it’s not my typical game.

  • chemsoldier1979

    How about something good for us PS4 owners?

  • Its may 6th where is the game ?? cant find it in the store

  • Activision Discount.

    Prototype = 14$

    Rockstar Discount.
    GTA IV 5$
    RDR 5$

    Activision,you are Joker.

  • I don’t want to be a Gnasty Gnorc, but whats up with this update? This is awful!
    A horrible indie for PS4 and a garbage sports game for PS3. Who chose this update? This reminds me of when you first started Plus and we got nothing but minis and junk indies.

    How about something… quality?

  • So Stick it to the Man is also free for the PS3 as well right?
    It should be Cross-Platform from what I recall.

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