Amplitude on PS4 and PS3: Help Make it Happen

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Amplitude on PS4 and PS3: Help Make it Happen

Ryan Lesser here, Art Director at Harmonix, and I have some awesome news that I wanted to share with PlayStation fans. We are launching a Kickstarter to fund a new version of our DualShock-controlled rhythm-action PlayStation 2 classic, Amplitude, for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and we need your support!


Thirteen years ago, Harmonix created our first music game – FreQuency for PS2. It wasn’t a commercial hit at the time, but fans and critics loved it. Even so, we knew we could do better. We polished, tweaked, and tightened the experience, and in 2003, we released Frequency’s sequel, Amplitude. I was the Art Director and part of the “design cabal” for the original title, and I’m excited to be the Creative Lead for this updated version of Amplitude!

If you missed the original release, Amplitude is a fast-paced rollercoaster ride through an all-digital landscape, where musical notes have been “silenced” by encapsulating gems. By destroying the gems with their ship, the Beat Blaster, players release the music within. Each track on this crazy ride represents a specific instrument, so gems can activate sounds including guitar riffs, bass lines, drum beats, vocal lines and more. Players blast through each song section, building the music, darting from track to track, and locking that soundscape together before transitioning to the next musical area.


Amplitude has a fast, arcade-like pace. Players scurry around to blast notes, grab power-ups, and capture successive musical phrases, and can skyrocket their score by never missing a note and streaking for multipliers. Finding the optimal line through the level is the key to mastering the gem patterns and topping the leaderboards. When the game first came out, we watched players spend hours lost “in the zone,” perfecting their playthroughs!

We love this game, and PlayStation fans have asked us for years to revive the franchise. We think that in a post-Rock Band world, a new Amplitude will really blow people away. It smashes together familiar beatmatch mechanics with fast-paced navigation, tactical terrain choices, and an intensity that is totally addictive. With the inclusion of four-player local multiplayer, online leaderboards, and other great improvements, we think we can build something really special for the new generation of PlayStation consoles.


Please check out the Kickstarter project for more information on how we plan on updating Amplitude for PS3 and PS4, and how you can help. Thanks!

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  • I’m not giving a cent to this. I kinda find it appalling that a major developer is doing a kick starter to fund a game. Besides, I found both Frequency and Amplitude mediocre. I’d rather play beatmania IIDX, pop’n music, jubeat, REFLEC BEAT, DanceDanceRevolution, Dance Evolution ARCADE, GITADORA, Sound Voltex Booth, and ミライダガッキ FutureTomTom. KONAMI arcade music and rhythm games.

  • This news made my day. I backed it without thinking twice. Good luck Harmonix!

  • So all the money that was made on the Rock Band and Guitar Hero series of games plus all the countless DLC for these games on the PSN and Xbox Live stores wasn’t enough to keep you from begging from your paying customers? I looked you guys up on the wiki and sorry about your financial troubles, but coming on here and begging like the drunk crackhead bum sitting in front of a liquor store should be embarassing to a game company that’s been around as long as you guys have been

    If you want to do a kickstarter that’s fine. Throw up a web page and link to it. Don’t beg. Don’t be a bum. I’ll tell you the same thing I tell that drunk begging for money in front of the liquor store – NO. Get some real investors. Pay them their percentage of sales. Do it the right way

  • Next thing you know we’ll see a kickstarter for the next God of War, Assassin’s Creed, Call Of Duty, Sonic The Hedgehog, etc, etc, etc. I really hope this is not the trend of the future with Playstation. Ancient and poorly made indies on a next gen system and now we gotta kickstart the games we want to play? If you guys want to play it like the PC and Android market, then let me install Steam on my PS4 and use my own library of games. Let me play mp3/avi/mp4/mkv files.

    This is just disgusting

  • I still have my Amplitude instruction manual signed by the devs that they sent me for being 1st to a thousand games or something like that, lol, was soooo long ago. They also sent me a signed freezepop cd, lol, my name was Aeneman

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ BahumatIsWack

    I guess you have no idea about how much money in royalties was paid out to the artists who provided their music for those games.

    Harmonix’s profits were probably nowhere near what you’re assuming. I’m not surprised at all to hear they’ve had financial troubles after dealing with cutthroat major record labels…

    So, either be a friend and lend some support, or take a hike and go find something that makes you happy. Other than trolling, of course…

  • I don’t care how much they had to pay out in royalties. I’m sure they still made a hefty profit off of their long list of games over the years. Traditionally games require investors which is what they’re asking the gamers to be. Traditionally those investors receive a percentage of the profits or a set amount depending on the deal they work out. Here, they’re asking the gamers to be the investors, but other than a copy of the game which people could have bought anyway, none of you is going to receive anything a traditional investor would

    It is not the gamers’ responsibilty to fund games so they can be produced. Gamers fund games when they buy the finished product. It is up to the game developer to find the proper funds so they can make the game so the gamers can buy the game. Rinse and repeat. Kickstarters are for up and comers that can’t get the funds any other way. Harmonix is an established company

    You seriously don’t see the problem with this or are you just jumping to the defense of anything Sony related blindly like you always do?

  • This is a slippery slope when established game companies go around with their hand out asking for money for something that’s nowhere even close to being finished. Gamers need to put their feet down so this doesn’t become a habit from every game developer from Activision, Square Enix, Rocksteady, (Insert name here), etc, etc

    I really wish some of you could see beyond what is happening from day to day and look at what’s going to be happening in the upcoming years if this kind of thing is tolerated. Too many of you are too short sighted for your own good

  • Hell yea i love amplitude. The thing is we have to raise like about 775 thousand to make it happen. But hopefully we get to it

  • Again, here you are trying to talk down anybody that actually has an opinion of their own that does not fit in with yours. Why do you feel the need to come on here every day and try to shout down anybody and everybody that doesn’t agree with you. Last I checked I lived in a free country so I will speak my mind as I see fit. Don’t like it? You go take a hike. Who do you think you are that you can talk to people like that? You mean nothing to me so you’re just wasting your time, my time, and everybody else’s time on this blog that you feel the need to “correct” or whatever it is that you think you’re doing

  • Man, I love the guys that try to be big shots on the internet

  • The people who are offended by this kickstarter make me facepalm so hard. I’d rather have the option to vote for games with my wallet than no option or game at all. Cry me a river kiddies.

  • @Bahamut Is Back
    I don’t see anything wrong with an established company making a Kickstarter.

    For one thing, Amplitude is a bit of a cult classic, which makes it risky for traditional investors. If there’s not enough interest in the Kickstarter to make things work for everyone, the backers get to keep their money, Harmonix doesn’t put out a commercial failure, and life moves on as normal.

    Harmonix doesn’t have the support of a giant media conglomerate like Viacom anymore to rely on. They are very much an independent developer. They were successful in the past, but having released a handful of songs myself, I can say that music liscencing is expensive and song sales were on the decline for some time before they shut the pipeline down in April of last year.

    This is a risky project, but it’s a game they really have a passion for, and they have a devoted fanbase that can help make that possible. Without traditional investors they can maintain complete creative freedom and make the best game possible, rather than playing it safe. And if nobody cares, nobody cares; it won’t get funded.

  • I can see that a lot of you seem to think that you know what is going on behind the scenes but you don’t. The problem with funding things in advance, like season passes / pre-orders and now most risky of all for a gamer / consumer, Kickstarter projects. Is that they do not tell us the whole story.

    Do you wonder why Arkham City’s DLC got cancelled on the Wii-U? It’s because they didn’t get enough pre purchases of the season pass, so they had to refund. Nintendo didn’t decide that WB did. Why is that, because they didn’t feel it was profitable. There is a whole vidoe on GT talking about this same topic. Why was bioshock Infinites DLC so short for season pass buyers?

    When you buy in advance you are making a promise, that no matter what they give you they get that money up front.

    That is definitely good for the publisher and the developer and the platform holder. But what is the benefit to us as a consumer?

  • Dangisuckatgamin

    Really? They took our money and ran? No they spent that money on licensing more DLC ……
    You people just assume stuff 24/7 on here without looking stuff up.. it’s annoying as heck.
    Do you give money to other developers? Because they sure as heck aren’t as loyal as Harmonix has been to REAL fans unlike yourself.

  • For Trials Fusion the benefit is that I get a hazmat suit, whatever that does and whatever stuff they decide is in the 20$ season pass, a lot of times that isn’t everything they put out. I like the game, but i just bought the game, not the fund in good faith. The worst part is that if the funding for season passes are low, there is a chance that you will be shortchanged on content. And if it is massively overfunded, that you just get their base plan and the rest is rolled into profit.

    Do you see the problem and disconnect with this. It gets even more worse and murkier with these kickstarter things.

    If they reach the 775k so what, what kind of game are they going to ship? Is it going to be amazing and short, is it going to be average and flawed, is it going to be a clunker. What happens if they missmanage resources or have problems?

    We lose, not them. They may take a reputation hit, but we don’t get refunds, we get whatever they decide to give us.

  • If you think that is a good way to do business then you will suffer the results just as we are all suffering from pay to win, and dlc and season pass and preorder bonuses and terrible trade in values etc etc. That was all created by us, by being gamed over something we love and enjoy by people trying to expoit our hobby for cash.

    Does gamestop care about the games making us happy or anything else? no they care about giving us the least and making the most that they can justify.

    How are we to know that with this post, that Sony are an interested party, and have offered harmonix a deal where they match consumer interest on the kickstarter with their funding and they get the usual investor deal along with sales percentage.

    You don’t know that’s not happening. Would they say as much.

    This is a slippery slope. Would i buy this game at launch, maybe if it was a fair price and was well made with a demo to try it out. But this new “fund our kickstarter” on our blog is Bull ****. to not be offended is to be deluded by your long standing wish to play some long dormant game. Which is exactly what they are trying to exploit. Your nostalgia.

  • If you think that is a good way to do business then you will suffer the results just as we are all suffering from pay to win / pay to play aka free to play, and dlc and season pass and preorder bonuses and terrible trade in values etc etc. That was all created by us, by being gamed over something we love and enjoy by people trying to expoit our hobby for cash.

    Does gamestop care about the games making us happy or anything else? no they care about giving us the least and making the most that they can justify.

    How are we to know that with this post, that S0ny are an interested party, and have offered harmonix a deal where they match consumer interest on the kickstarter with their funding and they get the usual investor deal along with sales percentage.

    You don’t know that’s not happening. Would they say as much.

    This is a slippery slope. Would i buy this game at launch, maybe if it was a fair price and was well made with a demo to try it out. But this new “fund our kickstarter” on our blog is Manure. to not be offended is to be deluded by your long standing wish to play some long dormant game. Which is exactly what they are trying to exploit. Your nostalgia.

  • Besides, is a new version of amplitude what the market is crying out for, or the best use of Harmonix’s skills and talents.


    Why not something new, some new ip, something different and fresh.

    Instead it’s back to the well and they want cash up front.

    You think kickstarter is cool, you have no problem with any of this. FINE just don’t put it on the blog it doesn’t belong here. It belongs on the news lists of the gaming media.

    Calling people trolls or losers for not getting behind your love of an old game is a bit much. This is more a principle thing. This is the first time i have seen a begging kickstarter link plastered over the top of the blog. I would react the same for any company doing this.

    I have spent over $400 on harmonix products over the years so i don’t feel any sympathy for their so called plight.

  • I’m ageing myself and I’m happy to say I bought both games release day back in the day……FYI not many people did. There wasnt even a music “genre” back then really Parappa started it. and the next GOOD console music game, sorry Mad Maestro, was FreQuency. Amplitude, the second in the series was great, my college roomate was a Piano performance major and he used to kill the crazy combos, memories….so many feels :).
    The music in Frequency was less mainstream but great for the type of game it was. With that guitar hero/amplitude clone that was download only that came out a few years ago rock band blitz was really a successor to amplitude…i’m afraid that will hinder some of the anticipation of this. And the track selection of this upcoming one…….I REALLY hope you guys think outside the box, i.e. nothing 2010-2014 top 40. The DJ Hero 1st soundtrack should be great inspiration on how to do it right.

  • I’ve supported some kickstarter projects in the past and would usually say its quite head tilting to ask for it on sony’s official blog. Harminox..has least it could print its own for quite some time. So either, there isnt enough support from higher ups(which is discouraging) or they arent the jugernaut they once were in the 2004-07 days. I’m not so closed minded as comment #9, even small games cost major money, and I get it, alot of people say(bring it back!!! I’ll pay anything and then crickets on release day). I’ll support you Harmonix :) ways have always will.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    BahumatIsBack on May 5th, 2014 at 5:58 pm said: “I don’t care how much they had to pay out in royalties.”

    This, the first sentence in response to me, tells me all I need to know. This is exactly the problem. You just don’t care. You don’t care about facts. You saw something you didn’t like (or pretending not to like so you can falsely justify your invalid complaint) and went on a rant without investigating the situation first. Good job, genius! I’m not trying to be a “big shot”, I’m just tired of idiots spreading around misinformation like it’s no big deal.

    Skeetlejuice on May 5th, 2014 at 8:44 pm said: “to not be offended is to be deluded by your long standing wish to play some long dormant game.”

    Or, maybe there’s nothing to be offended by. Your freedom of choice hasn’t been usurped. If you like it, support it. If you don’t, don’t. Golly, that was hard to figure out. And, apparently, you get both versions of the game (PS3 & PS4) if you pledge $20, so it’s a fair-value trade anyway. Let’s find some other minor nonsense to complain about shall we? :\

  • Those who are saying Harmonix shouldn’t be using Kickstarter for this don’t really understand what it is like to make games and how expensive that process is. When the people at Harmonix were at Activision making Guitar Hero they were using Activision money. When they left to do Rock Band they were using EA money. When they made Dance Central and Fantasia they were using Microsoft money. Now they are making a game by themselves and, yes, Harmonix is an indy company. At this moment, although it may change later, they do not have a publishing deal with anyone.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Skeetlejuice on May 5th, 2014 at 8:48 pm said: “Besides, is a new version of amplitude what the market is crying out for, or the best use of Harmonix’s skills and talents.”

    Since when did you make decisions on how to best use an artist’s talent? What the… ?

  • PrimeroIncognito

    By the way, Bahumat…

    As usual, you made a hypocrite of yourself when you once again accused me of “talking people down” right after you compared the people at Harmonix to “drunk crackhead beggars”.

    Like I told you the other day, when you make a joke at someone else’s expense, it’s the equivalent of “talking them down”. Try to get it through your head this time.

  • V8_R3L3NTL3SS_1

    Is the music that’s played like rap,r&b, rock with new artists or is it techno b.s. ?

  • Hey level-5, get to texting Sony about Dark Cloud 3… I’d back that. Or SCEJ could just do it. It’d be killer on PS4.

  • Finally it’s happening omg, I was one of the small community that played online my username was [UK]OPTIC if anyone remembers :) we used to setup tournaments between ourselves. It was an awesome game and an awesome community, I will be supporting this 100%. It was the best music game ever and a new one better get made

  • @PrimeroIncognito
    Funny how many will flap their lips about citing “it’s my opinion” afterwards when they get insulted as a result of their own insults toward others. You just have to love the internet for that.

    On topic, I backed this, yes, why not? It is Kickstarter, if it doesn’t see enough funds, then it simply drops.
    If it does, then they get to work on this once they receive the funds.
    And if it makes more than enough then we will be getting that PS Vita support they touted (not promised, but possible).

    There really is no other way to show support to a gaming company better than this if you want their game out of their door.

    Also, when did the PS Blog become a game announcement/PSA/support site? With the types of comments I see before me it seems like it just did when this was posted.
    Keep your head up and hope your Kickstarter takes off, good luck.

  • Not sure I remember this game but it sounds like it could be stellar. This should be able to have online multiplayer as well variety is the key I know a lot of people enjoy local co-op multiplayer but there are also a lot of people just as well that like online multiplayer as well. I know there are not a lot of people that invite friends over to there house for couch co-op you really want to make this game shine online multiplayer would be great to include as well remember gamers like to have options in there games that the key.

  • @PrimeroIncognito – There you go again focusing only on one part of what was said. You quote the first sentence, but the second actually says why I don’t care about how much was paid in royalties. THEY STILL MADE THEIR MONEY OFF OF THE MANY, MANY, MANY GAMES THEY’VE MADE OVER THE YEARS. You have a habit of only reading somebody’s comments until you hit something that offends your delicate sensibilities. You stop reading what was said and then try to belittle anybody who is able to think for themselves. This isn’t an isolated incident. You’ve been doing it on here for a long time to many different people.

    After you find whatever partial statement you want to focus on you proceed to insult, dismiss, and belittle that person. Again, you’ve been doing that on here for a long time to many different people. Let me spell it out for you. Your opinion is not always the right one or the only one. Stop trying to force the whole world to think like you do. Get over yourself

  • I stand by what I said. Established game companies do not need to go around with their hand out to get games produced. The Harmonix name carries enough weight with the Rock Band and Guitar Hero series, that if the management actually did their jobs then they could raise whatever funds they needed from real investors. What it seems like to me is that they’re trying to bypass having to pay the real investors their percentage of the profits and instead are trying to get the gamers to finance the game and then keep as much of the profits for themselves as possible.

    Kickstarters are meant for up and comers. When established game companies do it it comes off as a scam because they don’t want to pay their investors like any respectable company should

  • If this is tolerated from established game companies then we’ll be asked to finance every game that we want to see produced. Do you really think kickstarting Assassin’s Creed, COD, Battlefield, Fallout, etc, etc, etc is a good idea for the end consumer? What happens to all the money that people have put in to these kickstarters if they don’t raise enough money? You guys gonna get a refund check? You take your chances on up and comers. That’s just the way it is, but established game companies would either have to produce something whether or not they raised all the money just to keep their reputation in tact. What you end up with in that situation is a poorly made game like many we’ve been seeing splashed all over the blog recently. It ends up being shovelware.

    You guys need to stop thinking about the day to day and look at a year from now or 5 years from now. The home console game industry is heading in a bad direction. If this trend continues people with any sense will abandon consoles and go exclusively to PC. PC has it’s problems too, but at least PC is an open platform where you can do many things consoles refuse to allow you to do

  • Pimping a kickstarter campaign on Sony (or any other video game publishers) website is pretty ludicrous. Not to mention that it’s from a company that has been very successful in the past and should have no problem getting the chance to pitch their games to any publisher.

  • @PrimeIncoherant

    the fact that you pulled out two small points without the surrounding context proves your inability to deny my main arguments.

    Let me be clear, i have no problem with the kickstarter being used outside of the fact i think it’s in poor form for a company like Harmonix to be using it as a quick way to make a cheap buck. That being said my problem is the venue. The blog should not be used for Sony affiliated exclusive content. It is disengenous. Why are they putting this on the blog? what are we to think with this Sony partnership while also asking for a handout.

    Is Sony investing and also wanting us to crowdfund this?

    In regards to the nostalgia and the not being able to make something new and fresh. That is my opinion and it appears to be true.

    Surely they can get backing for projects / ideas, but they have decided a sequel to amplitude is what the world is crying out for and they want us to crowdfund it.

  • $20 for whatever they happen to make with no refunds, cross buy or not may be great for you, but i like to know what i am actually getting best i can before i drop money.

    $20 is also on the high end for digital games and frankly if this was something that sony thought merited the blog to ask us for money hoping clearly for donations in excess of $20. Why doesn’t sony just fund them and make it a PLUS game?

    Answer me that. If this is such a great game and so much interrest why doesn’t Sony back it for PLUS.

    The reason is they think it’s too risky.

    So that says it all doesn’t it. It’s bad enough wading through all the games that are releasing that are not worth my time.

    Besides the true diehard fans would find out about this without the need for a blog post. It’s on all the major sites now, which I am fine with. Kickstarter doesn’t belong on Sony / MS / Nintendo blogs. It’s crass.

    I hope if it gets backed thy make a good game, i will check out the demo if it does. If it doesn’t have a demo that will tell me all i need to know.

  • Just on the blog there is a post for Broken Sword 5 for vita. New game releasing. They funded it through kickstarter. Great, i might check it out since i like adventure games and have a vita. You know why that doesn’t offend me? Because they weren’t on the blog begging for money, and they are not a AAA game developer like Harmonix was/has been.

    Guitar Hero
    Rockband 1,2,3
    Rockband Beatles
    Dance Central 1,2,3

    And begging for donations on the blog. That is a bit much. If this was a post about how the game is releasing and thanking the kickstarter support after the fact, then fine. But that is not the case sorry to those that are so hard up for an amplitude sequel they don’t see the bigger issue here.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ BahumatIsWack & Skeetlejuice

    Tell me what points you made that you want me to address. I’m not avoiding anything. I can’t reply to every little thing or else I’d be here all day. I focus on the main points and try to slip in a little bit of the others, but I can’t get to everything.

  • I have better things to do than to hold your hand to try to get you to read and understand what people say outside of the one or two sentences you focus on. It’s called context and reading comprehension. Google the word/phrase if you don’t understand what they mean. These are basic skills taught in grade school and I’m sorry if you missed the boat on that. I’ve tried repeatedly to have a conversation with you but you are just a frustrating human being. You think you’re being funny by changing people’s names but you’re just being an obnoxious child

    I have nothing further to say to you. I’ll make a deal with you. I won’t use your name in anything I say or quote you if you don’t use my name or quote me. I’ve wasted enough of my time with you and would prefer not to waste any more.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Bahumat, when I correct someone, it with FACTS, not my opinion. And most of the time I’m pointing out how THEIR opinion IS NOT universal truth, as they like to think, and coincidentally, that’s how YOU think too, and now you’re trying to turn it around on me. Hilarious.

    You’re still ignoring the point about royalties. It doesn’t matter how successful all of their music games were. Royalties are an extra expense exclusive to games where copyrighted content from third parties is used, and it takes a huge chunk of the profit. Royalties are usually based on percentages, so, the success of the game is irrelevant. The publisher’s profit will only gain incrementally with progressive sales.

    And most of your posts are nothing but SPECULATION. Asserting that all the big publishers will start using Kickstarter too. I don’t think so. Really, it would never work, because everyone knows what Kickstarter is for. Big publishers know it would backfire, and that’s why they won’t do it. Keep your head in reality.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Speaking of AVOIDING things, you have twice avoided my point about you being a hypocrite talking about “talking people down” when you have done that very thing, and you’ve done it FIRST. More hypocrisy on top of hypocrisy. And you just did it again. There’s nothing wrong with my reading comprehension. Perhaps the problem is with your ability to articulate fluently. This is getting ridiculous.

  • so why are you responding to me? Please stop. You stop. I stop. We all stop. Life goes on

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Just callin’ ’em how I see ’em.

    The “obnoxious child” is the one who cries when he doesn’t get his way. The one who makes mountains out of molehills for attention. The one who tries to plant seeds of dissent through absurd conspiracy theories based on nothing but speculation. The one who suddenly pulls the victim card when his abhorrent behavior is highlighted and thrown back in his face.

    THAT is obnoxious.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    You can stop if you want.

    Like I told you before, I DON’T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME TO DO.

    Oh, by the way, look at your latest post. It totally IGNORED every point I just made! See what a hypocrite you are?

    You say I ignore your points, but I don’t. I address the meat of your argument and leave the irrelevant details behind. You, on the other hand ignore every point I made in return while trying to smear my character instead. The hallmark of the defeated.

    You say I talk people down, when that’s all you’ve ever done in every post where you’ve complained about something/someone. Then, when I point out the hypocrisy, you pull the victim card and say, “who are you to talk to me that way?”

    Really, junior? Who the hell are you to compare Harmonix to drunk crackhead beggars? Let’s talk about THAT, shall we?

  • Would it make you feel better if I told you that you were super awesome and cool. Would it make you feel better if you got the last word. Would it make you feel better if I told you that you won an asinine internet argument? Do you want a gold star on your next report card?

    Let me know what it’s going to take for you to move on with your life and stop addressing me. Somebody get this guy a cookie or a pat on the back so the world can keep spinning

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Skeetlejuice on May 6th, 2014 at 1:16 pm said: “Why doesn’t sony just fund them and make it a PLUS game? Answer me that. If this is such a great game and so much interrest why doesn’t Sony back it for PLUS. The reason is they think it’s too risky.”

    I don’t disagree with that. Maybe they approached Sony, but Sony felt like it wouldn’t pay off. That’s fine. I talk about the risky nature of the business all the time on here. How the money needs to be there or else the big publishers won’t bite. They only go for the safe bet, the sure thing.

    But, I’m saying, what’s the problem with this? Why does it matter that Harmonix headed to Kickstarter to fund a game that other potential investors have declined? They can’t personally invest in something that won’t pay off. It could mean the demise of their company. If the fans prove that they want it through their support, then it can be done, and they get a copy of the game, thus, a fair-value trade is achieved and everyone involved is happy. Anyone who wasn’t interested suffers no loss. I don’t see how there’s anything wrong with this process at all.

  • PrimeroIncognito


    Waaaaa!!!! Stop talking me down!!! WAAAAAA!!!!

    Hypocrite. ;)

    It only turned into an argument because you were resisting the facts, goofball.

    (Psst! By the way, you don’t have to tell me I won. I already know that I did. Thanks anyway!)

  • There. Now do you feel better? I’m happy for you

  • WOW. I was and still am a huge fan of Frequency, I even have the “Unofficial” Soundtrack in my iphone lol. Never got to play Amplitude and with a game like this regardless of how well the game is made the quality of the music will make or break it. Either way, I’m for this project and will back it.

    All I’m waiting for now is that fateful day when Namco Bandai makes a similar post about a Xenosaga HD Collection, sigh.

  • I loved this game. PS4 me please!

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