Amplitude on PS4 and PS3: Help Make it Happen

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Amplitude on PS4 and PS3: Help Make it Happen

Ryan Lesser here, Art Director at Harmonix, and I have some awesome news that I wanted to share with PlayStation fans. We are launching a Kickstarter to fund a new version of our DualShock-controlled rhythm-action PlayStation 2 classic, Amplitude, for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and we need your support!


Thirteen years ago, Harmonix created our first music game – FreQuency for PS2. It wasn’t a commercial hit at the time, but fans and critics loved it. Even so, we knew we could do better. We polished, tweaked, and tightened the experience, and in 2003, we released Frequency’s sequel, Amplitude. I was the Art Director and part of the “design cabal” for the original title, and I’m excited to be the Creative Lead for this updated version of Amplitude!

If you missed the original release, Amplitude is a fast-paced rollercoaster ride through an all-digital landscape, where musical notes have been “silenced” by encapsulating gems. By destroying the gems with their ship, the Beat Blaster, players release the music within. Each track on this crazy ride represents a specific instrument, so gems can activate sounds including guitar riffs, bass lines, drum beats, vocal lines and more. Players blast through each song section, building the music, darting from track to track, and locking that soundscape together before transitioning to the next musical area.


Amplitude has a fast, arcade-like pace. Players scurry around to blast notes, grab power-ups, and capture successive musical phrases, and can skyrocket their score by never missing a note and streaking for multipliers. Finding the optimal line through the level is the key to mastering the gem patterns and topping the leaderboards. When the game first came out, we watched players spend hours lost “in the zone,” perfecting their playthroughs!

We love this game, and PlayStation fans have asked us for years to revive the franchise. We think that in a post-Rock Band world, a new Amplitude will really blow people away. It smashes together familiar beatmatch mechanics with fast-paced navigation, tactical terrain choices, and an intensity that is totally addictive. With the inclusion of four-player local multiplayer, online leaderboards, and other great improvements, we think we can build something really special for the new generation of PlayStation consoles.


Please check out the Kickstarter project for more information on how we plan on updating Amplitude for PS3 and PS4, and how you can help. Thanks!

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    I pledged for $15. That’s all I can afford at the moment. I need a job. T_T

  • So backing this. The original Amplitude game was one of my favorites back when I was a kid, especially when playing on some of the more difficult levels (aka Synthesized & Spaztik).

  • Gyoh woah O_O

    Ooohhhh maybe if you have the time maybe port Chroma to Next-Gen when it’s out of Alpha and Beta phases maybe when if you have the time maybe. ._.

    I will love you forever…for another 100 years.

  • I’ve never played it but I can remember hearing nothing but glowing praise. Any chance of a Vita version as well?

  • Saw the word Amplitude, did a double take…read again. Yep, definitely kickstartin’ this…

  • This would be AWESOME

  • F*** YEA! Pledgin when i gets paid fo sho ma bro

  • First of all: YES. Second, are you guys going for a graphical fidelity like in the concept art? Would be awesome to see it look that detailed.

  • I liked the original Amplitude, but there’s no reason for a company like Harmonix to be using Kickstarter. You guys have made entirely too many profitable games to need crowdfunding. Also, considering how done the game looks, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to be asking for so much money either, and it also shows that there’s already been considerable funding into the project already. It’s easy to come to the conclusion that this was from your publisher. This just seems to be a company trying to make a game for free so that all of the sales will be pure profit, and it’s sad. I’m sure they’ll try and justify it, but I don’t believe anything they say will be anything more than a lie. Simply because there’s no reason such a studio with so many successful titles would need money for a project. Especially not one in the genre they made so much money with already. It’d be like Infinity Ward creating a Kickstarter for a new Call of Duty game.

  • oh man, amplitude…so many good memories. Happy to support this; BACKED!

  • I agree with ExHaseo. A company like Harmonix shouldn’t be crowdfunding for a game. They have the means to find investors within the industry. I’m sure they’re going the kickstarter route so that they aren’t beholden to actual investors and can reap all of the profits themselves.

    Kickstarter should be restructured so that contributers get a percentage of the profits based on their donation. Like in the real world.

  • I never played the original one, but as a fan of rhythm games, I would love to give this a shot.

    Also, I know you guys are raising money to make a PS3 and PS4 version, but is there any chance you guys would be willing to make a Vita version as well?

  • I loved FreQuency and Amplitude so much. It would be awesome to get a new one but with a goal of $775k I’m a little doubtful it will happen. Maybe a few years ago when music games were hot but not now. Good Luck though.

  • Frequency was better

  • @ExHaseo I don’t know Harmonix’s current financial state, but I can presume it’s not near its peak considering it was bought for $50 from Viacom.

    Despite their past successes, they’re a relatively small independent studio, and taking on a cult classic like this is a big financial risk. They need to be able to gouge -actual- interest, as in people who would be willing to pay for this.

  • no Vita love? I’d definitely support this if it was also available as portable

  • ExHaseo, I do agree with you for the most part, BUT pledging $15 gets you a cross-buy code. So you can essentially just look at it as a pre-order. The most expensive rewards, however, are rididuclous. “GIVE US THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS AND WE’LL BE YOUR FRIENDS FOR A COUPLE HOURS” Um.. You guys aren’t Jesus.

  • @15, When you say, “They need to be able to gouge -actual interest,” I think you either mean “gauge” or you made an excellent Freudian slip!

    I think the music rhythm genre has progressed beyond these games. To me, I’d rather be learning to play an instrument than pressing three buttons on the dualshock.

  • Add me to the vita request bandwagon :D

  • I never got into Guitar Hero or Rock Band but I LOVED frequency and amplitude, I’ve always wanted it to come back!

    I will proudly support this.

  • I backed it! Man, i’m looking forward to this. I’m gonna spread this link around. I know a bunch of people who will want to help out with this, and get the game. Can’t wait to play!

  • Oh man, this is absolutely amazing. I really hope we can all make this happen!

  • i see it like this ;
    Hey you want a new Amplitude game (YES!), now hows about you, the fans, pony up $42,000 and we’ll make it (BOO!)
    I loved the series and wish it got more credit than being a “Beatmania clone” when it was released. Sony has the funds, so why resort to KickStarter for funding?

  • WHAT!? I didn’t even know Frequency had a sequel! I played that game soooooo much back in the day. Esp that Orbital song…used to have tournaments with that game. Awesome news!

  • Will it have 24-bit/lossless audio on PS3 and/or PS4?

    3D support? 1080p 3D support on PS4?

    will the PS4 version use DualShock 4-specific features like the in-controller speaker, the light bar, and/or the PS4 Camera?

    local multiplayer is cool.

  • **** YEAHH i used to play the old one and frequency way before guitar hero, used to love those games.

  • InfinitiProject

    OMG OMG OMG OMG I’m backing this SOOO hard this Friday! Yeah there were music games on PS1 but these are THE games that really started it all with the music genre! So many good times playing online and other FreQs remixes! Prayers are being heard! Goosebumps!!

  • also, any plans for an RBN-like way for indie musicians like myself to get a song into the game?

  • Backed.

  • So first we’re being overwhelmed by indie games when we want real ones.

    Now you’re coming on here asking us to pay you to make a game.

    Yeah right.

    We want real games, get this advertising, money begging crud off the blog.

  • Also pledged USD15 to get a copy with the early bird price. Love music games. Could not pass the chance to support Harmonix.

  • YESSSS I LOVE YOU. Still remix in freq and amp all the time!

    Pledged $20. Really wanted to do more but can’t afford it atm.

  • Whoa. I had to slap myself with a freezepop just to make sure I’m not dreaming.

  • Online multiplayer NEEDS TO COME BACK.

  • @boomstick, way to go being “that” guy. most people are happy with this post and are excited for backing it up. if you pledge 15 dollars you get a copy of the game. its really like a pre-pre-order. i know that might be hard for you to understand, but its a really simple concept. any pledge comes with great stuff. if you have enough money you can have dinner with tim schafer by pledging alot. and you should probably understand development time, obviously AAA games take longer for indie games to be made. so we will continue to see more indie games that AAA games, just like Steam or PC. get over it.

  • i want a vita version !

  • This doesn’t belong on the blog, if you want to tell people you are working on a new game fair enough, but to essentially beg for support is a bit much.

    If devs can get to the point where they are ready to ship a game and they want to advertise on the blog, i am fine with that even if i’m not interested in the game or genre.

    It is quite another to essentially spam me, and also beg for money like a panhandler.

    If this is the start of a new trend, I am going to lose interest in coming to the blog other than to see the plus schedule and store discounts.

    The wierd thing here is that I would be interested in trying a demo of your complete game since i never played the orignal and like music genre. (have rockband 1-3)

    it just comes off as crass.

  • @17

    The most expensive rewards, however, are rididuclous. “GIVE US THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS AND WE’LL BE YOUR FRIENDS FOR A COUPLE HOURS” Um.. You guys aren’t Jesus.

    I know what you are trying to say however your analogy is really poor. Jesus wasn’t exactly about being people’s friends for money. An ironic statement.

  • Kickstarter needs to fail, it’s a fad and it is going to get abused to the point where people are going to be put off. Preordering and Season passes are bad enough.

    Hey give me some money and i’ll make you dinner. Really? no how about you tell me what you have and a price and i buy that, and there is accountability like a restaurant. Kickstarter is fine for niche wierd things where people pay to get something they want. But now it’s going to be used as a joint free money with real investors waiting in the wings to reap the benefits and the best a consumer can hope for is a complete digital game for their money in advance. That is poor. Sorry harmonix if this is the only way you can make this game then maybe you have bigger problems.

  • @Skeetlejuice

    Yeah, I know right. Why would PlayStation fans ever want to know about a potential follow-up to a beloved PlayStation game that they can help bring to life.

    You be illin’, HMX.

  • @ kropodra

    I liked Frequency a lot but as far as I remember i liked Amplitude after playing a while a lot more. Was one of the few games my girlfriend also liked to play a lot.

    Good Idea. I just hope the soundtrack is as good and has much different styles like original Amplitude.

    Harmonix rocks !!!

  • I wish Harmonix success with their Kickstarter. Like kropodra though, I was a bigger fan of “Frequency.”

  • Both games were a huge hit in our household, However I can only promise that we’ll buy them when they come out.

  • Why are established dev teams/production companies doing kickstarters?

  • After the Oculus fiasco, I’m never going to give money to kickstarter again. But I’d buy this game day one, if and when it’s done.

  • Nobody has addressed something that gives me a lot of concern with this new title. I played the absolute crap out of Frequency and Amplitude on PS2 and was really good at both of them. When I tried playing Amplitude on PS3 it was nearly unplayable due to the fact that R2 is a trigger/bumper rather than a button. I know that you can use square, triangle, and circle as an alternate method but I never liked the feel of it. Care to comment on this Ryan?

  • Wow, this is awesome! I never owned the game, but I remember playing the demo a million times when I was a kid!

  • Not giving a dime to a company that squandered $ they made off gamers all these years, and I wouldn’t be mad if they closed the doors for good. And another music type game, really…?

  • Loved Amplitude growing up, it is an amazing game! I’ve never backed anything on kickstarter before, but this will get my money for sure!

  • @4 @12 @19. the kickstarter says under its FAQ, that even though they havent announced their goals, the VITA is infact a goal of theirs and if they get enough money, it will be on Vita as well.

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