Spelunky Coming to PS4

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Spelunky Coming to PS4

Hello, past, present, and future Spelunky fans! I’ll keep it short and simple: Spelunky is coming to PS4!

Spelunky on PS4

We’re once again teaming up with BlitWorks, who did a great job on bringing the game to PS3 and PS Vita. For PS4, we want to do even more — like bump up the graphics to 1080p, let players upload replays to the leaderboards, add more social features to the Daily Challenge, and otherwise take advantage of the PS4’s unique hardware.

I attribute a lot of Spelunky’s success to sharing and streaming, and since the PS4 is built in great part around those ideas, we want to make sure that we do everything we can to support that culture! Let us know in the comments if there’s anything else you’d like to see us add.

Spelunky on PS4

Spelunky on PS4Spelunky on PS4

If you already bought Spelunky on PS3 and Vita, thank you so much! You’ll also own the game on PS4 when it comes out, since we’re including it as part of cross buy. But if you don’t have it on console yet, the PS4 version launch would be a great time to see what it’s all about, since you’ll also get the game on PS3 and PS Vita!

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  • Spelunky is one of my favourite games, I have an idea for a competitive/head-to-head feature with adventure mode.

    My idea is similar to how at PAX Prime 2013 there was the Spelunky Video Armageddon where the 4 players were able to compete head-to-head on the same seed.

    I’d love to be able to match up against my friend and start an adventure mode where we play on the same seed and compete for either a high score or a fastest time. It’d be a great touch if while playing on my end I could see a ghost of my friend/opponent running beside me as we race to see who can finish faster or collect more treasure. A feature like this would facilitate competitive head-to-head spelunking a ton.

    I know this can already be somewhat accomplished via the daily challenge, but that means we’re stuck to only being able to do one attempt per day and only the one life. A good Spelunky race could have players racing through the same seed until one of the competitors are able to defeat Olmec. If a feature was enabled to allow players to play on the same seed over and over was put in, I think that would help open up a lot of options for Spelunky streamers (and ghosts of your opponent would be an excellent touch).

    Thanks for Spelunky :)

    • We’ve toyed with the idea of letting players enter seeds, but maybe it’s time to think about it more seriously. The Video Armageddon was a lot of fun and it’d be nice to be able to bring it to everybody.

      Thanks for the suggestion!

  • >Let us know in the comments if there’s anything else you’d like to see us add.

    My single social feature request is to play a run and send a challenge to a friend so he gets the same run. A daily challenge between friends.

    My single gameplay request is for the ghost’s speed to increase over time. Once I mastered ghost dodging I have to fight my impulse to linger forever in levels as the ghost no longer works like roguelike ‘hunger-clock’.

    That’s it for realistic requests. Can’t resist some bluesky stuff! I’d would die for a new mode that takes the delicate balance of Spelunky and throws it out the window to give me more wacky ways to put myself through the grinder. A random modifier on top of my run.

    Random ideas: no bombs, start with ball&chain, all dark even hell, enemy counts 2x, altars must be destroyed to progress, 4x level size, no upgrades, 1 heart only, 10x arrowtraps, perpetual ghost, kill an enemy you lose a heart, no whip/action button, enemies explode on death. Or any magic numbers you could tweak that throws a wrench in the level generation strategy.

  • Great! Best game in 2013 I played.
    DO you have a plan to next update? for example new stages , new enemies ..
    I hope it thank you

  • YES!!!! This is fantastic news. One feature I would like would be a “Daily Speedrun” where the leaderboards would be based on time/distance. A few ideas for including in the daily speedrun would be: have x amount of tries at a speedrun and be able to race against your best/most recent ghost time, and to be able to ghost race against the best of your friends/leaderboard.

    Regardless, way excited for this. Already proclaiming it to be the best PS4 game.

  • Any chances of having results for runs, especially daily challenges, posted under What’s New on the PS4 main menu? It’s a shame that developers don’t use that more to make it easier to share high scores and great runs without having to start up the game to see how friends are doing.

  • Loving these Indie Games! Cross-buy is what everyone wants nowadays. I’m looking forward to buy this game.

  • This is fantastic news. This means I’ll own Spelunky on Vita, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and PC. I’ve been trying to get my friends into it too having successfully converted one and actually bought the game for two others.

    The daily challenge in one of the things that adds extra incentive to play however being slightly older and having a young family means I, and my friends, get much less gaming time nowadays. This means that we aren’t all able to play on the same day which means we miss out on that challenge aspect.

    I like CootiesLBP’s idea and would also like to be able to challenge my friends but rather than see ghosts or be able to pick seeds (which I think would break the game because people could learn specific seeds), I would simply like to be able to start a friend challenge which picks a random seed and invites the friends I pick. That invite should stay open and available for each of the invited friends to play it once and create a mini leaderboard.

    Thank you for creating one of my favourite games of all time and reinvigorating my gaming passion.

  • Also game sync and cross-platform invites (at least with the PC) would make me very happy since I have beaten Olmec on the PC but not on my Vita and I have friends with PC’s but no Playstation and friends with a Playstation and/or Vita and no PC. I realise this last one is much more difficult but Valve/Playstation have worked together in the past for Portal.

  • Thx for a Cross-Buy option on this one! Me happy ;)

  • Thank you Derek.

  • haha, i love how someone asked if it supports cross-save. if only the game even supported save, period!

  • I love cross buy.

  • This is super exciting to me. I’m going to spend as much time watching replays of good Daily Challenge scores as playing! :) Now a question. Will it be possible to play a LAN game with PS4 + PS3 + Vita? We have a PS3 and a Vita, and when I get a PS4 later this year it would be awesome to be able to play a LAN game with each of us having independent views. :)

  • @blackperro. Uh… Spelunky does have cross-save. It’s not save like you’re thinking, but it’s save like shortcut unlocks, character unlocks and the full stats. That stuff seamlessly transfers between PS3 and Vita and you don’t need to do anything. It’s automatic. I assume the PS4 will have the same thing.

  • @maplejerk Talk about a high horse my god your a real pinhead fanjerk. This is supposed to be a next gen console. Not a 4-10 year old game dumping ground. That’s what the vita is for. They have already set a pattern of doing this. Why because its faster and cheaper to put this content on the ps4. Than providing next gen content. If you let them get away with this unchecked. They will just continue to burn the majority of people who bought this console expecting next gen content. That’s right the majority of owners don’t want this crap.

    But you fanjerks always have the need to drowned out other people’s right to voice their own opinions. This outrageous need to feel superior over others doesn’t accomplish anything. Except make your fathead larger. Problem is your not even superior to that image you see in your own mirror everyday. So stop being a fanjerk it may stop your fathead from breaking your own neck…

  • This is great to hear! I’ve been a long time fan of Spelunky and have been asking for the Playstation versions to get the latest PC update since it was released. It’s awesome to see that it’s actually going to happen.

    Here’s my question, The PS4 allows for about 15 minutes of game play to be recorded. If the new feature to let players upload replays to the leaderboards happening, is it just uploading the last 15 minutes of game play? I have an external capture device, so it’s no problem for me to record the whole game play session and then upload it to youtube later (with commentary), but for those that are doing it through the PS4’s internal recording capabilities, how will that work?

    Thanks again for this great news and incredible update! I can’t wait to have this great game on my PS4 as well as my PS3, Vita and PC! :)

  • This is some bulls**t…another port for PS4?…another supposedly “enhanced’ version?…..at least its cross-buy…AT LEAST.

  • Will you have streaming interaction? It’d be fun to be able to throw things at players, like bombs or weapons or money or something.

  • I love how some people seem to think that AAA developers are being delayed in their PS4 game development because Derek Yu is porting his Indie game to the PS4. LOL.

  • An option to skip us straight to the main menu would be nice, instead of having to wait for everything to tell us who it’s made by, what it’s made with, and watching that slow animation. Not like the PC’s where they just throw you right into a random game, ’cause most people who’ve done everything just wanna do the daily challenge. Most.

  • Derek – I hope you’re still reading this!

    Firstly, I’m absolutely addicted to Spelunky on vita and am SO stoked for the PS4 version. Best game I’ve played in years and would happily pay full price again for the port.

    My real question though: as I’m sure you know, the current world records are scored on PC with help from the robot in the mothership to bring the plasma cannon to the city of gold. As far as I know, that has so far not been possible on consoles because we can’t reset our saves, which gives us (console players) a considerable disadvantage in the global playing field.

    So considering that, have you thought about updating the console (or even all) versions to even the odds on all platforms for scoring world records? Especially considering the streaming capabilities on the new generation consoles, that would be fantastic.

  • ild like to have the ability to join in with my friends without having to restart the game at the menu,
    ild like to be able to run though and actually run into other players and run past if they are slow or just afk and keep going(maybe even be able to kill them if afk,lol)or trade items with them in the game before heading past them or joining them

    or a request for help system similar to the signs in dark souls 2,

    and maybe the ability to turn off some of the annoying parts of the game or start with a bit more health

    or even a survival mode where you only have one heart the whole time

    and maybe a god mode were the enemies cant hurt you

    would also like to be able to switch graphic packs for the older ones from back in the day

    also very happy to have this free if you already own the ps3/vita cross-play, hope this continues with other titles on psn

  • Huge thanks for including the ps4 version for us current spelunkers! If you can only pry the Vita version out of my hands…

  • Best game ever! I own it on PS3/Vita, PC and Xbox 360. But would you please make it possible to play LAN co-op with 2 PS3 systems (or more) but each with separate screen? Currently the player using Vita has best advantage, and it would be fun to have a leaderboard specially for co-op players.

    This game beats any 2D game I have ever played. And I will buy it even if you released it on Android, iOS, WP7,, or any other system/device!

  • Update: If you have the PS3/Vita version and haven’t checked yet. the Pro HUD update for those versions went up last week.

  • Could you please make free roam possible in LAN mode? It will be nice to play co-op using separate screens with multiple PS3 or PS4 systems.

    Thank you for adding Pro HUD in the 1.04 update. I hope you can fix the bugs in the next update and add free roam option on PS3 as well.

  • Any word on an official release date for PS4?

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