Nidhogg on PS4: Sidescrolling Competitive Fencing Action

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Nidhogg on PS4: Sidescrolling Competitive Fencing Action
Nidhogg on PS4: Sidescrolling Competitive Fencing Action

Hello blogizens, we at Messhof are super excited to announce that we’re working with Code Mystics to bring Nidhogg to PS4! The game has always been best played with gamepads, so we’re pumped to be working with Sony on our newest release of Nidhogg.

Nidhogg on PS4

We have the most fun playing Nidhogg in front of our TV with friends. Sharing a TV and controllers is way more comfortable than crowding around someone’s desk and sharing a keyboard. Exclusive to the PS4 version, the built-in tournament mode now indicates your fencer’s color on DualShock 4’s light bar… how cool is that?!

When you’re not hosting an awesome Nidhogg tournament at home, you can get some practice in by playing through the single-player training mode, which has a variety of AI personalities you can practice against. Of course, sometimes you want to play against a real human, so playing with your friends via PSN is going to be super sweet.

Nidhogg on PS4

Nidhogg on PS4Nidhogg on PS4

In the past few months we’ve been watching Twitch streamers play Nidhogg on their computers, which is usually only set up to be super comfy for one person. Our crystal ball says that with Nidhogg on PS4, we’ll be seeing more living room battles. But seriously, guys, the PS4 version is dope, and we’re ready to start streaming our own living room parties through Twitch… ASAP.

We think you’ll really love the PS4 version as much as we do. For us, a new pool of players to challenge on the battlefield is really exciting. En garde!

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  • Also, I don’t think the general garbage you’re referring to (crappy clones, spin-offs, shameless cash-grab games etc..) are acceptable on PC or mobile platforms either. Looking through Steam and the Play Store is a pain in the butt.

  • I don’t believe anyone has said indie games are all crap… Some great titles are indie games, indie games made by small or aspiring developers are often fearless and will try new things, resulting in innovative ideas… That being said….

    Your kidding yourself if you are trying to sell anyone on the idea that you bought a ps4 for games like this… Or indie games in general. All I’m saying is there is a time and a place for everything. And this sure as hell ain’t the place for something I would of passed on twenty years ago let alone in 2014.

    If you disagree that’s fine, but realize that the ONLY reason your seeing half of this crap is not because sony shares your indie fandom but because they are simply tossing anything and everything they can at you since there is nothing else to buy.

    None of these games will be priced appropriately as they may be on steam… And as Bahumutis has already mentioned this stuff WILL be regurgitated down the line as free or discounted instead of worthwhile deals. I could think of at least ten more deserving indie titles that I’m sure we will never see brought to us off steam.

  • If your excited by this kind of stuff, then I’m glad it is here for you. Everyone has their own taste, but this is next gen people… I dunno… Maybe you guys have money to burn on a next gen 32 bit console. I don’t. Just seems to me if someone loves indie more than AAA an Ouya seems more your style. but to each his her own…

    At any rate… I think it should be easy to agree that most people are expecting more from the PS4, even from indie developers. Yes… Gameplay is the most important aspect in a game, but it’s not the ONLY one. Somewhere someone has attached a working engine to a go cart… Doesn’t mean people are gonna be lining up to make them their next family vehicle.

    Nothing should look this bad on this console…period. And this trend needs to stop. Didn’t buy a ps4 to see 5 sprites dancing on the damn screen.

  • Well, hopefully some of the more big budget games come out and satisfy people. They look uncreative though, like boring photography (MLB 14, Driveclub, etc). I don’t know why people like that. But I don’t want to stop them from being able to play them if they want to, whereas people who don’t like to see low rent indie games “flooding” their playstation, they want to get them to stop being available for purchase.

    I mean, you can buy Ozma Wars on PS3. It’s not a game that requires the Cell processor to run. It’s from 1978. But nobody’s upset about that game. It didn’t stop Uncharted 3 or Far Cry 3 from being made. It didn’t make people say “oh man, this system’s only for old titles. And look at these Capcom arcade classics… I’m not buying this. This is for Ouya.”

  • @ BahumatIsBack

    The only question I have to ask you is, have you played this game? If not, every one of your points is premature, and therefore invalid.

    @ TrueLordX

    Some people do think all indies are crap. Granted, those people aren’t very intelligent, but they do exist and some of them feel the need to let the rest of us know about it. It can get annoying.

    Anytime is a good time for a fun game. I don’t know what you meant when you said this isn’t the time or place…

    The game doesn’t look “bad”, it looks simple. The “trend” doesn’t need to stop because you say so. Publishers (including Sony) will continue to look at sales and other numbers for the information they need to make sound decisions going forward, not a comment board with a few spoiled kids whining about superficial stuff.

    And go-karts aren’t safe enough to pass for “family vehicles”, you know…

  • Usually I don’t like indie games but this one makes me HATE indie games.

  • PenguinProtocol

    “It’s amazing how many people still haven’t realized:
    1. Indie games aren’t preventing AAA games from being made.
    2. You aren’t being forced to buy what you’re not interested in.
    3. Games are for fun, not for staring at.
    4. Indies are NECESSARY at this point, due to AAA games taking longer than ever to produce.
    Try to get it through your heads, people.” – @PrimeroIncognito

    This is so spot on.

    “Your kidding yourself if you are trying to sell anyone on the idea that you bought a ps4 for games like this… Or indie games in general.” – @TrueLordX

    The day the release date for TowerFall: Ascension was announced I ordered a PS4 and 3 additional controllers.

    Between TowerFall, Sportfriends and now Nidhogg Sony has brought some seriously great local multi games to the PS4. The AAA titles will come people, just breathe.

  • En garde!

  • Seems like a good game, I just wished Indie games on PS4 and Vita had the same kind of discounts that we have on Steam.

  • So I guess how no one saw that this game won IGN’s game of the month when it came out on PC, much less the 81 it has on metacritic right not ( So much hate because it uses large pixels which only adds to the feel and dynamic of the game. I seriously can’t wait! PlayStation is trading into Nintendo territory by finding devs who are making awesome couch/party multiplayer games. Do any of you guys *****ing have any offline friends? If not, I recommend finding some, as the experience can be rewarding. Keep up the fantastic workover at Messhof, Kristy and Crew!

  • I would offer myself to the Nidhogg for a PS3 version.

  • I think we can all agree that we have nothing against Indie developers, seeing as how most developers start with smaller companies first before making it big. But look at a game like Axiom Verge. That game is CLEARLY modeled off of the 8-bit console games like Contra. Its look is inspired by that old school genre. This fencing game looks like someone made it on their graphing calculator. In my opinion, there needs to be a standard of what you can call an “artistic style”, in the same way some artists throw cans of paint at a wall and call that art…

  • Oh my god… My wallet is going to hurt so bad with all these awesome indies coming…

    Honestly though, have you guys been stalking me and what games I’ve been looking at recently? It’s like everything I am interested in just happens to come out on PS4 a few months later.

    Anyways, thank you so much for this guys! I am extremely excited that Nidhogg is coming to PS4 and cannot thank you enough!

  • You know what would be amazing… if this game became a ps plus free game this summer. I would have too many tournaments at my house. I am afraid that it will be $15 and none of my friends will get it with me however, and it will be wasted.

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