Nidhogg on PS4: Sidescrolling Competitive Fencing Action

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Nidhogg on PS4: Sidescrolling Competitive Fencing Action
Nidhogg on PS4: Sidescrolling Competitive Fencing Action

Hello blogizens, we at Messhof are super excited to announce that we’re working with Code Mystics to bring Nidhogg to PS4! The game has always been best played with gamepads, so we’re pumped to be working with Sony on our newest release of Nidhogg.

Nidhogg on PS4

We have the most fun playing Nidhogg in front of our TV with friends. Sharing a TV and controllers is way more comfortable than crowding around someone’s desk and sharing a keyboard. Exclusive to the PS4 version, the built-in tournament mode now indicates your fencer’s color on DualShock 4’s light bar… how cool is that?!

When you’re not hosting an awesome Nidhogg tournament at home, you can get some practice in by playing through the single-player training mode, which has a variety of AI personalities you can practice against. Of course, sometimes you want to play against a real human, so playing with your friends via PSN is going to be super sweet.

Nidhogg on PS4

Nidhogg on PS4Nidhogg on PS4

In the past few months we’ve been watching Twitch streamers play Nidhogg on their computers, which is usually only set up to be super comfy for one person. Our crystal ball says that with Nidhogg on PS4, we’ll be seeing more living room battles. But seriously, guys, the PS4 version is dope, and we’re ready to start streaming our own living room parties through Twitch… ASAP.

We think you’ll really love the PS4 version as much as we do. For us, a new pool of players to challenge on the battlefield is really exciting. En garde!

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  • sorry i mite try if its free.

  • I’ve known about Nidhogg for a long time, but this is the first time I’ve actually seen the game in motion. I must say, it looks very appealing indeed.

  • I have this game on PC and its a huge hit at parties, can’t want to have it in the same place as Sportsfriends and Towerfall.

  • Kristy you have seriously made me and my best friend the happiest bros alive today. We have been wanting this on PS4 ever since we first saw it. We are going to spend hundreds of hours dueling it out and getting that D.

  • Okay so we’ve got Towerfall: Ascension, Samurai Gunn, Sportsfriends and now, this… You know, I was a bit surprised, but in actually it makes way too much sense.

  • I was just thinking about this game, and wondering if it would come to PlayStation. Nice to hear, seems like a really fun local multiplayer game. :)

  • Whoa, indie overload today glad to see awesome games like Nidhogg coming to Playstation.

  • But will the online finally be fixed in the PS4 version.

    PC’s online still desyncs something fierce.

    • We are working with a porting team, Code Mystics, who have much experience developing fighting games… so there should be an improvement with the online play for sure. :)

  • You have NO IDEA how happy I am to hear this. Thanks, Kristy!

  • What’s next pong?

  • Now this is something that seems very different but yet out of the ordinary not sure what to make of this game. Must investigate more.

  • Whoaaaa…

    A Vita version with cross-play would be unreal!

  • How open are you guys to a Vita port? And Cross-Play and Cross-Buy? What if I say please? ;)

  • think im sold to the idea of pawning off my PS4 all these indie games are ruining the system i didnt spend 400$ for a overclocked atari seriously

  • Please consider a Vita release!

    and Cross-Play (and Cross-Buy)

  • Oh man, I’m so excited. Any idea of a release window?

  • o-m-g. That sums it up.

  • Damn nice graphics using all that ps4 power!!!

  • game looks like it could be fun.

  • @naoplox I agreed… Though I wouldn’t go as far to say I’d consider selling but this is getting ridiculous. I wouldn’t even bother with this on my vita, but at least I could understand it being ported there… Seriously, put me in that room where the discussion was about bringing this to the ps4. I really want some of those drugs you guys were on, must of been some potent stuff. Enough with the shovel ware, what are you gonna port next? E.T.?

  • Retarded. You know how everyone was sick of WWII shooters a while back? Thats how i feel about these indies. Lemme guess the price: $15? Yeah, in your dreams….

  • can anyone spill the beans on pricing because thats what will make or break this game for me

  • Nidhogg is the big ol’ titties! I got to play it @ SXSW! So much fun! I’d be willing to pay 14.99 for this and I’m sure it’ll be less $$$.

  • WOWWWW… I’m buying a PS4 this weekend just to play it!!!

  • Is this coming out on Atari 2600 ?

  • wow this looks amazing..

  • @Sony – please get your quality control team a kick in the butt for allowing this to pass through. We get it – you’re trying to support indies, but there has to be some point in which you say “No, we aren’t going to publish that because it does not fit on a next-gen console”. Just because a game is “indie” does not automatically mean it should be green lit to appear on one of your consoles

    I’ve loved Sony consoles since the PS1 and own them all, but you guys are making a mockery of next-gen gaming and many customers are losing faith in you as a company. This looks like an Atari 2600 game from 30 years ago. Get with the times. Retro can be a good thing if done correctly, but this is just ugly, lame, and insulting to your customers. Enough is enough with letting anybody that can slap any old thing together can get it published on PSN

  • @BahumatlsBack Thank you for saying what’s needed to be said. Problem is they never listen…

  • I LOVE playing this game with my friends. It’s been a hacked together way with a bootcamp installation on my Mac just to play it. The fact that it is coming to PS4 is AWESOME. I can’t wait to get everyone playing it. It’s a great game and a lot of fun. Is there an ETA on this?

  • @BahumatlsBack & strider367

    That’s unfortunate that you guys feel that way, but many other people and I are appreciative of games like Nidhogg. If there was only one criterion for games it would not be that they need to look pretty, I would posit that games only need to be fun. Sure, we all have different ideas of fun, and that’s fine. But to outright deny all games based solely on its appearance and requesting that for everyone else is doing a disservice. Your request to Sony is a disservice to gamers, and I wholeheartedly disagree.

    Add me to the list of wanting a cross-buy feature for the Vita!

  • No disrespect to the developers but I can’t get down with this retro stuff. I loved it back then but now…uhhh

  • this looks extremely fun

  • I understand that gameplay and fresh concepts are more important than graphics 95% percent of the time, but when a game looks like this, it’s hard not to be critical. If this game has great gameplay, which maybe it does, before it’s published for Playstation, it needs to go through some more development to at least take it out of the 8-bit graphics look. No one can argue that this is an art style. Cell shading is an art style… this is just bad.

  • @29 (TheBlueCrow) – well said, my friend. And I love the respect that you not only showed the developers of this game, but also the gamers who showed so much disrespect to those developers and their fellow gamers. None of us speak for every gamer…there will be some that dig games like this, and some that don’t. And that’s fine. But all games should be welcomed on every platform. And all people should be treated with respect.

  • Awesome!!! Did not expect you guys to be cool enough to bring this to PS4!!!

  • Comment #14 really an overclock Atari really *sigh* no more wasted words for you. Anywho this game looks like fun, could this a Bushido Blade love letter?

  • Release date? Price?

    • Hey PartyPachanga… Roughly around the same price as it is on Steam now (around $15 or so…) and Summer 2014!

  • It’s amazing how many people still haven’t realized:

    1. Indie games aren’t preventing AAA games from being made.

    2. You aren’t being forced to buy what you’re not interested in.

    3. Games are for fun, not for staring at.

    4. Indies are NECESSARY at this point, due to AAA games taking longer than ever to produce.

    Try to get it through your heads, people.

  • Awesome! My friend and I watched a video for this game a while back and were interested, but unfortunately the Steam price was too much for us. This game DOES look extremely fun. However, it’s something that will probably be played for a few minutes at a time and won’t have long-term lasting appeal, so I hope the PS4 price is more appropriate, although we all know Steam prices are always lower. IMO, this game should be priced no higher than $4.99, and I am in no way being critical or basing it on the simplistic art style. It’s just not a game that people will sit there for hours playing, day after day, and that’s not a bad thing.

    BahamutIsBack, I fully agree with your desire for Sony to be more restrictive, but Nidhogg does honestly look really awesome. If you haven’t watched a gameplay video, you should check one out. Imagine playing it with friends. This game can make for a lot of fun and laughs.

  • Had been hoping that this would come to the PS4. So jazzed for this! And for those who are complaining about Sony’s catering to indies, why? The more games the merrier right? There are plenty of big budget/studio titles coming out this year too. Let’s just all be happy that the PS4 is shaping up to be a system for all types of gamers!

  • Worth while game, bought it on steam. It probably one of the few games I can make COD family rage. Two Buttons with movement can do so much….and the music is so fitting.

  • Hmmm…The sound effects and screams sound exactly like this game >:D

  • It’s amazing how many people still haven’t realized

    1. Nobody’s comparing Indies to AAA, but in terms of quality this is too poor even for an indie. It’s lazy and cheaply produced and seems like a better fit for a phone like most of the indies we’re seeing lately

    2. True, but stuff like this is going to end up being forced on us through the Plus Instant Game Collection. Even if it’s not if you have 100 games like this and 10 retail quality games, then people are going to be put off by the console which will hurt software sales, which will hurt console sales, which will hurt quality games being produced, etc, etc

    3. Games should be fun, while at the same time not be painful to look at. There is nothing saying that games have to be one or the other. Super Mario 3 was a classic – so was the first Zelda and many other classic games. They weren’t graphics intensive but were still quality

    4. Indies are NOT NECESSARY at this point. I’d rather have fewer higher quality indies to fill the gaps between AAA’s instead of shovel ware. There have been many indies that have been great games, but this is not one of them

    Try to get it through your heads, people

  • All I’m saying is the quality control should be higher than what we’ve been seeing. It seems that Sony is letting anybody publish a game that wants to publish a game. PSN is going to end up like the Android store where you have to sift through hundreds of clones and junk apps to find 1 thing half way decent instead of broken and unsupported software

  • Those visuals will put a huge strain on the system and it may overheat.

  • A – I am serious
    B – With today’s announcements of Escape Goat 2, Niddhog, and this avalanche of other indie games, I am finally ready to pick up a PS4. Hear that? It wasn’t AAA that won me over. It was Sony’s indiepalooza! Three cheers!

  • BahumatIsBack, you don’t understand. Nidhogg is intentionally looking like an Apple II game. Feel free to trash it if you feel that’s a dumb idea, but it’s gotten rave reviews elsewhere on PC

  • No, I understand that they did it intentionally, but I still stand by what I said that it shouldn’t be on a Playstation platform. This kind of thing is acceptable on PC and phones, but not on a dedicated gaming console. That first pic looks like somebody threw up on the screen. That’s not something I care to see in 1080

    Quite frankly this is the kind of game beginner programmers produce when they’re learning. Most, if not all of what I see can be reproduced in MS-DOS versions of QBasic or Pascal

  • Sorry, but Prince of Persia on MS-DOS pales in comparison to that kind of action. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    And PS Blog mods: I don’t care if I’m being a jerk. He is too!

  • BahamutIsBack,

    Check out the WTF is Nidhogg video by TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit. Before you criticize a game, you should know about it. Again, I agree with your feelings regarding loose quality assurance policies, but it doesn’t apply to this, as long as the game is priced appropriately. Some games DO need to stay off Sony platforms. Like that horrible zombie running game that’s coming out. What’s it called? RunZ? Absolute garbage that I wouldn’t care to play on my smartphone. Nidhogg is interesting though.
    Yeah, it’s simplistic in all regards, but there is no other game like it on PS platforms.

    The only problem is – judging from Steam – this will be grossly overpriced. Ideally, I think $2.99 is the magic number, with $4.99 being the absolute highest price, but we’re most likely looking at $9.99-$14.99. What a lot of devs and publishers don’t understand (Are you paying attention Digital Extremes?) is that HIGH prices mean LOW profits. If this game is $14.99, the majority will pass. Price it at $4.99 or less and there is a lot of money to be made here.

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