Dead Nation Coming to PS Vita April 15th

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Dead Nation Coming to PS Vita April 15th

Dead Nation on PS Vita

Back at E3 2013, the PS Vita version of Dead Nation was announced, and today I’m pleased to confirm that the game will be launching tomorrow. You’ll finally be able to carry the zombie apocalypse in your pocket.

For those of you who still aren’t in the know after the launch of the PS4 version last month, Dead Nation is a top-down, shoot ’em up style game set in an apocalyptic zombie world. This classic PSN game was originally developed by the talented team at Housemarque, also known for Resogun and Super Stardust HD.

Like the PS4 version of the game, the PS Vita version has been developed by our friends at Climax Studios, and they’ve faithfully recreated the classic experience of the original PS3 game. Journey through the campaign as Jack McReady or Scarlett Blake, or replay your favorite levels and compete for top scores in the single mission mode. Prefer not to experience the apocalypse alone? You and a friend can play the game in both online or ad-hoc co-op. Make sure you upload your stats whenever possible to support your country in the global standings.

Dead Nation on PS Vita

Dead Nation will cost $7.99, and the Road of Devastation DLC can be purchased separately for $3.99. Anyone who has previously purchased the PS3 game or Road of Devastation will be entitled to the PS Vita versions at no extra cost, thanks to cross buy.

Dead Nation feels right at home on PS Vita, and everyone who has seen it so far has really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to hear what all of you think once you get your hands on it.

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  • @47, Remote Play is awesome but it has a fatal issue – the Vita has 2 less trigger buttons. The 2 missing buttons are remapped to back touch pad or touch screen or other buttons. The button mapping varies by game but is fixed, not user remappable. The precision and sensitivity of the back touchpad is horrible (you kinda have to tap near the center rather than the sides).

    Dead Nation is a game where all 4 shoulder/trigger buttons are heavily used all the time. Can you imagine having them remapped? The controls for this game is horrible when doing remote play.

    Which brings me to the question: when is Vita TV coming out? Being able to use a DS3 (and hopefully DS4 in the future) will resolve such remote play issues. (Though the Vita TV’s firmware should be fixed to allow multiple accounts. It’s ridiculous to have every family member having his/her own Vita TV for the sake of remote playing his/her game. And allow custom button mapping too.)

  • @9, haha breath friend! Find a paper bag quick!

    Road of Devastation… must look into this!

    Thanks Housemarque & Climax!

  • I’ll get this game tomorrow!

  • I really need to get vita now, since i have ps4 n ps3 with playstation + member i might as well get it. I might pre-order the bundle next month with borderland 2


  • But i wish we get the same graphics as PS4 on our Vita,maybe a bit serious… Vita is strong enough to handle this game……

  • will the game support cross play? and cross save?

  • There’s something odd about the screenshots. It’s showing the hud of 2 players (on the left and right). Obviously you can’t have 2 people sharing the same Vita, playing coop at the same time. If 2 people are playing online or ad-hoc coop, why should one see the hud of the other player? Seems like a waste of bandwidth to be updating that in real time. (I have not played online coop on the PS3 or PS4 version, so I don’t know if both huds are shown too.)

  • Yayy!!! I already bought the PS3 version, so now I get the PS Vita version for FREE!!! Happy, happy, Joy, Joy!!! :-D

  • Thanks for Ad-Hoc feature!! i’m very happy! This game will be perfect for play in a mobile like Vita.

  • Wow!!! I wasn’t expecting this! I’m so glad this game has been ported! I always wanted to play this, and the Vita is the perfect platform to play this kind of game!

    Thanks a lot!!

  • Sorry for double post, but love the price also! :D

  • Thanks for the cross-buy (for PS3 users)! That’s how good companies do business. Can’t wait to platinum this again. :D

  • i bought dead nation back in 2011 will i still get it free for vita?

  • I love Dead Nation, now please bring Fat Princess and Warhawk to the psvita, we need more online multiplayer games on the vita.

  • Fun game when it just turned free for the PS4 lots of ppl was playing it and then at the end of the month there was no activity :(

  • Is this free for those who got the ps4 and ps3 version from psplus a month ago?
    I got charged 7.99 for the vita :(

  • hey rogan ogden,

    problem with the ad hoc.

    host keeps getting disconnected once the joinee gets through. cant even get a ad hoc campaign started. keeps disconnecting host.

    explanation??? or are you guys aware and its being fixed?

    as it stands, ad hoc campaign is nonexistent.

    tested ad hoc on other games and works fine. dead nation not at all.

    other then that, since i did own the ps3 vers. the vita vers was free. apparently many dead nation owners are being charged. luckily it went through as free for vita.

    thank you for your time and hope you guys get the ad hoc fixed soon

  • +KingHabagaT_T-> I had the same happen to me. You need to do a Live Chat with Customer Service about this. There’s a problem with getting the PS Vita version for free for those who previously bought the PS3 version, being that they didn’t become available simultaneously. I talked to 4 different Customer Service Representatives and 2 of them didn’t even know that Cross Buy works both ways. They thought the Vita version had to be bought to get them both. Luckily, the other 2 guys understood that we are supposed to get the Vita version free, if we already bought the PS3 version. Make sure to give them the link to this page and tell them to read the 3rd paragraph on this page which is located under the 2nd Screen Shot (or copy & paste that paragraph to the Live Chat) to verify. It will save you a lot of time and headache. You’re welcome, guys! (^_^)

  • Okay, guys! Scratch that. Call Sony’s Toll-Free 1-800 number and speak to a Customer Service Representative. They can refund your money for your purchase of the PS3 version of the game (to your PSN Wallet) and then let you purchase the PS Vita version that IS associated with the Cross Buy, thus giving you the PS3 version AND the PS Vita version, per the Cross Buy functionality. Problem solved. =) Well… Sorta. On a One-On-One scale, at least. =\

  • hi there, i already bought dead nation for the vita, add me in psn= “dusty_thebrawler”

  • This game fits the Vita like a glove. Its excellent for playing on the go. Now im praying to the gaming gods that there will be a Dead Nation 2 and it comes to Vita.

  • I have already bought the game back when it was released, and the DLC as well, but now the game is showing for me on PSN after the cross-buy option, to buy it again, and when I try to buy the PS Vita version, it won’t let me, saying “this cannot be purchased at this time”. Any help appreciated, where do I have to send a support ticket?

  • + KingHabagaT_T

    I have the same problem. Purchased the PS3 version back in 2011 for full price… not showing up as free for my Vita. Looks like it affects a handful of accounts (mine included, unfortunately). Currently on chat via support but it looks like a phone call is the fastest solution, unless you’re overseas.. like me T_T

  • Update:

    it seems that online support doesn’t really work. You’ve got to be physically located in the US to reach an authoritative support group for cases like mine’s and + Sub-Zero_BR .

    Which sucks for offshore consumers. I’ve never been disappointed by Sony’s support until now, I mean.. it’s 2014.. solutions to cases like this should be trivial (it’s likely an account update issue in the backend of their system).

    Oh well…

  • Getting this game today so excited.

  • The adhoc mode is not working for us either… I bought it only because of this feature

  • Returned to this on my old PS3 a couple of weeks ago, and thought to myself how good this would be on Vita. On a hunch did a search on the store and hey presto there it was- Free!! Best game ever on Vita. Please, please,please bring out a new version soon whoever makes it!!

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