The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 4/15/2014

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 4/15/2014
The Drop

A world of adventure and death-defying stunts await PlayStation players this week thanks to a tremendous lineup of new games. Quest through enchanting vistas in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, or skim the clouds atop a motorbike in Trials Fusion.

The critically acclaimed MMO Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn formally launches on PS4 this week, opening Eorzea to the gaming masses. The massive adventure, rife with blades, spells, and quests, arrives on PS4 with enhanced visuals compared to its PS3 counterpart. Travel alone or with well-armed company in an effort to purge Eorzea of its evils and win fame and fortune.

Adrenaline addicts can look forward to Trials Fusion, which also lands on PS4 this week with high-flying tricks, outrageous courses, and a global leaderboard to climb. Race through the latest entry in this fan-favorite series and prepare for a few broken bones along the way — it’s not a walk in the park, people.

And the PS Vita shares some of the spotlight this week with No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either! Chain together combos, collect power-ups, and vanquish those pesky heroes that dare invade! Or forge relationships in Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars, and fashion a team of heroes with the power of… classmating.

Read on for a complete list, and enjoy the Drop!

Backgammon Blitz
Beyond: Two Souls
Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars
EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
Ethan: Meteor Hunter
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
Hyper Crazy Climber
No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either!
Pure Chess
That Trivia Game
Trials Fusion

New PlayStation Releases This Week

PS3, PS4, PS Vita — Digital
Experience a game played for centuries, realized with cutting-edge visuals and new ways to play. Challenge a friend or play online. Learn the rich strategy and rhythm of backgammon and graduate from pupil to master.
PS3 — Digital (Already Available at Retail)
Witness the latest thriller from the experienced storytellers at Quantic Dream. A supernatural tale following the haunting and difficult life of Jodie Holmes as she deals with her life-long connection to the spirit world.
PS Vita — Digital, Retail
Monsters have invaded the world, and only those imbued with the power of the Star God can face them. But with so few warriors and so little time, the heroes must fuse their star power together to make magical Star Children.
PS3 — Digital, Retail
Live the fun, drama, and thrill of football’s greatest event. Experience the renowned play of FIFA 14 with a plethora of improvements, including 100 new animations. Compete in authentic Brazilian stadiums and feel the energy of the World Cup at every play.
PS Vita — Digital (Already Available on PS3)
Navigate deadly puzzles as a super-powered rat, manipulating the environment to unravel physics-based challenges. Play through more than 50 levels across three different worlds. Instant respawns encourage “just one more try” play, even after repeated (and grisly) deaths.
PS4 — Digital, Retail (Already Available on PS3)
Explore a land embraced by gods and forged by heroes. A robust MMO boasting a flexible class system that enables players to switch roles on a whim. Partake in bountiful quests and seek glory on the fields of battle in the continuation of the Final Fantasy legacy.
PSone Import — Digital
Released in Japan in 1996, this arcade classic tasks players with climbing up dizzying heights, dodging dangerous obstacles along the way. Choose between three characters and get climbing up clock towers, bean stalks, and haunted skyscrapers.
PS Vita — Digital
A free-to-play puzzle game with a devious sense of humor. Master the puzzle system, build up devastating combos, and defeat a train of obnoxious heroes. Because no heroes allowed, obviously.
PS4 — Digital
Experience one of the oldest board games in the world with realistic visuals, stunning backdrops, and varying sets. Learn the immense strategy of chess and climb ever closer to the coveted rank of grandmaster.
PS4 — Digital
Face the AI or up to three friends in That Trivia Game. Featuring more than 1,000 questions spread across 20 different categories. Match wits at every round with 24 character combinations.
PS4 — Digital, Retail
Soar through the air and take on a jaw-dropping array of platform-racing challenges. Traverse obstacles and hunt for the top spot on global leaderboards with incredible tricks, and keep searching for the next insane track to tackle.

Demos and Betas

Backgammon Blitz — PS3, PS4, PS Vita Demo
Trials Fusion — PS4 Demo

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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9 Author Replies

  • @44 TrueLordX.


  • Wasn’t TMNT Out of the Shadows supposed to drop this week?

  • I really hope Cel Damage HD is out next week because that’s all I’ve been waiting for.

  • More crappy indie games for the Vita!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

  • Finally got around to starting Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, but as soon as I’m done that I’m all up on that FFXIV business. Already got my license transferred over to PS4.

  • Conception II.

  • Also yea where the hell is the turtles game? they said it be out this week, if that truly was an april’s fool joke, which I figured it was, then heads will roll im sure.

  • Too bad Conception is ruined by lots of skeevy, immature fan service. Otherwise it’d be an insta-buy for me

  • How much is fusion?

  • Ok so when does the digital version come out tomorrow or we have to wait a day later since the game comes out tomorrow. Please respond thanks

  • Any news on octodad for ps4?

  • I really hope the US is going to get a great Easter sale like EU already has…

  • I want Beyond: Two Souls on the PS4.

  • Does anybody knows why it doesnt appeart in here the game: tmnt out of shadows? The studio who made it said it was gonna be in the play station store this april 15th, is it true or just another bad april fools joke? I´d love to know cuz I can’t wait to play this game…

  • Why did both the eu and you guys forget to put TMNT on the list… But Jawad did confirm in the comments it was coming. So much mystery surrounding that game. I just want to kick some shell with my childhood heroes.

  • Going to have to give Trials a try!

    Any idea as to when Octodad will be released? That is currently my most anticipated until Watchdogs!

  • no heroes sweetness

  • That Trivia Game comes in Spanish Language too? I was wondering this as it doesnt says it at the official site or anywhere. Can someone check this please? Thanks!

  • When’s the Easter sale going to happen? It’s already been on for almost a week in other countries.

  • @Grayfox2k8. Thanks.

  • I want to play realm reborn. However, ever since the open beta, I can’t get over the first time setup update, always getting error 20019.

  • I’m glad Beyond Two Souls is comming to digital. I don’t like buying discs if I don’t have to.

  • Is there any estimate on Minecraft’s release? That’s one of the only ps4 games I’m looking forward to this year.

  • No new Shin Megami Tensei PS2 classic this week? Oh well, hopefully we’ll see another in a week or two.

    @bothebo I love how you are too stupid to realize that Conception II is an RPG and not an indie game. Maybe me wonder why the PS blog still continues to fill up with brats like you.

  • well Conception II is already preorded just gatta wait for it to come in.

  • BEYOND! Two souls xD. Lame joke aside I’m glad to see that game in digital. Might pick it up later this year.

  • Woot! I can’t wait for this Tuesday! I’ll be downloading Conception II.

  • @Gamerzlimited Your comment to bothebo was unnecessarily rude. First off, he/she never said anything about Conception 2. I’m sure they were talking about the other 3 vita games coming this week. I wouldn’t even download Backgammon Blitz, Ethan Meteor Hunter or No Heroes Allowed if they were free, and just FYI indie games can also be rpg’s. Dragon Fantasy and Rainbow Moon are just two examples.

  • Where’s my Octodad!? It’s still scheduled for April, right?

    Only thing that strikes my fancy this week is Trials. The previous ones were fun and can’t wait to see how they improve on it.

  • Yay a free puzzle game!

    And I REALLY want a reason to buy Pure Chess again. But if they don’t do real live online multiplayer then there simply is no reason. The game is fantastic in every other sense, I just wish they’d add the real live online multiplayer it deserves.

  • Please hurry and add an awesome free to play RPG on PS4.. I’ve been waiting and waiting for a game thats free 2 play that I would actually put some money into.. DC is fun don’t get me wrong, but it just doesn’t have any story to me.. Also the cities are just freaking boring.. FF looks cool but I can’t fork up 39 plus a sub fee.. I will try elder scrolls though and see whats up.. Will I like PS2 if I love BF4?? We need more games, and a huge massive RPG is what I want.. f2p prefer

  • @rabidninjamonky Well how am I suppose to know that? I thought he meant all the Vita games on this list including Conception II are crappy. And judging by that screenshot, it looks like an indie game and can be mistaken as one. It should have been a pic of a battle instead of a stats screen to prevent confusion. That way, anyone who doesn’t know Conception would have an idea what type of game it is. If Conception II wasn’t on this list to begin with, then I wouldn’t have said anything. I just feel kind of insulted as a Atlus fan for thinking someone calling one of their RPG’s crappy. You can say crap to the other Vita games for all I care, just not this one. Ok?

  • @Gamerzlimited I hear ya. Conception 2 is definitely not an indie game. The graphics are actually really good. I tried the demo, the tutorials were ridiculous though. I think there was about 5 minutes of gameplay in the first hour I played, and I didn’t really like the story or characters so I deleted it. Does it get better? I loved Persona 3 and 4 and Devil Summoner, but I couldn’t get into this at all I will definitely buy it retail if the reviews are ok or when the price drops. I can’t wait for Demon Gaze though, I’ll be preordering that one.

  • I guess Hyper Crazy Climber is Japanese ?

    P.s: Nice update, finally glad to see Beyond digital! One question though is it Backgammon Blitz Cross-Buy ? Thanks.

  • I like Juno/Ellen Page as an actress & enjoy watching Her Movies, I find Her Charming, Intelligent, Funny, Quirky & Cute. With that said, I have absolutely no Interest in playing as Her in Beyond: Two Souls. I won’t waste HDD space(1TB), Download Time, Bandwidth, Electricity or Wear on my Ps3 WHEN this comes out on Instant Game Collection for Plus Member in a few months seeing as Sony Published it. I’d rather have Seen Ellen play a funny role in a Game, Funny Game or not.

  • Does anyone know when Borderlands is coming out on VITA, I have heard good stuff about this port and it has cross save?

  • any deal of Easter in this update as there was in the European PSN

  • Finally, Beyond is getting a digital release.

  • Conception II for the win!! :)

    Pre-ordered and paid for ages ago.

    Loved the demo – the ‘fanservice’ wasn’t overwhelming at all.

    I do really need a 64GB memory card though. Are we getting it over here, or do I just buy one from Japan? Maybe a 128 GB card even?? I can hope – at the moment I’m picking and choosing which games I can have on my vita. A 64 GB card would let me have all my games, and no videos. A 128 GB card might let me have everything on my Vita. I have too much stuff.

  • Hello. Any word on if the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows will drop on the 15th?

  • I thought Beyond Two Souls is coming to PS4…Will it eventually?

  • Nice week,nice week…be getting that Hyper Crazy Climber…downloading Ethan to my Vita as I already got the PS3 version and that sweet dem of Gammon.

  • So he answers the first couple questions and then bounces?

    Any idea when you’ll be able to purchase Trials? It says day1 digital but does that mean when the store updates at like 6pm on Tuesday? Midnight Monday night?

  • For those that complain about where are the games at for this or that system try reading more seriously. There may not be the games you want but there are quite a variety of games coming out for sure!!!!!!!!!

  • i noticed you pick and choose which ones to respond to thats rude, no price on beyond two souls because its the same….obvious damage controll! cheers!

  • Is Trials available beginning tomorrow with the PS Store update, or do we have to wait for the 16th?

  • #94
    They really do have the right to complain though.
    We were promised so much and have gotten so little.. heck even the indie is all starting to look and feel the same.

  • #91
    That’s never been said. It really shouldn’t either. It’s a good movie-experience.. but I wouldn’t say its much of a game…

  • Hopefully Octodad: Dadliest Catch comes soon. One of the reasons I bought a PS4.

  • What hell is this no more ps3 games for psn or what I need download all my psn games befor the psn server go`s down for good I hope I don’t lose all my psn game sony

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