PlayStation All-Stars Ultimate Balance Update Has Arrived

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PlayStation All-Stars Ultimate Balance Update Has Arrived

PlayStation All-Stars fans, the ultimate balance update is here. With more than 100 balance adjustments combined across all characters, and a wave of additional improvements, this update creates a new playing field for all challengers. Click here to see the full changelist in this patch.

PlayStation All-Stars
Click here to get the Graveyard Pack

This update also unlocks the previously promised third costumes for both Zeus and Isaac characters in-game, for all players that currently own them. If you don’t have these bonus characters in your roster, we’re happy to inform you of a significant DLC price drop on The Graveyard Pack to $1.99 — which includes both Zeus and Isaac, as well as a stage based on MediEvil’s Graveyard mashed with hidden elements from the world of The Unfinished Swan. This DLC sale will last until April 22nd.

Finally, we’ve partnered with fighting game community powerhouse Level-Up Series for a Spring Tournament at The Runback. This is a 10-week, offline tournament at Super Arcade here in Southern California, and will be live streamed weekly on on the road to the finale. The season grand prize is a PS4, and awesome PlayStation All-Stars community notoriety.

Even if you can’t make it, you can still win weekly mystery prizes just by tuning in to the livestream every Thursday starting this week at 9:30PM PT.

PlayStation All-Stars

Watch the tournament live

PlayStation All-Stars fans, we cannot thank you enough for your patience and continued passion throughout the community, and especially on our message boards. Over the past months we’ve read every word, clicked every thread, assessed the game balance inside and out, to ensure that this balance update would not only bring a superior new challenge to the game, but also feel heavily impacted by your voice. Thank you, and our hats off to SuperBot Entertainment for creating an incredible fighting game for PlayStation fans worldwide.

To download the PlayStation All-Stars update, just boot up the game, ensure you are connected to the internet, and you’ll be automatically prompted to download.

Follow us at @SonySantaMonica and visit our official studio website.

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6 Author Replies

  • This game obviously has a dedicated fan base/community. So sad that this game was is dead after this patch.

    I really appreciate the update, FYI you’ve got me sold on a sequel if that were to ever happen. I’ve bought every single DLC for this game because I wanted to support it as much as I could.

    Everyone would LOVE a sequel to this game for the PlayStation 4 or possibly cross play with the PS3 as well. MAKE IT HAPPEN PLEASE!!!

  • BTW that trailer had me tearing up of how awesome this community is and how awesome it would be to have a sequel for this game. :(


  • Any chances we’ll be seeing a sequel someday? Please? Not a reboot either – I want a sequel.

    I’ll be honest, I loved this game, and anyone who complains about the super system has no idea what they’re talking about. The system here arguably works much better than Smash Bros.’s does, and the gameplay was overall excellent. If you don’t think the super system works, you’re either nuts or just wanted an exact Smash Bros. clone and never gave this truly fantastic game the chance it deserved.

    The flaws, I find, were the major lack of things to do (it was really just Arcade or Online) and the lack of big names from the PS1 era. PS2 era could have used some more love too. You address those, make a nicer UI (sorry guys, the menus were kinda plain), and I do genuinely believe you have a franchise that could challenge Smash Bros.

  • Great, thanks for the update, I like this game a lot. I’m definitely getting this DLC, will also the Kat+Emmett+Fearless Pack be discounted? I hope so because I couldn’t download it when it was free :/

  • Sony Santa Monica, I really hope the next All Stars patch fix the HORRIBLE Multiplayer experience.

    I’m tired of taking so long to find a match, and get the “Failed to find a valid match to join. Error Code: 0314-0101” error, “Failed to connect to Match Making Server. Error Code: 00A2-001B”, and the LAG.

    The game didn’t sell well(because of the wrong decisions, because it had potential), but Sony should not treat the gamers who supported the game like this.

  • Finally we see the balance patch. Now I have the motivation to play the story mode with the characters again on the PS Vita. I almost got pissed at you guys at SSM due to lack of communication a couple of months ago. Thanks for not forgetting the PS All-Stars fans like myself included. Thought you guys would have ditched this game and left it broken, unbalanced, and forget about Zeus and Issac’s alt costumes.

    I still wished Lara Croft could have been in the game though. :(

  • Happy that Sony hasn’t given up on the IP. It has a lot of potential, the combat system was very fun had a blast to platinum the game.

  • Does anyone play this still?

    I mean, the gameplay was boring, all the 3rd party characters were picked to advertise their own games that were coming out. And many other grievances I won’t go on about.

    Why do you think if few people wanted to pay money for Zeus and Isaac last year when they were released, and the game was kinda still played by a decent number of people, they will want to buy them now on discount when hardly anyone is playing?
    The same two characters no one ever uttered about wanting playable and ended up killing future DLC for the game?

    R.I.P. a game that had great potential but shoddy execution. Looking forward to the new info on the mascot fighting game that delivers.

  • I want this game, Ps+ plz!!! get over here

  • Great updates thank you still wish someone would let me know if there is going to be a wonderful PSASBR 2 :D or more DLC, anyway thank you so much you guys and gals are the best!! Keep up the good work I hope to see more added on to this amazing game!!

  • Thank you so much for this guys!
    Im not going to lie, I was hoping to see Dart in this update, but the fact that you took the time and worked on every single character says a lot.
    Cant wait to see the results and hopefully a sequel.

  • I loved the hell out of this game. It was just pure awesome. I’m just damn happy that it wasn’t abandoned as I feared. Thank you for keeping the game going, and for this huge update. This game can be PlayStation’s answer to Super Smash Bros. I hope a sequel is forthcoming. There’s still so much potential with All-Stars. I believe in you!

  • Hey, I hope this comment gets answered but….
    Why was Kat nerfed? Dodge-wise, I understand the debris setup(although i do love the throw combo starter for it)
    I was able to go toe-to-toe with 3 max-difficulty kratos but now, I can barely hold my own against one. Online I’ve been doing pretty fine(as Kat, with Ratchet, lol I’m still a beast)
    Also another thing, why the increased frames with Kat’s neutral square combo? It seemed fine the way it was. People have been able to get out of the gravity pull follow-up for the typical AP burst for Kat but I figured out it’s the timing.
    Was this to make it so that people wouldn’t rack up easy kills with Kat’s lvl1?
    Great work with everything else though.

  • Hey Aaron, I’m reporting an issue with the PSVita version that the bug that stops the music in the main menu is back. Can you forward this problem to SMS?

  • This is fantastic news, Aaron. Been wanting to play PSASBR again. I may be down in Santa Monica again soon… Maybe we’ll be able to check out the event!

  • Great to know, that this game is still relevant. But no love for Kat & Emmett pack discount?

  • I have a problem to report .. its a small problem but music stops during versus mode.. playing thru levels music just randomly stops and never plays again .. i cant recall the levels i played but it was all of them ..ive played

  • well first of all stop comparing this game to smash bros

    smash bros is smash bros

    battle royal is battle royal

    its a great game just how it is except if you fall of the stage you should die or at least make it optional to turn that on or off

    and yes this game is still very alive

    ppl who hate this game just dont see what a great game this can be

  • please answer this


    or remake it for the ps4 cause i would pay for it again

    just add a few more stages and 2 or 4 more characters


  • For many months now, joining a friend on PS3 or Vita for this game has been broken. This latest patch didn’t fix the issue either. Sending and receiving friend invites works. The issue is joining the friend invite. It appears as your friend joins the lobby, then the UI freezes completely for around 30 seconds, then the friend is no longer in the lobby, and a cannot join error appears. Don’t bother asking for more specifics, try it for yourself. Joining a friend doesn’t work PS3 to PS3, Vita to Vita, PS3 to Vita, etc. No combination works. They all freeze the UI and have a cannot connect error message. When will this be fixed? We want to play All-Stars online with friends as we’re meant to be able to.

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