PlayStation All-Stars Ultimate Balance Update Has Arrived

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PlayStation All-Stars Ultimate Balance Update Has Arrived

PlayStation All-Stars fans, the ultimate balance update is here. With more than 100 balance adjustments combined across all characters, and a wave of additional improvements, this update creates a new playing field for all challengers. Click here to see the full changelist in this patch.

PlayStation All-Stars
Click here to get the Graveyard Pack

This update also unlocks the previously promised third costumes for both Zeus and Isaac characters in-game, for all players that currently own them. If you don’t have these bonus characters in your roster, we’re happy to inform you of a significant DLC price drop on The Graveyard Pack to $1.99 — which includes both Zeus and Isaac, as well as a stage based on MediEvil’s Graveyard mashed with hidden elements from the world of The Unfinished Swan. This DLC sale will last until April 22nd.

Finally, we’ve partnered with fighting game community powerhouse Level-Up Series for a Spring Tournament at The Runback. This is a 10-week, offline tournament at Super Arcade here in Southern California, and will be live streamed weekly on on the road to the finale. The season grand prize is a PS4, and awesome PlayStation All-Stars community notoriety.

Even if you can’t make it, you can still win weekly mystery prizes just by tuning in to the livestream every Thursday starting this week at 9:30PM PT.

PlayStation All-Stars

Watch the tournament live

PlayStation All-Stars fans, we cannot thank you enough for your patience and continued passion throughout the community, and especially on our message boards. Over the past months we’ve read every word, clicked every thread, assessed the game balance inside and out, to ensure that this balance update would not only bring a superior new challenge to the game, but also feel heavily impacted by your voice. Thank you, and our hats off to SuperBot Entertainment for creating an incredible fighting game for PlayStation fans worldwide.

To download the PlayStation All-Stars update, just boot up the game, ensure you are connected to the internet, and you’ll be automatically prompted to download.

Follow us at @SonySantaMonica and visit our official studio website.

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6 Author Replies

  • So much balance!

    Did they ever add trophies for Zeus / Isaac? Don’t see it in this new update.

  • Also Kat & Emmet trophies?

    • Unfortunately, no. They were not technically viable for this patch as previously hoped for. However, we hope the monstrosity of the balance changes outweighs this.

  • Yup trophies never came

  • This game is still alive?

  • Wait after a year of silence you guys come out of no where with a patch and a tournament and act like you care about this game? SCE needs to do more to foster the community as I had written this game (series?) off because it seemed like Sony had abandoned it.

    I really hope SCE takes another crack at this game in a sequel (and yes by all means rework the entire game as the failure state for a player is a bit retarded for defeat). I enjoyed this game, but I could enjoy it more. If designers sit down and figure out what is wrong with this game and build out a sequel I will come back. I would love to see Delsin Row vs Cole McGrath in a sequel. Big Boss vs Raiden vs Solid Snake vs Lota/Atoi lol. There is potential here, do not abandon what has been started. Please! PS4 needs more local 4 player co-op. On that note please keep cracking at a Kart racing/combat game. Feels like Mod Nation Racers was just abandoned.

  • Any chance at all for a sequel? I really loved this game.. I bought a copy on the PS3 and the Vita!

  • people are still playing this? i got bored of it a week after its release because the ‘story’ mode was laughably barebones and the ‘only kill using supers’ concept really limited the gameplay. This game really needed an option or mode that used lives similiar to Smash Bros, since everything else about this game seems like a rip off of it.

    If you do make a sequel you really do need to look at Brawl to see how an interesting single player mode can be implemented. You also need to have loads of third party characters because this game made it painfully obvious how few iconic characters Sony has first party. The best thing to do would just grab any character you can from third party games that were popular on playstation, including Square jrpg heroes or MGS’s Big Boss.

  • @hyper-shadow-0 @Ryumoau

    Nope, they are releasing this update because nobody is playing the game. /Logic.

  • This is a great update, thanks. Hope the sequel is bigger and better.

  • Oh cool. I’ll boot it up again. Thank you!

  • I would be sick if they tossed this on the PS4 !! I well I never got what I asked for so they didn’t listen to me about adding more characters to the game :( I was hoping for more DLC, It is nice that they finally fixed the balance of the game, I am happy about that it’s nice update. I still hope to see a sequel or just toss this game on PS4 with more content it’s an amazing game as is I love it, I 100% both the PS3 and PS Vita versions. I would pay for this game to be on the PS4 with more content.

  • Thanks for the update! I love this game and still do 4-player with friends all the time.

    It’s disappointing and disheartening how quickly the DLC cycle was killed for this game (especially just before releasing Oddworld’s ABE!!!), but I’m still holding out hope for a bigger, better sequel on PS4 someday. And @ #6 — agree with everything you said.

  • I just want PSABR2 on ps4 now, this one has no real support anymore and a tiny roster that won’t be extended. I do appreciate the update though, sadly I’m tight on space on my Vita. I’d test it out otherwise

  • I love the game!!! Owns it on my Vita 2000, big thanks for the update and everybody involved for it!!!

    • You are very welcome! This was a big one.

      As an FYI to all, the DLC sale will start once the PSN store updates today, and will begin tomorrow (Wednesday) on the European store.

  • I hope this also means there are continued plans to keep tweaking the game.

  • too bad there isnt new content anymore. Id still be playing if we got new characters and stages. Here’s hoping for a PS All Stars 2 for PS4 and Vita soon

  • issac clarke is ruined… still love the game n.n

  • Its admirable that this game still is going strong with updates and a strong online community. Not many developers in any genre keep as much attention to details like this in order to please as many people as possible. Trully this is something to be proud of and I want to thank everyone who was in some way involved in this project for such a great job.

    Here’s also hoping for a sequel! c’mon, these kinds of games just deserve it!

  • I do hope this gets a sequel, while I did get bored of the game after 2-3 weeks, I do see potential for this to be on par with smash bros in terms of popularity if done right.
    Improved presentation
    Refined gameplay (id say just improve basic gameplay, but add a ringout ala Smash Bros)
    More characters
    A broader range of characters to represent Playstation history, Granted I doubt Activision will let you use Spyro or Crash for less then a small nation, But Maximo, Abe come to mind for example

  • I love to see that this game keeps beeing supported. I would love to see the vita version join the IGC with ps plus, the game is great fun and a good fit for the vita.
    Also a PS4 and vita sequel for this game would be awsome it just need a few new additional characters.

    Keep the good work :)


  • @5 It is a really fun game, but you bought it for both PS3 and VITA. lol It was crossbuy!!! -_-

    Wish we were getting some more characters. I’d even take stages. More variety is fun. Game modes could always switch it up. An HP mode…cough cough…percentage mode…cough cough or something as a secondary would definitely grab people’s attention.

    The game is unique in its own ways. But Variety is almost never a bad thing. I can’t think of what applies to that almost, but I left it in just in case. ;)

  • oh my, they actually made fat princess worse? >.<
    and dante's half second level 1 is now even longer.

    i'll play around with the update later. there might be hope for dante, but seriously why do you guys hate fat princess?

  • I don’t even know what 75% of those changes even mean. lol

  • better super late than never i guess..but man this game just lacked 2 not Crash or the Dragon that SHOULDVE BEEN IN THE GAME because THEY ARE ALL STARS!! – id prefer LOGAN (syphon filter) and SNAKE (Metal Gear Solid) .they couldve easily replaced fat princess and Zues..two characters we’ve NEVER ACTUALLY PLAYED WITH IN A GAME!!! SMH..but no..they INSULT our GAMEING KNOWLEDGE and add these two LAME CHARACTERS as if its OK..putting TWO COLES and DMC DANTE is RIDICULOUS. I cant believe SONY PLAYSTATION allowed these DEVS to make these moves ..and i hope they learned thier lesson..if they decide to make another PS ALLSTAR. RESPECT OUR GAMING AUTHORITY AND YOU GAME WILL SELL WELL..NO RESPECT NO MONEY! SIMPLE AS THAT! Well those are my 2CENTS ..and i just want to say THANKS FOR MAKING THIS GAME AND FOR SUPPORTING AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE..AND PLEASE TAKE OUR OPINIONS SERIOUS..BECAUSE IT LITERALLY PAYS OFF :P

  • OMG i love this game, i hope a sequel for my ps4, please make my dream come true.

  • Im really surprised this hasnt been a Plus offering yet

  • After seeing this updates changes, I’ll never play again likely super nerf kat, Nerfed sackboy more. Added more issues already, nice Raiden’s level one is forced in 1 direction, but the problem is sucking you in and it’s reach is ridiculous. Sackboy needs way to much ap for his specials now. Zeus is literally one of the most op characters I’ve seen in a fighting game, and the dude got buffs. screw this. I’ll wait for a sequel maybe it’ll have a bigger roster and longer support with characters.

    • How about you give it a spin? The words don’t define your playing experience or new strategies you will discover. I challenge you to play the new patch for 4-5 hours, and then let us know how it feels. Back to you!

  • Please Please Please, give this genre another try on the PS4.

    Doesnt even have to be a direct sequel with the same mechanics.

    Sony needs to keep in this genre. It can be sooo fun and successful if done right.

  • Its nice to know they are still supporting this game, maybe they can add Iota and Atoi from Tearaway or Joel from the Last of Us.
    I just bought it 3 weeks ago. I have the cross buy with it.

  • Beautiful! I still play this quite often (on both systems) and we bust it out when a bunch of people come over. Thanks for the updates!

  • Thanks, Sony. I look forward to the update and jumping back into this game. I hope ALL the dlc would go on sale though, since I already have this one.

    I don’t know how successful this game was but I sincerely hope that you take it as a learning experience and consider a new one for the PS4. To all those folks accusing it of being a Smash Bros rip-off (and the first Smash Bros doesn’t hold up all that well compared to how great the sequels were), it doesn’t have to be dismissed as such. Sega’s All-Star Racing series is a Mario Kart “rip-off” but it stands as a fun experience. Your ModNation Racers game is more than a “rip-off” and brought something awesome that Nintendo hasn’t done.

    One thing I’d recommend is consider putting more unlockables in the base game instead of holding it off as DLC (aka the failed Capcom approach)— those unlockables add replayability, and replayability builds a community and a legacy. Sure, you miss out on those dlc sales, but I think you’d profit more from hype that lets your product stand on its own and not be so easily dismissed in Smash Bros’ shadow.

    Btw, make more ModNation Racers too.

  • it’s a bit late.. no?

  • Wow those are great changes and I thought that you already forgot this awesome game… and then… boooooom…. huge update!

    First the Ascension anniversary celebration and now this!

    Thanks a lot SSM, you are suuuuuuuuper!! (One Piece reference)

  • So if we yell a little louder we might be able to revive the franchise huh? WELL ITS ABOUT TIME!!! Their are to many slot open to not have more DLC!!!!!!

  • will give it a try again then

  • @ drd7of14 – the game doesn’t need to be like street fighter or super smash bros. its a stand alone style bro.

    @ Husteen – Fat princess was OP before I’m glad they tuned her down. Her level 2 was cheap.

  • Personally loved this game and I am really happy to see the support for this update. As many have expressed, I would be VERY interested in a sequel to this game with more outstanding characters and a bit more robust story mode. Having said that, still an amazing title.

  • If you guys ever make a sequel, how about actually including some actual Playstation characters? Even Kyoya Suda and Rosalyn from Okage Shadow King could have been a better choice than Issac Clark and Big Daddy.

    Whatever happened to using characters from Sony’s other studios like Contrail and Japan? Characters like Dart , Tomba, Vahn/Noa/Gala , Virginia Maxwell and Gallows Carradine are technically property of Sony Computer Entertainment.

    Here’s to hoping I’ll actually care more in the future about this game.

  • This is so much BullShxt, the game is horrible now. I loved this game it was perfect and everyone online liked it but now i cant even pull of Level ones now like f@$k i dont like using Level 3’s. I don’t even wanna play this no more, have fun everyone else.

    • Nobody can survive on playing the same strategy over and over again. There were many balance issues, many of which this patch tackles. I challenge you as well to play it for 4-5 hours and then come back with some updated feelings.

  • glad to finally see a DLC sale!

  • Wow that is a lot of changes. Lots of welcome ones.

  • Could we expect a sequel for PS4? :)

  • This game was a huge disappointment. It’s fun, but the gameplay mechanics are extremely limited and leave for a very boring game overall. While SSB has a bunch of various modes that allow some variety. It’s nice you tried to be different, but you didn’t do enough.

    And the “PlayStation All-Stars” aspect was just a load of b/s. Sure, there’s some good choices. And I have no issues showcasing new PS characters like Fat Princess or Kat, because PlayStation is (in part) about new IP. But absolutely no JRPG character? When Sony owns quite a few JRPG IPs (Legend of Dragoon, Wild Arms, Dark Cloud, Okage)? Cancelling good character choices? ZEUS? The worst possible first party “character” to ever be in a game like this?

    I want to throw rocks at this game.

  • Aaron, there’s no use in trying to convince all of those whiny, entitled children into how huge this patch release is. This blog is plagued with complainers and people who feel as if posts are directed entirely towards themselves.

    Thank you for all the hard work and for still believing in your product, this speaks volumes in how much faith you guys had in creating a great gameplay experience for a game that went severely overlooked because of its direct comparison to its competition. I hope it brings renewed interest from the community and I’m definitely looking forward to the dlc sale later today. Keep up the great work, PSASBR team!

  • I guess you guys are never going to get rid of PS Plus Vita games Uncharted, Wipeout, and Gravity Rush are you? I am so tired of seeing these games as free. Can’t you guys pick 3 more? Rotate them out? Something?

  • You guys should finish up and release Dart.

  • Omg thank you so much……I know put alot of work into this game but i really believe this game should come to PS4…..Its soo limited as a game and i bet if it comes over as a cross platform game its going to def have Sony consider a sequel…..People are scared and worried where Sony is going… 6 million units sold and still people are leaving the company??? I just want to see Sony do good, and this, to be honest this would be a start…. a great one…. I had to go back to my ps3 just to play all stars again… Ps4 needs this…I’ve seen games already getting ported over makes me wonder how hard can it be to port all stars over??? If Sony was smart they would try to push for this …..This game has potential, many fans want it and to be honest this game will shine on the ps4 ….right now Xbox One and Ps4 had horrible line ups and I find myself playing Blacklight Retribution more than anything, and its sad….my friends went back to the Ps3 because its still a better gaming console than the PS4…..

  • I went back to PS3 for all stars… Im glad the Last of Us is coming to PS4 i would buy that game again because its worth it, but All stars is fun, exciting playing with classic playstation characters can be addicting…. I’m not one to tell people how to do there job but this would be great and something fun to keep us busy until the company puts out great titles and hopefully a sequel…This game is the next best thing next to Smash Bro and people want to see more playstaion characters come to light….you guys haven’t even scratch the surface….This is the one game Xbox cant make because they don’t have enough Iconic characters to make this type of game……Thanks for listening ……Keep making games for gamers…..

  • Wow.. way to show your appreciate guys!

    You should be grateful they are still supporting this game and balancing it. Instead I see people whining about no extra trophies on DLC…

    Anyway, thank you for continuing to support this game!
    It would be cool to see this make the jump to the PS4 with an added character… say Delsin perhaps? ;)

    I’d also love a sequel some day. If you could work Robbit from Jumping Flash into it that would be awesome.

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