PlayStation Plus: Stealth Inc. A Clone in the Dark Free for Members

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PlayStation Plus: Stealth Inc. A Clone in the Dark Free for Members

Put on your sneaking suits, folks, it’s time to escape a deadly lab in Stealth Inc. A Clone in the Dark. This puzzle platformer requires you to stick to the shadows, ‘cause if you’re spotted you’ll be terminated on sight. Rough crowd. There are 80 levels to maneuver through, so make sure you don’t get vaporized by a laser, okay? As an added bonus, because Stealth Inc. is a Cross-Buy title, PS Plus members can download both the PS3 and PS Vita versions of the game.

You can download Stealth Inc. A Clone in the Dark after the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow, 4/8.

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Stealth Inc. A Clone in the Dark (PS3, PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members

Stealth Inc
Stealth Inc is a fast-paced stealth platformer featuring brutal hazards, ruthless enemies, fiendish puzzles and red pixels galore. Jump, sneak, and be chunked through 80 levels. Will you make it out alive? Armed with only your wits and a pair of top of the range Stealthing Goggles, it’s your job to sneak your way through a deadly facility that’s determined to extinguish your fragile little life. With no weapons and no armour, being seen means instant death.

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Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut (PS4) $15.99 $19.99

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6 Author Replies

  • The free games this month are the ones I didn’t buy during the 14 for 14 mega-sale. Coincidence? In any case it worked out well for moi!

  • Stealth Ink was worth 10+ to me. to bad they did NOT keep there word about adding user created levels to the ps3.

  • @ 49 – Not for the Vita

  • I’ll ask again and maybe get an answer this time. Why isn’t Stealth Inc. cross buy with PS4??? Why are you punishing people for upgrading?

  • @46
    There are actually tons of great non-indie games for Vita. They just don’t have”Call of Duty” or” Assassin’s Creed” in the title. I think if you expanded your horizons a bit more you’d find there are definitely enough games here to justify your purchase.

  • @Mando44646 ZERO? Are you stupid? Doesn’t Batman: Arkham City count as a full game? It may be 3 years old, but it’s still considered a “full” game. Get your facts straight.

    @CraddaPoosta If don’t want indie games, that’s fine. I don’t mind as some do suck especially the ones on the 360 (Mostly). But what we don’t want is your “poor attitude.” I have no grudge against you like Primero does, but keep that type of crap to yourself. We all get that you hate them, stop repeating it over and over. Do not convince others to hate them just like you and don’t you dare put me as one of those people.

  • Mañana a descargarlo !! Espero el de Mikey para el martes proximo !!

  • @43

    “do you REALLY think that Rovio can just demand a specific price”

    Yes because Nintendo nor Sony have no word on the matter. They’re not publishing, Rovio is.

    “That is not “value”. That is just exploiting a gullible market. ”

    Then don’t buy it. Simple.


    “Anyone who wants indie games can have them on any number of other platforms, but mostly Android/iOS. ”

    Indies are not relegated to mobile, where it’s just hard to have them stand out among the hundreds of clones and shovelware. They shine on PC, consoles, and portables, where there is some oversight.

    “And that’s FINE; keep them there. But, most of us didn’t buy a Vita so we could play 99-cent apps on it. ”

    Once more, without proof that it was a port of the mobile version, you spread misinformation and insult the developer.

    “If the indie genre is the direction the Vita is going in, then I will likely never purchase another portable gaming console that Sony puts out.”

    An ignorant mindset to take. Indies are filling in gaps that AAAs don’t fill. Have you also considered AAA games don’t come out nearly as often as indie games do? Be accepting of all these games coming out, not pushing them away. Stop being close-minded.

  • Very interested in this game! Looking forward to playing it on my Vita!! This game looks like a better fit for the Vita to me just like Thomas Was Alone. GREAT game btw. I was hooked on that game and I never thought I would’ve been!

  • nothing for me this week,

  • I already have all the games except for mercernary kings of course. But I’m still happy with strike suit zero coming out!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @56; another tough-talking gamer on a gaming blog. LOL.

    “Don’t you dare”. LOL.

    “Well, I NEVER!”. I feel like the lady chicken from Foghorn Leghorn cartoons, Miss Prissy, is getting butthurt at my dislike of the indie genre, in general.

    I said, “Most”. Not “All”. And, check the comments. You’ll see. The majority of people are not thrilled at the prospect of yet another week of nothing but indie garbage. The majority of people purchased their Vita for Sony-exclusive IPs and Vita-exclusive games. Not the ability to consolidate all of our gaming needs onto one portable console. I can see WHY Sony wants to steal back some of the marketshare they have lost to Android/iOS, but, charging ten bucks for a free game, or a 99-cent title, is not the way to entice gamers to jump onboard.

    Which is, like I have said a dozen times over, why there should be an indie-specific service, to cater to people like you who DO love playing 99-cent games on their $199 consoles. That way, everyone is happy.

  • These indie digital offerings are quite scummy. Stealth Inc, Thomas Was Alone, Lone Survivor, and Proteus were all heavily discounted during a sale a little while back. In case you didn’t get them then, they were heavily discounted AGAIN just a week or so later as part of the Curve Studio Mega Bundle. Now Thomas Was Alone, Lone Survivor, and Stealth Inc. have been part of IGC in quick succession. What a coincidence; games that most people already own because they’ve been on sale twice in the past 4 months are now being offered for PS+ members. And I’m pretty sure Proteus will be part of May’s IGC, because it follows Sony’s scummy trend.

  • #58; if a game is already available for free, in ANY iteration or version, on another platform, then why and how could anyone justify charging $29.99 for something that was originally free, or at most, a dollar?

    Does it exist on the Android market? Yes. Is it cheaper on Android? Yes. Is the Vita version substantially different than the Android version? No. Then why would anyone in their right mind (who owns a smartphone, which consists of the majority of gamers) pay 30 times the price for essentially the same game?

    For a company to charge a specific price, that means that SOMEONE there thinks that the game is valued at that price. SOMEONE at Sony believes Angry Birds is worth twenty bucks. That boggles my mind.

    Again, for the last time, I did NOT buy a Vita to play Android apps on. I bought it for AAA games, and AAA games, only. I already have an Android and a tablet. Sony isn’t going to get me to switch to their platform by offering the same games, but charging thirty times the price. For what? Trophies? LMFAO.

  • @47 I appreciate your response. Considering how condescending I was I’m impressed you were so respectful. I can empathize with the fact that the Vita has not been given enough games that truly display its capabilities, and that truly is a shame. I can also empathize with not wanting crappy IOS ports on Vita. I’ll also agree with @46 in not wanting any more PSP games in the IGC, and having at least one AAA-ish game in the IGC is reasonable. I guess we’re just two different demographics. I missed out on a lot of indies from the previous generation so I’m thrilled to see them on the Vita. My Vita has been my “in case you missed it console” and considering that I only have a 360, its been perfect for me. However, I can see how that’d be frustrating for consumers who were/are expecting more AAA stuff. Thanks for the well argued responses @46 and @47.

  • However, let me add that a great deal of indies are not mobile games that are 99 cents or free. In fact, I’m willing to say that the vast majority of Vita indies cannot be played on mobile and did not originate on mobile. It’s not like all indies are these garbage ports from IOS or Android, a lot of them, both released and upcoming, are quality titles.

  • This games on PS4 but it is only free to download on PS3 and Vita? That can’t be right… is it??

  • So wake me up when the next week comes.

    @CraddaPoosta I guess I put way too much “emphasis” on my comments. lol

    Anyway, I checked your comments again and yes, you said most, not all. My bad, I didn’t catch that (I skimmed the comments section way too quickly). If that’s how you really feel, I bet you haven’t seen a “real” crappy indie game before. Have you seen the ones Microsoft have on the 360? Those looks like they were made using MS Paint. Why don’t to try out those games instead of judging every single indie crap? You’ll hate them, I know you will. At least Sony gets quality indies and not garbage made in a day.

    Sounds good as I bought my Vita mostly for PS3 ports. I find indies to be optional.

  • @65; You weren’t that rude at all, compared to others who have disagreed with me on this blog. I know I am hardly a bucket of roses and sparkles, myself.

    I am not saying “NO MORE INDIES”. Just, everything in its place, and a place for everything. The Vita’s library is relatively weak, as compared to the PS3 or Android libraries. But, the answer isn’t to further dilute it with games that are “Also available on Android/iOS”. I happen to like a few of the indie titles that have come out. I just don’t like how the indie market is suddenly the darling of the Big Three (Nintendo isn’t QUITE as bad, yet).

    Casual gaming is cornering out the hardcore gamer’s market, and saturating it with Flappy Birds this and Clash of Clans that. I’m an old school gamer who had a first-run edition of Super Mario Bros. 3. I still have the original issue of Nintendo Power kicking around somewhere. When you grow up on mostly quality titles, it’s hard for you to praise Thomas Was Alone, in a world of Skyrim and Injustice and Grand Theft Auto V.

  • I forgot to mention that other than the free indie, there is nothing for me this week. So that makes 2 weeks of saving money.

    @OmegaDyne If Proteus ends up being one of the free games on May, then good. Now I won’t have to buy the Curve Studio Mega Bundle because I don’t plan to buy these games anyway.

  • Think about this; what if Sony had a Choose Your Own Subscription kind of deal? What if you got to choose specific genres to be included, and could bundle specific packages together?

    I would be ALL OVER that. Give me a chance to, say, have a PSOne Collector’s Subscription. Or, an RPG Gamer’s Delight Subscription. Sports Fanatics PSN Monthly. Indie Treasures You May Have Missed.

    Gamers could pick the genre they loved, and have access to free or discounted games that they DO want. I would absolutely sign up immediately, if I could pick my categories.

    It would create another avenue for Sony to attract serious buyers and gamers of all genres, while helping them to reabsorb much of the fanbase they have lost to the mobile phone gaming market. Tell me you don’t know a sports fan or an FPS freak who wouldn’t jump at the chance to subscribe to free games in their favorite genre.

    More visibility and free marketing for the publishers. More game sales for Sony. More happy gamers. Everyone wins.

  • @64

    “if a game is already available for free, in ANY iteration or version, on another platform, then why and how could anyone justify charging $29.99 for something that was originally free, or at most, a dollar?”

    Your argument falls apart because Stealth Inc. is not based on the original Stealth Bastard, it’s on Stealth Bastard Deluxe.

    Angry Birds is grossly overcharging because it’s Angry Birds. The target audience for that doesn’t know any better.

    “Then why would anyone in their right mind (who owns a smartphone, which consists of the majority of gamers) pay 30 times the price for essentially the same game? ”

    Smartphone gamers != console/portable gamers. Smartphone games are aimed at casual audiences, plain and simple. Those are to be consumed in bits and pieces. The $10 price tag on Stealth Inc./Bastard Deluxe is justified because it’s far better fleshed out than some dinky infinite runner or Bejeweled clone.

    “I did NOT buy a Vita to play Android apps on. I bought it for AAA games, and AAA games, only.”

    Then sell it to someone who’d appreciate the thing more than you do. Please, leave, along with your close-mindedness and spreading of misinformation.

  • Yeah so Stealth, Inc. is a cross-buy title for PS3, PS4, and Vita then why isn’t it available free for PS4 owners? I still own my PS3 of course but still, if you’re going to make a title free for Plus members then why not make it available for all platforms?

  • @72

    “The target audience for that doesn’t know any better”.

    Yes. That sounds like good, strong business ethics. Take advantage of stupid gamers with expendable income. Isn’t that precisely what I have been arguing against, this whole time?

    “Then sell it to someone who’d appreciate the thing more than you do. Please, leave, along with your close-mindedness and spreading of misinformation.”

    The Vita IS capable of having, and DOES have several AAA titles, which, alone, would justify purchasing the system for. Being able to play Blitzball during a smoke break at work is awesome. Being able to fight other people on Street Fighter X Tekken anywhere I am at is worth the purchase price. Spending thirty bucks to play Angry Birds on a slightly larger screen, with trophy support, is not worth the purchase price.

    Also, just to help you out, there; the phrase is “closed-minded”. No need to thank me. Just pay it forward.

  • @MakoSoul ‘Arkham City is a full game. Stop complaining.’

    thanks for pointing that out! I didnt even realize Arkham City was on Vita! How did I miss that!? All complaints retracted

  • @Gamerzlimited I didnt know Arkham City counted as a Vita game. thanks for you help on that matter

  • _Ur PS+ Tips_

    U guys All Love Games well

    Sunday ur Drop List (Beyond) shows gamez for the comin week (Kristine voiceover here thx) but not everything silly


    Monday oohRayy plus games n discounts r listed, so u know u cant buy them yet til Tuesday right


    Tuesday we save up our pennyz 2 grab everything, a complete list of discounts n sales r presented but wait the store has to update so grab those free games before they run away.

    Tomorrow i’ll explain how to plan purchases so dont buy it then get also get it free with plus.(n what does free really mean)

    this is for everybody in the comments who dont know how stuff works, well im on it


  • Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate is NOT anywhere close to the console games you’re thinking of. It’s a Metroidvania-style game featuring Batman.

    Not that that’s a bad thing, necessarily. I kind of dig that genre.

    It’s no Arkham City, though.

  • Stealth Inc was on sale with a PS+ discount back in January and February. So were some of the other games that were offered last month and this month. I’ve extremely disappointed to see you making these as part of the IGC. Had I know that they’d be free only a month or two later I would have not spent my money on it and just waited instead. 1/5 Update. At least put some good sales on so I don’t feel completely scammed out of my money. A Terraria PS Vita discount would be great

  • @ CraddaPoosta: And the others who are spreading false information… Rovio isn’t the one who decided Angry Birds should be priced ridiculously high. It was published by Activision. THAT’S why it is so stupidly expensive. Just like Declassified on the Vita, even though it was a sh***y game. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who likes indies that will also defend AB’s pricing. Try looking at stuff like Nun Attack, Draw Slasher and Fruit Ninja, that all came out for $3-$5 on Vita.

    And indie complainers whining in the comments mean nothing. Sony can look and see how many people read the articles, versus how many people comment, versus how many people complain about indies. And then there’s the data of how many people are actually downloading the free indies from IGC. That gets factored in as well. I’m sure that by now, they have some pretty good data on what games get downloaded for free. Which is why I don’t download stuff I have no interest in. If you grab everything from IGC whether you want it or not, you’re telling Sony that you enjoy everything they offer you. The vocal minority is always the loudest, but they don’t get to overrule the silent majority. Hooray for democracy.

  • @Mando44646 Ohhh, ha. Vita. Yeah, that is unfortunate.

  • @Mando44646 I read your comment again and I’m pretty sure you meant PS3 games too. If it wasn’t for Batman, we would have gotten 5 indies. If you were talking about Vita only, be more specific next time. Mako and I had no idea.

    And you were probably meant Arkham Origins: Blackgate if it’s Batman on Vita. Which by the way, doesn’t look like a good game on the handheld. Glad it got ported to consoles, otherwise I would never play it.

  • @81

    You raise a FANTASTIC point, and one worth heeding. It never occurred to me that I should not download the indie games offered in the IGC, to avoid sending the wrong message to Sony that I LIKE that crap.

    As far as the Rovio/Activision/Sony triune, you’re just making my point for me. More chiefs, same amount of braves and squaws. Adding more corporate entities to the dinner table just means that either the pie is going to have to be bigger, or everyone is going to get a smaller slice.

    If nothing else, I am going to eschew all indie games offered in the IGC, unless I absolutely know that I want them. The loudest words are the ones spoken with your wallet. Thanks for reminding me.

  • Yeah, I re-read comment too and saw the mention of Vita at the end. I definitely overlooked it on the first read.

    To be fair, I would probably be pretty bummed if I had a Vita and wanted AAA games. However, if I had a Vita, I would probably be playing Fez on it. It may be an indie game, but it one of the best platforming/puzzle games every made. I have been playing it on PS4, and seriously, it is amazing. Like, work of art, amazing.

  • When can we expect a Persona 3 Portable discount? I have been dying to pick that up for my VITA!
    In preparation for Persona Q Shadow of the Labyrinth!

  • Indies are the devil..

    Still going to download them cause I like games.

    I swear some of you guys must be from and are just blowing things out of proportion for the sake of being out of proportions.

    It seems one side is not too indie friendly and is trying to cover it up by misleading others in to thinking’ it’s all crap we don’t need or like’.. Which is so far from the truth that it’s stupid. You would get just 1 new game every two months, wouldn’t you? And the genre might not be everyone’s favorite. I don’t want to play FPS all the freaking time..

    Stay up players!

  • @79

    After reading through the comments section and seeing all your posts, let me suggest that if you’re not happy with the Vita game selection, then sell your Vita. Or, if you keep it and prefer AAA games, then by all means, BUY those games and give SUPPORT to the developers. Do you think waiting for AAA titles to be included in the PS+ is a good thing for developers? Yes, they likely see a certain level of compensation in exchange, but not nearly as much as if someone purchased the game in the first place. If you want to see more AAA developers working on the games you love, then throw your support that way financially and show them with your wallet. Don’t wait for those games to hit the IGC (and complain when they don’t).

  • @88

    Who said I was unhappy with my Vita games? As a matter of fact, I came right out and said that I liked the AAA titles that I purchased for my current-gen handheld console. I never once said “Vita sucks”. I never once said “The Vita has no good games”.

    If I did, prove it, using my own words.

    I thought so.

    Moving right along, I DO buy the AAA titles that I purchased my Vita to play on. I DON’T buy the indie crap that is being shoveled onto us every month. I do not have a single indie title actually purchased, on any console, across the board. My money goes to support developers who make games I want to play.

    I’d like for you to examine my posts and comments again, and find one instance during which I complained about the quality of the AAA titles offered in the IGC. Oh, you can’t? That’s right; because I haven’t. Perhaps try to be truthful next time.

  • I love how everyone keeps glossing over the fact that I have, repeatedly on this topic alone, suggested a solution that will work for everyone.

    I never said NO ONE wants indie games. Just that the majority of subscribers to PS+ who bought their consoles to play current-gen games did not buy those consoles to be homes for their indie game library. Yeah, there are SOME hipsters who love all things independent, but, that’s a small segment of the market.

    As I said a dozen times already, set up several different IGC subscription plans. Allow gamers to choose their favorite genres, and get exclusive discounts and free downloads of some of their favorite games. Hell, I’d even pay more for a service like that.

    Have one Indie Bundle, one Sports Package, one RPG Collection, etc. Everyone can pick and choose (and pay for, accordingly) only what they like, and everyone is a winner.

    Can you find anything wrong with that idea?

  • @CraddaPoosta One of the awesome things about PS+ is that you get introduced to games you might think you are interested in, but then you try it and it ends up being awesome.

    For example, I would have never played DmC, Saint’s Row 3 or Brothers without PS+. I ended up loving all of those games.

    One downside to your idea is it lets a subscriber pigeon hole themselves into the only genre they think they are interested in. As a gamer, it is good to be open to new games and experiences. Sometimes the issue with PS+ isn’t the selection given by Sony, it’s the closed-mindedness of the some of the subscribers.

  • @90 Kinda sounds like PS Now, no?

  • @MakoSoul and Gamerzlimited

    Yeah I meant specifically Vita, and sorry for my bad attempt at sarcasm haha. PS3’s IGC is almost always fantastic and I love it. Im not impressed with PS4’s, but Im not complaining because its so new and i give them credit for trying.

    Vita though, Vita’s IGC generally sucks. We’re lucky for one AAA a month; and we often only get Indies and PSP games like this month. Im not at all interested in Indies, since many of them tend to be generic pixelated retro platformers or similar. that genre doesnt interest me. I also hate seeing PSP games on it as I invested money in a Vita to play Vita games.

  • @MakoSoul; I get what you’re saying. I wish I could say the same, and that I had discovered hithertofore unknown gems on the PSN, but, typically if I think I wouldn’t like a game at first glance, I am usually correct.

    My backlog is so immense right now for games that I paid full retail for that I could go the rest of the year without any new content, and still not make it all the way through most of it. So, my tastes are a lot more discerning than some.

    I knew I wanted DmC. Downloaded Saint’s Row 3, and fully intend to play it, if I can ever get to it. That’s the thing, though; if I KNOW that I will play a game eventually, I will buy it, even if it sits there collecting eDust for months or years.

    My brand-new retail copy of Final Fantasy XIV is still in its plastic wrapper from the Black Friday Sale last year. One day…

  • BTW, one of the cool things about the IGC is that it also helps me try out new genres I would normally never explore. I can’t stand FPS but the IGC introduced me to Bioshock 2 and I’m a huge fan of the series since. On the other hand, I tried Borderlands 2 and I hated it with a passion. I think the variety of the IGC is one of its strongest points, as long as you don’t oversaturate it with a specific genre, indies included. I do agree that the indie prevalence in the Vita IGC is a little disappointing, especially when you compare it to the PS3 offerings.

  • @DanteMerfi; I am lucky enough to be one of the beta testers of PS Now, and THAT service is going to be bloody fantastic when it launches fully.

    See, don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to just knock Sony. Look at what Nintendo offers with Club Nintendo; ancient DSiWare games that you have to pay ‘Coins’ for, that you earn by buying Nintendo products. Look at Microsoft’s Games With Gold; it’s absolutely crap beyond crap.

    The IGC of PS+ is, without a doubt, the best value in console/portable gaming that exists in 2014. It is the one service that I find indispensable, and I will be a subscriber for as long as it exists.

    That said, even the best of a good thing can still stand some improvement to be perfect. Which is all subjective, anyway.

    Luckily, I don’t expect, nor demand, that anyone agree with me. Just throwing out my opinion. Not saying my opinion is THE opinion.

  • @Mando44646 All good. It was my bad for not reading more carefully.

    I just hope you aren’t dismissing Fez as a “generic pixelated retro platformer”, because it really is so much more than that. I definitely agree that a lot of indies are worth playing, but there are gems out there, and Fez is one of them.

  • weak month for Ps+, really lame.

    @47 you’re right, we want AAA titles on our VITA

  • Any fool can see that Sony wants gamers to choose their consoles for ALL of their gaming needs. It makes sense that indie titles are the cheapest to acquire the distribution rights for, especially considering that 99.9% of them are digital-only. So, logically, the great push for indie titles, and how aggressively they have been marketed in the past year or so, falls perfectly in line with the fact that the mobile phone gaming market has been steadily eating into the Big Three’s profit margins.

    The only thing they can do at this point is to be where the buyers are. But, that’s the thing that I am not sure they are getting; almost all gamers who own a portable console, or a dedicated home gaming console, likely already have a smartphone. The only way to capture part of that market back is to give gamers the same value that they are leaving Sony for in the first place.

    Note that I said “value” and not “price”. If Angry Birds Trilogy justified its thirty-fold jump in price by adding sufficient features or extras to make it worth the purchase price, we would be having a totally different discussion.

    Provide gamers with the same value as the mobile phone gaming market is, and you won’t lose any more customers.

  • I don’t have a problem with indie games, but I honestly don’t care for art house/psychological indie games like Thomas Was Alone, Journey, Braid, etc. I play games to have a fun experience, not to have a museum-at-home experience. My favorite indie games tend to be ones that are meant purely as time wasters, or ones that let you have fun while progressing the story.

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