Ragnarok Odyssey ACE Out Today for PS3, PS Vita

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Ragnarok Odyssey ACE Out Today for PS3, PS Vita

Ragnarok Odyssey ACE on PS3 and PS Vita is a game about slaying giants, and now that we’re finally at launch, some of us feel like we’ve fought one ourselves!

Not just because it’s a large game, although it certainly is. ACE is a massively expanded version of the original Ragnarok Odyssey, with enough new content to make it about twice the size this time around. The most prominent new feature is a 400-story tower, with enough monsters and new story content to fill it; you’ll see that once you reach the original game’s ending, which is now the new game’s midpoint. Throughout the game, you’ll also discover new character skills, new weapon types, new NPC sidekicks, and a slew of other new features and conveniences.

ACE is the first Ragnarok Odyssey game to appear on PS3 as well as PSVita, with readily available cross play (for up to four players) and cross saving between the two. The game also allows players to import their save data from the original Ragnarok Odyssey, bringing over their character’s name, appearance, and cards (except for any cards equipped on their outfit or acquired through NEAR) for a new trip through the expanded game.

The game’s developers, GameArts and GungHo, had to rewrite much of their infrastructure just to make those features possible (which is one of several reasons why ACE couldn’t have been a regular DLC pack). On our end, making all those features available in North America has involved extensive QA, bulk data entry, and working side by side with PlayStation every step of the way. (On that note, thanks to everybody on the PlayStation team who helped us through the process!)

Ragnarok Odyssey Ace on PS3 and PS VitaRagnarok Odyssey Ace on PS3 and PS Vita

At launch, you’ll see a dozen different available downloadable packs in the ACE section of PlayStation Store. Seven of those packs are costume pieces from the original Ragnarok Odyssey; if you’ve played the original, and you already own one or more of those packs, you’ll be able to re-download those same packs you already own for free in the new game*, as a “thank you” for coming back. (Newcomers can pick up those seven packs for $0.99 per pack.)

There are also five other packs available at launch: two extensive collections of musical tracks (both free forever), a collection of costume pieces from Grandia (also free forever), and two other costume downloads, the Royal Ball Outfit Set and the Gorgeous Headwear Set, both of which will be free for the first two months as a bonus to early adopters.

We’re on schedule to release three or four packs of absolutely free DLC every week from the start of April until the start of June. Each of those weekly releases will include one set of licensed costumes from various other games, plus two or three other goodies, such as other costume pieces or special quests.

All those things together have built up to a fair-sized mountain of a project — at least by the standards of a small company like ours — but we’ve only got a little time for a breather before the next step comes our way. Very soon, we’ll be working with the developers and PlayStation to bring you a major content patch for ACE, which will include new server-based quests, daily login bonuses, leaderboards, a new boss rush mode called Prison of the Gods, and a variety of other features, most of which will be accessible from the Norn Exchange in-game.

Ragnarok Odyssey Ace on PS3 and PS Vita

We’d like to thank new fans and those returning for checking the game out, and we hope you enjoy all the shiny new features and hefty new content. Ragnarok Odyssey ACE debuts today, in both physical and digital form, for PS3 ($39.99) and PS Vita ($34.99 for digital, $39.99 for the first print-run Launch Edition physical version — which includes a nice soundtrack CD). Happy hunting!

*We’d like to clarify previously released information regarding the seven costume packs from the original game: Each of those seven packs is only free if a player already owns the original game’s version of that specific pack. Our apologies the information was not clear when we initially announced it.

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35 Author Replies

  • I am having an extremely hard time trying to connect to my friend on his PS Vita? Are the servers down or something because all it told me for the past 30min (yes I waited that long) was that it was “Processing Room Entry”? Can anybody explain why this could be happening?

  • I’m not sure what happened but i bought this assuming i was getting a ps3 download but instead it was a vita download. I dont have a vita so I basically just wasted 40$ :P

  • the ps vita DLC broke my save too…
    it’s only playable on vita now.

    i had zero dlc downloaded.

    what happens is the vita installs dlc you didn’t purchase.
    it adds, gunslinger outfit, tae kwon doe, and ninja, and a giant king mask.
    the only thing i don’t see available for purchase on ps3 is the giant king mask.

    i broke down and bought all the other stuff.. save still broken.

    this sucks. this is what i get for buying the game on both platforms??
    going to rethink future purchases from xseed if this isn’t fixed in a week.
    super easy fix. add the problematic dlc for free.

    • Hi ehahf,

      We’re still working on a fix, and it may well be something similar to what you’re suggesting. Unfortunately, it’s a little more time-consuming and technical on the back end, but we’ll get it out to everyone as soon as we possibly can.

      If it helps, and it might in your case, the Giant King Mask is out as free DLC as of today.

  • sucks this is going on 5 days a problem too…

    no way for new users to be aware of the issue either.
    fix it soon please.

  • So I’m not the only one with the issue…
    I hope this bug is fixed soon, I already had to start over loosing over 30 hours and I bought the two games for a reason! I don’t want to have two separate save files I’d like to continue my adventure from home on the go like advertised!

    If this isn’t fixed soon I’ll think twice about buying future software from Xseed and I’ll make sure my friends are aware of the game breaking glitch too so they don’t waste their money like I did until it’s fixed!

    I’ve bought many video games (probably about 10 a year) and this is probably the worst I’ve felt about a purchase! Honestly it’s the first time I’ve sent a complaint to the company!

    • Hello ChaosInvokerX,

      Very sorry to hear about your loss of progress, though your case is the first we’ve heard of anyone actually losing their save data in relation to this bug. If you wouldn’t mind, could you give us any more details you happen to recall as to how it happened? Specifically, after you got the DLC warning on the PS3, did anything happen between that time and the time you went back to the Vita version? Once you went back to the Vita version, what happened then?

      This comment section may not be the best place to go into it, since the comments here do shut down eventually, but you can email us at comments@xseedmarketing.com if you like.

  • a bunch of people have the problem for sure.

    can see many more complaints here – http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/710242-ragnarok-odyssey-ace

  • nice job whoever is doing these updates…. er… not?

    looks like you added more DLC on ps3 only.
    so basically you broke the cross save ability of transferring to vita from ps3 now.
    i get the error on my vita now. ._.

    seriously, this is kind of ridiculous. i’m going to wait to purchase upcomming xseed releases i was looking at.
    of course the company isn’t going to do anything to help out people who got screwed over.
    they’d go bankrupt from handing out a couple DLC codes for digital content right? oh right.. no. they wouldn’t.

    it’s kind of lame to keep a group of fans who paid for 2 copies of the game, a full week.
    then break it again. get playtesters asap?

    • Hmm, I’ve got a retail Vita in front of me here, and the Vita versions of the DLC are showing up for me. Are they not in the Vita store for you?

  • the swimsuit, and other outfit now break the vita version.

    • The new PS Vita items (Tales of Symphonia Set, Ephemeral Swimsuit, and Giant King Mask) should be in PS Store > Start > New Releases > New Add-Ons. Once you get there, you should see “New Ragnarok Odyssey ACE Releases” second on the list, between “New Destiny of Spirits Releases” and three Toukiden add-ons. Are they there for you?

  • thanks for all the replies, i’m sure everyone appreciates it.
    the vita files are indeed on the store. i guess when i looked yesterday via search they didn’t show up.
    the way the addons are setup on vita’s store is pretty confusing, it’s really hard to find things.

    i believe the vita is still kind of potentially breaking saves though.
    when i started gameplay on there, it gave me 3 DLC pay outfits.
    so thinking ok.. this bug is going to take a few days to fix… i bought those 3.
    then it was the missing giant king mask or whatever.
    i’m not deleting my character and starting over a third time to check this.

    still pretty disappointing, companies should learn to hand out free digital content codes for something.
    it’s DIGITAL. you guys screwed up and kind of screwed up a lot of peoples first week of gameplay.
    we appreciate the fix but, we’d appreciate playtesters / bonus for dealing with it.

    i know you aren’t going to make good on the mistake other than just fixing it.
    that’s how game companies seem to be these days.
    so i figured i’d speak my mind.

    the game is pretty cool, and i’d suggest checking it out if you’re into rpg / boss hunting genre.

    • No need to apologize for speaking your mind to us. Every player counts, especially when you’re a company as small as we are, so we always need to hear what our players want and whether or not they’re happy.

      And believe me; I know how frustrating bugs can be, especially on day one. I started off as a tester, way back when, and although that’s not officially my department anymore, I still try to catch bugs whenever I can. So when a bug like this does slip by us, under whatever circumstances, we hate it too — for all the same reasons any player does, and other reasons besides.

      We’re still working on a more thorough fix, and will have it out as soon as we can. There’s a process involved with that, and it’s difficult to speed that process up, so it may unfortunately be a few more weeks before this bug is completely squashed for everyone. On the plus side, we’ve just received word that there’ll be a bit more free DLC than was originally planned, so we’ll have that out soon too.

  • great to hear! and see replies from developers / company members.

    xseed is behind tons of great games. having lots more fun now that i can play and transfer my save.
    it was sort of crippling my ability to play the game the first week.

    didn’t mean to sound angry, was just frustrated.
    anyway, thanks! keep up the great work. :]

  • Do you have to finish RO to get the best out of ROA? I already know what transfers over, and I know ROA is basically a new game plus, but I was just wondering if it was better to finish RO, or just go to ROA cuz it’s the same store. Thanks

    • If you happen to have, say, a certain weapon you’ve been working on in RO, and you want to card it before switching over to ACE, that can certainly help you along in the new game, but I wouldn’t say you have to finish RO to get the most out of ROA.

  • I just want to say i didnt have any any problem playing game or what ever anyway, The game is fun loving the outfits in the game im in the ace part of it now. Character name zero im always playing multiplayer

  • As far as new content is concerned, will there be any new classes to choose from? For example a Rogue or a Knight, something along those lines? If not, will there be any content like that in the future?

    • ACE has the same six classes as the original game, and there aren’t any plans at this point for new ones, but the new ACE skills do make those classes more distinct and robust.

  • Hi, for some personal reasons i ain’t gonna be able to buy the game before the 2 month free DLC promo expires, so my question is: can i download those DLC now without owning the game and then, when im able to buy ROA for Vita (maybe in 3 months), install or re-download those dlc for free or i will have no choice and buy them? Thanks for your answer.

    • Hey Fulsilver007, pardon the late reply. You’re in luck; you can download content for games you don’t own yet, and once you’ve downloaded it once, you can re-download it for free anytime even if it’s not free anymore.

  • man, you’ve got to be kidding me.

    i understand you’re a small company which is why this is so frustrating.
    it’s probably easy to send a memo to 20-50 people, and make sure things don’t happen again.


    vita store has 18 dlc items now, and ps3 store has 15.
    can’t download the updates for ps3 through the vita store.


    what a joke.
    i feel owed something, this is just stupid.
    spent $80 on something i can’t return, for it to break several times right away.
    gotta love the video game industry.

    just checked ps3 store before posting this. not there.
    it’s also not on the website store at playstation.com
    my save game is effectively jailed on vita again.


    • Hmm, they may still be updating the add-on section of the PS3 store. Let me see what I can find out for you.

    • Looks like this week’s DLC packs are being set up on the PS3 store piece by piece as we speak. For now, you can find and download them by going:

      Games > New > Add-ons > Scroll all the way to the right to “New PS3 Add-Ons” > Scroll down until you see the three new items (Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Set, Mokkurkalfe Doll, and Norn’s Ribbon). Once they finish setting the items up, you’ll be able to find them normally.

      The PS3 and Vita sites of the store don’t always get updated at the same hour — which, of course, can make things tricky when you need the DLC from both — but they do always get updated within a few hours of one another.

      Hope that helps.

    • The PS3 versions just went up on the PSN Store site too:


  • why on earth don’t you just patch this stuff in so everyone has it?

    this is a really poor design choice.

    • I’d have asked the same question before I started working here.

      Short answer, most patches have to meet certain criteria that ordinary costume packs don’t usually meet on their own. (The only reason we were able to add the Grandia headgear to that first patch is because the patch also included a fix for a bigger issue.) That’s why, in a game like LittleBigPlanet, when they have new content that adds or modifies features, they’ll usually release it in patch form, but regular costumes, free or paid, still usually come as regular DLC. I’m sure there are exceptions out there, of course, but that’s usually the way it’s worked for us.

      Of course, we certainly don’t mean to jerk you around, and if we could control what time the content goes up on each side of the Store, we would, but that’s unfortunately out of our hands. That being the case, the best advice we can give on that front is to either hold off on downloading each week’s freebies until they’re up on both sides (since they’re usually a couple of hours apart at the most), or download and use them on just the one side until they come up on the other.

      Speaking of patches, I should get back to work on something.

      Best regards,

  • Interested in this game! But i have a question, should i play Ragnarok Odyssey first, then move on to Ragnarok Odyssey Ace? Or should i just start to play Ragnarok Odyssey Ace straight away?
    Is the story in both of the game same? Just that Ragnarok Odyssey Ace has more content compare to Ragnarok Odyssey right?

    • If you haven’t already played Ragnarok Odyssey, you can just dive right into ACE. Story-wise, ACE contains all of the original Ragnarok Odyssey’s story, plus a lengthy additional story after the end of the original.

  • Two things. One Ryan I love the fact that you keep up with the comments. That’s something a few other people, not pointing any fingers, could learn from you. Second I platinumed Ragnarok and will be getting ACE to finish what I started! And to those who are still wondering as you scroll through these comments. Its worth every penny!

  • just wanted to say thanks for the updates / reply here.

    after being able to finally play it on ps3, it’s a lot of fun.
    especially after you get to the tower.

    overall, for a game that retails at $40 it’s fantastic.
    it’s a little clunky in areas like saving, chatting, etc.
    but the item system and content is really fun.

    really suggest checking the game out if you like boss hunting / dungeon crawler / loot stuff.


  • I played the original Ragnarok game for pc and was a real addictive and funny game ever. I hope this version for PS3 will be the same as the PC version.

    I love it cause I spent a lot of time with my friends to try to defeat the Endless Tower and all the MVP’s in that game.

  • I’m not sure if this was covered but is there a way to receive or send cards through the PSN version through players?

  • Ok reporting in. I had bought the launch edition on vita, played that, got my DLC etc. Then I broke down couple nights ago and bought the PS3 one too… then low and behold, same issue people reported. “DLC not found!” and Im like greaaaaaaattt…. Had all the ones that were free and that I had paid for. HOWEVER seems thats not good enough.

    Just cost me 5$ more (since of min funding) just so I could buy the gunslinger and I think the taekwondo one. (So cost me 2$) to add to my PS3 dlc, which is something I seemed to have had on the vita already… so not sure whats up here.

    Couple things I COULD advise is:
    1: The error message, change it to say WHICH dlc is missing!
    or 2: Make the dlc unavail on the platform, just have the game say “X” or something, remove it.

    Finally, its a lil hard enough to have to DLC 2 times on things… get it on one platform, then have to do the same on another to make this cross save stay working.

    But main complaint today.. is the fact that it just cost me extra money to have to buy DLC that I should have already had since it was on my vita version…

    Least the game loaded up on my PS3 now…

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