Destiny of Spirits Launches Today on PS Vita

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Destiny of Spirits Launches Today on PS Vita

Hi everyone. Destiny of Spirits is launching today exclusively on PS Vita! It’s free to play, so you can download it once PS Store updates and start your game. Every day, we’ll be giving away a login bonus, so check back daily to see what bonus the day will bring!

Destiny of Spirits

For those of you who haven’t heard of Destiny of Spirits yet, it’s a free-to-play location-based strategy and RPG game in which you work together with friends and other players across the globe to summon, trade, merge and rent Spirits to use in battle!

Rare Summon: Knack

There are multiple ways to obtain Spirits in Destiny of Spirits. “Summon” is one way, and from time to time, you will see familiar PlayStation character Spirits available using the “Rare Summon” feature. Knack Spirits are currently available, but for a limited time only. Don’t miss this opportunity to add Knack Spirits to your collection! There will be other PlayStation character Spirits available in the future, so please stay tuned.

Destiny of SpiritsDestiny of Spirits

Spirit Points, Summoning Stones, and Destiny Orbs

In Destiny of Spirits, the world contains three types of magical substances: Spirit Points, Summoning Stones and Destiny Orbs. Spirit Points are earned after battles and can be used to rent other player’s Spirits, merge Spirits to level up, and trade Spirits with other players. Summoning Stones are also earned through battles and you can use these to summon Spirits. Destiny Orbs are available for purchase on PlayStation Store. Some features require Destiny Orbs like Advanced Summon, Rare Summon, restoring a Spirit’s health, and other features at the Shop.

Your journey to become the ultimate Spirit Master begins today… Download Destiny of Spirits from PlayStation Store and play with your fellow Spirit Masters all over the world!

Destiny of Spirits

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  • This game needs a reference. Is there a developer we can contact? I did a quick Google and game up short.

    For example, when you get a new spirit.. they have a listing next to them (C, AC, etc). What does that mean?

    Or when the spirit is flashing with “Power Up!”, what does that mean?

    The manual is garbage and if you open it… 20+ pages of it is blank. Honestly, this might be F2P but if you want to keep my interest you gotta at least explain the rules efficiently.

  • C = Common
    UC = Uncommon
    R = Rare
    SR = Super Rare

    Some things are not explained in detail but you learn as you play.

  • Dev you guys should have a web database for all Spirits or a Wiki page, would help alot.

  • Played for like five hours today. Insanely addicting and one of the very, very few F2P games that I can enjoy. Good job!

  • @IkedaTeramusa in addition to what mcksalg said about spirit rarity, to answer your question about the Power Up it comes from your daily fortune. So if your fortune for the day is water, then water spirits will receive boosts to their attack and speed during battle. You can press Start during the battle to see how much their stats increase by.

  • I dont seem to find it on the VITA PS Store. How or what am i doing wrong, this is also regarding the Conception 2 Demo which is completely off-topic. But maybe someone can hit to birds with one stone, when explaining what im doing wrong.

    Best regards

  • Shame it’s $2.99 for 35 orbs – and orbs are the only way to get those limited rare summons.

    If they were like $1.50 for 30, and you can find them very rarely I’d probably support this. Also kind of weird you need to merge spirits to make them stronger, but it seems like a grind to get more of those spirits if you can’t beat any new areas.

    Interesting game though.

    Is the Knack spirit the diamond one or whatever, or is it rare which one of the two shown you get?

  • hey i just downloaded the game and cant play it because the server is notup yet when will it be up in germany

  • I got to play a bit last night and enjoyed it. Any idea when the servers will be back up? I’m not sure where to look for updates or discussions.

  • I want those Asian spirits! They have so many more pretty female characters!

  • Legal, mas Soul Sacrifice Delta sai quando?

  • I guess you guys are never going to get rid of PS Plus Vita games Uncharted, Wipeout, and Gravity Rush are you? I am so tired of seeing these games as free. Can’t you guys pick 3 more? Rotate them out? Something?

  • eh, I was looking forward to this game.
    Now that I played it, I see it follows games such as Blood Bothers, D.O.T and others like them on mobile.
    Clearly a pay to win game.
    I am guessing you guys also went ahead and added a less than 1% chance to get Epic level summons as well.. One could easily drop $100’s of Dollars into this and never see one.
    I will play the free model and most likely never get anywhere. Very unfortunate really, this could have been a very inspiring game.

  • Asian PS+ members and EU PS+ members get an additional 35 destiny orbs for free.

    Why doesn’t American PS+ members get 35 free destiny orbs as well?

  • I am not a F2P person most times, but this game is really fun!

    Is there a forum just for this game? I am looking to do some trading with some others to fill some gaps in my spirit collection.

  • Feel free to add me on psn/dos it’s ImAgiNeBiRdiE. Good game though.

  • I just expend my money to buy an article in the “Destiny of spirits” game which is the Rare Summon: Knack
    instead of it i received a troll!
    in the game it says that you are going to summon a knack, the same is written in this page

    So please correct the error or give me my money back

  • I’m really digging this game so far but there’s one thing I can’t figure out. If you merge two characters do you get more experience if you merge a lvl 10 with a lvl 10 or do you get the same experience from merging a lvl 1 with a lvl 10. I can’t tell if it’s based on their rarity or their level as well. I have a bunch of metal spirits that I want to merge on 1 character but I don’t know what would get me the best bonus, a) merging them all at once with 1 unit or b) merging them to create a few higher levels and then merge those to get an even higher level.

  • I know that there is the summon events, like the gravity rush or the knack summon events, and there will be more coming soon. I am wondering will there be more summon spirits coming to the advance summon and the regular summon, like an expansion set or like series 2 that will add more spirits to summon using regular summon and advance summon.

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