Destiny of Spirits Launches Today on PS Vita

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Destiny of Spirits Launches Today on PS Vita

Hi everyone. Destiny of Spirits is launching today exclusively on PS Vita! It’s free to play, so you can download it once PS Store updates and start your game. Every day, we’ll be giving away a login bonus, so check back daily to see what bonus the day will bring!

Destiny of Spirits

For those of you who haven’t heard of Destiny of Spirits yet, it’s a free-to-play location-based strategy and RPG game in which you work together with friends and other players across the globe to summon, trade, merge and rent Spirits to use in battle!

Rare Summon: Knack

There are multiple ways to obtain Spirits in Destiny of Spirits. “Summon” is one way, and from time to time, you will see familiar PlayStation character Spirits available using the “Rare Summon” feature. Knack Spirits are currently available, but for a limited time only. Don’t miss this opportunity to add Knack Spirits to your collection! There will be other PlayStation character Spirits available in the future, so please stay tuned.

Destiny of SpiritsDestiny of Spirits

Spirit Points, Summoning Stones, and Destiny Orbs

In Destiny of Spirits, the world contains three types of magical substances: Spirit Points, Summoning Stones and Destiny Orbs. Spirit Points are earned after battles and can be used to rent other player’s Spirits, merge Spirits to level up, and trade Spirits with other players. Summoning Stones are also earned through battles and you can use these to summon Spirits. Destiny Orbs are available for purchase on PlayStation Store. Some features require Destiny Orbs like Advanced Summon, Rare Summon, restoring a Spirit’s health, and other features at the Shop.

Your journey to become the ultimate Spirit Master begins today… Download Destiny of Spirits from PlayStation Store and play with your fellow Spirit Masters all over the world!

Destiny of Spirits

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4 Author Replies

  • So glad this is finally here! At one point we were told beta testers would get a bonus spirit. Is that still happening? :)

  • Oh, this looks really cool! I’m gonna check it out.

  • I’m looking forward to the PS summons, especially the Gravity Rush ones.

  • Im not big on freemium models, but I’ll give this a shot and hope that its better than the average phone game! :D

  • I’m looking forward to trying it out, but I’ll have Fez and Deception IV taking up my Vita time this week. Soon, though. :)

  • “Out today” count is at two already, and it’s early, yet. I might have underestimated by prediction of four headlines with “out today” in the title.

  • I missed the beta and all, just heard of it. I’m gonna try it out since it has a lot of hype.

  • They literally changed it while I made that post. My apologies. Now says “launches today.” Good job.

  • Looking forward to trying this out when I get home from work later.

  • Guh…. I want to play this game already. >_<

  • I wish the beta testers got some special reward. I had so many cool Gravity Rush summons, it sucks to see them all gone…

  • Is there just ONE Knack spirit or are there multiple types? I bought one on my Asia account and turned out to be some mining guy. Destiny Orbs are limited (without paying real money), don’t want to spend too much on getting these rare summons.

    By the way, is it location data that determines what spirits you find? Or is the game region important? For example, if someone physically in US is playing the Asia version using a Hong Kong account, will that count as US or Asia?

  • Oh man, can’t wait to get back into this, I loved the beta. I guess it’s time to kiss schoolwork and classes goodbye!

  • Been waiting for this :) Can’t wait to jump back into the action. Any word on if PS+ users will get a little bit of Destiny Orbs for free? I noticed on the JP PS Blog, that from the looks of it, they do. If not, oh well, still going to load hours of playtime into this!

  • Finally its out! been waiting for it since i played the vita and got addicted to it :)

  • I play my vita mostly at work where I don’t have an internet connection. Is this game online only?

  • I had a blast playing this during the Beta period. Destiny of Spirits is gonna take up a good deal of my free time in April!

  • I just may check this out also since I had the beta but forgot about it. Never played a game quite like this so this will be interesting.

  • que bien

  • or favor alguien que me pueda regalar un codigo playstation plus

  • please anyone who can give me a code playstation plus

  • @GummyCore: If it’s like the beta, there are multiple variants of “Guests”. Gravity’s Kat visited during the beta in 4 or 5 of her costumes, each with a different elemental affinity and power level. Toro visited with Kuro and all his pals with the same differences in tow. Good question about ‘Software Region vs Location’ though.

    @MushThePainter: Yes, online only. Thankfully I had WiFi at home and work as well as the added bonus of owning the 3G model.

  • I don’t know if this question have been asked before, but is this game playable with only one player? Or do I need to rely on other unreliable players to play through?

  • @MrBigShoes99: The game in general is single player. There is no direct interaction with other players except while sending friend requests (internal, not PSN) or trade requests. Summoning and renting your friend’s spirits is done without needing their input. However, Chaos Spirits (region bosses) cannot always be beaten in one battle or alone. You should have a few dependable friends to help you out with these. If you let the Chaos Spirit sit idle for more than a certain amount of time (3hrs?), it will fully heal and you’ll have to start the pounding all over again. Later in the game you may have enough Spirits to just keep rotating in fresh ones until the deed is done.

  • Yayyyy It’s finally out! During the beta phase, I was already trying to throw money at this game but couldn’t!

  • @Darnell0216

    OK thanks for your reply, you gave me a general idea how this game works.

  • holy wow, nice… I’ve actually been searching the PS Store the last couple of mornings looking for something like this or poker or something I can casually play here and there for 20-30 minutes at a time! So psyched for this and happy that I only found out about it hours before it launches!

  • I just checked the PS Store, but Destiny of Spirits isn’t there :_( What gives?

  • I’ll try this out and see if it’s any fun.

  • #29 The PS Store hasn’t updated yet. Even if you could find it early, the servers aren’t up yet. They are being activated later today.

  • i was one of the beta testers, im really looking forward to playing this again. though like others im sad that all my awsome gravity rush and toro spirits r gone. the game is really addictive.

  • I been counting the days for this, was alot of fun in the beta and looking forward to actively playing this.

  • Downloading now! :D Holy Early Update Batman!

  • its here, its here, its here!!!!!

  • So while you can download it trying to play the game informs you that today isn’t March 25, 2014. I don’t think anyone turned the servers on yet.

  • When will the server be up, any time and timezone ?

  • Why not put servers online before game appears on store?

  • Servers are up and running!

  • Hello everyone. We apologize for the inconvenience regarding the server, but it’s open now. Please enjoy the game and let us know what you think.

  • I was in the closed beta, now when i’m downloading the release game it says I am downloading the closed beta again…is that going to be a problem?

  • Hey Crispy, that won’t be a problem. Just load it up and everything will be fine. There will be an update to the original beta app which will turn it into the full version.

  • So far so good! Really liking everything I’m seeing, great job, stellar game!

  • Having been taken for a ride with other so-called “free” games that have permeated the realms of mobile/hand-held gaming, I am now very cautious, if not cynical, when I see the word “free” combined with the word “game”. To be honest, I no longer download or play any games that are free-to-play given that this so often means pay-to-win.

    So I’ll be blunt, just how “free” is this game? Can you actually play it and be successful without having to pay money? Or is this in reality just another so-called free game complete with the requisite pay-walls and nauseating in-app-payment system that are designed to nickle and dime the gamer to death?

    I ask as I already see on the latest PSN update that there are “destiny orbs” for sale.

  • Eh. No not really. During the beta you got around 100-300 destiny orbs every few days. Now it’s 10. With 50 for sale for like 4 bucks. It’s horrible because that’s one summoning and one revive or luck change and five heals. I’m rather disappointed in how different the store’s made the game So I’m dropping it and if you don’t have a lot of disposable income I suggest you do as well.

    I’m sure with normal summonings you can do somewhat well but all the good spirits are walled off with Destiny orbs as well as all the cool sony related ones. The Gravity Rush spirits were my favorite but I’m not going to pay 10 bucks to see if I can get three of them. Oh well. Maybe if they fix it I’ll play it again but not until then.

  • Thanks for replying Kumi Yuasa :)

  • Why won’t it let me choose date of birth!?!?!?!

    It lets me choose my name but wont let me choose date of birth every time I try to touch it! So frustrating I can’t even start the game

  • Is there a way to change your summoning type to match your location? My location is Asia, but it seems like I can only summon Ameica spirits just because my accont s an US as one. There is no way I am going to spend a single dime in advance summoning if I know for sure I won’t ever get the Asia ones.

  • Can’t change the birthdate from the default one like a lot of other people. Would be nice if this was fixed otherwise I can’t start the game.

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