Celebrate God of War: Ascension’s Anniversary with New Gifts

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Celebrate God of War: Ascension’s Anniversary with New Gifts


This month, we are celebrating the one-year anniversary of God of War: Ascension in such epic fashion that even the gods of Olympus are impressed. At Santa Monica Studio, the players come first in every decision we make. We have supported God of War: Ascension Multiplayer since its release on March 12, 2013, as a result of the unrelenting passion and everlasting “fire” you have poured into the battlefield since day one.

Now it’s our turn to truly say Thank You, from the bottom of our hearts, to every Champion who has picked up the controller to experience God of War: Ascension. In celebration of the God of War community and this one-year Ascension milestone, we have a few significant gifts to honor you. Get em all!

All Multi-Player Weapon & Armor DLC is Free

God of War: Ascension multiplayer Beta

Starting right now, you have one week to get every single multiplayer DLC weapon and armor pack for free. Complete your DLC collection!

Play as the Marked One in Multiplayer

Ever dreamed of slaying your enemies as “The Marked One”? (You know who we’re talking about.) This is your one and only chance to get our exclusive anniversary in-game mark. We have also designed a very special Santa Monica Studio cape to make you the ultimate “Marked One” bad-ass, surprise!

Participate in our official forum thread right here to get the mark and the cape, FREE. This is the only time we will ever make it available, ever.

Mark and Cape 1

Get 50% off XP Boosters

In conjunction with our FREE DLC event, we have dropped all XP Booster prices by 50% to help you ascend faster than ever to Ascension status.

Mark and Armor 4

This is an anniversary celebration worthy of our champions. It’s our way of saying THANK YOU and we hope to see the Ascension Multiplayer battlefields continue to thrive with your passion.

One last final recognition. The following Power Rankings represent the top players since the game released. These are truly the best of the best, at least as of today. Take ’em down, Champions!


Keep following us @SonySantaMonica for 24/7 updates, and GodofWar.com for the latest news on our upcoming PS Vita versions of God of War 1 & 2.

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  • appreciate it guys

  • Veeeery nice of you guys… I fell in love with this game since the early Beta … played through the whole beta and insta bought the game steelbook edition :D
    We’ll if I just waited a bit more instead of buying a bunch of armory and weapons … :D

  • I would bring justice throughout the world.

  • I am personally pumped about the god of war saga for vita, and the anniversary of ascension. I also wanna take the opportunity to say Second Son is awesome and I anxiously await future PS4 exclusives….too Infinity and …….

  • Hey, gostaria de saber se as dlc’s The Marked One” Tat & Studio do Cabo! citadas acima, vão pegar para a psn brasileira?
    Infelizmente quando fui criar uma conta, acabei criando uma br, sem saber :/ e agora eu vejo como é ruim. mas gostaria muito de ter a tal The Marked One” Tat & Studio.

  • Thaaank YOU SaannTA Moonica

  • @Aaron
    Thanks for the reply. I didn’t mean to be that guy, but I love All-Stars and I was really disappointed when those DLC characters were cancelled. Anyway, thanks for still caring about all-stars, and thanks for the patch!

  • I do appreciate the fact you are giving away all the DLC for free, but my only problem is that anyone that bought the collector’s edition, or the season pass, pretty much wasted their money for something that was going to be given away for free.

  • I wouldn’t apologize badpiggy123, Playstation All Stars was a very fun game, with unlimited potential, but next thing you know they just announced that there would be no more DLC. I’m glad they are still supporting it, but the idea that I’ll never get to play as Crash Bandicoot just breaks my heart.

  • I would a Patch for PS all stars that killed off every noob who played the game, Removing Kratos, and tweaking every single OP character instead of nerfing the ones who are already weak. You guys literally had so much potential and just blew it.. I will probably try the patch but I doubt it will keep me playing for more then a week.

  • Would like a*

  • Nice, I only had 49 cents xD, But hey me and my brother both got our gear and are ready to cause MAYHEM!!! Thanks guys!

  • Thanks a lot for this awesome gift!!

  • I would try to meet Batman en try to beat him.

  • I I leave my comment, but theres no code on my e-mail, what happened??

  • As God Of War find a way to bring his wife and child back.

  • It says i still have to pay for the DLC, i’m from the UK do i have to wait a bit longer or is there something up?

  • Thank you so much for this gift :D!!! However, it doesn’t seem to activate in my account when I did it yesterday. Could you please help me find a solution as I am eager to try the new weapons and stuff ^^

  • Can someone please help me?
    I downloaded the “Ultimate DLC Pack” which marked all the Free DLC as Purchased.

    But then it didn’t download, the DLC Pack shows as ‘Unavailable’, and even though all the equipments and stuff is now listed as ‘Purchased’, when I click on ‘Download’, nothing happens.

    Also, nothing shows up in my download list page

    What can I do? Thanks.

  • I don’t see where to download the free content. Please help!

  • Any chance y’all can add 1 more DLC pack?

  • Im on the european servers, i saw the post about the free dlc last week and downloaded it on psn, but it wont download. I then found out it goes live on April 2nd in Europe but its still not working, it says downloaded when i check on psn but i cant find it anywhere. It says downloaded but it asnt really downloaded… can someone help

  • What are the chances of ever getting the God Of War III Deimos Skin & the God Of War: Ascension Multiplayer Leonidas Armor released on the PlayStation Store?

    (I realize these were exclusives, but it’s been 4 years & 1 year respectively of exclusivity for each of them & it’s not as though other exclusive Skins & Items haven’t eventually been made available for purchase. The codes already exist. All you have to do is release them from their current imprisonment!)

    I would love to hand you my money for these items & have a truly complete God Of War Experience!

    Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated!

  • Is it gonna be free for UK. I saw it in the store, but it keeps saying ‘not avaliable for purchase’. I checked last on 3rd April but it still just says it’s not avaliable. I even looked on the website and it said the same thing but with a price of £11.99.

    Also just wanna say; Santa Monica is epic and even more epic for doing this! I wonder what the PS All Stars thing is.

  • hey santa monica guys…..i really appreciate dat u were able to come up wid such a gud idea i.e. multiplayer……..i was and still am a huge fan for gow asc…….but since update 1.06 patch i have been tryin to reconnect wid gow……..i am really disappointed coz i cudnt b the part of the world power rankings and stuff…….so if neone can pls lemme know how do i reconnect……or if someone cud jus send me the patch update…..for which i am ready to even pay for……..pls help coz am really lookin forward to get some brutal kills……and by the way i am an indian player…..and somehow i feel the gow asc multipayer has stopped functioning in my country…….pls lemme know again……
    kraattosse25 here waitin helplessly!!!

  • happy anniversary gow……..but pls help me so dat i can b a part of evrythin nexttime……..

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