Celebrate God of War: Ascension’s Anniversary with New Gifts

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Celebrate God of War: Ascension’s Anniversary with New Gifts


This month, we are celebrating the one-year anniversary of God of War: Ascension in such epic fashion that even the gods of Olympus are impressed. At Santa Monica Studio, the players come first in every decision we make. We have supported God of War: Ascension Multiplayer since its release on March 12, 2013, as a result of the unrelenting passion and everlasting “fire” you have poured into the battlefield since day one.

Now it’s our turn to truly say Thank You, from the bottom of our hearts, to every Champion who has picked up the controller to experience God of War: Ascension. In celebration of the God of War community and this one-year Ascension milestone, we have a few significant gifts to honor you. Get em all!

All Multi-Player Weapon & Armor DLC is Free

God of War: Ascension multiplayer Beta

Starting right now, you have one week to get every single multiplayer DLC weapon and armor pack for free. Complete your DLC collection!

Play as the Marked One in Multiplayer

Ever dreamed of slaying your enemies as “The Marked One”? (You know who we’re talking about.) This is your one and only chance to get our exclusive anniversary in-game mark. We have also designed a very special Santa Monica Studio cape to make you the ultimate “Marked One” bad-ass, surprise!

Participate in our official forum thread right here to get the mark and the cape, FREE. This is the only time we will ever make it available, ever.

Mark and Cape 1

Get 50% off XP Boosters

In conjunction with our FREE DLC event, we have dropped all XP Booster prices by 50% to help you ascend faster than ever to Ascension status.

Mark and Armor 4

This is an anniversary celebration worthy of our champions. It’s our way of saying THANK YOU and we hope to see the Ascension Multiplayer battlefields continue to thrive with your passion.

One last final recognition. The following Power Rankings represent the top players since the game released. These are truly the best of the best, at least as of today. Take ’em down, Champions!


Keep following us @SonySantaMonica for 24/7 updates, and GodofWar.com for the latest news on our upcoming PS Vita versions of God of War 1 & 2.

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  • Thank you SSM for this and your support of the game! Can’t wait to pick up the GOW collection on my Vita in May. I would like to see an exclusive God of War game for it though Also can’t wait to see your next PS4 game!

    • Right on, we are stoked to bring a true version of God of War 1 & 2 to PS Vita this May for everyone.

  • dont have this game yet, nor do i care for Multi-Player much but i do Luv the GOW series single player and own all the others. il still download the dlc well its free. thanks

  • If only you supported playstation allstars like this. :(

  • @3 They just put out some free PS All Stars avatars on the store and they are working on a Patch as well. It should be out soon.

  • Just take my money and announce God of War IV for the PlayStation 4.

  • I wish the celebration was a GoW Franchise Sale – namely, reducing the price of the two PSP games…permanently. It’s bad enough they’re not included in the upcoming GoW HD Collection for Vita, but the fact that they’re priced at $20 apiece is a slap in the face to Vita owners. They should be $5 apiece at this point or give us free download vouchers with the purchase of the Gow HD Collection…even as a pre-order bonus would be good enough.

    • Feedback noted, we are not the Gods of Olympus raining down pricing thunderbolts, but we do hear you.

  • Very generous of you guys to do this. I think I’ll load it up and have fun with all the crazy new weapons! Thanks SSM!

    • Load it up, we might be crazy, but this is FREE, no strings attached, except you do have to own the game.

  • This is me, having almost finished my third round of maxed-out PS Store carts, when the second-to-last item in my sorting is the DLC bundle. Le sigh…OF WAR!

  • God of War 4 for PS4?

  • This is pretty great. Plus Ascension is $20 on PSN, whereas in stores it’s $40. Safe to say I’ll be buying the PSN version today.

  • @TJF588 I did the same thing! I’m glad I’m not the only one. :)

  • Had so much fun playing this multiplayer. I haven’t played since the PS4 release, but will definitely log in and check out these goodies.

    I seriously hope this is not the beginning and end for this type of multiplayer mode set in the God of War universe. This MP was so original and different from every other game out there this past gen. So many brutal moments and epic battles during my time with this game.

    Regardless, if this is the end of the God of War MP experiment, thank you for an amazing experience!! Warhawk and Ascension will be my MP highlights for the PS3 generation.

    • Thanks Kid, all feedback and appreciation noted. Our team salutes you! We took a huge risk and time investment in Ascension Multiplayer, and we confidently feel it paid off. Looking back one year later, sustaining online play and support for one year in the face of many, many multiplayer heavyweights…this is 100% due to our passionate community of Champions, like you, as I said in my blog. So thank YOU.

  • In Europe free dls ?

  • @11 Gorvi – What’s more, I had one more space in my last transaction, so I prolly could’ve slipped the bundle in, but instead I have a fourth transaction for that by its lonesome. Urgh… More digital receipts.

  • I don’t like playing these type of multiplayer games but I do love GOW. Will download the free avatars.

  • I cant download the dlc, i can buy it but when u want to dowload it nothing happens even they dont appear in my download list

    • They appear in the service list and are also unlocked in-game. Go in-game and you should be able to select them for your Champion.

  • This is probably one of the coolest anniversary things I’ve even seen. My hat goes off to you SMS. This is beyond the call of customer service.

  • Thanks for the free multiplayer content and everything, but can you please fix the campaign so I can finish the game. That would be great. I know you have made attempts to resolve The Trials of Archimedes, but it is still set at an insanely high difficulty for normal mode. I have had no problem finishing the other 5 GOW games on this setting and there is no reason why this game should be any different. Would very much appreciate it, thank you.

  • @16 KNAYDJ
    The downloads will appear as services under God of War Ascension in the services list.

  • Do people get to keep all the DLC stuff for free, or is it taken away after the celebration ends?

  • I loved the MP in this game — shockingly, both because I was skeptical about it fitting with the mechanics of the franchise and because I’m generally not an MP guy.

    It really was something special. I echo the hope that it continues.

    I haven’t played in ages, but tonight, I will paint my face in your blood.

  • Kratos is a Greek mythology fanfic Mary Sue and his popularity is a sad commentary on the intellectual void America’s public school systems are creating of the nation’s youth.

  • Will you ever bring back the stereoscopic 3D support this game was intending? There are so many levels that were obviously designed with 3D in mind, yet you dropped it on release and didn’t mention anything of it even though you were hyping the 3D up for months.

  • I appreciate the DLC being free, even if I wasn’t interested in the multiplayer. I’m glad that there were no trophies forcing me to play hundreds of online matches in this game. To be honest, all the paid xp boosters really soured the idea for me, so I avoided it. I don’t like when developers try to get more money from people in that way after you paid for the game.

    I’m hoping the next God of War game is better overall.

  • Bought GoW: A about 2 months ago when it was on sale for $10 but I still haven’t gotten the chance to play it yet :(. Still need to finish Ni No Kuni, Dark Souls 2, Binary Domain, Sleeping Dogs, GTA 5, etc…

  • Thanks for the free stuff SSM! Loved you guys since I was 9 years old. The first GoW blew my childish mind away

    • That is what we love to hear, though we can’t approve your parents letting you play our game at 9 years old =) hehe

  • Yes you were right. Thanks :D

  • I went and purchased the free DLC in the playstation store. The entitlements are showing up in my services list. I load up GOW Ascension and BAM…..no dlc whatsoever. I called Sony and they couldn’t help me at all and directed me to the forums. I as here at the forums and would like some help. I am in the process of deleting all the game data and redownloading it and seeing if the DLC will appear after I reinstall all the game data. But if anyone knows about this situation, let me know.

  • I reinstalled all the game data and patches….and wait for it…..drum roll….NO DLC WHATSOEVER.

  • Thank you for this awesome free dlc..downloading it as soon as i finish this comment..lol Also thank you for stepping into the ONLINE WORLD!! It was the BEST IDEA EVER..games like UNCHARTED AND STARHAWK and ofcourse GOD OF WAR ASCENSION ….made it worth havig a PS3 with FREE ONLINE!! Keep up the AMAZING WORK and lets bring a GOW game to the PS4 and VITA!

  • It seem there is something wrong, I try to d/l the DLC, but then when I check my download list, I don’t see it, also will the SEN Store on the PC ever be fix, still can’t add anything to the cart and it been 4 months already…

  • I can’t believe it’s been a year already since this game came out. Why is it that time tends to fly by once a game comes out but then time seems slower while waiting for the game to come out…

  • Dammit!! The whole thing is account-region locked, even though I have a US copy of the game, I can’t play the DLC with my AU account. I have to start over with a fresh US account from level 0.

  • How about a longer single player? ;)

    Tried the multi-player once in beta I think it was but the test period was over LOL Never tried it since. Just dont see the point. Like Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, etc etc…..just run, shoot/slash and listen to little kids think they are internet badasses through the headset….yawn

    Would love to see a God of War RPG! Especially if it would be the length of Skyrim with DLC’s and all!! – I can dream

  • Thank you, Gods of Santa Monica Studio!

    I, a mere mortal, am honored to be bestowed such a gift.

    I will use the power given to me from the gods, to destroy my enemies, and those who insult the gods.

    I will shout your names as I lay waste, and claim victory over my foes.

    There will be war….

    There will be blood….

    There will be victory!

  • Because of this news, I just redeemed my Online Pass (which would have expired in only a few more days). I’ve played a couple matches so far, and the only blood spilled was my own. Hopefully I’ll learn the ropes soon enough.

  • That’s awesome, but it would be all that much better if the online pass were also free… pft, and I thought the day of the online pass was going to be put behind us.

  • Also, for everyone here don’t waste your time adding everything to your cart, there is ONE item all the way at the bottom of the list that allows you to download everything in one shot. Called the Ultimate DLC Bundle, it’s kinda self explanatory.

  • While I was never good at the competitive maps, I really enjoyed the co-op. I’ll have to get back on it. Maxed out Ares!

  • I hope you guys are patching PLAYSTATION ALL-STARS BATTLE ROYALE with the trophies you promised for DLC characters. I hope the patch includes in the costumes that were also promised.


  • Hey! If you guys make another God of War could you like ya know..FOCUS ON THE SINGLE PLAYER PORTION!?Ascension was by far the worst in the series. Sorry to say it but it’s true. CUT the multiplayer and go back to the God of War 2 days. And for christ sake make Cory Barlog the game director again..

  • This is crazy generous guys! I haven’t played this game yet because I haven’t beaten 3 yet! :( I’ve beaten the other 4 completely (well except for the Titan Mode on 2 (curse you Theseus!!!!!)) I started it, had to drop the difficulty down, still died a crap-ton, and started playing something else. When I saw this promotion I got all excited and downloaded everything (thanks again!), but I don’t have 80GB of free space T-T

    Alright… I was finally able to clear up the free space by deleting almost everything else on my HDD. Now to wait… and hope there are no hitches with the DLC. Soon 3 will be the only game I haven’t finished, since I’ve heard this one is relatively short and easy.

  • My brother will be happy about this.

  • Hello!

    Question: i just downloaded all the adds on from the store but they didn´t start downloading, I can´t see them in my download list either, any help? or they show up in game?

  • I had my ps3 console stolen from my house with GOW: Ascension game inside… it’s very sad because I bought a new console (1 paying starting this month) but not the game yet… I’m trying to buy the PSN version but, still, don’t have all the money ($19,99), I just have $16.31… What poor am I didn’t ya? (lol).
    BTW, Happy Birthday and Thanks for the free stuff!!!
    (Regards from Brazil! “The difficult country to buy games and be a game lover”)

  • Also please Santa Monica…I know you guys are the best devs out there along with Naughty Dog but PLEASE no more GoW games in at least 4 years…and if you do please let it be a Vita game.And if you ever do other GoW PLEASE get rid of the MP….Ascension was a disaster and a immeasurable deception,by far the worst GoW of all.

    Huge GoW fan here.

  • GOW is the only reason why I bought the PS3 and the PSP. GOW3 was just an awesome Game but before playing GOW3 I had to play the GOW 1 and GOW 2 HD versions on PS3. GOW3 ending might be the best ending ever on a video game or other entertainment stuff like movies. It was so unpredictable I am still wondering what the next step of Kratos would be after the devastating and truly sad ending.

  • I haven’t played this in awhile I just may check this out again.

  • MOAR GOD OF WOAR! Please Sony….God of War IV. IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN. The Gods will it!!! WILL YOU DENY THE GODS!?!!

  • I feel that it’s somewhat of a rare sight to see, that a company feels moved enough to provide such a generous reward to it’s fanbase. You guys are awesome :)

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