Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Out Today

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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Out Today

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Snake moves across the dirt and rock with immaculate care, crawling in silence as rain soaks his suit. He blends into the darkness, and the passing chopper screeches overhead in ignorance of his trespassing. As the camera pans to reveal his face, each wrinkle on his brow betrays his great military experience and troubled past. But this is just another mission for the iconic hero, who returns to PlayStation today in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes for PS3 and PS4.

Following the events of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Ground Zeroes finds Big Boss infiltrating a military compound in Cuba, with a mission to extract two high-value targets before they’re executed… or worse. Ground Zeroes establishes the initial story arc that will continue in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Think of Ground Zeroes as an appetizer to the main course.

The talented team at Kojima Productions have worked marvels on PS4, lending a breath-taking sense of realism to Ground Zeroes and the characters therein. The character models and animation have reached new heights for the series, while the large military base brims with detail, both large and small. Rain lashes down from the night sky in gouts, mechanized gates groan into motion as claxons blare, and the distant whir of an approaching jeep motor can send even an experienced player into a panic.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground ZeroesMetal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Special attention has been spent on Ground Zeroes’ controls, enabling players to move, crawl, dive, roll, and fight in fluid succession. In classic Metal Gear tradition, much of the fun comes from learning the behaviors of the soldiers on the base, and finding the best ways to deceive or dispatch them.

Snake has several tools for doing just that, including his trusty tranquilizer pistol, as well as a host of weapons on the base he can procure, from shotguns to rifles. Metal Gear fans will relish the return of other series standards, like engrossing radio chatter and a story steeped in intrigue. Although Ground Zeroes is but a taste of the full Metal Gear Solid V experience, it provides rich insight into Kojima’s future project.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes launches today for PS3 and PS4.

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  • @46, Maybe David Hatter will voice Solid Snake still and Sutherland is just voicing Big Boss, but like I said – the fact that many fans still think Konami just left Hatter in the dust without even giving the guy a call is bad for business once that fact came out. If Hayter IS still going to be in the Phantom Pain as Solid Snake’s voice, they should have unveiled this good surprise by now…because as you can see, many MGS fans won’t buy Ground Zeroes because of it. It’s not the voice that stops me from buying this, it’s the disrespect.

    I hate myself for talkin trash about MGS, lol. …’s the evil clone in me. I call him Stupid Snake. :P But hopefully Konami will get a clue when they see more ppl’s reactions.

  • 50# No it’s Konami. It’s the same thing between the MS consoles.

  • @48 do you realize they WILL care when less ppl buy the game??? That’s the beauty of the free market. Vote with your wallet. And they already DID show that they’re worried about fan backlash by the way…..they reduced the price of the game by $10…..a good start but still not good enough for many fans as you can see.

  • @ everyone. This is considered part one of MGS V, right? will Konami release V with ground zeroes already part of it? I love MGS, but there’s very little convincing me to buy this right now, and I probably won’t unless it drops in price to a reasonable amount or Konami reveals that it’s stand alone and won’t get bundled with Phantom Pain.

  • A demo would be more like Big Boss just shooting cans and avoiding one camera. Not a full on open base camp where you can drive, sneak behind vehicles, throw bad guys off cliffs, collect items to unlock a special deja vu mission, save hostages in random fashion, and look at very pretty graphics. Oh yeah and I haven’t even tried the OP missions, which are set in daytime and conserve of different objectives like take down the AA gun.

    Don’t be fooled by mainstream media lies especially when they most likely have a bias toward a specific company product if not published by EA or Activision. Or they just got trolled by Kojima and have a score to settle.

    **You can just go and do the main missions, watch the final credits and be at 8% complete of the whole game…FACT.

    8/10 Can’t wait for The Phantom Pain.

  • Just one quick question, it is confirmed that the full Meta Gear V Pahontom Pain will be available for PS3 as well, or will it be available just for PS4? Greetings

  • Sony should of given this free on PS Plus the more I think about being ripped off the more I get pissed off!!!! this isn’t right SONY I know no one forced me to buy this DEMO but YOU should have your players back this is a DEMO period AND Konami KNEW this that’s why they dropped the price from 40 to 30 on the PS4 it should of dropped a lot more and as much as I did like the game play I will not be buying The Phantom Pain unless it’s for 30 dollars for the people that got ripped off on this one I think that’s the only way to make up for this BS!!! Konami U should be ashamed of yourself!!!! AND for everyone that feels the same way you should message Konami on twitter and every website they run this isn’t right!!!!!!!!!!

  • @PooPface560 on March 18th, 2014 at 3:22 pm said:
    “A demo would be more like Big Boss just shooting cans and avoiding one camera. Not a full on open base camp where you can drive, sneak behind vehicles, throw bad guys off cliffs, collect items to unlock a special deja vu mission, save hostages in random fashion, and look at very pretty graphics.”

    Isn’t that every open world game demo ever? I remember the original Infamous’ demo, among others, being about the same size/length. Heck even on the PSP we got demos for the Phantasy Star Portable games chock full of missions and the ability to carry your characters level/items over to the full game. GZ’s length and gameplay options are very comparable to many different game demos.

  • Playstation Store hasn’t been updated ):

  • it’s TUESDAY Where’s the PSN Store Update ):

  • There is a guy who beat it in 10 minutes. They should have at least give codes to previous games in the series to make it work, cuz 10 minutes is a rip off.

  • Store updates are on thirdays nowdays.

  • Lets be honest. David Hayters voice is iconic because we never heard anything like that before. His delivery/acting is horrible compared to Kiefer portrayal of Big Boss.


  • Really? You’re going to update the PSN store late for the second week in a row? Geez.

  • Hmm, so, no ps store update?

  • Thank goodness I haven’t picked up this game yet (despite having it reserved). I’ll probably move my reservation over to something else. Really bummed out how Ground Zeroes turned out because I’ve been a huge fan since I first played MGS TTS.

    and yeah, what’s up with the store update? I don’t mind if Sony moves it to Thursday or whatever, but a quick note on why would be appreciated. ._.

  • are we going to have another thursday update? =/

  • They should extend the “get $10 credit for spending $60” promo to compensate for all these delays.

  • @67 oh, no I was just joking because of an earlier post. It’s probably just a little late… I hope.

    Also, from what people have been saying, the store might already be up, it’s just the blog that’s late. o_O

  • For all the ppl that’s pissed Call them and let them know

    Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.
    2381 Rosecrans Ave, Suite 200 El Segundo, CA 90245 USA
    Tel: (310) 220-8100

  • Well there goes the Store Update being back to its normal time this week…

  • Sony should consider moving the store update day to Wednesday.. not that they’d get the store update done at that time but at least when the store finally updates on Thursday it won’t seem as late.

  • Meh about the price. Why do people like to complain about the price of an item? do you even realize what goes into the developing of a game? A prologue to a future open-world game is well worth the price. If you really want to know what prologue game was way overpriced, Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, now that ladies and gentleman was a game that was robbing you at point blank… $60 bucks for this; people want to still complain? just dont buy it, simple as that.

  • “Guys we really screwed up the update last week, we better work extra hard and make sure that the store is updated on-time this week!”
    If only.

  • PSN Store Update? =/

  • They already confirmed a late update on their Twitter feed guys, be patient.

  • Just let me know when this drops to 10 bucks or when the bundle with Phantom Pain gets released.

  • I might have actually pre-ordered this if they had offered Peace Walker with it.

  • you know, the nice thing about this is so many people are going to beat it in record time, that Gamestop will have like a bajillion copies in a month or two. By then it will probably be at a reasonable price.

  • @70, Don’t bother calling them, you are just wasting your time. Vote with your wallet and spread the word through forums and social media. Friends don’t let friends get fooled into buying expensive demos. Let Konami crawl to us with drastic price cut or IGC. Let this be ground zero to the downfall of greedy game publishers.

    I have seen live streaming of the game and honestly, if you don’t care about getting S rank on the mission, anyone can complete it within an hour, or even 30 min. The cutscenes are longer than the actual game play.

  • The side missions are just making use of the same place over and over. You get the side missions from the menu and you have to do some common open-world type missions — protect someone on the ground by firing from helicopter, go locate someone and assassinate/capture, etc. I am not even sure if some of these guns-blazing quests are not ruining the MGS gameplay experience – they seem more CoD, Assassin’s Creed, Just Cause, GTA or Saints Row to me

    We have seen such side missions hundreds of times. Surely we can think of a hundred such missions ourselves if we want to artificially inflate the game length. (Didn’t inFamous 2 have a make your own quests and share them feature?) I am surprised Kojima didn’t make this a 100-hr ‘game’ by adding Contracts mode and Autolog recommendations, and 10,000 collectibles.

  • It’s unbelievable that Sony didn’t learn anything from last week. Late update again, no information on the blog again. Disappointing.

  • Just saw this on Twitter, posted 4hr ago: “Update: PlayStation Store may be a few hours late today in fully publishing. We’ll keep you posted!”. The $60-10 deal will be over by then :(

  • Exactly @gummybear(i mean Core) , my bro is planning to renew his ps+ today and he wanted to complete the 60/10 with some today’s deals.

  • The store is slowly updating one game at a time, I think all of the new games are on the store but some of the discounts are not on there yet and the PS+ free games aren’t there yet either.

  • I can’t believe how many people are comparing this to a demo.
    Compared to ALL the crap that gets released now a days, you’d think $20~$30 would be justified for a slightly shorter game, but nope.
    Apparently being able to speed run something means it’s bad.

    What a bunch of morons.

  • gonna wait for a price drop

  • no store update?

  • I really hope people aren’t stupid enough to buy this. This is such a joke.

  • (sigh) Complainers…….

  • Really dissapointed that Sony would allow them to put this game on the store for such an outrageous price. This should be $10.00 max. Very concerned about the precedent this sets. This has turned me off of wanting to buy the full title when it’s released; i’m not going to support companies who think this is acceptable.

  • @88, check now. I see almost everything in the store

  • I think the store is fully updated.

  • I really hope they honor the “through the 18th” part for the $10 deal with the late store update, the link to the promo was on the store when I put everything in my basket but it was gone when i finished the transaction.

  • You have got to be focking kidding me? $30 for a (DEMO) Everyone who paid $ for this should contact the BBB as I have. This is just theft! No other way to describe it!!! Shame on Hideo, and shame on Sony for even adding it to the store. I don’t care how much The Phantom Pain is going to cost I will boycott that sum *****…!

  • @ SNORLAXex
    “Compared to ALL the crap that gets released now a days, you’d think $20~$30 would be justified for a slightly shorter game, but nope.”
    Are you comparing an MGS game to crap? Why bring up “crap” games? There are plenty of games on PSN alone which are twice or longer than GZ for half the price or less. A bunch of them even have enough content in them to justify having platinums (hello Trine 2). And as I mentioned previously there are many demos out there which have more content and last longer than GZ.

    “Apparently being able to speed run something means it’s bad.”
    Any game can be speedran… however it takes time. This game came out today and people, having never played it before, are already completing it their first time through in under an hour easily. The fact that speedrun-esque times are occuring on a brand new game on its release date says there’s something wrong with the game itself.

  • You have got to be kidding me? $30 for a (DEMO) Everyone who paid $ for this should contact the BBB as I have. This is just theft! No other way to describe it!!! Shame on Hideo, and shame on Sony for even adding it to the store. I don’t care how much The Phantom Pain is going to cost I will boycott that sum it…!

  • It’s not just about Quantity but also about Quality. I usually would say MGS is Quality but having only TWO main missions for $20 is not Quality in my book, especially when it seems Ground Zeroes is LIGHT on story AND most of the cutscenes have been shown in the trailers already. Need more bang for MY buck. Renting it, and waiting for the obvious price drop or double pack with The Phantom Pain.

  • @96
    LOL you really contacted BBB? How about looking up game reviews and game-lengths before purchasing titles?

  • According to SDA, the world record for the original Metal Gear Solid, on extreme difficulty no less, is 1:54:02. Less than two hours. How dare they sell it for $50!!!

    …Oh wait a minute. This speedrun was achieved over 7 YEARS after the game was released whereas GZ is being completed in a fraction of the time Day 1. Also MGS has 3 levels of VR missions, multiple endings, unlockable goodies for clearing the game up to three times, tons of secrets to hunt for, and GZ has what…? A couple generic side missions and a few collectables? What a value.

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