Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Out Today

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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Out Today

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Snake moves across the dirt and rock with immaculate care, crawling in silence as rain soaks his suit. He blends into the darkness, and the passing chopper screeches overhead in ignorance of his trespassing. As the camera pans to reveal his face, each wrinkle on his brow betrays his great military experience and troubled past. But this is just another mission for the iconic hero, who returns to PlayStation today in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes for PS3 and PS4.

Following the events of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Ground Zeroes finds Big Boss infiltrating a military compound in Cuba, with a mission to extract two high-value targets before they’re executed… or worse. Ground Zeroes establishes the initial story arc that will continue in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Think of Ground Zeroes as an appetizer to the main course.

The talented team at Kojima Productions have worked marvels on PS4, lending a breath-taking sense of realism to Ground Zeroes and the characters therein. The character models and animation have reached new heights for the series, while the large military base brims with detail, both large and small. Rain lashes down from the night sky in gouts, mechanized gates groan into motion as claxons blare, and the distant whir of an approaching jeep motor can send even an experienced player into a panic.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground ZeroesMetal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Special attention has been spent on Ground Zeroes’ controls, enabling players to move, crawl, dive, roll, and fight in fluid succession. In classic Metal Gear tradition, much of the fun comes from learning the behaviors of the soldiers on the base, and finding the best ways to deceive or dispatch them.

Snake has several tools for doing just that, including his trusty tranquilizer pistol, as well as a host of weapons on the base he can procure, from shotguns to rifles. Metal Gear fans will relish the return of other series standards, like engrossing radio chatter and a story steeped in intrigue. Although Ground Zeroes is but a taste of the full Metal Gear Solid V experience, it provides rich insight into Kojima’s future project.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes launches today for PS3 and PS4.

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  • There seems to be an error on the store. It’s says the demo cost $30?

  • 03:18 will be the day to travel to Ground Zeroes and back To Zanarkand.

  • I will get the PS4 ver so when I pick up a PS4 i can play it…

  • @1. that is not an error. that is the, correct price. $30. And it’s not a demo. It’s the full game.

  • LOL @ kivi95, you win “Comment of the Week”

  • @4 that’s the joke

  • This is a $10-15 title max. Konami got greedy.

  • @4 Whoosh.

  • Could we get MGS Portable Ops working on Vita, you know, for old time’s sake?

  • I would like to know why this game has no platinum? Free Plus games like Resogun got a platinum, so what’s up?

  • it’s been 6 years I wonder if if you guys at Sony can get that PS5! going so it wont be another 6 years :) made a funny:)

  • What happened to page 2 of the blog?


  • I heard this game would be $10 cheaper on the PSstore… I hope that remains correct when it’s released on the 20th, because otherwise it’s not worth it. I won’t dish out more than that.

  • I got this game this morning and to be perfectly honest i’m extremely disappointed in it $19.99 for this that has 1 mission that can be finished in under 1 hour +5 side missions is a joke to call a game i’ve seen demo’s that are longer than this.

  • Well I will support this because of the fantastic series and because there is alot of content in the game even after you beat it. With all of the side missions and so forth.

  • @ 1 kivi95 – Was about to comment but you beat me to it….haha amazing comment man.

  • @1 so glad the first comment was a joke about this overpriced demo. You nailed it. No one should give them a dime for this cash grab

  • The first comment here wins. Until I see this game hit $15 for the digital download on my PS4 (or more likely as a preorder bonus or $10 pack in with The Phantom Pain), I’ll be skipping this one. Particularly with inFamous: Second Son launching this Friday; I can wait.

  • lol @1 well done.

    I had that conversation in EB today when I picked up my FFX/X-2 HD edition, how no one wants to buy a game (according to the Employees and their knowledge of the sales/presales) that’s basically a demo and (in Canada) pay 25 or 35 for it, when you can get full games at that price (or close to it if it’s a launch vita title)

  • @14 its cheaper if you go digital only for the PS3 version(which is $20), other wise its $30

  • Anyway bought it on PS3 and PS4, and loving it, while its only a handful of missions I do love that there are multiple ways to approach each one

  • From the IGN review: “Ground Zeroes happily caters to more chaotic minds, and with regenerating health and a new ‘reflex’ mode that briefly slows down time when Boss is spotted allowing for a bullet to the offending head, “Shoot First, Ask Questions Later” isn’t the death sentence it was in previous games.”

    Do not want.

  • Beat it the same night I bought it….should of gave US Peace Walker to. I feel robbed

  • @23 wow did not read about that. They ruined metal gear

  • Sorry, but $30 for an extended demo is not really something I support. I’d but it at $10 or free. preferably free as is standard

  • “Big Boss”

    Had to stop reading when I saw that. Sorry Kojima/Konami, but nobody in their right minds gives a hoot about this guy. He’s become the MGS series “Lightning”. Please, just stop.

  • It’s been awhile since I have posted on these blogs, but I am here to say I do feel robbed myself! Wow, the main story is only 2 missions! Are you F**KING KIDDING me! Yes, I understand there are side missions, and trophies to collect, but this should of been no more than $9.99.

    Sony has to get together and come up with a plan for the people like me that bought this “game” digitally and reimburse at least $20.

  • Now that was a wasted of money right there I cant believe Sony or any company would allow that POS DEMO on their system I really wish I could get a refund.

    I’m so pissed

  • Give me Peace Walker on the Vita for FREE as a thank you for the purchase and I will be fine, but this is robbery.

  • Dude timed trails are longer than this game

  • Don’t get me wrong. It was fun and I would say it plays the best in the series…but it is a demo. Give us Peace Walker HD free like you did to EU. That’s why you don’t see them complaining

  • “Give us Peace Walker for FREE”

    There’s nothing “free” about that deal. You’re still paying full price for a demo. Or you’re overpaying for an old game accompanied by a demo. It’s very odd how the definition of free has been warped. And yes, people all over the world are rightfully mocking this cash grab, deal or not.

    @ ryanjohn033
    Better yet, the ending cutscenes of MGS4 are longer than Ground Zeroes :p

  • @4

    Epic flight over your head.

  • meh, short overpriced game without David Hayter. Even tough I love the MGS games I’ll pass on this one.

  • Everyone that is complaining about the game and has not actually played it especially the one complaining that they ruined Metal Gear does not deserve to play it.

  • @28 I, for one, think Big Boss is a much better character than Solid Snake is.

  • no david hayter no snake. most of the this demo has already been showed in the trailers even the ending i mean WTF

  • It was a lot of fun. Amazing lighting. Do people who bought this digitally get a discount on Phantom Pain when it comes out?

  • I have MGS in my PSN name…..and yet I’ve decided not to buy this. Not because I don’t think MGS is worth it (the metacritic reviews so far say it is short but very replayable and worth it for MGS fans…..) but because it is OBVIOUS Konami pushed Kojima to rush and release a SNIPPET of his next masterpiece asap just to make a quick buck off new ps4 owners…..especially since ps4 just came out in Japan.

    I’ll be renting this game at red box for $2……….respect your fans or they won’t respect you. Sad, cuz I’ve been waiting for this since the 1st trailer. Shame on Konami for disrespecting fans but also shame on Kojima for replacing David Hayter without even an explanation for it. Even if it is one of Kojima’s jokes, he should have come out with the “surprise truth” before GZ came out today, because a lot of fans won’t buy MGS at all due to the disrespect shown to David Hayter.

    Lots of stuff to fix Konami. Fix the price, and explain to us why Hatter was not even told he was being replaced. You OWE that to the fans. Simple truth.

  • Aaaaah, I’ll buy it at a high price.

  • And the MGS series are my favorite games of all time by the way….but I still have my values. It’s about respect Konami, and Konami is clearly showing no respect to mgs fans, in my opinion at least.

    Anyway, here are the Metacritic reviews that show it isn’t bad but I’d still rather rent and beat it all than fully support what Konami has chosen to do with MGS V.

  • And the MGS series are my favorite games of all time by the way….but I still have my values. It’s about respect Konami, and Konami is clearly showing no respect to mgs fans, in my opinion at least.

    Anyway, the reviews say there is value in the short game because of replayability, 6-9 hours, but I’d still rather rent and beat it all THAT way than fully support what Konami has chosen to do with MGS V. Not smart at all Konami…the average player who buys this game and sees how short it is will NOT touch TPP when it comes out because they’ll think that game is short too……….again, terrible terrible marketing strategy and decisions Konami. I’ll wait for your apology (to fans and Hayter) and price reduction. Who am I kidding…nobody at these companies cares enough to read blogs like this. Maybe we need to start spamming Konami’s and Kojima’s twitter to wake them up about these obvious truths, because somehow they’re not seeing the obvious. I think as the sales figures come out next month they’ll see something there. I sure hope so.

    Do NOT buy this game people, you can rent it at red box for $2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( Sorry, as a TRUE MGS fan I LOVE my !!!’s ;)

  • Yeah, I am disappointed by what I am reading about how short this prologue is. I can understand a prologue, just not the price Konami is charging for it. I beat MGS 1, 2, 3 and 75% done with MGS4 in preparation for this prologue all in 5 weeks. So, I am sad and will wait for this to go down to $10 before I buy it. Thankfully I still have Peace Walker to play through and plenty of time before The Phantom Pain releases. Konami should have offered Peace Walker HD with this prologue for the US. Disappointing and a major middle finger to MGS fans. :(

  • @oo7PorscheMGS

    I agree, replacing Hayter with Sutherland was a huge mistake. Nothing against Sutherland, but Big Boss/Snake is Hayter. It almost makes me think we are seeing another Snake, or Specter Snake and that’s the whole Phantom thing and Hayter will make an appearance when the real Snake is introduced. Otherwise, scratching my head on why Kojima would change his voice now?

  • I miss playing as Solid Snake. T-T

    btw, haven’t checked yet but does this mean the ps store is updated?

  • Do you guys realize nobody cares if you buy the game or not? Saying it is a demo is nothing but a waste of time on your part. Kojima doesn’t care, Sony doesn’t care, Everyone else doesn’t care, so save your time and move on.

  • I picked this up last night and all I have to say is it is worth about $10 less. But what I really don’t understand is if this game is available at 3am eastern time why isn’t steamworld dig available at 6pm eastern?

  • Why 19.99 on Ps3, but 29.99 on Ps4? Sony trying to punish us for purchasing the Ps4?

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