Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster Out Today on PS3, PS Vita

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Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster Out Today on PS3, PS Vita

We’re coming to you today to let you know that Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster is available to pick up and take home now on both PS3 and PS Vita, bringing two classic RPGs to the modern age. Whether Final Fantasy X was one of your favorite games back on the PS2, or you never got a chance to try it, there’s never been a better time to play.

The HD Remasters of both games are feature complete with all the International Edition content that never got released here in North America, and now they take advantage of all the neat stuff PlayStation consoles offer. You’ve got some major Trophy hunting to do, and the two versions feature cross save compatibility with each other, so if you’ve got both, you never have to be without your game. The music is completely remastered, there’s a bonus audio drama… This is truly the definitive version of both games!

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD RemasterFinal Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster

We had a lot of great pre-order bonuses going, and while that window has passed, I can say that there are still very limited quantities of the Collector’s Edition in stock, but they won’t last long. The Collector’s Edition comes with a beautiful 40 page art book, five full-sized lithograph prints, and the Final Fantasy X HD Remaster Blu-ray Soundtrack, which has over six hours of music from the game and the MP3 files available on the disc. The soundtrack alone retails for $59.99, so $79.99 for that plus the game and art book is a pretty good deal by my math.

Finally, near and dear to my heart is the Final Fantasy X | X-2 Art Gallery Exhibition, running now through March 26th at the Gallery Nucleus here in Southern California. If you’re not local to the area, all of the art from the show is currently on auction. These prints are all one of one, and come with a certificate of authenticity signed by Producer Yoshinori Kitase. They will never be reproduced, and a few pieces are even original art by the development staff, including Art Director Yusuke Naora and Character Designer Tetsuya Nomura. All the proceeds from this art will be donated to the Typhoon Haiyan relief effort, so please consider bidding. We’ll ship anywhere in the world.

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster

I’ll end this blog on a personal note to say that it’s been a blast working on Final Fantasy X, a game that I sunk more than 200 happy hours into and never regretted one of them. Not even when a friend saved over my game and I had to start over.

Tidus opens the game with the line, “Listen to my story. This may be our last chance.” So tell us your Final Fantasy X story in the comments. We’d love to hear it!

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  • @49 Sony does not care about customers or gamers. They just do what they want. It’s sad but sooner or later they will learn their lesson.

  • This is going to be the only actual cartridge I own for the Vita. I’ve managed to amass a respectable library in the past year and a half, and 100% of it is digital.

    This is a game that I will never want to trade in, though, either way. My number one most-anticipated Vita release to date.

    I’m even putting South Park on the back burner for this one.

  • Day 1 buy !!!!

  • Ohh, it’s annoying that FFX-2 pauses it’s download cause I’m playing FFX… dumb idea to turn off net features. It’s not necessary to turn it off. If I want to save battery I’d turn off net features myself. Hate that I can’t party chat, download or anything while playing this

  • You already have FFX-2 downloading? I didn’t even know it had hit the PSN yet.

  • i will likely replay this since its the international version and all.good job square enix


  • @55, Yeah, Well depends. You can download it now for Vita if you bought the Physical FFXHD. The code is already active.

  • I bought a Vita two months ago just so I could have FFX/X-2 in my back pocket, so to speak!

    Does the PSN store update at the same time for both Canada and the U.S.? Either way, I’ll try to post an update for us Canadians when it goes online. COMMON PSN DON’T LET ME DOWN!

    For those looking for a bigger memory card… I bought my 64GB off of ebay for just over $120 CAD with shipping.

  • If the Vita version included physical copies of both, I would have likely bought this.

    Oh well.

  • the wait is driving me nuts

  • @xClayMeow, you can buy the japanese version of playasia, the Vita doesn’t have region restrictions.

  • Still nothing on PSN hurry the **** up been waiting since midnight.

  • @timmylom, is there full English language support? Hmmm, I’ll go look into that. Thanks for the advice :)

  • The wait is killing me. Sony, have mercy on us!

  • Yea I wish all the updates was done at the same time the ps4 was done a while ago

  • I’m literally refreshing the PS Store like every five minutes. And I’m also opening it and closing it non stop on my vita. I need this game. I’ve waited patiently for 3 years for this game. I was heartbroken when this game was released in Japan but not the U.S.. Today is the day. I need Sony to get their **** together, or at least a little together, and put this game on the PSN.

  • This is a message to  Sakura Minamida : Please put Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX on the PSN STORE, so many people want to
    Play it but have the lens borken, i would apreciate it i am a lover of KH . Bye :P

  • @KNAYDJ, I know you’re asking SQUEE directly, but I think the lack of KH on the PSN is a problem with Disney and not Square Enix.

  • Where my FFX HD Remaster!? Cant find it in PSN :( . I have been waiting it for a long time.


  • :(i didnt know :( is on the web a petition to sign for that?

  • Please Square! Please sony!
    Release the game!
    i’m waiting this game for the last 2 years!

  • Alguien sabe si la version del juego para PS vita, que va a salir en la PSN USA, va a tener subtitulos en español??
    Se suficiente ingles para entender los textos, pero preferiria que este en español.

  • FFX (along with Kingdom Hearts) was my first PS2 game that I ever played and owned when I got my PS2 for Christmas back in 2001. X-2 is also a personal enjoyment.

    I’ve already picked up my pre-order copy of this Remaster. Cannot wait to revisit this series!

  • OmarNexus:

    Yes, there will be Spanish subtitles.


    “The game will feature English language voice acting and German/French/Italian/Spanish subtitles, which can be turned off in the game menus.”

  • PLEASE PLEASE tell me there is a digital version!!!

  • I would be enjoying this amazing game.. except i Pre ordered from amazon, and it looks like they won’t give it to me fore another few days!!!! Just because i didn’t choose day 1 shipping for an extra 50 bucks :(

  • WHERE ARE THE PSN DIGITAL VERSIONS FOR PS3 AND PSVITA?!? WHY IS THE PSN STORE ALWAYS SO SPOTTY AND SLOW TO UPDATE ON TUESDAYS?!? I am really enjoying being a PS4/PS3/PSVita/PS Plus customer as of late, except when it comes to the sluggishness of how things are run on the store. I was going to buy Ground Zeroes for PS4 and Final Fantasy X/X-2 on Vita so I could take advantage of the ‘get $10 back’ promo that ends today, but if the game isn’t going to be made available today, I might as well just pass on both altogether, as Ground Zeroes is reportedly not worth the $30 and I already have the PS3 physical copy pre-ordered at my local Gamestop, and wanted the Vita version for cross-save purposes only. I don’t NEED to throw down $70, but it seems ridiculous that Square Enix and Sony are putting obstacles in the way and don’t want my money…

  • *I meant that I already have the physical PS3 copy of FF X/X-2 reserved at Gamestop, not Ground Zeroes.

  • Dayum, only if this was Cross-Buy…

    Well, I hope there’s a PS3+Vita pack because I really want the two games for a discounted price. Otherwise, the Vita version is my way to go.


  • I read somewhere it will be done by 2pm not sure what time zone though the ps4 was done hours ago though


  • “I read somewhere it will be done by 2pm not sure what time zone though the ps4 was done hours ago though”

    Exactly. Ground Zeroes for PS4 has been up since morning. If anything, the blog should start notifying WHEN certain content will be available on PSN, especially if they are posting an article announcing that it’s available. Seems like every Tuesday when I’m set to make a purchase and get on with my day, there’s some sort of “floating in limbo” nonsense that results in me having to check the store periodically for changes.

  • When will you put the digital version for vita my money is burnin guys. At least give us an answer!!!

  • @80 yeah for the Vita, I want the PS3 version

    go to the website

    You can purchase it there. Then log into your vita and go to the PS store and download lists, and you can download it.

  • Woot! FFX/2 HD downloading to Vita now.


    Thanks for the heads up. About time! From now on I won’t bother even checking the store until after 3pm.

    Also, great news for Canadians…MGS Ground Zeroes (PS4) is $29.99 and Final Fantasy X/X-2 is $39.99, same price as in the US, and today’s the last day of the get $10 back promo. If you’re getting them both digitally, it’s the best time, as you’re saving a total of $20 CAD ($10 up front, then another $10 back in PSN credit).

  • It´s not on the psn yet, sony hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i don’t care about soundtrack music that i can find online for free or an artbook. I want to know if the digital version will be discounted and will both games be sold separately like Tales of Symphonia HD collection was on psn. I only want FFX since i didn’t really enjoy X-2.

  • Where’s the PS3 version!!!!!???

  • OmarNexus también me uno alguien sabe si viene con subtítulos en la PSN USA en español. Por favor alguien sabe……

  • @88 (Ryumoau)
    Last time I checked, they said that they will not be sold separately (same goes for the Vita version).

    I really wanna play this (as well as all the other Vita games I bought over the past month), but sadly…well, my mother decided to take away all my electronics for the whole month for no good reason. (which is especially bad ’cause BlazBlue is next week, and I have to use my really bad camera to film its unboxing.)

    In case you’re wondering, I got the Vita version.

  • is anyone able to confirm the size of X-2? contemplating hard copy simply for the fact cross play with friend if he gets hard copy ps3 as well.

  • It´s finally here check the psn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @84 can you post a link as I cant find it unless you have fooled me that is

  • were is just final fantasy x hd ????????

  • *for vita

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