Aztez Is Going To Blow Up Your PS4 and Vita

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Aztez Is Going To Blow Up Your PS4 and Vita
Aztez Is Going To Blow Up Your PS4 and Vita

Hi! I’m Ben Ruiz, the artist and combat designer at Team Colorblind in Arizona. I’m super excited to announced that Aztez, the brutal, bloody, expressive, difficult, and replayable action game I’ve been working on for two years now is coming to Sony’s magnificent, next-gen beast machines. For your own information, Team Colorblind is myself and also Matthew Wegner.

“Brutal, bloody, expressive, difficult, and replayable?!” is probably what you’re thinking as your eyes widen in the dim glow of my audacity. But I sincerely believe that we are cooking up something you will like! At its core, Aztez is two games. One of those games is a full on real-time beat ‘em up combat experience. We’ve piped in the feel and creativity of Bayonetta, the sensationalism and mobility of Capcom’s Alien Vs Predator, and the precision difficulty of classic Devil May Cry. As the combat designer, I’ve been studying these types of games for years, and I refuse to produce and hand you something that won’t dangerously raise your heart rate and dopamine levels. I grew up in the arcade, and I want to do for you what the amazing developers of yore did for me with their coin-ops.

The other game that comprises Aztez is an empire management strategy game, and that’s where the aforementioned replayability comes from. We decided early on that we didn’t want to make another beat ‘em up that forces you through a linear narrative and rote platforming segments, so we’ve created what we feel is an infinitely more interesting vehicle for thrilling combat; a randomized, historical Risk-like. Haha! It might be an overly unusual combination, but the way we see it, it can’t be any worse than grabbing more ledges or pushing around more blocks. And besides, if you do well in our strategy game, you might get to do some pretty profound history rewriting.

But, ultimately, Aztez is about the combat, and we want to make our mark on this generation of Sony consoles with our own signature brand of digital power fantasy, and we want you to be able to do it in your home or on the move. Nothing makes the bus/taxi ride to work better than cutting down a hundred legendary warriors and offering their blood to the gods in real time.

That’s it for now! Tell me what you think about all this and I’ll answer back in the least ridiculous way I know how. Which is still sort of ridiculous. I MEAN WELL.

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  • Ben, Looking more at it I do see more Aztec resemblance now. While Aztecs seemed to have more ornamental designs and flashier helmets, I do see how in a 2D side view is hard to pull off. Plus the club/ sword is definitely Aztec. And hell pulling inspiration from 300 is not a bad thing!

  • Reminds a lot of Mad World for the Wii, great game that was very underated in my opinion.
    Love the black and white art style on this!!, plus I’m huge fan of 2-d games, you have my attention.

    • Mad World RULES. But the key distinction is that Aztez has grayscale, and is much easier on the eyes. It actually makes a big difference!

      Glad you’re liking what you see!

  • You had me at Devil May Cry. The game looks amazing! I can’t wait to play it. If this works out, can you beg Capcom to let you try Devil May Cry 5?

  • All I need to know is when I can buy this!
    It looks and sounds awesome. Just the kind of small-ish game I love to play.

  • “and the precision difficulty of classic Devil May Cry.”


    • Hahaha! Yeah buddy, you’re gonna skate around on trashed enemies while eating pizza, like, all the time in Aztez.

      *was joking, but implements that anyway*

  • Damn how I’m glad that I found a lil time to take a look at this post….this game looks too good…..looks like a Shank in black and white…ha now for real this is amazing…just a shame that isn’t coming for PS3….but at least is coming for Vita….Just wanna give a heads up to you guys and say that you have a confirmed buy right here.This is exactly my type of game.And you are just 2?…impressive job.


      And thanks, it’s tough being just a couple people but we like the brutalizing grind. Haha!

  • Sounds like a pretty amazing game. Kind of reminds me of Cartoon Wars for iOS from the 2 pictures I see here. Unable to see the .gifs unfortunately due to crappy overseas connection ): BUT LOOKS FAMAZING!! me love you long time!! :-D can’t wait to get home, hopefully it will be out by then. Definitely going to get this one for ps4! :D Really rooting for the two of you! Amazing work!

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