Aztez Is Going To Blow Up Your PS4 and Vita

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Aztez Is Going To Blow Up Your PS4 and Vita
Aztez Is Going To Blow Up Your PS4 and Vita

Hi! I’m Ben Ruiz, the artist and combat designer at Team Colorblind in Arizona. I’m super excited to announced that Aztez, the brutal, bloody, expressive, difficult, and replayable action game I’ve been working on for two years now is coming to Sony’s magnificent, next-gen beast machines. For your own information, Team Colorblind is myself and also Matthew Wegner.

“Brutal, bloody, expressive, difficult, and replayable?!” is probably what you’re thinking as your eyes widen in the dim glow of my audacity. But I sincerely believe that we are cooking up something you will like! At its core, Aztez is two games. One of those games is a full on real-time beat ‘em up combat experience. We’ve piped in the feel and creativity of Bayonetta, the sensationalism and mobility of Capcom’s Alien Vs Predator, and the precision difficulty of classic Devil May Cry. As the combat designer, I’ve been studying these types of games for years, and I refuse to produce and hand you something that won’t dangerously raise your heart rate and dopamine levels. I grew up in the arcade, and I want to do for you what the amazing developers of yore did for me with their coin-ops.

The other game that comprises Aztez is an empire management strategy game, and that’s where the aforementioned replayability comes from. We decided early on that we didn’t want to make another beat ‘em up that forces you through a linear narrative and rote platforming segments, so we’ve created what we feel is an infinitely more interesting vehicle for thrilling combat; a randomized, historical Risk-like. Haha! It might be an overly unusual combination, but the way we see it, it can’t be any worse than grabbing more ledges or pushing around more blocks. And besides, if you do well in our strategy game, you might get to do some pretty profound history rewriting.

But, ultimately, Aztez is about the combat, and we want to make our mark on this generation of Sony consoles with our own signature brand of digital power fantasy, and we want you to be able to do it in your home or on the move. Nothing makes the bus/taxi ride to work better than cutting down a hundred legendary warriors and offering their blood to the gods in real time.

That’s it for now! Tell me what you think about all this and I’ll answer back in the least ridiculous way I know how. Which is still sort of ridiculous. I MEAN WELL.

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  • That looks strange, but in a good way. How much depth is there to the combat?

    • Thanks! Our last couple event showings (PAX, EVO, LVLUp) have indicated that we have produced something properly deep. We tend to get people that come back over and over, and while they clearly fall into the zone exploring the combat, they also barely scratch the surface. Those that do go nuts and start raving about depth. Fingers crossed! :)

  • That was… I… I’m not sure what I just saw, but wow was it cool.

    A brawler mixed in with a strategy game? And a really cool art style? I’m in. I don’t know when or how much, but it has my attention.

    • Thank you! I’m pretending that you are actually the guy in your pic, and it makes your compliment that much cooler. Haha!

  • please dont blow up my vita and ps4 :….( I worked so hard for them.

    • Hey fair enough, bud. We’ll add in some functionality that only blows your PS4 and Vita up if you want it to. ;)

  • I love the GIFs. :) Good job.
    Looks like somethin I’d get into as well. More information please!

  • and sorry for the second comment but what is the back story on this?

    • Can you elaborate on which backstory you mean? Team Colorblind’s? The game’s production? Or do you mean the actual game’s narrative backstory?

  • The art style and animation is amazing. I love the color scheme too. Also, thanks for including GIFs. YouTube is blocked at work, so I’m glad I didn’t have to wait until 5 to see your beautiful game.

  • Disclaimer: Will not actually “blow up” your PS4 or Vita. =P

    • THIS IS CORRECT. I apologize for implying that your consoles will literally explode. I was very excited.

  • Man…you had me at “the feel and creativity of Bayonetta, the sensationalism and mobility of Capcom’s Alien Vs Predator, and the precision difficulty of classic Devil May Cry!” If you and Matthew can pull off half of what you just said, you will have quite a hit on your hands. I just got through playing DmC: Devil May Cry a couple weeks ago, and I honestly thought it and Bayonetta were two of the best “beat ’em ups” I had ever played, and certainly the best two on the PS3 (and that even includes GOW III, which I also loved). The Vita absolutely needs a game with this kind of combat-depth (although Dragon’s Crown was a fantastic beat ’em up). I only hope that Aztez has a system similar to DmC and Bayonetta that “grades” your performance due to the types/lengths/creativity of your combos. THAT’S what keeps fans of the genre coming back for more (that, and a great story). The art style looks stunning and the second GIF made my mouth drool with the combo that was performed. All the best to you guys…don’t release this game until you feel that you sufficiently back up the “Bayonetta/Devil May Cry” comment. I will hold you to it! Lol…good luck, fellas!

    • Yeah! Oh man I love hearing from other combat maniacs.

      We will absolutely be grading you for your performance. As it stands, there is a really engaging streak system that rewards you for A. being aggressive and successfully stringing together combos, B. not getting struck, C. not waiting too long to initiate more aggression, and D. not whiffing. And that’s the critical one! It clamps the mash impulse and MAKES you play skillfully, and a big part of the scoring is how well you maintained streaks. We’re also going to add in measurements for variety as well, so that the more tools you utilize, the better you do. I really think you’re going to dig it.

      We are no even thinking about releasing this until it’s a monster of fun and joy. But we do believe that will finally be this year. ;)

  • I’m impressed with what I saw. Will definitely grab for Vita.

    • YUSS! I hope you get to play it in unconventional locations that are only allowable via handheld console. Like on a cliff in Mongolia or sitting on a statue in Angkor Wat.

  • You just name dropped a bunch of classics that are very important to me. I’ll admit that I don’t mind navigating a level in those action games, but I don’t have to have it. Deep and challenging combat is one of the great rushes of a video game and your trailer showed a lot of promise.

    I can assure you that you will be getting a sale from me.

  • Sounds interesting. Is there any level of character or combo/weapon customization?

    Is there going to be a lot of environmental variety? Based on the fact that this seems to be an a game inspired by the Aztec mythos, I can imagine we will see jungle environments, but perhaps some a little other-worldly as well?

    • Yes and no! All of the gear that enemies wear will be equippable after certain requirements are met. And then you can wear them in any combination you like. As far as weapons go, there will be no weapon customization, but we’re giving you 4+ weapons that can all be switched between whenever you want (including in the middle of combos) so that there is a huge variety of impromptu combos.

      There will be quite a lot of scenery change. Every single city on the map in the strategy half of the game (check out screens here: will have it’s own environment to be violent in. They range from the city square in the heart of Tenochtitlan to obscure nomadic villages on the outskirts of the Valley of Mexico.

  • This game ****ing amazing :D

  • Hack and slash my type of game. Would be great if it was free through plus.

    • If Sony wants to run a free promotion through Plus for a limited time, that’s something we’re open to. But we did make this to sell it though. CASH MONEY RECORDS, nah’mean?

  • And on top of everything I said above, I just checked out your website and was totally jazzed after I read it. Jesus…you guys REALLY know your beat ’em ups! Lol! I was reading your different analysis of several recent beat ’em ups like Guacamelee and DmC and you just completely nail about all of it. It really gives me confidence in Aztez to know that you have studied many of the greats (and “not so greats”). I’m also reading your “History of Beat ‘Em Ups” section and it just takes me back to the first time I played classics like Double Dragon, TMNT: The Arcade Game, God of War, Devil May Cry, and Bayonetta. This may now be my most anticipated upcoming Vita game. With the deep knowledge-base you appear to have, I expect this game to be the system’s next big brawler.

  • interesting. the combat looks really fun. i’ll be keeping my eye on this.

  • Really awesome looking. Definitely excited for this.

  • looks cool. will there be a gigantic boss? also any kind of blocking or is it all about dodging attacks?

    • There will be some big bosses FOSHO and also there is plenty of blocking. And block-breaking. And parries. And brutal counters. And parry escapes. :)

  • will this fill the hole in my heart that battle royale left behind?

    • There is nothing I want more than to fill your painful heart hole with satisfying and remarkable violence.

  • Maybe my history is off or I’m missing something. While the architecture does look Aztec-ish, the character models are very Roman. A la “300” with it’s helmets and shields.

    • The Aztecs were generally VERY sensational with their military dress, and that included large and ornate helmets. It’s just a coincidence that they both had circular shields though. In any case, I took that distinctly Aztec look and exaggerated it for flash and clarity. Because of all that, I totally get that connection to 300, especially since I love 300 and imitated the over-the-top motions of some of its action scenes.

  • the strategy component sounds cool! I tend to like strategy games much more than brawlers :D

    Will buy!

    • YUSSSS. I like strategy a lot too, and I don’t think there’s been many games like ours before. We hope you like it.

  • The art style looks fantastic and the combat system looks like it’s had a lot of thought and work put into it. I like the teleport/dash move (inspired by the trickster style of DMC3 perhaps?). Between the trailer and the games that you referenced as inspiration I have really high hopes for this now. Oh, and I’ll be rocking the Vita version all the way. Will it look/run as good as the PS4 version?

    • Thanks so much! The teleport was a bit Trickster inspired, but also a bit inspired by Treasure’s Alien Soldier back on the Genesis.

      It absolutely will. The game is surprisingly not very graphically intense and won’t require an insane PC either.

  • this looks kind of awesome. old school NES Ninja Gaiden meets God of War with a Patapon art style? blended genius haha.

    • Thank you! We are not geniuses though, just obsessive-compulsive warhorses who alienate our friends and families with our work habits. Haha!

  • ohhh looks gangstaa, bring it to ps3.

    • We would love to bring it to both the previous generation AND this generation of consoles, but we had to pick one due to our own time and money limitations. And it made a lot more sense to the future of the game to launch on the next gen. I’m sorry! Hopefully you’ll be able to get your hands on a PS4 or Vita before we’re out.

  • This game has some serious class!! Cant wait to play it on the Vita.

  • This game looks good but it would look alot better if it had color and better graphics. Is it just me or am i the only one who thinks these devs are slacking with the game designs. Ive played better 2D games on nintendo (Battle Toads for example). I really wish these devs would put more effort in making a FANTASTIC LOOKING AND PLAYING GAME than just a quicky qirky game for the NEW GEN SYSTEMS. I would like to see some news about a NEW SHANK and JOE DANGER coming up for the PS4 and VITA!! We seriously need it – but ofcourse you know im speaking for myself lol

    • I agree that it would be awesome if the game had color and “better graphics”, but we’re a two man team and I do 95% of the game’s art and combat work myself; character concepts, environment construction and design, character animation, effects, combat mechanics, and more. And I have an angel of a guy helping me with character models. We don’t have the time and budget of a big team. If we did anything more complicated and production-intensive, it would have made the game completely unrealistic to produce without hiring a bunch of people, which has never been an option.

      And just FYI, Matthew and I been working on this game for 2+ years full-time, and I was working on it by myself for 2 years before that in the evenings just teaching myself about combat design. We do all of the development, business, marketing, and trade shows ourselves. So, you know, heads up on telling people when you think they’re “slacking”.

      *cue disarming winky-faced emoticon*


  • More for the PS4!! This game looks interesting and original. Will check it out. :)

  • very cool setting. Not many games set in that time period. A lot of the same weapons as well. Awesome work you guys, And an Arizona team! yeah!


    • I THINK you’re saying Aztez looks like a cellphone game? I don’t know if we’re remembering cellphone games the same way. Haha!

  • Looks great, I can’t wait to hear more about the empire management.

  • been interested since the first footage of this game came out, i’ll be sure to pick this up! thanks for bringing this gem to the PS family! -supporter from S.Phoenix!

  • This. Looks. Amazing!
    I’m really looking forward to this game.

  • sounds good, if i ever get a vita or ps4 soon this will def be on my radar in the hood. also good looks on all the replies to all the questions. i dont support games who dont support community questions. good job.

  • patapon ?!!!

  • Aztez dont even know me why is he starting problems lol anyway on topic the game looks incredibly fun i only have one gripe… was very hard for me to find the main character as he looks almost identical to the rest itll probably get confusing when ur in the heat of battle.

  • Day one purchase. Even if it does literally blow up my Vita.

  • For some reason it has a Patapon feel to it. Any plans for an online co-op campaign?

    • No multiplayer in the initial version, I’m sorry! If we do okay with the first release though, we’d love to add multiplayer.

  • Greetings from Mexico: I hope the game does not have a difficulty of hell. I’m not a ***** but I prefer fun to suffer after a day of hard work. Moreover, as a Mexican I approve this game. I can see you did a good research of Aztec culture: weapons, architecture and clothing.

    • Thanks so much for the props! I’m genuinely in love with the Aztecs and it makes me happy when people recognize it.

      We will be giving the player options so they can adjust the difficulty and reward. We realize people want to engage these games in different ways, and want to accommodate that.

  • Looks really cool. I love aztec mythology and iconography, and I’ve always wondered why nobody ever decided to make a game with eagle and jaguar warriors, aztec gods, etc.

    I’m looking forward to know more about your game =D

  • I hope all the indie haters read Ben Ruiz’s response to post #24.

    Checked hard! :)

    More indie developers should defend their work like that. It’s beautiful.

    Anyway, I’m really looking forward to playing this game. It’s just my style. I love fast-paced beat ’em up-type games, and I’ve always had place in my heart for black-and-white photography, so it’ll be interesting to see how this style translates to a medium like video games when the final product is available.

  • Wait… there’s a gaming studio here in Arizona?! That’s friggin AWESOME!
    And the game looks great to boot.
    You’ve got at least a little hometown support on release day.
    Can’t wait.

    • Yes! I was born and raised in Phoenix and Matthew has been here for about 10 years now. Thanks for representing!

  • I never thought I would need a strategy/beat ’em up game based on the Aztecs until now. This game would look excellent on my Vita and replayability is always a plus in my book. Hopefully we’ll see a release for this soon.

    • Ha! Glad you’re diggin’ in. I’ve wanted a game like this for a long time, so that’s why I’m making it for us. ;)

  • Can you still perform sacrifices and absorb the enemies blood? I saw it on an older video and it looks wicked cool.

    • You can, yeah! It just didn’t make it into this cut for pacing reasons. But still a huge part of the game!

  • I absolutely love the art style, and will be keeping a keen eye on this one. Hopefully it releases sooner, rather than later! I’m in for the Vita version!

  • Awe yeah I like games like this action adventure this will be great to play on my PS Vita. Can’t wait to find out if it will be cross- buy!!!!!

    • Still not sure if it will be cross-buy! We have a lot of things to consider there still and it’s too early to tell.

  • I like the monochromatic look. Awesome gif, too.

  • oh my when can I have

  • Somehow I feel like I have already played this game…

  • YESSS!!! There’s something about skillfully using your skills to out-skill your enemy’s skills and lay them to rest on a skillet that I love so much! This game looks fantastic already and I just know that once you mention DMC or AVP you mean business! But seriously, can i pay extra to have my PS Vita and PS4 explode at the same time? How much more would get my PS3 to explode as well?

    • Console explosions are FREE. That is my gift to you.

      And yes, we are also invested proponents of skill here at Team Colorblind. Also, wasn’t expecting “skillet”.

  • I’m torn… wanna support the fellow AZ folks… but damn, this just looks like a ripoff of The DIshwasher!?!?

    • I’m not sure why you think that, but as someone who has played both Dishwasher and Aztez, I assure you they are very different.

  • I am a follower of Aztez scince it was announced. Really looking forward to finally play it on my PS4. When can I get it to start downloading on my PS4?

    • Thanks! As soon as possible! We’re working on it as hard as we can and as soon we have a release date you will know!

      Cool icon, by the way. Kratos and I go way back.

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