TowerFall Ascension Out Today on PS4

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TowerFall Ascension Out Today on PS4

Today’s the day! TowerFall Ascension is finally launching on PS4. TowerFall is an archery platformer featuring intense local multiplayer battles and a dynamic solo — or co-op — Quest mode. Grab your friends and pack onto your couch for a night of close calls, surprise victories, and hilarious missteps.

The reviews began rolling in a few days ago, and I’m absolutely floored by the response. I’m not usually one to put a lot of stock in those dubious numbers emblazoned in bold at the bottom of articles, but I can’t deny it feels good to see the 9.5’s.

Making TowerFall has been the most rewarding experience of my life. When I put love into the
game, I see it returned to me tenfold by the TowerFall community, and it only appears to be growing.

I also had the privilege of working with some incredibly talented, capable, and pleasant people. I want to thank the entire team by name. Kevin Regamey and Jeff Tangsoc (sound design), Pedro Medeiros (pixel art), Amora Bettany (character design and concept art), Alec Holowka (music), and Kert Gartner (trailers).

TowerFall AscensionTowerFall Ascension

I also want to thank Sickhead Games, Nick Suttner, John Sanders, and all of Sony’s Third Party Production and PR teams for their support and genuine enthusiasm for the game. Everyone involved from the core team to Sony and Sickhead loves this game and it shows.

Thank you for playing!


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  • Hurry, I want to buy this game!!!

  • Can we get a fast update to what time this is getting released?
    2 p.m. PST is what I tough it would be. I want this game!!!! I just got 3 extra controllers just for this game!

  • hey, so when will towerfall be up? ive checked the store 50 times! HURRY UP !! SO YOU CAN TAKE MY MONEY!!! I BOUGHT $50 OF PSN CASH FOR THIS !!! and other games, like fez and mercenary kings.

  • dude!? ARE YOU ME Bohtimore!? I was about to say the exact same thing! I got a $50 card as well AND am waiting MERCENARY KINGS! I thought I was the only one..Sony please do not tell me this update is getting delayed till tomorrow or something…

  • @50 …because of money, and because they want to get the game to the widest audience possible. I don’t think it compromises the game. Let the players enjoy it the way that suits them, instead of ignoring a whole group of gamers that prefer to, or are required by circumstances to, play with their friends online.

  • I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS GAME!!! I have checked the PStore every hour with one hand and with the other hand have my cellphone ready to speed dial all my friends…


  • Excited about TowerFall just wished the monkeys in the truck would update the PSN store faster, don’t want Clements to bust some knee caps do ya? ;)

    Also PlayStation Powerhouse Ryan Clements BEYOND!

  • The game unlocked on Steam hours ago. So I don’t know what the problem is… unless Grace Chen is too busy leveling up in Titanfall.

    @Playstation tweeted about 5 hours ago that tonight’s update would be “a few hours late”. Of all the days to keep your audience happy with a timely update… maybe this was the one, SCEA.

  • @55 Okay. When you understand why they made the decision you can come back and comment about it.

  • @BearAntlers okay when your done blowing them let us all know how the update is coming along

  • Awesome, for the second week in a row the game wasn’t discounted for plus users.

  • @ #50 why shouldn’t it most of there money that they make on games comes from us so there should be online and offline co-op not everyone has friends that wants to come over to your house unless your still a child the adults want to be comfortable in there own house on there own gaming chair and your making the #44 sound like he/she should make more time for video games like it should be their life or something!?!?

  • 5 pm est( 2 pm pst) my a$$. It’s been over 4 hours now with no store update.What in the living world could be causing Sony to take 4 hours after there original time.

  • Sry for the swear word, but I’m really mad because I live in the eastern part of USA so I got to go to sleep soon, and I haven’t even been able to play towerfall. I was so excited

  • I hope that from here on out the games that you guys make will have a mixture of online co-op and online multiplayer. Since everyone or just about everyone still trying to get a PS4 has to have or already has PS Plus. So your future games should incorporate that into your games. Because in this next gen system to not have both options is ludicrous.

  • Why is it not discounted for ps plus members?

  • It’s Up!!!! Finally! Enjoy everyone ^_^

  • @60 Wow, your maturity is evident.

  • @62 So what you are saying is that because we pay for the game we are entitled to have complete say in its design. This is isn’t taxes, it’s consumer entertainment. Let the developers create their product the best way they see fit. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. But please don’t feel like they owe you something.

  • @67 Thanks for the notice!

  • Why is there no discount for PS plus?

  • It’s no up for me? Am I doing something wrong lol

  • its not discounted because the store hasnt fully updated yet, i really wish sony would of upgraded their **** with a new console

  • i bought it at $14.99. im not waiting for my ps+ discount, i gotta get up early for work tomorrow ;_;7

  • it’s up for me, but the discount for spring fever isn’t there…..

  • Please add the discount for ps plus members fast!

  • Why is it not up for me I got to go to bed in 40 min ):(

  • Did you guys do anything at all?

  • Do you have to shut the system off and back on? Ive never had to do that before… Its not up for me. Could the people who are seeing it say where they are in the US and did they re-start ps4? this eats my zzz…

    Oh and IM in North Dakota

  • You just have to search for it and it shows up, but the discount probably won’t show up until they post on here about the update.

  • @76 Just look in the all games section. That where I found it. It wasn’t up on the main page yet.

  • Guys when I bought towerfall ascension it charged me 25$ instead of 15$.im gonna ask my dad to call tomorrow to see what happened its late right now for me( it’s about to be 10). Has this happened to anyone else but me and thx :)

  • Im mad, when the game is finished downloading I gotta go to bed, and the charging thing was a big when I checked in it again it said the right amount of money

  • when is the store going to update I want to purchase this?

  • Its 10pm hurry up with this come on I’ve been waiting all day


  • It’s up, but not on sale…decisions decisions. I can wait a bit I guess. Since it’s already so late

  • come on… how is a game considered released “today” and its 9:17pm CST… this is obviously a first world problem, but its poor service… i’m less excited and more frustrated now…

  • Just felt the need to add some love for couch coop. Fantastic, thank you!

  • They need to give some discounts on Alot of these games coming out today for the lack of service and since that one guy stepped down as ceo and president of SCEA do we have to look forward to late-night if not Wednesday updates from now on? What happen to the early updates?

  • i want this game but im waiting til they fix the discount, its almost midnight here, i looked forward to playing after work earlier

  • I’ve been impressed with Sony’s ability lately to actually have reasonably timed store updates. Tonight they are clearly making up for the last several months of decent service. How is it possible for such a simple week’s updates to take so long to cycle in? Did all of their store admins take today off? That must be it…

  • i decided not to get this game now anyways, i didnt realize it had no online what so ever

  • Loading now

  • It’s Wednesday and there is still no Tuesday update… maybe they meant NEXT Tuesday?

    No biggie.. I still need to play Tomb Raider and Super Motherload.

  • so its now offically wednesday morning and no update, doesnt the store update on like I dont know tuesday afternoon(ish)?? just sayin. some info on the super late update would be good.

  • I guess they are skipping this week for updates.

  • It is there, just no discount. You have to search. Or just use the website if that is too difficult

  • Ok, this is getting ridiculous. When is the discount coming in? I know it’s only like $3, but it’s one of the many reasons why PS plus is usually awesome!

    all those discount pays my yearly PS plus subscription (in a way).

    can we at least get an update from Sony?

  • Um, why is the game 14.99? I thought if you were a PS plus member it would be 11.99 on launch week?

    I am most definitely a PS plus member and all of the other appropriate discounts for other games show up, so what gives?

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