TowerFall Ascension Out Today on PS4

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TowerFall Ascension Out Today on PS4

Today’s the day! TowerFall Ascension is finally launching on PS4. TowerFall is an archery platformer featuring intense local multiplayer battles and a dynamic solo — or co-op — Quest mode. Grab your friends and pack onto your couch for a night of close calls, surprise victories, and hilarious missteps.

The reviews began rolling in a few days ago, and I’m absolutely floored by the response. I’m not usually one to put a lot of stock in those dubious numbers emblazoned in bold at the bottom of articles, but I can’t deny it feels good to see the 9.5’s.

Making TowerFall has been the most rewarding experience of my life. When I put love into the
game, I see it returned to me tenfold by the TowerFall community, and it only appears to be growing.

I also had the privilege of working with some incredibly talented, capable, and pleasant people. I want to thank the entire team by name. Kevin Regamey and Jeff Tangsoc (sound design), Pedro Medeiros (pixel art), Amora Bettany (character design and concept art), Alec Holowka (music), and Kert Gartner (trailers).

TowerFall AscensionTowerFall Ascension

I also want to thank Sickhead Games, Nick Suttner, John Sanders, and all of Sony’s Third Party Production and PR teams for their support and genuine enthusiasm for the game. Everyone involved from the core team to Sony and Sickhead loves this game and it shows.

Thank you for playing!


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  • Question-If one has no friends interested in playing couch co-op, is the AI good enough to validate a purchase?

  • Any chance of a patch to make the game an online affair?

  • I respect the work done to make the trailer, but I think this game show very poorly in trailer form. Now my opinion on the game is that it is one of the greatest multiplayer games of all time! anyone with friends should immediately buy this game!, It is so much fun!

  • some online multiplayer would really sweeten the deal in my opinion

  • Stoked about the game but as a guy who is a bit older than the couch-coop set, (and who moved to a different state than his friends,) it is my sincere hope that you add an online mode soon in DLC.

    Congrats on the release (and the good reviews!)

  • Due to the high paced, pixel perfect collision detection this game uses, you’ll never see an online mode, just FYI.

  • I don’t buy that. Pixel perfect it not, many other competitive multiplayer games function beyond satisfactorily over the tubes.

  • I cannot wait!! Been playing this on Ouya since it released. It’s almost always any mans game. I’d rather keep it couch. The last thing I want is for some jerk to find an exploit and ruin all the online fun for everyone. You don’t need gamer friends to play this. It’s literally 3 buttons: Move, shoot, jump – well there’s the dash but it’s not necessary to enjoy the game. I plan on recording the screams and tears…this one will generate lots of embarrassing memories

  • This game looks epic however I must have missed the price some how, I wonder how much??:)

  • @9 $14.99 without Plus, $11.99 with Plus for the first week I believe.

  • No online no buy. Especially not at the $14.99 price.

    Would have been fun if you could play 2 from one TV and play against 2 others via PSN. Only have two controllers and 2 players on this kinda of game does not look that fun.

  • What time will the game be released today?

  • I love some couch coop, but I could gladly take online mode. To bad it doesn’t have an online option =\.

  • The [PS+] price is right for the occasional party game, and I’m hoping the solo stuff holds up, but man… Online would have been a boon. It’s not easy getting a group of people (and 4 DualShock 4s) in a room these days with any frequency.

    It’s not like it needs sophisticated matchmaking or anything. I have no desire to play with randoms. I’d just like to play with my friends, who happen to be in different locations.

  • I’ve glad to see the co-op mode offered. Is there an easy difficulty on the co-op mode because I would be playing with a less skilled gamer as my co-op partner?

    I don’t see myself playing the MP mode until online is supported. I don’t have enough friends and PS4 controllers to make use of that mode as a local only mode.

  • Without the inclusion of online MP, I will have to pass.

    Makes no sense that a game with intense multiplayer battles releases on a social heavy platform like the PS4 without online play.

  • Would love to buy this, as it looks like amazing fun; but my current situation in life isn’t conducive to couch co-op–for me, the lack of online play is a deal breaker.

  • so titan fall and tower fall released today. hmmm!!!!!!

  • im gonna have to pass on this since this is no online… il get it later on

  • im 25 yrs old game looks awesome but i can’t have 3 ppl at my place all the time for me to experience this game to the fullest.. thats why I’m passing on this for now

    • The Quest mode can be played solo, and it’s a lot of fun. Same with all the Trials challenges. ^_^

  • : : damn no online? I was gonna grab this today .

  • Couch only coop is so dumb
    I refuse to buy retail or indie that doesn’t support COOP online when there is COOP in the game! >:[

  • As has been said before, without online I won’t purchase a game that is primarily focused on versus gameplay. Make it so it has savestate prediction netcode to minimize input delay to the minimum like GGPO does, while you are at it.

  • I’ve been waiting for a local coop game. Excited to get this later today.

  • This is my kinda game! PS+ or not, as soon as I purchase a PS4, it’s bought > installed! (8

  • Well I would have bought this game (even though it doesn’t have ONLINE MULTIPLAYER) but I’m not seeing it in the PSN Store on my ps4

  • I wan this game sooooo bad!! i just looked on the playstation store and its still not available WTF?

  • why is this game not available on the Playstation Store yet?

  • yeah where is it!!!!!

  • 2pm PST is the rough target for Store Updates. They’ve been pretty good about adhering to it these past few months…

  • It’s 4:20 and the game still isn’t showing up on my PSN store

  • Nvm I remembered I live in eastern US so my time is different than Pacific

  • It’s 5:22 est (2:22 pst) and towerfall still isn’t showing up

  • ^^ My theory is the bigger the game anticipation (Dark Souls 2) the later you have to wait in the day for the Store Update. :~D

  • Where do I download this. It’s not showing up anywhere on my PSN….

  • When in gods name is this bodacious piece of gaming-goodness due to release on PS4 in Europe??!
    I just want to give you my money but i cant =(

    Easily one of my top 5 anticipated games for the PS4 (Yes i do enjoy fun more than a high amount of pixels and polygons).

    Looks awesome, but im tired of checking if its up on PSN every five minutes, so if someone knows ANYTHING about a European release it would be just peachy :P

  • Remember folks, you can use your Vita as another controller…

  • As an adult who makes video games, I’m sure you can appreciate my situation as an adult who plays video games. Despite the charm of couch co-op, all of my gamer friends are online — some in the same city even, but the opportunity to play a game in the same room really isn’t there. We’re all too busy during the day and live in different places. There’s time at night for online multiplayer gaming, but this couch co-op limited gaming really doesn’t suit me or any gamers with jobs, relationships, and lives that I know.

  • @akibake so invite a friend(s) over on the weekend…

  • Would love to purchase this. That is if it was available. Oh well I guess I’ll go spend my money elsewhere.

  • Would have definitely purchased this if it had been released on PS3.

  • Where is this game?? I don’t see it on the PSN store. At least here in the US.

  • Really, cmon! I have people coming over tonight just to play this, lets get it online already!!!

  • @39 On weekends, I have band practice, twice. Then I have to pay attention to my girlfriend and do some chores. It really is night time, any night of the week when I can game, and that doesn’t usually allow freedom for friends to drop by. They’re busy too, with their own families and lives. Online multiplayer is our space to hang out, unless we meet up somewhere out of the house. As someone who grew up in the first wave of video games and knows the joys of gaming side-by-side with a buddy, I understand the concept, but I feel like this ignores the fact that our lives are increasingly time-limited, not just as adults but in general. Our lives are hyper-saturated with activity, more-so with all the gadgets and social interconnectivity. It is meaningful to sit down and share some game time with friends in the same room, but I don’t think it’s very realistic anymore. The PixelJunk series suffers the same limitation. Are they just being retro? All I know is that I’m not able to play PixelJunk Monsters on the PS3 with them online (PSP and Vita are online!). I’d like to enjoy TowerFall Ascension with them, but I just don’t think I can sell my friends on this game without there being online co-op.

  • Crap had a pizza party and was all going to play this till Agents of Shield came on. Come home after work to see we can even play this, why is it not out yet? Have a hour left everyone about to head out :(

  • I guess there going back to 8pm or 9pm on updates and they was doing so good updating before 2pm Pacific time

  • Why lie to us Playstation?! It’s still not online . You said it’d be here by toDAY. It’s not day anymore…

  • I’m really disapointed in psn. I’ve had my PS4 since Valentines Day and I have stayed up all night on MULTIPLE occasions to download a game thinking that if it comes out on Tuesday it comes out at 12AM. It’s really disappointing.

  • @48: the only person you should be disappointed in is yourself (for not educating yourself on the facts…). It’s never been midnight. It’s always been afternoon the day of.

  • @44 Well, it just means you have different priorities that don’t allow you to make time to play with friends on the weekend. That’s your choice, and it sounds like it’s working well for you. I don’t see why the developers should compromise their gameplay design because it makes it hard for someone to schedule in playing time.

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