Watch_Dogs Coming to PS3, PS4 on May 27th, New Trailer

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Watch_Dogs Coming to PS3, PS4 on May 27th, New Trailer

We’re back online. Today, Watch_Dogs resumed communications with an all-new story trailer featuring our protagonist, Aiden Pearce, and our launch date!

Over the last few months, our development team has been working non-stop to fully realize their ambition and polish the Watch_Dogs experience to live up to gamers’ high expectations. We’ve been absolutely itching to show you more, and we’re finally ready to do just that.

Watch_Dogs Coming to PS3, PS4 on May 27th, New Trailer

In Watch_Dogs, Aiden Pearce — our clandestine vigilante — harnesses the smart city of Chicago using his smartphone. In addition to being a skilled hacker, Aiden can be quite persuasive in getting the information he needs using his wit, along with firearms, vehicles, and a stun baton.

However, in his work Aiden stumbles upon a dark underworld he was never meant to see — the cost of which takes a deadly toll on his family. Now, Aiden is hell-bent to exact his revenge on those who wronged him, and he’s using every tool at his disposal. The world he lives in is hyper-connected, with all elements of infrastructure under the surveillance and control of an omnipresent digital system — the Central Operating System (ctOS) — that Aiden has learned to manipulate at his will.

We’ve also met some of the other key players in Watch_Dogs’ story: a seductive enigma in Clara and a tinkering free-spirit in T-Bone; what remains to be seen is exactly how their paths will converge in Aiden’s quest for revenge and justice against those who wronged him. Together, they’re up against powerful moguls, ruthless crime lords, crooked cops, and other clandestine hackers — no small task.

Now, we know you’re hungry for more information. In just a short amount of time, we’ll be able to show you more of Watch_Dogs’ interweaving plot, breakthrough gameplay, and enhanced features. Trust us, it’s all fantastic. We’ll be releasing a multitude of new videos, plot pieces, and splices of information. To receive them, stay connected with Watch_Dogs on Facebook and Twitter.

Remember, everything is connected.

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  • Looks like a visual downgrade, if that’s ps3 I get it. But why would they use a least gen system to showcase the games potential in a trailer? Makes no sense to me.

  • I can’t remember for sure, but the E3 original announcement would have been running on a PC so that would explain the graphical downgrade if this trailer is on PS3. Have had this pre-ordered for a long time and this trailer was very exciting, if graphically disappointing.

  • Is it just me, or does this game look graphically worse than when it was first shown? Maybe it’s just the PS3 version…

  • @50 – confirmed to be PS4 in trailer on PlayStation Denmark’s twitter (@PlayStationDK).

  • WoundedUnderwear

    I’ll get this game when it’s $30 or lower. I got tons of back log games to keep me busy till price drop.

  • “+ ThreeLeggedFreak on March 6th, 2014 at 7:46 am said:

    And now R* announces GTAV: GOTY edition will release for PS4 on June 3rd. Man that would suck for Ubi if they did that.”

    Source of that?

  • Man, I already thought Reese’s voice was ridiculous in Person of Interest, but this guy takes it to the next level.

  • FINALLY! Definately my most wanted videogame of the year by far! :D

    Will this videogame still be inside the PS3 to PS4 update program? I have my Ded Sec Edition preordered for the PS3, hopin I will get a code for the PS4 digital version, but if it doesn’t, could you please say it? If I have to change my preorder, I need to know it now that there is time still, so I won’t lose my collector’s edition OnO

  • Finally a release date. Looking forward to it!

  • I’ll have ZERO hesitation in cancelling watchdogs on PS4 “IF” it turns out to be a downgrade from what was shown at E3 12.
    Tired on publishers trying to pull stunts and thinking of people who are into this hobby as i d i o t s.

    PS4 version better not be castrated for sake of parity. You’ve been put on notice Ubisoft.
    My .02

  • Insane-Rampage10

    If what i saw was playing on the PS4 then i am very unimpressed. They have still haven’t said if it was on the ps3 because, that is what it looks like. the E3 version of the game looked a lot better.

  • PS3 or PS4 footage? You should clearly state which it is in cross gen games. The E3 and the PS4 reveal trailers of the game looked much better than this

  • If that is the PS4 version of the game that is very very unimpressive. A delay for a game to get downgraded? I was excited for this and the release date but the lack of clarification is making this one look more and more like a skip.

  • Well, I’m still looking forward to this game, but as I haven’t quite picked up a PS4 yet, I wonder what the differences are, if any between the two systems (aside from graphics).

  • Yes!!, thats what i’m talk’n about birthday on May 27th yep can’t believe that Watch Dogs is coming out on my birthday now it feels like I wanna maybe get this for my birthday “YES”!! Any way I bet that it gonna have good graphics, characters, and more if I try this game out and on the ps4 have way more better grahics than the ps3 so I might get this game.

  • Metal Gear Solid and InFamous seem to be a BIG step above this game in terms of open world next gen graphics…. but the FUN factor might make Watch Dogs worth checking out. I do respect you guys for delaying the game instead of releasing it broken like SOME devs do… but I do wish games like this would PUSH the next gen systems……… we’ll see when it comes out I guess, because this video doesn’t show draw distances / framerate much since it cuts too much from scene to scene.

  • Wow that’s not very visually impressive. Pretty disappointing and doesn’t look at all current gen. I hope it’s not representative of the final product…

  • Finally! Looking Forward To It :D


  • I’m also anxious to know about whether the PS3->PS4 digital upgrade potential will exist with Watch_Dogs.
    I preordered on PS3 last year with the intention of taking advantage of this capability as I did with AC4:Black Flag.
    I want to know sooner rather than later about the upgrade potential so I can know whether I should cancel my pre-order.

  • Man, so disappointed that I canceled my pre-order today. Took 6 months to downgrade a game that previously looked beautiful and truly next-gen. Am I missing something? Please tell me this is for PS3 and NOT PS4!!!

  • That’s a serious graphical downgrade for the title. Pre-order cancelled

  • LOL some people are graphic hoes :) chill out if the graphics are very displeasing get the PC version

  • This just feels like a bait and switch compared to what was shown at E3. With these multiplatform titles it’d be helpful to see PS3 specific video and PS4 specific video so people know what they’d actually be getting instead of seeing what was running on an obvious mid to high end PC at E3, and running on god knows what in this video

    After the long delay for the game and it not making the PS4 launch like it was promised, I find it kind of hard to be excited about this game anymroe looking at that video (even looking at it from the Watch Dogs site). Something feels off and it’s just gonna be a hard buy for me at this point. I like the concept of the game, but I would need to see PS4 gameplay before deciding for sure

  • Watchdogs PS4 Bundle is on Amazon UK priced £384.99. I don’t understand why America doesn’t get these bundles like the UK.
    Surely its more attractive to sell these bundles worldwide then restricting it to the UK only, I don’t understand yeah.

  • Dangisuckatgamin

    Looks almost similar to GTA and Sleeping Dogs, I’ll probably grab this when it drops in price. The ps3 trailer actually doesn’t look “awful”.. kids these days just expect graphics over gameplay and that’s why we get broken games. Thanks kiddos.

  • @76 Looks similar to GTA V? WHAT THE HECK

    Those graphics are unacceptable even for the PS3, glad I didn’t pre-order unlike my friend.

  • I thought this game had been downgraded some how from the e3 reveal. This is why I am not building my hopes up for The Division.

    I don’t know if anyone noticed, but The Last Of Us was also downgraded from the Enemy A.I. What they showed at e3 2012 was far more realistic with the enemy A.I. then the finished game.

    I get tired of lazy developers. No way will I buy watchdogs looking like that, poor.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Edd-Doloroso on March 7th, 2014 at 10:28 am said: “”Those graphics are unacceptable”

    The way you talk… ha ha ha…

  • Look you’re right developers should take their time to make sure that they are pitting out the best game they can. From what I’ve seen of the trailer and what i’ve read from the interview from Ubi I feel like I’ve been slapped in the face and told to enjoy it. I saw this around the time the PS4 was announced and it looked unbelievably good. So the second that the pre-order for the PS4 version of it and the PS4 became available I pre-order no second thoughts. Then when I saw it was delayed I seriously thought about canceling both my pre-orders. This was the game I wanted with my PS4 I was a kid on a candy high christmas morning about it. Now they’ve delayed it until the middle of next year?

  • What did I have left that I might have an interest in? Assassin’s Creed and Knack? Assassin’s Creed always felt like different game more story different era. Knack looked like punch smash go through the story for kids. In the end I kept both thinking well there’s Don’t Starve and maybe something else, and that someone would come to their senses and release Watch Dogs before my metaphorical sugar crash and the end of christmas. I’ve honestly played my PS4 for a total of maybe a weeks worth of playtime. And now it’s 9pm on christmas i’m tired and what have we here Watch Dogs with an actual release date. Ok now I’m getting a little excited. So look at the trailer read about all the mind-blowing “polishing” that Ubi has done with it’s over half a year delay for this next gen release title. Now I’m just like I’m heading to bed wake me up when Destiny is out and I might play Watch Dogs if I get bored enough to play this low graphic game with a bland story.

  • Downgraded it to fit the Xbox One?
    Only to get better resolution on the PS4?
    Wouldn’t be the first time PS4 and PC get the back burner of the Xbox, just look at last gen…

  • Why is ‘Watch dogs’ able to be released on PS3 and PS4, while others games like ‘Dark souls 2’ and ‘South park: the stick of truth’ only available on PS3?

  • I have to say that I’m extremely disappointed to see that the ps4 cannot handle and even beast through any 2014 game developers might throw at it and instead struggles to run Watch Dogs at 30FPS (30 to 60fps is all the difference in the world). I thought Sony would sell a console with hardware ahead of it’s time but it seems they just threw the latest publicly available and that’s extremely sad.

  • “+ ToFeY on March 6th, 2014 at 11:48 pm said:

    LOL some people are graphic hoes :) chill out if the graphics are very displeasing get the PC version”

    Except I paid versus for the PlayStation 4, a machine that is supposed to graphically easily display any game this year with maximum graphics and still use about 20% of it’s god **** capacity and what do we get? the PS4 struggling to run this piece of **** with low graphics at 30fps. I feel ripped off…

  • Those graphics are unacceptable and you should be ashamed of yourself Ubisoft. :p


    It’s called ‘We do the f we want’, WDTFWW for short.

    Joking, it’s basically dev choices and market share (developing, that shi* is expensive)
    Also they’re not obliged to develop to all the platforms, it is better to them to focus on a few platforms(that holds high % of people) and do it run well, than develop to 6 platforms (like Watch Dogs) and make it s**k :) (Just hating on c’mon ride with me)

  • great that it finally has a release date!.
    However, the game is on the playstation store ONLY for playstation 3. The game cannot be preordered for playstation 4 on the playstation store.

    In fact other upcoming games (for example, Dying light) are not on the playstation store at all. it’s kind of slow if they really want to push digital sales.

  • i think this is already the ps4 version….

  • The game is coming out on May 27th and that’s all it matters to me.

    @Edd-Doloroso You must be pretty blind if you think it’s bad on PS3. You should take off those 3-D glasses, maybe that’s why your eyes aren’t working.

  • OMFG!! What the hell happened to the graphics?? It´s not april yet to play this joke on us! I am tired of this bait and switch BS from some game developers. PREORDER CANCELLED. I´ll wait and check for the reviews on this one, but even if it gets good scores I´ll wait until it hits the bargain bin.

  • Finally!! Longest waiting time for a pre-order ever!!

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