Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f Comes to PS Vita Today

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Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f Comes to PS  Vita Today

PS Vita owners, rejoice! The big day is finally here, and Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f is available today for download on PlayStation Store for PS Vita in North America!

The game releases on PSN today for $29.99, and for all you European readers, it will be available next week on March 12th in Europe! If you’ve never heard of this game before, here are the basics: Take the world’s most popular digital singer, add in over 30 of her most beloved songs, turn it all into a super-addictive rhythm game, and you’ve got Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f. We released the game last August on PS3, and following huge support from fans, we’re so excited to finally bring you all the PS Vita version of the game today!

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f on PS Vita

We’re also very excited to announce our DLC Cross-Buy promotion, effective immediately for anyone who owns the Snow Miku 2013 DLC or the Extra Characters Pack DLC for the PS3 version of the game. If you already own this DLC content, you’ll unlock it for free when you pick up the PS Vita version of the game! (And vice versa, if you pick it up for PS Vita first.)

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f also comes with a built-in video editor mode, aptly titled “Edit Mode” – here, you can build your very own rhythm game tracks and music videos with all the in-game tools at your disposal! PS Vita owners will also be able to share and download their Edit Data with PS3 users!

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f on PS Vita

Some of you were wondering if we’d bring out the Extra Songs Pack in the West – and we’re happy to confirm not only that it’s available today, but that we’ll be releasing it for only $9.99! We lowered the price on this compared to the Japanese release, because we wanted to ensure that PS Vita owners weren’t paying any more for the full Project Diva experience than their PS3 brethren. We hope you all will enjoy it!

This pack includes the songs below, with four difficulties for each:

  • Tell Your World (By livetune)
  • Tokyo Teddy Bear (By Neru)
  • Dream-Eating Monochrome Baku (By Nem)
  • Sweet Devil (By Hachioji P)
  • Rin-Chan Now! (By Owata P & sezu)
  • Senbonzakura (By Kurousa P (White Flame) )

Thank you all so much for helping this Miku dream of ours come true. You’ve been nothing but supportive from the first day we asked for your likes and shares on our Facebook post, and since then, we’ve come all the way to the launch of Project Diva, not just on PS3, but finally today, on PS Vita, too.

It’s a journey we’re so humbled to have made, and so thankful to have traveled with all of you behind us and supporting us.

Happy Miku Vita Launch Day, everyone, and thank you, once more!

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  • Been looking forward to this, as well as my sister :)
    Can’t wait to download it! Thanks for the info !! :D

  • @42 ” My wallet is ready for Miku and so is my memory card.”

    Same here! Two weeks waiting with wallet full and memory card empty! Can´t wait to invert this!

  • Wow I am so excited to finally get my hands on Project Diva f for Vita!!!! I wish it was the hard copy instead but I’ll still totally support Miku all the way! SEGA, you guys really come a long way and I’m just so happy to be able to enjoy this amazing game! I’ll be getting this game later after class and so getting all the extras! I hope there will be plans for the upcoming Project Diva f 2nd in the future maybe sometime soon!

    Well anyways thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! Now I can be a show off and travel places with my awesome game! Thanks so much again!

    A very proud Vocaloid lover!(^з^)-☆

    • Thanks so much for supporting the game, Ani! We don’t have any news on F 2nd, but the best way to show SEGA you want it is to do what you’re already doing – picking up DIVA F/ f!

  • Buying this as soon as it pops up. I’ve been waiting to get it since before it was even announced. XD

  • Thank You so much Sega! and thank you Aaron Webber for keeping us updated! now lets see if we can Project Diva f 2ND localized!

  • DecadanceFantasy

    I’m really excited about the Vita Miku game! I was holding out on the ps3 version because I’m starting to really like playing games on my vita. (My tv can’t be depended on to always let me play my ps3 when I want to) so I really want to play this on Vita. Thanks for bringing it over to the US!
    Hmm, Tokyo Teddy bear looks really cool. I might have to pick up the download pack too. Thanks, Sega!

    • You’re welcome, Decadance! Tokyo Teddy Bear is a really great song. A little darker than most people probably expect from Miku, but there are a number of vocaloid songs that explore those themes. Hope you like it!

  • i wanna play plss psn upload now plssssss T.T

  • @18 and 19

    Don’t forget the power of Luka avatars… (looks at avatar), oh wait, never mind =)

  • Aaron thank you ,now my parents can buy this for me, my birthday is March 9

  • @Aaron Webber

    Is Sega going to be nice enough to release the DLC as region-free to work with JP versions of the game?

    • I don’t think that’s possible, sorry! (The game code and the way the DLC is set up don’t allow for this, to my knowledge.)

  • This is a bit of an odd question, but…are derivative works of Project Diva protected under Fair Use? I’m only asking because this game is a copyright minefield and I couldn’t find any details about it for the PS3 version.

    • Could you be more specific? Are you referring to uploading videos / edit mode data to YouTube?

      All of the music and also the costumes are owned by different creators, so yes, there are lots of permissions one has to get to show them off or reference them in any way.

  • Thank you for all the hard work needed to bring this to us. This will be my first digital only title from the PSN. I can hardly wait for the store to refresh.

    Keep up the good work and bring us more great games from Japan.

    • We’re really happy to bring it out for you guys. Thank you a ton for helping us bring games like this out by purchasing and supporting them!

  • Question, is there a physical copy or is it only digital? Either way I’m still getting it lol. Just wanna know.

    • It’s digital for the VITA, and there are a few (very rare now) limited physical copies out there for PS3. Thanks very much for supporting it, either way!

  • Money ready, PSV ready. But the store is not ready yet? Oh no……

    Any news for Diva f 2nd? I heard it going to release in Japan very very soon, but when it will come to North America?

    • Thank you for helping support DIVA f, Li!

      No news on F 2nd, but the best way to tell SEGA you want it is to grab a western copy of DIVA F / f , which you’re already doing.

  • Aw man, so excited North America is finally getting the Project Diva series! I really hope we’ll get any new ones that come out, especially F 2nd. X3 Going to buy a PS Vita as soon as I can just for this game! (and any sequels. XD) Already have the PS3 version. X3 Love the fact that you guys made the already released DLC cross compatible. Would have sucked to have had to buy those over again. e.e Thanks Sony and Sega! :D

    • Thanks for picking up the PS3 version and supporting Miku, and excited to see you’ll be getting a VITA just for this! :)

  • MIKU-SAMA HAS ARRIVED! ヽ༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽ノ(+[____]::)

  • Used webstore and they are all there now! Packed all the stuff and downloading now~~~~

  • Will we have to wait for a sequel for another year?

    • We managed to get DIVA F over very quickly (6 months) from the Japanese release, which is quite fast by localization standards for a console game. That said, I don’t have any news on F 2nd – sorry! The best thing you can do to support Miku in the West right now is to be sure to pick up either Project DIVA f for VITA today, or Project DIVA F for PS3.

  • Very excited by Miku coming to Vita! Does the NA version contain the VR elements of the Japanese game?

    • The AR support? Yes, it does! We’ll have these available on our official website soon, so stay tuned!

  • I have this game in Japanese for my Vita, I bought the North American PS3 version for my sister, and I’ll buy this version sometime soon.

  • Can u please make gta san andreas for the vita i need that game make it and ull be my hero i need that game just port it and ull be my hero

  • The game and extra songs pack is out… I repeat… THE GAME AND EXTRA SONGS PACK IS OUT! Downloading now! xD xD

  • Hey, will Fans will get to see Phantasy Star Online 2 Vita & Phantasy Star Nova in English ?

    • No news from my side, sorry! I’m focused purely on Miku right now at SEGA, but I’ll pass along your comment.

  • I’m Glad this game came at last to my PSVita… I’m not very good with rythm games, but I like a lot Vocaloid’s themes.

    I hope after the success of this release You guys consider a physical release of Project Diva 2nd later ;)

    Thanks for all.

  • I want more games like this.

    • The best way to help that happen is to be sure you support games like this when they release! (And thanks in advance, if you are!)

  • aww we have to pay extra for the extra songs?! you’re SO lucky i have the money in my account…

    • Yes, but to be fair, we also lowered the price of the main game! : ) It will all even out once you grab all the DLC packs.

  • can u ask rockstar to make gta san andrease for the vita?

    • That’s something you’ll want to ask the Rockstar team! : ) I work at SEGA, so I’m not able to help you out with that request.

  • Aaron, you have my money for not only the main localized game, but also the song pack, and the paid and free DLC. Y’all ROCK! Please next release Project Mirai 1 and 2 (even if it takes as long as PjD did) (3DS) for the US… cut some sort of deal with Nintendo… >_> Please… <_<

    Sooo March ended up being more awesome than I thought… I'm attending Anime Boston (year 6), this game finally released localized, …AND… I await Play-Asia to ship me Project Diva f 2nd for PS Vita by the end of the money! GO SEGA GO! xD

    Lastly, Aaron, my question from before if unanswered… does this localized US version of PjD F talk to the save data created by the original Japanese version? I'd prefer not to earn my "excellents" and "greats" on tough songs….

    • Oh wow, thanks Shig! How is Anime Boston? (In your opinion, would it be a good place to show off Project DIVA?)

      The save data is separate, so yes, you will have to grab those “excellent” rankings again – but the nice part is, you’ll also be grabbing a whole new set of trophies along the way!

  • @Aaron @Hayter Thanks for the reply. ^^

  • Erm I’d prefer to not RE-earn passing grades on tough songs… my bad… lol

  • It’s up right now and I bought it. Will get the Extra Songs pack later after I add more money to my paypal account. Glad it’s finally here, it’s one of the games I bought a Vita (at launch) for.

  • Any chance of coming out on Asia? really love this game but I don’t understand japanese :/

  • Still haven’t decided whether I’ll be grabbing this(as I typically hate rhythm games, but I enjoy vocaloid music so I’m torn) but I wanted to say Aaron I’m really impressed by how much attention you’ve been paying in the comments here. I wish more developers would have someone take this much time here.

    • There’s also a free demo going up today – I’d recommend trying it out to see if you like it. (My personal guess: after about 3 plays on a single song, it’ll all start to click, and you’ll be hooked!)

      As to replying to the comments, thank you for the note – I appreciate it, and I enjoy responding back, so it’s no trouble.

  • I’ll be getting this to support Aaron Webber’s amazing job at actually replying and talking to people. Seriously, Aaron is one of the few people who actually dedicate their time to read and respond to comments on this blog, which is rare.
    Day 1 buy for sure.

    • Thanks very much for the kind comment, Contom. It’s my pleasure to respond back, and it’s really humbling to read a post like yours. Thank you for supporting our game!

  • I really wish Sony had released the 64GB Vita memory card here as my 32GB card is at its bursting limit (PS+ has been TOO good to me!). Still, that won’t stop Miku from getting purchased the moment the store updates. Thanks for helping make this version happen, Aaron! Hopefully we’ll continue to see more Sega games from Japan localized (you already know the ones, no need to repeat ^_^).

  • Annd I just loaded up the US version and it CANNOT I repeat CANNOT see any Japanese version’s save data… >_> Oh well.. This’ll be fun unlocking it all again.

    • Yes, the save data is separate, and you’ll be unlocking new trophies, as mentioned earlier. Don’t worry, we believe in you!

  • Downloading it! Game + all DLCs! Thanks!

  • All of the Playstation blog contributors should take note: Aaron Webber responded individually to almost everyone who responded to this post today. That’s fantastic and should be commended, because it likely consumed hours of his time monitoring this blog and writing responses!

    The PS Blog is such a great resource. It’s nice to see guest contributors from developers taking time to speak to the fans!

    Hatsune Miku seems really well-suited to the Vita. I’m eager to play it with headphones on… (my wife got sick of J-pop when I was playing Persona 4 nonstop.)

    • Happy to be here, and to have the opportunity to respond to everyone. Thanks for such a nice comment, secular.

      One of the things I personally like most about the VITA version is the reaction time – TV’s can be fickle and sometimes you have to adjust for display lag, but the VITA screen is instant and perfectly built for split-second reactions. I also agree – headphones are a nice touch when you want to listen in private or crank up your favorite song while you tap along.

      Thanks again for posting your support, and the kind words. Really appreciate it!

  • That’s it dear sega, you got all my money. Bought everything i could (well, i bought everything even the trailer i downloaded lol) Thank you for bringing this to the us

  • Man Aaron don’t your fingers every get tired? OT though next paycheck I’m definitely buying this with the songs then I can play this on my lunch break :D. Thanks for the hard work you and everyone at SoA

    • You’re welcome, and thank you for supporting it, in advance. As to all the typing… it’s no problem! We’re gamers, right? Fingers need to stay agile!

  • More incredible games for PS Vita gotta luv that. This will be a game that I will get for sure. Very intrigued by this game.

    • That’s great to hear – thank you for supporting it, Tusunami! It’s really addicting and a lot of fun, so I can’t wait to hear your thoughts once you give it a whirl.

  • WOOHOOOT!! I’ve had money in my account just for this game since I knew it was coming to the PSVita.

  • So, I have an hour and 20 minutes until my next class….What’s the most logical thing to do in situation like this?
    Work on some homework? I think I’ll head back to my dorm and start downloading some Project Diva f instead ;)

  • This game looks like it plays a lot like Gitarooman. Is there a demo I can try? I enjoy my quirky Japanese rhythm games, but difficulty plays a big factor in that enjoyment. THE HARDER THE BETTER!

    • There is a demo, and it comes out today! If you enjoy challenging games… well, just know that there are two difficulties even harder than what you see in the demo! Extreme mode will give even the most seasoned of rhythm game fans a nice challenge.

  • how do i ask rockstar to make gta san andrease for the vita

  • Aaron, AB is fun. I see alotta Miku cosplayers all over, so I guess she’s loved. haha.

    • Ah, good to know! We’ve been taking Project DIVA to a number of anime and gaming cons, so it’s good to hear on Boston. Thanks for the info Shig. :)

  • Jeez louise, Mr. Webber, you are CRUSHING IT at replying to people here!

    Anyway… I forgot what I was going to say :P But Project Diva F is amazing — one of my fave PS3 games of last year. I certainly hope Vita fans support and enjoy it too. We GOT to get Project Diva F 2nd over here now :)

  • but thats not for the vita i need gta san andrease for the vita need it badly can tell me how i can ask rockstar to make gta san andrease for the vita

    • Ah, I’m sorry, sir hot dog! That’s a question I can’t really help you with. You’ll want to contact Rockstar directly! (Check their website that I linked you to earlier!)

  • I wasn’t planning on getting anything today, but my plans have changed to support Miku. Definitely getting this today.

  • Thank you, looks great. Any chance of bringing Sonic or Yakuza to PS Vita? I would buy both new original or HD versions.

    • No news on Sonic or Yakuza from my side, sorry. I’m here for all things Miku today. Always good to hear support for other SEGA franchises, though!

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